MAC From Our Lips Collection - Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper for Viva Glam - Swatches & Product Photos

MAC From Our Lips Collection - Featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper

MAC From Our Lips Collection – Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper for Viva Glam – Swatches & Product Photos

Viva Glam is an absolutely amazing campaign. Period. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate MAC, it’s an incredible campaign that truly cares about its cause. The entire selling price of every Viva Glam Lipstick/Lipglass goes towards MAC’s Aids Fund. Every penny. That’s not proceeds, that’s not a portion of–that’s 100%. To date, MAC Aids Fund has raised over $150 million for the cause.

  • Viva Glam Cyndi is a muted coral-red with a glossy finish and goes on semi-opaque. You get a good amount of color out of this, despite it being a lustre finish.Β  It reminds me of some limited edition shades, but nothing quite with the same finish/look.
  • Viva Glam Gaga is a slightly cool-toned, bubblegum pink with a glossy finish and also applies semi-opaque. Again, despite its lustre finish, there’s a good amount of color pigmentation. While Cyndi didn’t seem immediately dupe-able, Gaga is similar to shades like Snob. (Though, if you’re going to buy one, why not go Viva Glam so you can donate $14 towards MAF?)

MAC did a standout job with the two latest, limited-edition launches of Viva Glam. The packaging is thoughtful and classy but still fun. Each Viva Glam Cyndi/Gaga Lipstick is housed in traditional black cardboard packaging, but each celebrity’s signature is embossed in metallic red, sprawled across one side of the packaging. The lipstick is the traditional Viva Glam black bullet with a metallic red ring around the center, but uncap the lipstick, and each lipstick also has the celebrity’s signature printed in black inside. I just think this attention to detail is particularly exceptional. Well-done, MAC!

Read all about how MAC AIDS Fund works and what $14 can do at

MAC From Our Lips Collection - Featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper

MAC From Our Lips Collection - Featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper

MAC From Our Lips Collection - Featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper

MAC From Our Lips Collection - Featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper

MAC From Our Lips Collection - Featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper

MAC From Our Lips Collection - Featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick

MAC From Our Lips Collection - Featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper

MAC From Our Lips Collection - Featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper

MAC From Our Lips Collection - Featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper

MAC From Our Lips Collection - Featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper

MAC From Our Lips Collection - Featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper

MAC From Our Lips Collection - Featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper

MAC From Our Lips Collection - Featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper
MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick

MAC From Our Lips Collection - Featuring Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper


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Megan Avatar

great swatches! I bought Lady Gaga today.. love it! Its a little bright for my taste.. but I love lady gaga and I love the AIDS fund that the money goes towards!

Ryan Avatar

OMG I have been waiting for this for so long!!! I am obsessed and addicted to lady gaga and honestly I cant think of a better rollmodel and spokespearson. Also her lipstick is my favorite kind of pink so I must get 3… maybe 4. It also goes to an amzazing cause which I have a lot of sympathy for… GO GAGA!!!

Sum Avatar

lovely! i love em both…hey christine i was wondering do u have a collection where u have all the viva glam edition lipstick swatches…im new to mac so it would be great to compare and figure out the nicer colors…sorry if its already on ur website…cant seem to find it :S hope im not much trouble…always appreciate ur work..hugs!

Diana Avatar

omg me too but my mom cleaned my room one day and threw them all out!!! i was so mad cuz i like to save them for watever reason…especially the hello kitty ones!

Jenny Avatar

I’m going to buy both. I think Gaga’s will work better for my skintone, but the money is going to great cause and I like Cyndi Lauper, so I’ll buy her lipstick as well.

Jodie Avatar

Ooooo those colours look lovely.. I was only gonna get the gaga one but the cyndi looks just as good but I have to wait ages for them to come out in the uk ;(

Thanks for getting these up so quick

Jodie x

Jennifer Avatar

Cyndi’s looks so freaking pretty! I just ordered it online.
I wanted to get gaga’s but I feel I already have something like it…
Well it is for a good cause so :).

kfm Avatar

it seems like gaga looks a lot like one of the shades (bubblegum, i think) from the spring colour forecast. maybe it’s just my monitor. i don’t have any colours like cyndi, so that one’s a definite. will have to see about gaga.

Anna Avatar

oooh i really want both! hopefully my bf will take me to go see them today lol.

btw christine, how did you depot your holiday palettes? the square shaped ones, im afraid to mess it up lol

Kristen Avatar

Thank you Christine for putting this up today. I know you’ve been saying how busy you are with classes and I totally get how much time it takes up πŸ˜› You must be SuperWoman to get all of this done, and we all really appreciated it. Good Luck on your Exams!

