What question would you like to see here in the future?

It’s that time again… I’m taking (begging!) your suggestions for upcoming editions of Temptalia Asks You! Here are the “rules” so-to-speak…

1.) Avoid yes/no questions like “do you wear makeup”; ideally, the question inspires discussion or more open-ended answers
2.) Avoid “what’s your favorite X” products (that’s what the Hit List weekly feature is for!)
3.) Keep it beauty-related!

— Christine
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Nancy T Avatar

Hehehe!!! ?
1.) What do you think of brands creating intense promotional frenzy, and then not being adequately prepared on the release date?
2.) When a major beauty brand seriously messes up a LE release, how do you feel they ought to make it up to their customers?

I’m sure I could word these better with a little sleep! And a gallon of Irish coffee!

Mariella Avatar

I honestly wonder if they don’t give a flying fart because they know that, glitches or not, anger or not, people will still flock to buy these LE items and the collections WILL sell out. It would be great if the marketplace sent them a resounding message (and Hourglass too – but I read reviews from people saying basically “I don’t mind being ripped off because it’s such a nice way to try a variety of products”, though I was very gratified that, at least here in Canada, last year’s Hourglass Holiday palette did NOT sell out – mind you, I don’t know if it was because people were angry OR because it was $95 for a really small amount of product!)

Nancy T Avatar

Sadly, that’s probably true, Mariella. They have quit caring as deeply as they should. Plus, some of the CS people that they hire have snotty or oblivious attitudes, and that needs to stop. Computers do have glitches, I definitely get that, but for goodness sake, if you have a SUPER hyped, long anticipated collection launching, then double, triple, umpteenth-le CHECK THE SYSTEM FIRST. As for Hourglass, I hope even more people turn away from that holiday palette this year, too. These brands need a wakeup call!

Alli Z Avatar

I have to be honest, I actually don’t mind paying a lot for a relatively-small amount of product if the quality is there. I don’t know if I’ve EVER hit pan on a palette, even when it’s a product I use on the regular. Sometimes I wonder why brands sell such massive compacts, especially with blush or powder, when it takes literally YEARS of daily use to hit pan. I mean, YMMV, and I suspect I have a pretty light hand when it comes to blush, but I actually find it frustrating when I feel like I am paying a massive amount of money for something bc it has so much product that I am never going to get through. I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority on this, though 😉

Lulle Avatar

– How do you feel about the Holiday makeup collections this year?
– What makeup trends do you think will dominate in 2017?
– What’s your favorite drugstore brand and why?
– Do you think one should only wear eye and lip shades in the same undertones as their complexion?
– How do you deal with visible pores?
– What is your experience with electric facial cleansing brushes?
– How do you deal with dry patches?

Mariella Avatar

I love reading the questions that others come up with – folks here are truly creative and have an amazing curiosity. But, y’know, Christine, with the seasons changing and with the passage of time and the fact that almost everyone here has bought new “stuff” since the last time any particular question came around, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to “recycle” questions from the past. If 3 or 4 months have elapsed, many of us will have different answers this time around (heck, I may even answer something different from “Empreinte du Desert” and “Sweet Sentiment”!!!)

Christine Avatar

Haha! I do recycle actually – it just depends on the question and how long ago it was asked, but if someone suggests something, I’ll definitely still consider it as long as enough time has passed! Other times someone might ask something and I’ll riff on it and get more questions out of it, too 😀

When I struggle for Qs to come up with, I always go into the archives and start from the back, haha!

lisebeth Avatar

I would like to see those questions (I don’t know if maybe they have already been asked) :
What step you can not skip when you do your makeup?
What made you fall in love with makeup? what does makeup bring to you? why are you passionate in to makeup?
When did you start wearing makeup? when did you discover the makeup?
What’s your favorite beauty brands and why?

allison Avatar

Here are some questions i would love to have answered by fellow beauty lovers….
1) High end v. drugstore… tell us which you prefer and why
2) what makes your “perfect” foundation? What do you look for in a base product that makes it “perfect” to you?
3) 5 product desert island challenge…. if you can only choose 5 products, which ones would you choose?
4) Tom Ford Love and Rant… as a TF lover, what do you love and hate about this brand?

