MAC x Selena Collection Available September 28th for MAC Select Members

MAC x Selena Collection
MAC x Selena Collection

The MAC x Selena Collection will be available September 28th, 2016 on for MAC Select members, and MAC’s official Twitter account says early access is for Devoted and Obsessed members. The collection will be available online for everyone on October 1st and in select stores on October 6th.

Updated at 6:45AM PST: Readers are reporting that the collection is now live, but there appears to be an issue with getting free shipping and one reader said they ordered but their order did not show items in the confirmation.

Updated at 1:00PM PST: MAC sent out emails to MAC Select + PRO members that the collection will be available at 4PM EST (now).

I’ve been seeing collections launch around 4-7AM PST these days, but it is always hard to say with a MAC collection.  May you all get exactly what’s on your list without losing too much sleep! 🙂 You might consider banding together and chatting amongst yourselves on this Facebook post!

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Just looking at it I feel like…. what a half-*ssed collection for such an iconic, memorable, celebrated woman! MAC really tries to push out the limited collections constantly and I feel like sometimes the quality and creativity suffers.

That’s not to diss anyone who’s looking forward to this. But dang this is such a boring collection.

How is it “half-*ssed”? They used her actual makeup and her favorite colors to create the line, and they did so with her family helping in the decision making. The collection is modeled after the makeup bag she’d take with her on tour, because the family kept is as she had it all these years. They could not have made this collection more personalized if they tried. If you grew up with Selena and her music, you’d recognize the little nods to her in every color and in the design.

As I said, I didn’t mean to offend. I should have chose my words more wisely. I just meant that the packaging didn’t seem to be high quality like I’ve seen with other collections. Certainly the shades are there and her logo is on the packaging, but I guess I expected more dynamic design. Again– I didn’t mean to offend you and as a person who did, in fact, grow up with Selena (not sure how old you think I am), I definitely wasn’t intending to diss her at all. The opposite.

I didn’t like the small Taraji Henson collection MAC did either. I guess sometimes our exceptions aren’t met with these companies. I only like burgundy lipstick from the Selena collection. I like the purple packaging a lot.

I’m a MAC select member. Dreaming of You lipstick looks like a nice fall color. I might buy it but overall this collection doesn’t wow me. I like Selena and the purple packaging though.

6 a.m. EST – collection still not available. you can get to it by searching “Selena” but it says Coming Soon. I’m most likely just looking to get Selena (shadow) and possibly Como La Flor (lipstick).

I just got off the phone with MAC. I got everything I wanted in my cart and was checking out. First it wasn’t giving me free shipping. Then I figured, ok well I can get that refunded, and then it removed all of the items from my cart and favorites! MAC said there’s nothing they can do. the woman wouldn’t even take my order over the phone. Pretty shabby since I’m at their Obsessed level. I’m going to try a bit longer and then just forget it.

More and more I’m becoming really p*ssed off with MAC and other companies who make it such an “honour” to be able to give them our money. I’m done with trying hard and going out of my way to get LE or limited quantity (way too limited) or “trade your first born and a good night’s sleep to get it” products. We live in countries where we’re all supposed to be “equal” and imposing this faux hierarchy to get a makeup product….seriously? All those folks sitting by their computers waiting to grab these items (and I don’t mean just this specific collection) might make the world a better place by using those hours to do volunteer work and then just heading to the department store and buying a more readily available makeup product. Okay, off my soap box. But, really, I do believe brands should welcome us and our $$$, not set up these absolutely artificial barriers.

AMEN to that, Mariella!!! I so very much agree with what you wrote. After pulling a *literal* all-nighter, and then encountering major snafus with “technical difficulties” this morning, I was disgusted with MAC and myself. Them for the insane FOMO hype buildup and subsequent issues, myself for being so hyped up, I literally couldn’t rest!

Whether or not you love and adore Selena, with a stunt like this, I’d check the dupes that Christine has and I’d go to Sephora or the department store or drug store and buy the dupes. I hate companies playing us like this (and don’t even get me started on Hourglass!). Don’t be mad at yourself though, Nancy – they’ve created this hype around these products quite deliberately and I’m sure they employ people who know exactly how to get to that part of us that responds to this manipulation.

I too am fed up with the makeup companies making everyone “crazy” just to buy their makeup. The one and only time I tried to buy from Kardashian Beauty, items were taken out of my cart just as I hit the confirm purchase button. I emailed and was told it was “first pay, first serve”. I told them to cancel my order (the remaining items they had enough of that were confirmed when I hit purchase) and to refund my money. I told them I did not want to do business with a company that hypes everyone up and only allows a select amount until their next big sale. I also immediately unsubscribed from their mailing list. I understand the supply and demand mode but my money & time is better spent elsewhere!