Meesh Avatar

I’m thinking about buying these for a friend for her birthday! But do you think both shades would look good on someone of Chinese/Asian descent?

Christine Avatar

Gaga will be harder to wear – she’ll probably have to put a little more work into it/thought in what to wear it with to suit her best (because she is probably warmer rather than cool). I’d rock it, and I think she certainly could, but it’s not like slap it on and it’s perfect, y’know?

Meesh Avatar

Hmmm that’s very true. Gaga reminds me strongly of Prive. And my friend and I have very similar skin tones an everything. If I can get Prive to work, GaGa should be similar too right? Cyndi is a definate go. I’m buying it for myself! The more I look at it, the more it screams BUY ME! Esp. on you, it’s a really pretty red, but it’s tame enough that it looks more berry and wearable.

marta Avatar

an hour ago i was thinking i would definately buy the lady gaga one. now im thinking that the cyndi lauper one is a great buy. ill proabably just get the cyndi one. more my taste πŸ™‚ not getting enough credit.

ilona Avatar

I only picked up Cyndi because the Lady Gaga was too cool for my skintone. I really wanted the Lady Gaga one to work because I’m a fan..but I ended up getting Cyndi because it is “red” but not a pure, shocking, in your face red. And I have been looking for a nice subtle red for quite some time. I’m very happy with it! Nice job MAC! I agree that MAC did a great job with all the special touches on the packaging.

Paloma Avatar

I know that Cyndi doesn’t have naturally dark lips, so I can say straight up that they must have photoshopped that photo to make her lips darker, or added a diff and darker lippie to her lipstick. I really wish that people in the cosmetics industry would stop doing this; If it weren’t for people like you, we wouldn’t even have known that it’s not as pigmented as it looks on that picture with Cyndi and Gaga!

*end rant*

Christine Avatar

If her lips are lighter, then the lipstick may go on darker on her than me (it may get muted on me), but the promotional imagery is clearly modified (the contrast is very, very high), so I don’t know about not using the product so much as the image is just tweaked. I mean, that is not the raw image that popped out from the camera!

I don’t know either way, since I wasn’t there or anything, but I know that often lipsticks that aren’t super pigmented on my lips are very pigmented on someone with naturally less pigmented lips than mine — e.g. something that’s pink may end up red on someone else.

Bridgette Avatar

I checked these out while I was at the mall today and didn’t get them. But now I really really really regret not getting them! Oh well I will get both Lady Gaga and Cyndi when I pick up my lipglosses tomorrow.

Krista Avatar

Wow I didn’t think you could see the ‘cool blue’ in the Viva Gaga lipstick! I’m super intrigued! Thinking about buying both shades!
Thanks for the swatches! I was seriously waiting for you Review and swatches πŸ˜€ Thankk youuu!! πŸ˜€

Shelly Avatar

I LOVE the Cyndi shade! I was originally going to get Rose Maiden from the Spring Forecast collection, but the Cyndi shade seems similar (to my eyes) without the frost, so I will definitely get that instead (and put my money to a great cause) VG Gaga definitely won’t work on me–I think I’m too olive for it–but Im a big Gaga fan so Im tempted to buy it anyway for the good cause ;P

Ashley Avatar

I’m really trying to decide if I can pull of either of these. I’m not really into super bold colors, but these look really fun! The Cyndi one looks like a nice alternative to a super dark red bold look, kind of a soft cherryish red. And the Gaga one looks pretty in your face, but I’m pretty pale, so maybe I can pull it off? Either way, I might get both just because they’re for such a good cause and I definitely love both of the people representing! MAC did such an awesome job picking it’s models for this collection!

Cherie Avatar

I’m totally loving both!!! I think I may get Gaga instead of Victorian or Bubblegum from Spring Forecast tomorrow! Plus what a great cause!!! πŸ™‚

Thanks for the swatches Christine πŸ™‚

Gigi Avatar

My hubby bought me both lipsticks today for Valentine’s Day! So sweet! Both colors are great, however, I love my MAC Gaga more. The cool pink color is just so pretty and a nice pick me up with this crazy weather. MAC Cyndi will be great for spring, coral lips are the next big thing.