Melanie Zaleski Avatar

I am so over the hightlight, contour, matte look trend. Just done with it! What do you see as the trend for 2017? Is there a cosmetic line you see stealing the show sort of speak and why? I personally would like to see companies not copy one another but think outside the box. I have found the cosmetic industry well to be boring lately…. I want quality products not gimmicks, youtube/instagram over hype but true quality products.

Agona Avatar

1) Have you ever hit pan on a palette? How long ago was it? How long did it take you?
2) How many eye palettes do you own? (Blushes, lipsticks, lip glosses, etc.)

Emma Avatar

1) How has your make up routine changed as you got older? Colors and products that work for aging face?
2) For those who use cruelty free products (parent companies also), what are some of your favorite brands and/or specific products?

Lyse Davitt Avatar

Have you had to change your skin care routine since you moved?

How do you deal with facial hair?

Is matching your eye shadow to your outfit a no-no?

AB Avatar

What are your favorite coral lipsticks/glosses? Reds? Pinks? For your own use like weekends, meetings, social.
If you had to choose only one: would you prefer shimmer for lips, eyes or cheeks/face?
Have you recently re-found anything in your stash that you’d forgotten about and now is in your frequent/daily rotation?
If you could talk to your younger self, what 1-2 points of advice you would give?
Who were some of your inspirations as you developed interest in beauty and makeup?

That’s all I can think of now; will keep thinking about it though.

Blue Avatar

Love the question about makeup inspirations. I love looking back on looks that were formative for me. Like, I can watch specific music videos or reference the precise Kevyn Aucoin looks that I’m basically still copying over a decade later.

AB Avatar

How does your mood affect your makeup choices / look ?
What item have you most recently bought from a brand you haven’t tried before? How did it work out?
What brand have you lost interest in and why?

viv Avatar

i really love this question/answer thing on your blog and i read almost everything of this very kind beauty-community. but with the europe time shift of 9 hours i always feel like being kind of late to answer 🙂
however, i would like to know what others think of the colortrends at the moment. either very bold colors, on the other side these very brownish colors of kylie or huda.. which do you prefer, how do you handle beautytrends, do you take them to the extreme or roll eyes over it? how do you handle these instagram hypes?
perhaps a sort of rant and rave over instagram influences or just another twist of rant and rave over “highlighters” and the like.. i admit, i love these rant and raves 🙂

Blue Avatar

What brands have you been more interested in this year? Which ones have been losing your interest? Why?

Do you have any sources of inspiration or specific looks in mind for your fall or winter style?

Do you have any makeup looks that you used to love to wear, but find yourself feeling less drawn to lately? What about ones you used to skip over but wear more often now?

Do you wear a wide variety of looks, or stick to variations on a few standbys? What are they?

How often do you wear a cateye?

Do you wear unconventional makeup like blue lipstick, and why? If you do, how do you feel when you wear it?

Elle Avatar

What are your favorite type of YT videos to watch (tutorials? hauls? drugstore? high end? OOTD? something else?) and what do you look for in that type of video (i.e., tutorial, drugstore – a look that appeals to me and is wearable, with good close ups).

Cheryl Avatar

What is your favorite lipliner’s? I am still searching for a good one. Every Nude or natural just looks orange on me, it’s terrible, I am a strawberry blonde with freckles and I can’t find a nude that is more beige or brown, always orange.

Bon Bon Avatar

I too am very interested in facial hair removal products, to pluck or not to pluck, medications that promote facial hair growth like testosterone in hormone treatment, etc. Great question line. Also do you change your hair color with seasons, makeup fads, clothing styles etc.

Matilda Avatar

I am extremely curious about others’ lipstick collections, so I would want to know about:

1. Your newest;
2. Your oldest;
3. Your most expensive;
4. Your cheapest; and
5. The one you would want to be wearing when your portrait is being painted.

