MAC x Halsey Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC x Halsey Lipstick
MAC x Halsey Lipstick

MAC x Halsey Lipstick ($17.00 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “grey [with a Matte finish].” It’s a medium-dark gray with subtle, cool, blue undertones and a satin finish. I can’t think of any shades that are similar to this that I have tried (there are only four gray lipsticks in the Swatch gallery!) Smashbox Punked (P, $21.00) is warmer (90% similar). Anastasia Smoke (P, $18.00) is cooler (85% similar). ColourPop Petit Four (P, $7.00) is darker, cooler (80% similar). Huda Beauty Silver Fox (P, $20.00) is more muted, less glossy (85% similar). See comparison swatches / view dupes side-by-side.

It had mostly opaque color coverage with a creamy, smooth consistency that didn’t drag or tug on the lips. The texture was light-medium in weight, and it looked pretty good from a normal viewing distance, but it could benefit from a lip liner or primer as it tended to emphasize lip lines and pull into them over time. The color lasted for four hours on me and was neither drying nor hydrating. The lipstick was vanilla-scented with no discernible taste. This shade will be available online on March 31st.

See more photos & swatches!

MAC x Halsey Lipstick
MAC x Halsey Lipstick

MAC x Halsey Lipstick
MAC x Halsey Lipstick

MAC x Halsey Lipstick
MAC x Halsey Lipstick

MAC x Halsey Lipstick
MAC x Halsey Lipstick

MAC x Halsey Lipstick
MAC x Halsey Lipstick

MAC x Halsey Lipstick
MAC x Halsey Lipstick

Makeup Look
On face:
  • Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation
  • Guerlain Les Voilettes
  • ColourPop Glo Up Super Shock Cheek
On eyes:
  • ColourPop Kae Pop Eyeshadow Set


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Krista Avatar

A possible dupe is the new Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in Punked 🙂 Smashbox’s new lipsticks, especially the mattes, are really quite good from what I have tried!

Katherine T. Avatar

I like the edgy color, something different than the usual reds and pinks, but don’t think I can pull this off without looking like the walking dead. But I have NYX Coldhearted (metallic darker gray), and I think you can create an interesting ombre lip with Halsey

Katherine T. Avatar

LOL, I’m tempted to drag myself into the office on a Monday morning, wearing Halsey lipstick, a sleep-deprived face, and some raccoon eyes…. got to make sure my makeup matches my mood y’know 😉

Josephine Avatar

Hm, I think Spacecake pulls even more blue than this, but you’re right–it’s definitely in the same family. I’d love to see them swatched side by side, but haven’t found that yet. If Halsey is even just a little warmer than Spacecake, I’m gonna snap it up!

IRockFaces Avatar

I actually have space cake and it does have a noticeable blue undertone to it that looks really striking on the lips. This shade is a true gray without any other tones in it that looks pretty promising if that makes any sense. Even still, I’m getting this one when it comes out.

Tessa Avatar

Well, that looks way better than I had anticipated!

Could be kinda cool with yellow/orange hair streaks, too, and maybe some sort of retro futuristic silver sheath dress. White boots, a clear handbag… Maybe that’s not a currently hot look, but I’d get a kick out of it for sure. White eyeshadow, black liner, sunny yellow nails, lucite jewelry — bam!

Tessa Avatar

I’m not sure. I definitely wouldn’t reach for it often and have mixed results with MAC lipstick formulas, but for sure I don’t have anything similar, so……? Could be fun!

Tessa Avatar

Ha — I’m sooooo wary of glitter! I have dry/sensitive skin and glittery makeup is generally a recipe for misery, for me. But I can absolutely see this lipstick looking great with some really holographic glitter, or the liquid crystal type stuff. Fun!

Adrienne Avatar

Hello-I LOVE all of your swatches and come to your site each time I hear about new makeup because it always looks different from the container where it is more pigmented. I wanted to let you know that Smashbox also has a matte grey lipstick called “Punked” I purchased it and I love it. I think it may be a little darker/charcoal than this one. Just wanted to let you know for comparisons

Ginny Avatar

I really like the color, it’s wearable! I actually think it might look good on me, but idk… I think I’m more likely to wear a darker, metallic gray like NYX Coldhearted. Or maybe take a $6 gamble on the gray in the new Colourpop liquid satin line.

