MAC Prep for Colour Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Prep for Colour Collection
Just Add Colour Lipglass (note, sample packaging)

MAC Prep for Colour Collection

The Prep for Colour Collection is a short and sweet collection. I’m not even sure why they bothered with any color cosmetics, and I could have gone for repromotes of great permanent neutrals, too — just because MAC does have a great neutral range. The collection includes one lipglass ($14), three eyeshadows ($14.50), Prep + Prime Skin Brightening Serum ($40), Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50 ($30), and Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer SPF 35/PA+++ ($30).  I don’t have photos of Prepped for Glamour Eyeshadow yet, which I will purchase when it launches in-store on Thursday (so check back then!).

  • Hey Eyeshadow is is a gilded beige-champagne with a touch of peach.  It was a very shimmery, frosty finish.  For reference, it is a veluxe pearl finish, though!  This is a repromote from Fafi, but I know a lot of you love this shade.
  • Sorcery Eyeshadow is a burgundy-brown with a satin finish–it’s not entirely matte, but it’s not overly shimmery, either.  It has more of a satin sheen.  It reminded me of a a lighter version of Sketch.
  • Prepped for Glamour Eyeshadow is a darkened chocolate brown with a taupe edge to it.  It’s sheerer and lighter than Satin Taupe, but it also has less of a frosty sheen.  Pretty, but if you already have Satin Taupe, you could probably skip this.
  • Just Add Colour Lipglass is a reddened, dark fuchsia pink with fuchsia-pink shimmer.  It’s a frost finish lipglass, and though my sample comes in a square tube, online shows it in a regular lipglass tube, so don’t buy because it’s square 🙂  It’s a very pigmented, color-rich gloss–so if you’ve always wanted a darker pink than Pink Poodle but still very intense, this might be it.
  • Prep + Prime Brightening Serum is a clear, slightly watery liquid that pumps out.  It’s hard to describe — it’s cool and thin, and it absorbs into skin quite quickly.  I haven’t used it long enough to really be able to tell you about results, but I can at least tell you about the consistency!  Hopefully will have more for you later on in April…

There are no must-haves in this collection from me. While all the color products in this launch are high quality and well-pigmented, they’re not necessarily must-haves.  Hey is the closest to a must-have, but I think you could easily substitute All That Glitters, Gleam, or Retrospeck in its place.  Sorcery is too similar to Sketch and Beautymarked, while Prepped for Glamour is quite similar to Satin TaupeJust Add Colour Lipglass is pretty, but again, just doesn’t strike me as a must-have.  You can’t go wrong with any of the four, so this is more of a “there’s nothing super-duper original or so awesomely pigmented you have to get it” kind of a review.

Skip if you have…

  • Skip Hey if you have All That Glitters, Gleam, or Retrospeck (unless you use these 24/7, then you’ll probably love Hey!).
  • Skip Sorcery if you have Sketch or Beautymarked, particularly if you don’t use those very often.
  • Skip Prepped for Glamour if you have Satin Taupe, unless you’ve always secretly wanted Satin Taupe but didn’t like how frosty it was.

So, are you stopping by MAC (or shopping online!) for Prep for Colour or are you waiting until Pret-a-Papier?

MAC Prep for Colour Collection
Prep + Prime Skin Brightening Serum

MAC Prep for Colour Collection
Prep + Prime Skin Brightening Serum, Ingredient List for Skincare Fanatics!

MAC Prep for Colour Collection
Just Add Colour Lipglass

MAC Prep for Colour Collection
Just Add Colour Lipglass

MAC Prep for Colour Collection
Hey Eyeshadow

MAC Prep for Colour Collection
Hey Eyeshadow

MAC Prep for Colour Collection
Sorcery Eyeshadow

MAC Prep for Colour Collection
Sorcery Eyeshadow

MAC Prep for Colour Collection
Hey & Sorcery Eyeshadow, Just Add Colour Lipglass

MAC Prep for Colour Collection
Just Add Colour Lipglass

MAC Prep for Colour Collection
Just Add Colour Lipglass

MAC Prep for Colour Collection
Prepped for Glamour Eyeshadow

MAC Prep for Colour Collection
Prepped for Glamour Eyeshadow

MAC Prep for Colour Collection
Prepped for Glamour (left) / Satin Taupe (right)


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Michelle Avatar

Aw, thats too bad i was so excited for that color to be a unique neutral, but I think i will just stick with my Satin Taupe. Thanks Christine!! Cant wait for pret papier!

Maisie Avatar

Is that lipglass packaging exclusive to this collection, or are they changing all the lipglass packaging? Just wondering because of the change in pigment packaging, they may be trying to switch it up a bit. Sorry for two comments in a row!

Maisie Avatar

Oh my goodness, just read the part about the sample being square. I need to stop commenting before I read the whole thing! Sorry Christine. 🙁

Liz Avatar

I love that you’re including the face shots lately. Seeing the context of the lip color helps me understand the color better. Love your site! 🙂

lauraaaaaaaa Avatar

UGH whenever i ask questions already answered just dont bother even re-answering. i get too excited and i post super quickly!! 🙁 LOL

Nepenthe Avatar

Hey is such a great colour, I loved it in the quad.. maybe a backup since it’s in pot form now.

