Pat McGrath Decadence | 5 Ways to Dupe the Vibes

In light of a very frustrating launch that’s been fraught with communication issues (from announcing the wrong time publicly to Selfridges’ release date coming and going TWICE!), slow response times (from what I’ve heard from readers re: emails for status updates), and a quick-to-sellout collection… here are some ways to dupe the vibes of the Decadence palette, which will be re-released on 12/26 (reviewed here).

I tried to “dupe the vibes” using Anastasia singles and popular palettes (newish and/or permanent), as I felt like this is a brand that a decent number of readers have products from.  ColourPop was next, and I primarily went for singles as much as possible (though goodness knows what is available at this second and what will be available in five minutes!).  I pulled from Sydney Grace, which has more affordable singles in a plethora of shades, but their Autumn’s Reign palette is one of the closer “all in one” offerings (richer, but deeper, jewel-tones).

I also thought pulling from Natasha Denona’s eyeshadow catalog would work given the brand’s have a similar price point that I feel like there must be a decent overlap of buyers between the two brands.

For fun, I also pulled together closest shades within Pat McGrath’s own past releases along with pulling in exact shade matches where available (e.g. available as a single or in a still-available palette). This is for those who already have some of the brand’s past releases, so it might give you an idea of where there’s overlap within your stash already and then you can augment shades you need using other products you own!

What shades are MOST dupable?  Gold Standard (very warm, medium gold), Blue Blood (pearly, darker plum), Sterling (bright silver), Hedonistic (warm red, subtle duochrome).

What shades were least dupable?  Inferno (rosy brown), Sinful (deeper, pewter gold), Lapis Luxury (bright, deeper bluish-teal).

Click on the links below to view more possibilities as well as to compare the Pat McGrath Decadence shade to all possibilities (including the one listed in the actual color story).

Click on the links below to view more possibilities as well as to compare the Pat McGrath Decadence shade to all possibilities (including the one listed in the actual color story).

Click on the links below to view more possibilities as well as to compare the Pat McGrath Decadence shade to all possibilities (including the one listed in the actual color story).

Click on the links below to view more possibilities as well as to compare the Pat McGrath Decadence shade to all possibilities (including the one listed in the actual color story).

Click on the links below to view more possibilities as well as to compare the Pat McGrath Decadence shade to all possibilities (including the one listed in the actual color story).  Obviously, when the exact shade from the palette is available as a single or in a currently-available palette, I pulled the exact shade but below you’ll find a larger grouping of similar shades!

When you seen an asterisk (*), it means that there were no truly similar shades.


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Christine Avatar

Yes, I imagine it will sell through quickly – I wouldn’t see why not – since Decadence is the “one that got away” for PMG fans, generally, and it’s been hyped up since (deserved sure, but I maintain it is not a palette that everyone will love in practice!) but will also appeal to Star Wars’ fans, generally.

gymgirl2 Avatar

We are not worthy of your thoughtfulness and thoroughness. Thank you so so much for trying to keep up-to-date on this launch especially since it’s the holidays. I hope you and you family have a great holiday and New Year, Christine!

Lauren Avatar

This was extremely considerate of you. In the absence of responsible management from the brand itself, I appreciate seeing you put such effort into putting this together and undermining the FOMO that capitalizes on the addictive impulse to run the rat race for these and inevitably leaves many people upset. I feel like you did it with your readers’ best interests in mind.

Nancy T Avatar

It truly saddens me that you even had to think these up and put them together for us just because 2 huge corporate entities couldn’t or wouldn’t get their collective acts together. Shame on both Selfridges and Pat McGrath Labs!
That aside; thank you very much for doing this, even though you shouldn’t have had to. You are a true Champ.
As a die-hard Star Wars fan, I am still going in with my lightsaber on Thursday morning in an all-out effort to buy Decadence. Mostly because Star Wars. But, also because I love the palette, too. May the Force be with me on this one, and also with all others seeking out Decadence in a few more days!

Rachel R. Avatar

All of this, Nancy. Your and Christine’s updates and wise words have kept me from going completely bonkers out of frustration with the release. I don’t even begin to be near the most die-hard Star Wars OR PML fans, either. It’s the concept of how poorly the paid professionals have coordinated this launch. I detest inefficiency and lack of communication, and that’s what got to me.