Good for you, Sandra! Maybe if enough of us did this and did it LOUDLY (letting the company know exactly what we’ve done and why and also how we’ll encourage all our friends and family to do the same) they might take notice. As for Kardashian Beauty – I have such a dislike for that entire family and how they behave that I would never purchase a single item from them, no matter how special or magical.

Funny, I got a notification that I went up a level, and I don’t really have any concept of what that is about, whether it is only relevant to, whatever. I understand Ulta better, but never knew about the birthday stuff until I read it here. I get Sephora fully, which is ironic, since it is grossly useless! Maybe I ought to read the emails more often. No. don’t incite FOMO. Hope everyone is pleased with their Selena selections.

ok, so it is up. It was online at 6 am MT, but for some reason even if I am an obsessed member (supposedly you get two day shipping if you buy more than 50 us dlls) right now they only allowed me 1 sample (I am supposed to have two) and I am charged $7 for shipping! I contacted customer service, I couldn’t be on hold anymore, I am going to work, I checked out, and then I gave the representative my order number. She said she didn’t know if there is a glitch in the system, but her supervisor will email me back.
By the way, the system only lets you buy 1 item of each.

This is what I mean – and Tammy, I’m not just speaking specifically to you but look at all the women who’ve wasted their time on a weekday morning, when many/most of us have to work (yeah, to earn more money to send to d*mned MAC) and then either to find the products are sold out, or to have to hang up to go to work or, if you do, by some miracle, managed to put in your order, as Nancy T did, then you find a major glitch when you go to submit and/or pay. All this waste of people’s time, like they’ve nothing better to do or like they can be played like puppets on a string makes me REALLY angry.

I’m not a Devoted or Obsessed member and I’ve been checking the site a couple of times a day to see stock levels. All the eyeshadows are sold out already and I have a feeling they’re not going to do a restock on the first. I’m pretty bummed out, especially considering I don’t live near a mac store/kiosk for the brick and mortar release

Ordered all 3 lipsticks and 3 of the eyeshadows. And then everything became a nightmare! No area to enter the $25 Taraji credit, no free shipping even though I’m “Devoted”, and it ASSumed to use one of my 2 cards on file WITHOUT asking me which one I would like to use: it charged the one I had transferred the balance of to the other card!!! 3 phone reps later, finally problem solved. It had better be. I am sleep deprived and extremely perplexed, perturbed and disturbed right now. #OneAngryLatina

Nancy, so glad you got your order in, since I know you were so eager for this collection, and it means so much to you! I have a feeling there’s going to be a LOT of pissed off people. I’m MAC Devoted level, and all I wanted was the purple Selena shadow, have been checking and refreshing since 5AM, and it still says “coming soon” 🙁 I called MAC at 8:16 AM PST, and they said there are technical difficulties with website. Uh hello? Did they not beef up their computer servers for this?? They been hyping and stoking the demand for months and months. If this is what it looks like now, I can’t even imagine Oct 1, when it’s open to everyone.

Thank you, Katherine, they certainly had one bolluxed up (putting it as mildly as possible!) website this morning. Ugh!!! At 4 p.m. it goes live again, grab up that eyeshadow while you can. I have a feeling that Friday may be worse, but. I will still try for the blush duo then. Didn’t find it till it was already too late.

Nancy, I just got a MAC email advising that MAC Devoted and Obsessed can start ordering at 4 PM EST (or 1 PM PST). The email was sent out 10 min before the collection went live, so not much advance warning at all! I grabbed Selena shadow, threw into my cart, and the purchase went thru, no shipping charges. Finally!!!

Woohoo!!! I *know* you’re feeling relieved! I had to call them again because I still haven’t received an order confirmation as of yet. The SA, who was super nice and helpful located my order and confirmed all is well and good with it. She kept apologizing for the fact that their website had a real mess going on today and they are still working on some issues.

Yesss!! So relieved. Hope they fix fast, otherwise, it is going to be absolute pandemonium when 10 zillion people try to log in on Friday! I think they should institute an online waiting line, like how ColourPop does it, so you get in line, then it tells you the wait time is approx 2 hrs, so you’re not sitting around all day trying to get in. BTW, I got the KVD Metal Matte palette this morning, and OMG!! It’s a total winner. There’s 13 mattes and with the exception of the lighter shades, they are some of the best quality mattes I’ve swatched, including some black, blue, purple, green, etc. I’m talking Viseart quality or better, and they will pair well with all the shimmers in UD Spectrum. The 9 shimmers are Metal Crush formula, good to excellent. And the palette is huge, about as long as a forearm, and ea shadow is .06 oz. Michele got hers yesterday and is pretty thrilled too. Sephora says this is “ultra limited”, so if you’re interested, check it out, as word is getting out.