Erin Avatar

Not sure what I think of the concept. But a battleship-grey lipstick for Bull Halsey, who they say loved a fighter pilot? Man, I did my master’s thesis on casualties and cohesion in an infantry regiment during the Buna campaign. I may have to buy this lipstick for that alone.

EvilStepQueen Avatar

There are a couple new matte greys from Nyx that might be comparable. One is more blue-steel toned the other is a truer grey. If I’m going to do an unusual color like this, I’d rather go on the less expensive side (not that MAC is super expensive but $6 is muuuuuch better). Grey is definitely an unusual tone for me, I do like your unconventional lipstick colors, but grey…oooh…I have to be careful so my teeth don’t look yellow. Always make sure I wear the lipstick, the lipstick doesn’t wear me!

Ozzy Avatar

The liquid suede in stone fox and one of the brand new matte lipstick shades (forgot name but its a dupe for space cake not this) and stone fox looks alot like this color wise

EvilStepQueen Avatar

Oh yeah, I should have mentioned the regular round matte lipstick formula. I know there are two grey colors, Ultra Dare (I think is cooler, slightly bluer toned) and Haze more of a traditional grey.

Alexa Avatar

I think gray matte lipstick is going to be a very big trend this year. Aside from this one and the previously mentioned Smashbox Punked, NYX also just came two: Haze and Ultra Dare. Smashbox has a cool video on the irInstagram of making like a gradient effect out of red and gray and it looks pretty awesome.

Erin Avatar

A lipstick named after the carrier admiral Bull Halsey, whom they say loved a fighter pilot? I might buy it just for the name. My former Marine husband had a conniption when he saw this. (Apologies if you got the first reply–my computer is behaving oddly.)

Ashley Marie Avatar

This colour reminds me a lot of Halsey’s music, strangely. I’m guessing she chose the ‘blue’ grey because it’s her most famous song? I like how she just didn’t do another pink, but Halsey’s kind of edgy, sad girl Tumblr, ain’t she.

Anyway her name comes from her actual name – Ashley – jumbled up. Since it’s also my name and her album Badlands is one of my favourite albums ever, I probably have to get this…

julia Avatar

As a Halsey fan I was already very curious as to what this collab with MAC would be but it’s certainly something I could see her using. And it’s a true grey! I might have to splash out and pick this up, even if only to wear it at 2am pizza runs with the gang.

Kenna Avatar

Do you know if this is a MAC website exclusive, or will it be available online at MAC’s other retailers as well? I have a feeling this is going to be a nightmare to get hold of. It might not work on my paper skin but I’ll be wearing it regardless! Haha.

KJH Avatar

I may be to old to wear it, but I really do like it. It’s a totally conservative color … Midrange flannel gray, done in an unexpected place. Sephora did a bunch of lighter grays years ago, probably around the time of the first MAC Aura. This is prettier. I love the combination of offbeat with a banker’s color! I would def be into it, if I were pushing 60, instead of pushing 70!

Cicely Avatar

Omg, definitely wear it!! I love wearing crazy colours all the time, and I 100% still see myself doing that when I’m your age 🙂
It really does have a dignified and intelligent sense to it, though, which I hadn’t noticed ’til you pointed out the offbeat+banker characteristics! You sound like such an artistic and creative person, so I’m sure your personality will assure you to look fantastic whilst wearing any colour. Anyways, your age only adds on experiences and knowledge to your over-all look. If people judge you for wearing it, know that they also judge a 20-something year old for the same things. If anything, they’d want to be like you, free and exciting with your fancy lipsticks and confidence! hahah

Quinctia Avatar

That looks really cool! Can’t think of how I’d wear it though. It’s weird, silver I can do, gray kinda jumps into statement territory for me.

Che Avatar

I like this I think it’s a fun colour even tho I would maybe wear it a few times over the years. I see people comment saying they would go for a cheaper version of it but one thing I find with Mac lipsticks is they don’t seem to go bad as fast as a lot of other brands. I have some Mac lipsticks from 4-5 years and they are the same smell and texture as the day I got it then with some other brands the lipstick tends to get funky after 12 months .