Karima Avatar

Hi Christine,
Wow this must have been a lot of work, thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I thought I needed this PMG palette since so many people rave about it, but it looks like I already have all the Colourpop dupes! Just one thing, when I click on the Colourpop comparisons for Gold Standard, it’s showing other PMG dupes instead of the Colourpop ones (of which I think you mentioned there are 12!!)
Thanks and happy holidays!!

Genevieve Avatar

What a fabulous idea! You are so very creative and considerate of us Christine, especially at this busy time of the year.
I think it’s a perfect way of getting the Decadence palette without the horrendous price tag and certainly the SG and Colour Pop options are by far the least expensive.
I know that PMG’s eyeshadows are of excellent quality, but so too are other brands.

Clare Avatar

I personally duped most of Decadence with Coloured Raine metallics from the Queen of Hearts & Cheers to the Beauty palettes (had to pull in a teal from elsewhere). I’m not giving more money to Disney, and although I love PMG, this release has been bungled too many times for me to be interested

Seraphine Avatar

Thank you for all your hard work on this! I’m really annoyed with the PMG brand…I wish they’d just release enough palettes for everyone who wants them! I refuse to get stressed out over FOMO an overpriced eyeshadow palette. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I’m so tired of limited releases that are nearly impossible to get, and I needed to vent. In any case, I love what you’ve done here, Christine!

Rachel R. Avatar

Thank you! This is very handy. I used Autumn’s Reign Palette today for the first time, and was thinking it reminded me a bit of Decadence. Even if I miss out on the Star Wars version, at least I can get the look. My husband and son even separately complimented how pretty my eyeshadow was today. That’s proof how pretty it is.

The Autumn Reign shadow bundle is still up for sale on her site, if anyone is wanting it and has their own magnetic palette.

Mia Avatar

What an awesome idea. Especially with how expensive and limited edition her palettes seem to be this is a great article for people who aren’t able to get the palette. I’m eyeing some of those Colourpop shades even though this was one of the few palettes not wooing me (was interested in the six pans, but resisted).

Lucia Avatar

Decadence hadn’t really been on my mind, but thank you for this! Anastasia’s Electric seems like it might also be a dupe for Sinful though different in (visual) texture. If memory serves Electric has some larger pieces of shimmer in it. I know Subculture is discontinued, but there’s a lot of them still floating around TJ Maxx and the like. Also in terms of vibeyness but not quite exact dupes, when I look at Decadence I’m reminded of my beloved Tarteist Pro Remix.

Dolores Avatar

Thank you Christine for your research around this palette and the launch! I am so tired of the chase. I do have Decadence already, but was just going to buy for the unlimited packaging because I am a huge Star Wars fan and also planned to give my old palette to a family member. I have yet to receive my other smaller palettes from PMG that were part of the collection. The communication is horrible on this launch- no phone number- can only email questions which are not answered. I could go on but will not on here. Needless to say, I love PMG products but her brand has dropped a few notches in my eyes because of the constant “chase”. 1st the Divine Rose palette and now this launch! SMH ??‍♀️

April Avatar

Good grief, it’s an eyeshadow palette, not a rare work of art. I love great eyeshadows, but seriously cannot do the huge amount of cash for one palette. I also refuse to do the limited release run around. I’d rather buy a great pair of boots.

Christine Darling, you went above and beyond to help us, and to show people that often the hot colors are already out there or in our collections. We may never even notice if we don’t have that one color. Be happy if you decided to give up the hunt on principle.
Sadly, those responsible for this mess are still being paid way too much to keep us dancing to their tune. I don’t think it’ll happen, and I’m not a ”riot-inciter”, but wouldn’t a good old-fashioned boycott now and then surely put a halt to these kind of actions by the people behind the scenes? Was it ineptitude or miscommunications? I doubt it.

Dana Avatar

Agreed! And you know what’s funny, a lot of PML’s die hard fans like myself *do* consider each offering a work of art of sorts. It was a lot of fun getting all excited and enthused over the quality of this amazing brand at each promised release. Somehow, the last two releases (i.e. Divine Rose et al) made me wake up, like someone said the magic phrase to snap me from my spell. The honeymoon is over, for me at least, and I look at it with the same cynical eyes I do with other brands.

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