Monique Avatar

How do you go about choosing brands to review?
What are brands that you won’t review and why?
Do you prefer reviewing certain products over other like eye shadows over lipsticks, blushes over foundations

Nichele Avatar

1.) If/when you have children, at what age did you/will you allow them to wear makeup? What would you consider off limits? What advice would you give to your child?
2.) Do you find the product quality of massive holiday launches (for example, the Urban Decay Vault III) to be lacking or different compared to the regular standalone products?
3.) Given how expensive makeup can be, do you throw out makeup once it reaches its expiration date?
4.) If you use a brush to apply cream/gel eyeliner, what type of brush is your favorite?
5.) Have you ever tried de-potting products? Do you like it? Do you wish you wouldn’t have done it? What tips do you have?

Linda Avatar

Would you purchase more “travel size” products if makeup lines made them available? Do you think the smaller size and lower out-of-pocket price point would allow you take more risks and try things you might not ordinarily buy? What products do you think would work best for a mass market in “travel size” format?

Maria Avatar

1) what is your everyday makeup routine?
2) What is your go-to eyeshadow look? List eyeshadows used/color family.
3) What features do you like to play -up and are there features that you play-down as well? How do you achieve this (products or techniques used)and why do you do it?

Genevieve Avatar

If you had a chance to create a new eye shadow shade/colour, what would it be?
What eye shadow shades don’t work for you?
How did you determine/find your eye brow shape and what products do you use?
Have you hit pan on any beauty products? (Apart from skincare)

Rant and Rave Section
Indie brands
Eye brow pencils
Lip Liners
Lip Gloss

Survey Says
Most used eye shadow palette
Least used lipstick
Most versatile blush palette
Favourite shampoo and conditioner

Lea Avatar

How many lip products are in your purse at any given time?
Are you more inclined to return a product that you don’t like or eat the loss?
If you have a skincare product you find you don’t like but can’t return, do you use it up, give it away or toss it? Why?
How much are you willing to accom a brand before you stop using them (looking at the MAC users on this one – I’m honestly curious)?

Lea Avatar

A few more…

Are you willing to use more than one lip product to make a purchase work for you or does it need to work right from the off? If you do use multiple, how often do you use two or more lip products to achieve your look?
What is your best/favorite feature and what do you do to enhance it?
What drives you to try a new brand for the first time? Friends, unique color or texture, packaging, hype, or adventure? How willing are you to try a line or brand you’ve never heard of? If you’ve never heard of a brand before, how much does price factor into whether you’re willing to try it?

Sheela Avatar

What are your thoughts on putting on makeup in public (e.g. touching up lipstick at a restaurant, doing full makeup on the bus/train, etc.)?

How much time do you spend on your makeup every day (also in different circumstances: work, special occasion, going out, etc.)?

What is your most basic skin care and/or makeup routine when you’re in a rush in the morning?

Beth Lincoln Avatar

With so many holiday pallets and offerings hitting the stores, how do you decide which ones to purchase?
1) Do you purchase as gifts only and not for yourself?
2) Do you purchase the holiday products for yourself because it comes from your favorite brand?
3) Do you purchase the holiday offerings because you are a lipstick/highlighter/eyeshadow etc junkie and must own all of them?
4) Do you purchase as a gift because the brand offers a gift with purchase which you can keep for yourself?
5) do you purchase as a gift or for yourself solely because of the beautiful packaging?
6) do you purchase because it’s too good if a deal price wise to pass up?

Melissa Avatar

Favourite eye/lip/cheek combinations for different occasions e.g. formal event, work, dates, etc.

How often do you reorganise your makeup? How often do you throw *specific product* out?

If you were given a chance to create your own eyeshadow quad, with access to eyeshadows from all brands and formulas, which 4 would you choose?

Which products do you have backups of?

A younger relative of yours just started getting into makeup and asks you for a list of 5 recommendations. What 5 products are on your list?

How do you decide to try a new product/brand? Do you wait for reviews, recommendations or just buy it?

What skincare products do you feel like you could skip? What products do you rarely see a difference in?