Hannah Avatar

I bought one of Cyndi’s and 4 of GaGa’s on MAC’s site today. They look beautiful, I’m so excited for them! And it makes me feel like less of a make-upholic knowing 100% of my money is going to help people. πŸ™‚

Gao Avatar

I’ve never had a RED lipstick but dang, Cyndi’s lipstick is so pretty !
I might have to get it, LOL.
I’m just afraid it’ll be wayy to dark for my liking since my lips are a tad darker .
But I’m def. going to get Lady Gaga’s , I LOVE those pinks, I’m sure
I’d be super satisfied.

Carrie Avatar

I think I’ll end up getting the Cyndi version. My skin is pretty light, but I have warm undertones, so I think a coral red would be more flattering on me than a bubblegum pink. Is Cyndi anything like Ladybug?

Lorna Avatar

i got lady gaga today and it’s great but seeing cyndi lauper’s color makes me want to get that too even though i am not that into red lipsticks. it looks very wearable.

Caitlin Avatar

Is VG Gaga similar to the So Sweet, So Easy cremeblend blush from the Lillyland Collection?

Both colors are so pretty! I’m resisting the urge to get them when I go to MAC tomorrow.

Sixx Avatar

Do you think you could demonstrate Lady Gaga’s look from the face chart given? I’m most interested to see how Pink Nouveau would like on the brows…

Diana Avatar

Originally i was only interested in lady gagas but now that i’ve seen the swatches im really liking cyndis!

I’m between NC37 and NC40…do you think Lady Gaga’s would be too bright and/or light for me?

Nic Avatar

Hmm, Gaga is pretty, but maybe a little too similar to Saint Germain (which I already own). I’ll have to see it in person to decide. The Cyndi one looks really pretty though! I didn’t think I’d like, based on the description, but it looks different from what I expected. I don’t have a lipstick like it. I think I’ll have to get it. πŸ™‚

Amanda Avatar

Hey Christine!! I have NC20 skin and I am picking both of these up tomorrow…but was wondering what would be a good gloss to apply on top, something to warm up GaGa a little bit because the pink kinda scares me..but I am buying it!!


Cody Avatar

I’m curious, how heavily have you got Gaga layered on in those photos? In most of the other swatches I’ve seen it looks a little more sheer than in yours. I generally avoid bright pastel pinks but I figured if it goes on less opaque that I could maybe get away with it, because it’s for such a good cause!

BeckBeck Avatar

Wow, I thought these would both be wayyy out of the range of what I can pull off, but… I might have to go see Cyndi in person. I really like it!

Hannah Avatar

I need Cyndi’s!
Although I love lady gaga, I don’t think I’d ever wear that shade of pink. I go for midtone rosy or nude pink colors.

Yay for Viva Glam! πŸ™‚

Maggie. Avatar

How would you say the Gaga shade compares to YSL Rouge Volupte in #7 Lingerine Pink? I got #7 based on your lip swatches so I totally trust your opinion! More or less pigmented? Ease of application, creaminess, opaqueness, longevity? Thanks!

Christine Avatar

They’re very similar. This might be a little paler and cooler. This is a little less pigmented, somewhat creamy, but it’ll last longer than a Rouge Volupte (the creaminess of the Rouge Voluptes makes them only last about two or three hours on me–MAC is typically four to six).

kali Avatar

I had a question about the Cyndi & Gaga bags. I was wondering if February 25th was the day the bags would be available online. Today, I called my local MAC store today and they said that they were supposed to get them in today but now they’re coming next week which is before February 25th. They also told me they sold out of the Lady Gaga bags already -before it even hit the store! So I went ahead and called MAC stores in San Francisco and LA but they don’t have the bags either. I also called Nordstrom and they said the bags were only coming to MAC stores. It just seems as though these bags are already sold out and they’re not even online OR in stores yet. Any help would be so so appreciated!! Thanks

AlyxVeee Avatar

I tried on the Cindy Lauper one and got compliments immediately my friends so I think ima buy it lol. That and some VivaGlamVI lipglass, which was paired with it by the MA. =) Well done MAC indeed!

Casey Avatar

I bought several of the Lady Gaga Lipsticks on the website but after seeing the Cyndi Lipstick on you I think I’ll have to get it! Its gorgeous and so wearable for a red shade. I think this will be the only red in my collection. =)

Stephanie Avatar

Hmm, I don’t think I’ll be able to pull of the Gaga one, but I’m really surprised, in a good way, by the Cindy Lauper one! I think I’ll have to get that one, it looks so nice! I think it will be perfect with my NC30 skin!

Thank you, for yet another amazing review ^^

ak Avatar

Waaaaah The Gaga one is way too light for me and it does look exactly like Snob mores the pity. *sniff* I have no choice but to look at the Cyndi Lauper VG which by the way looks great on you Christine!