Bonnie Avatar

Imma snap this up in a heartbeat when its released!!! aaah, I wish it were this month, not next! btw Christine, I don’t think it makes your teeth look yellow at all! (been reading other comments! lol) also – I was going to remark on the new smashbox line of matte lipsticks and also the new NYX matte lipsticks (both regular lipsticks not liquids) that have greys in the line! Id love to see your reviews on them! (specifically the greys and unusual colors!) a grey in smashbox totally surprised me! Its sold out constantly in store and online. the reviews seem mixed. very curious tho!

Trish Avatar

So glad MAC did this color- count me in! I’m part of that past my twenty’s crowd and I’d totally wear this. Wear it around the house till you’re comfy with it and then just rock it on an evening out! Thanks Christine for the heads up on this!

Katharina Avatar

I was so hoping this wouldn’t disappoint, because I’ve been loving her music lately– Glad it didn’t! 😀 Are these online release dates international? Or just for the U.S.?

Katharina Avatar

Ah okay. guess I’ll remain on the look out for more information about release dates haha. Thanks for the info & answering so quickly, Christine! 😀

Cicely Avatar

THIS MUST BE MIIINE. Ahahahha I love wearing grey toned lipsticks! I’ve had to make all my pure-grey lip colours in the past (super nice formula, which is rad, but I don’t have the money rn to get the wholesale materials to make more! gah), so this will be fantastic to have! *^*
Also, Halsey’s “Control” really hits me on such a personal level nowadays. I just hope I can snag this lipstick before it sells out–maybe people will be too scared to get it and will go for other collabs and collection colours instead! That’s what I’m banking on 😉
(btw peeps, just wear what you want; old, young, yellow teeth or not, wear the grey if you like it! People will be cruel and judge no matter what, so have fun where you can! Be freeee hahah)

Cathy Avatar

I love this colour 🙂 I love how different it is! I think it’s great to explore unusual lip shades like this; I’m sure we can all remember a time when nail colours like grey, blue and green were considered “weird” and now, they’re mainstream 🙂 I will definitely try this one on at the MAC counter. It might not be a great shade on me as I’m quite fair but I will try! Christine, you certainly make it work (as you magically seem to make every shade work on you!).

Marissa Avatar

this looks so cool! gray lipsticks tend to look a bit patchy so i’m glad it’s not. i’m young but idk if i would dare using this. i still want it though. a lot of you said it, it reminds me a bit of melt’s spacecake but less blue-ish.

Hex Avatar

i collect Mac lipsticks and i especially love unique / daring colours but, idk it doesnt look quite as matte as i’d like. NYX just came out with a grey matte lipstick. i might go for that as much as my heart wants MAC.

Fran Avatar

How did I miss this? Very interesting shade! I’m not sure I’d like to wear it on its own, but I think it would layer in a really interesting way with Ardency Inn’s Black is Blue. I’d also like to try layering it with bright cool reds to see if you get a more toned-down, complex red.

Heina Avatar

As a fan of unusual lip colors, I was looking forward to this. The shade, sadly, looks a lot less blue/teal than in the promo pics. Thank you for your review; it saved me the $17 or so, though I am disappointed.

Kayla Avatar

I love punked by smashbox, but it gets super patchy throughout the day, comes off really quickly even without eating. So, I’m looking for another grey, can’t wait till this launches & hope it doesn’t have the same problem! Fingers crossed.

Lily Avatar

I’m kind of disappointed their website says this is an online exclusive. I really wanted to compare this to Ionized in person, because I’m kind of iffy on whether the “blue undertones” will look good against my skin tone. I’m going to have to take the plunge, I suppose!

Jen Avatar

I just saw this paired with a purple lip liner and the purple matte lip from MAC and it looked amazing. I may buy it just because you could pair it with so much!

Kim Avatar

I just got mine, and the grey itself is a great novelty color. It’s one of those shades that you can wear when you feel like dressing like a total badass. What I love most about it is how great it works as a base under other colors. I used it with NYX Intense Butter Gloss Berry Strudel, and it made such a wicked, charcoal-purple. I can’t wait to test it under other colors and see how my collection expands.

Clementine Avatar

I wonder how this compares to Nyx Ultra Dare and Nyx Haze. I love both, but I only want to buy Halsey if it’s slightly different. Otherwise I can’t justify the $17.

Makeupnerdery Avatar

A good dupe for this might be the Melt Cosmetics matte lipstick in Space Cake! I think it’s probably a touch darker, but overall very similar.

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