Silvia Avatar

What would be the very five recommendations on keeping skin healthy or when in a rush what products/routine can you not live without?
How to punish these companies who keep displaying their products as LE and then never have enough? It is becoming frustrating how they deal with clients. Like we are bunnies hoping all over to find their goodies. Well, i do! Lol! Lately having a grudge with WetnWild can never find one favorite LE highlighter even on website always out of stock. ?

Alli Z Avatar

– When you first started wearing makeup, how did you learn new techniques? How did you practice them?
– What is your favorite season for makeup?
– Why did you name the site Temptalia? For readers: what would you name your beauty blog/site, and why?
– What’s the biggest OOPS moment you’ve ever had with makeup? (Eg dropped loose powder everywhere, dog ate my lipstick, spilled nail polish on antique furniture…)
– What are your favorite product names and why?
– How does your body image and self esteem factor into your use of beauty products?

Susan Avatar

We often say someone of any age can wear any particular makeup item, but let’s be real — deep down, do you think there are some things that women over 50 or 60 really shouldn’t wear?

In the past year, has there been a palette you bought because it was LE or popular, but you came to really love it? (ABH Renaissance, I’m lookin’ at you!)

Has someone told you in the past that you shouldn’t wear _____ (a particular color, for example), and you have a hard time shaking that feeling? How can you get over that?

Meredith Avatar

I would like a review or reader’s suggestions on what they feel is the best cream eye shadow as far as comfort, non irritation, wearability meaning how long does it last, color range, value for price, packaging, the whole nine yards. Thank you.

Ashleigh Avatar

-Do you multi-mask? Multi-prime? Multi-foundation/conceal? (using different products for different parts of the face)
-Do you have a favorite makeup look from an animated character? If so, have you ever tried to recreate it?
– Have you ever tried tubing mascara?
– What has been your most comfortable makeup look lately?
– What would your dream packaging look like?
– If you designed your own palette, what brand would you like to produce it and what colors/finishes would you pick?
– If you designed your own lip product, what would it be and who would you like to make it?

Cynthia Avatar

1. What’s the best song to get ready to?
2. What have you hit pan on?
3. You’ve woken up a half hour late. What gets dropped from your beauty routine?
4. You’ve packed for European travel. What’s in your make-up bag(s)?
5. Does your outfit dictate your makeup? Or does your makeup dictate your outfit? (Sometimes I find that after makeup is on, that my planned outfit is just so wrong.)
6. How does aging affect your makeup choices?

Sarah Avatar

Two come to mind:

1) When you want to go for a more “extreme” look, what does that mean for you? Black lipstick? Colourful eyeshadow? Glitter everywhere? Wearing lipstick instead of gloss? “Extreme” means different things to different people, so I’m curious about that.
2) Non-US focus: What are the trials and tribulations of finding makeup outside the US? I’m in Canada, so that’s what I think first, but all over the world.

AB Avatar

A few more:
For your last great ‘night out’ look, what techniques and products did you use?
Scenario: in the morning, you’re in a rush to get out the door and don’t have time for creativity or experimentation. What is your go-to, fail-safe set of products?
How do you manage to use cool and warm tones in a single look?

AB Avatar

After so many good questions from everyone, these could be redundant, I can’t tell from quick skim through… But let’s see
What product(s) are you using now with a ‘use it up’ strategy (you won’t toss it but won’t replace it)?
How many different products do you generally try out before you find that perfect one? E.g, you’re looking for the perfect red gloss…how many false starts are typical before finding “the one”?
Do you have a practice of specifically storing seasonal colors (e.g, light shimmers from summer)?

JCarbonel Avatar

What are you doing to transition your make for the season?
What masks keep you hydrated in the colder weather?
What’s your favorite colors to wear for fall?
What have you been most impressed by with the holiday collections?

AB Avatar

Was there any ‘aha’ color, technique or tool for you this year — something that you’ve never tried but once you did, it’s a must-have/do?

Are there any products you’re on a “use up” strategy for?

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