Awesome, and since kvd is Sephora, and now her own site, there won’t be the Selena level of madness. I certainly hope the big fans like Nancy can get all they wish. The idea of scalpers and evil Bayers getting this and holding you hostage AGAIN is completely horrendous. I can’t believe the frenzy. I am far too old for this online stalking. Maybe sneaking out of work to a Mac store, but with the unpreparedness (they have forecast modeling for that…I always THOUGHT that was one of the reasons behind early hype, so they could predict the response and mfg accordingly.) Clearly I was wrong. Not only don’t they GAS, I s.t. find that they like playing this game. Bec it is one.

It’s funny b/c compared to Serpentina, this KVD palette wasn’t hyped that much, only a couple of sneak peeks, but it’s like 10x better. Yeah, I didn’t want to get pulled into this LE game with MAC, but I couldn’t resist a pretty purple shadow with Selena’s name on it. I was so frustrated and mad this morning, can’t even imagine how a really hardcore Selena fan felt. I only hope things go more smoothly on Oct 1, but it’s not looking good so far……

8:16 AM PST. I’m MAC Devoted and have been checking constant since 5 AM this morning, and the Selena products still says “coming soon”! I called MAC and they say there are technical difficulties with the website, and they are trying to fix it, but it’s not sold out (yet). C’mon MAC! You knew a zillion people would be trying to buy this collection

They are most likely holding back inventory as well – as in they are likely to have deliberately held back stock so that there is still something available on the full online launch date.

They seem to be having new, fun problems today!

Well, I sure hope “coming soon” doesn’t mean check back with us on Oct 1 ! I buy thru the MAC website to get to Devoted level, just so I can get early access to exclusive collections like this. But what’s the point if I can see the Selena shadow but can’t put it in my cart ??? And it better not be sold out by now, or I’m going to be really, really pissed!!

I am a MAC Select Devoted member and I just contacted MAC. The collection is not sold out. It went live earlier this morning, but it got pulled back for some reason. It is supposed to go live again sometime today but no time was given. Hope that helps.

That’s what the press release said 🙁 Unfortunately, that could mean anything, lol, so what I’d do is call your local counter to see 🙂

I was just online and placed my order. I live in Texas and she is such a part of Texas culture. As it is a preorder, it does not ship immediately, but they give the ship dates after the order is placed.

I received an email 13 minutes before it went live again. It’s out at 4:00pm Est. I decided to buy one more item, technocumbia, buy since I was at work, I got buysy and technocumbia sold outin less than 20 mins. I had it in my cart but it was too late…. I bought all thee lipsticks early in the morning but again, I was charged 7 us dlls for shipping and it is stanfard shipping (even though I’m suppossed to have 2 day).

I’d call MAC in the next couple of days – they are more than likely to refund you shipping, based on my experience, particularly with respect to the way the launch was handled.

Yes Christine, I will call them again. They promised me in the morning their manager would call me/email me to solve my issues but so far I decided didn’t get anything. I will keep trying. This launch in deed was madness, and technically they weren’t ready. Let’s see how they manage issues on Friday…

Yes Christine, I will call them again. They promised me in the morning their manager would call me/email me to solve my issues but so far I didn’t get anything. I will keep trying. This launch in deed was madness, and technically they weren’t ready. Let’s see how they manage issues on Friday…

This and the Taraji fiasco everyone seemed to have just reinforces my general dislike of MAC. Not that brands can’t have a fluke with a website or in executing some orders, but the constant inundation of LE releases, micro collections and whatever else you want to call them is just off-putting to me. It’s all to create manufactured panic buying so you don’t miss some must have before it’s gone forever or at least for the next 15 minutes when the next LE collection comes out with puce microshimmer instead of lilac microshimmer. MAC isn’t the only purveyor of this gimmick, but they are by far the biggest offender in my opinion and I think it shows in they’re quality and creativity overall.

I know we don’t have this issue here – but I mean no offense to those who love MAC and their collection/release frequency. I have admittedly never been a big MAC user – my style tends to be more classic than edgy. I’m curious though, for casual and die-hard MAC fans – do you get sick of the constant limited edition release (in what seems like) every week or is that part of the fun?

Can’t believe what you all have gone through to get this. I hope if/when they roll it out in stores..IDR the plans…it’s in her Southwest first. esp as it is Spanish heritage month, and her homegirls deserve the first shot. Not that we can count on Mac for their vaunted (read pretend) cultural appropriateness….cultural appropriation is more like it…. Reading this set of replies is agony. This is supposed to be beauty and a tribute, not competition and frustration.

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