Also, would you say that the consistency of the serum is at all similar to the Fast Response Eye Cream?

Sarah Avatar

I loveeeee they Hey Eyeshadow!
I can’t wait for the rest of the summer collections!
Especially To the Beach and Pret-a-Papier (:

Frances Avatar

This may be the first MAC lipgloss I have ever bought! It looks gorgeous, I might not be able to resist. Christine, for someone who has almost nothing from MAC, would you say this is a must-have?

VexintheCity Avatar

The lipgloss appears quite sheer on you. When I swatched it instore last week it was really bright and had a lot of pigment in it. That’s the reason why I’m going back to buy it. Your sample seems different.

Mirna Avatar

I meant to vote love it!
My favorite e/s finish is veluxe pearl, so I am loving Hey. The lipglass is very beautiful too, great color for spring/summer.

Chennel Avatar

I will check it out when I go get must haves from Pret-a-Papier. Not making a special trip to MAC for this. If I happen to be near the MAC before Pret-a-Papier then I might stop by.

PJ Avatar

Why does MAC do this to my wallet??? I was just in yesterday and got Stylesetter lip marker. Do you think Just Add Colour lipglass would look good on top of Stylesetter on African American skin?

Chelsea Avatar

I’m bummed because I thought Pret a Papier was releasing this week. Instead we get this dinky little collection. I’m definitely waiting for Pret.

Kathie Avatar

Saw it at the Berkeley store and really not going to run out and purchase it right away. beautiful pink color though but waiting for the collections that come out starting at the end of April.

Michelle Avatar

oh my gosh, i know this is a small collection but i actually like the colors they put together!! looking forward to buying all of them if they are as pretty as pictued! 🙂

Anitacska Avatar

Sorry to butt in, I think Just Add Colour is way nicer than the Riveting pink gloss, I swatched it today and it’s too neon pink for my liking. Just Add Colour is really pretty. 🙂

Dusty Avatar

Thanks guys!

I LOVED the gloss that came out with Riveting (“Electric Fuchsia” – I had to look! LOL).

I’ll look at “Just Add Color” but if it’s not as neon as the Riveting gloss, I think I’ll end up just buying a few more of those (I’ve found it to be one of the most versatile lipglasses MAC makes, it’s right up there with “Nyphette” on my list)!

Dusty Avatar

Wait… Electric Fuchsia came out with Spring Forcast didn’t it? Haha! There are TOO many “hot pinks” lately! (I never thought there could even BE such a thing!)

JayJay Avatar

I’m loving this, but trying to stop myself from buying.. I have Electric Fuschia, True Babe, Totally It, and Plus Luxe (plushglass).

Do I need this ladies? It’s in my shopping bag, along with Petals and Peacocks (another one I don’t need LOL).

Jessi Avatar

I have a ton of bright pinks, but petals & peacocks is extra specially gorgeous. it manages to be soft and bright at the same time. i DO get a lot of compliments when i’m wearing true babe, though.

eveli Avatar

Hi Christine, once you recommended a colored primer to help conceal my blotchy freckles and make them look less muddy when I apply foundation do you think any of the new ones would help if so Wichita one could you also tell me what the different colors are for? Thanks

Annie Avatar

I really don’t care that this collection is so small. I just want Hey, because I recently saw someone use it that had it from Fafi and immediately wanted it :] So I was very excited when I saw this.
May check out the gloss, cause it’s pretty :3

knownever Avatar

all the colors are pretty. i missed Hey the first time around in the fafi collection, but it is so pretty! I agree with you though, the shadows are both colors most women already have in their collection (especially if they are MAC fans).

NuNu Avatar

OMG I am SO SO SO happy they brought back Hey!!! It’s my ultimate favourite e/s and I’m gonna buy like 10 backups. I was THIS close to dropping $50 on evil bay for another Fafi palette just so I can have another Hey.

Leenie Avatar

I just ordered the three eye shadows from prep for colour & the one pearl glide I didn’t get almost noir. thanks Christine your photos are always true to color.

Kaylynrenee Avatar

Gosh, I am SUCH a sucker for champagne-ish shadows! No doubt I have something similar but I still want Hey! Dang it! What I’m really searching for is a pressed shadow that is a dupe for Jardin Aires Pigment. LOVE that color on me but the fallout is so bad… Any suggestions? If you tell me Hey is it, I will love you forever and buy like 14 of them! Lol! ;0)

Kaylynrenee Avatar

Have not seen Gleam but it’s on my list now! Very interesting though, I always describe (in my head of course) Jardin Aires as being “like light on my eyelids!” so Gleam would be fitting at least by it’s name huh?! Lol. It’s that golden apricot glow that I’m looking for! Thanks for the recommendation!!

Yuliya Avatar

this collection is actually the most exciting of mac’s recent collections in a while just because of the shadows, i’m planning to get hey and prepped for glamour (IF its not the exact same as satin taupe)

is sorcery the same from the shade in the warm holiday palette from 2008?

Vijaya Avatar

Do you know if the Brightening Serum is going to be permanent?

I don’t even bother with l/e skin care stuff; when I try something for my skin, I do it for the possibility of finding a new staple.

DallasBrownEyes Avatar

Just Add Colour looks like a fun summer color, worth checking out! Can’t justify any more browns, got a drawer full.

Thank you for posting the ingredient list!!

darcey Avatar

I just got the cremesheen loud and lovely. Do you think it is worth getting just add colour or are they too similar? Both seem so pretty.

Teresa Avatar

Is Hey similar to Ricepaper at all? 🙁
I’m eyeing this & Prepped for Glamour
The gloss looks amazing on you in the pictures!!
Thanks a lot 🙂

aquarianrabbit Avatar

Thanks for the swatches! I really hope this lipglass is a dupe for NARS Hot Wired lip lacquer, lol. Either way, I’m on my way to being broke. =)

StellarStace Avatar

Hi Christine- could you tell me if Just Add Colour is similar to Hush Hush Rose from Spring Color Forecast 1 in your opinion? Thanks!

Christina Avatar

I haven’t really seen any whole collection lately that totally wows me, which is nice for my wallet, but I think it would be much better if they would focus on quality rather than quantity and take a bit more time to focus on creating and developing better collections, as opposed to coming out with half-a** collections every couple of weeks… even though I get that it works and their collections tend to sell out even if they’re not great quality or original.

Christine Avatar

This collection is definitely quality, though, even if it’s not striking — not a sheer, fussy product in the bunch! For me, I’m not always looking for the most unique thing ever, because it is color, and MAC has a tremendous range, both past and present, so quality is really what’s important to me personally! 🙂

Chennel Avatar

Thanks for the skip part of the review. I have satin taupe already & I rather get the sketch and all that glitters in the pro pan for cheaper if I decide I want similar colors.

lauraaaaaaaa Avatar

omg ST and P4G are almost identical. of course i already bought it online (even though i secretly had an idea they were super similar)

Kathie Avatar

I ordered my stash this morning only because I need to fill up a palette and I plan on depotting the eyeshadows to get something back from MAC:-).

Diana B Avatar

Thank you so much for the “skip if you have” box because I have all those colors so now I know I really don’t need anything from this collection. You saved me money!!

Laura Avatar

Hmm, I have All That Glitters, Beauty Marked and Satin Taupe so I might be able to save some cash by skipping this! Thanks for the round-up 🙂

aradhana Avatar

that’s interesting how the prepped for glamour shade swatched on you, christine. i’m nw35, and when i swatched them earler this evening in the store, although they looked similar enough to make me ask myself whether i need p4g, satin taupe showed up much much darker on my hand than p4g (not to mention the texture difference you mentioned in your review). i didn’t buy p4g, but i may end up going back for it…who ever has enough neutral eyeshadows? 😉

Laura Avatar

What about the Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer SPF 35/PA+++ ?? I have not heard people talk about this I dont even see it on the mac website?? I thought this product was available in three different shades???

alice Avatar

I don’t know if I’ll buy, because there are other collections I’m also looking into, but I like the eye shadows. They’ll look nice on my eyes. I found Satin Taupe a hair too muddy and frosty, so I think I’ll like Prepped for Glamour. Sorcery isn’t too dark, and it would pair very well with Hey.

dallasbrowneyes Avatar

I said I wasn’t going to get these shadows because I didn’t need any more neutrals. I had to make a return at Nordstrom’s this morning, so out of sheer habit I went to the MAC counter to get them. But I am happy with all three, so it’s all good!

shockingblue Avatar

Meh…a lot of what MAC is coming out with as of late has been disappointingly underwhelming to me. I don’t need anymore browns!

Missy Avatar

hey christine just wanted to add that im really glad you include the full face shots with lip swatches now, it really helps to be able to see the color better and how it actually looks on. thanks!

alex Avatar

“…unless you’ve always secretly wanted Satin Taupe but didn’t like how frosty it was.”

Are you in my head?!?! you are A-mazing!!!

Christine Avatar

LOL! I know everyone’s always looking for dupes, and they’re very, very similar, but at the same time, even something as subtle as a change in the way the finish looks makes it worth having (or in this case, buying this instead of Satin Taupe), too.

Xochitl Avatar

To prep my skin I have been using the monistat chafing gel. It works pretty well, but as the weather gets warmer, I’ve seen that my skin gets greasy throughout the day.

jess Avatar

hey christine, do you think theres a dupe for hey! i’m trying to restrict myself from diving into new collections! the swatch looks a bit like naked lunch?

Meagan Avatar

Perfect, thanks! The cool edge of mushroom always put me off a bit. I think I’ll check out Hey e/s too before I buy it since it looks similar to UD’s Blunt (I can never have too many shimmery neutrals though!)

kasiaj85 Avatar

Gosh, I need that Lipglass!! 😀 Lovely on You Christine!I so hope it could be a dupe for Totally It lipgloss…what do You think?

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