Michelle Avatar

I want Cindi Lauper’s Viva Glam so bad it hurts… GaGa’s color is pretty too, but I think it is going to be hard for some peopel to wear since it is so blue toned πŸ™
I really love what they did with the packaging on this though, with the autographs, it was clever…

AndreaMarie Avatar

Beautiful colors, especially Cyndi’s red! It reminds me a bit of my Hot Tahiti lippie. Will pick up a couple this weekend, since my Cork broke and I need to go anyhow. πŸ˜€

Christine, thanks for providing the swatches!

Chase Avatar

I love lady gaga and cyndi lauper.
I was hoping the Gaga shade would be something I could pull off but it isn’t. The Cyndi one looks gorgeous though.

mya Avatar

I went to MAC today and bought a lot from the sprint collection and also bought lady gaga viva glam lipstick!! I didn’t like the cyndi lauper much because the color was a lot similar to viva glam 1 I believe. But cyndi lauper looks great on u..looks a lot coral on u then it did on me which was more red on me.

details Avatar

Hi Christine-
I’m wondering how Viva Glam Cyndi compares to Fafi Strawbaby?
Would you say Cyndi is the same color – just minus the rainbow pearl?
I’m looking for a dupe – and a dupe with a good cause – I mean whuuut!!
Do you have still have strawbaby – can you compare the two? What are the differences? thanks!!!!

Rosanna Avatar

I tried Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper’s Lipstick today.

Cyndi was really nice, you could really see the underlying orange in it because my lips are pigmented (the red sort) so it brought out that coral part. As predicted, Gaga was really too pastel pink for me but I could certainly make it work but I’d rather spend money on the Spring Colour Forecast (which I did) lipsticks which looked more amazing on me.

The Viva Glam shades were nice but weren’t wow on me. I might buy them later because they’re on for 12 months and Spring Forecast will only last like a month or two (maybe three?).

Amy Avatar

AHHHHH!!! I thought these weren’t coming out until March! I wanted to get them the first day of availability! Oops!!! LOL. I will be getting both shades if I can swing it. I hope I hope. Lady Gaga’s shade reminds me of Fashion Mews from the Hello Kitty line. Does it look that way in person? Or… purrrrson? πŸ˜€ Sorry if anyone else has asked this, I scanned the comments and didn’t see it. So excited to get these!

Emily Avatar

Cyndi looks beautiful! I will have to check it out a Mac store/counter soon. I was more excited about the Lady Gaga lipstick, but now that I see swatches, I think it looks a little too light for my medium skin tone.

virion_butterfly Avatar

I just bought both lipsticks and they’re beautiful! HOWEVER, I am starting to get a bit annoyed about MAC’s promotional photographs for collections, anyone with me on this? The lipstick on Cyndi in the promotional photo looks NOTHING like her viva glam shade! I was really excited for the lipstick to be more of a red. This reminds me of those behind the scenes photos for the colour craft collection where the Ben Nye palette was sitting there. I am starting to get a bit turned off of MAC….if they won’t even use their OWN makeup in their OWN photoshoots I sort of feel like an idiot buying it. If it’s not good enough for them should it be good enough for me? Just a thought.

Denise Avatar

I bought both of them today and I LOVE it! Thanks for the swatches πŸ™‚
also, decided to try the Chanel counter to see if they have any red dragon in stock and they JUST got a shipment in. Needless to say, grab that one up fast too. Happy day!

Aida Avatar

Is it me or does Gaga look like YSL Rouge Volupte Frivolous Pink (19)?

Is their a dupe for Cyndi using other brands? It looks familiar with one of the Rouge G brighter colors..maybe Gina or Gaela? or even D&G Ruby? Thanks!

teresa Avatar

hii christine! πŸ™‚
I got both Cyndi and Gaga this weekend and i lalaLOVEE them! However, my lips are more dark/pigmented then yours, and Gaga is really REALLY sheer and doesn’t show up as well as it does on your lips πŸ™ what would you recommend to fix this problem? I dont have mac lip erase, and when i try putting concealer over my lips, it SUPEr dries them out πŸ™

bonnie Avatar

Love the opaque look of Lady Gaga, but MAC please consider RE-LAUNCH of Bardot, Shrimpton, these colours are hot again.Really Really miss them.
Opaque look is hot right now!!!

ezzie Avatar

ooh, the cyndi lauper one is gorgeouss! from the promo pics, i thought it would be like a really strong red, but im loving the hints of coral/berry in it!

Roxanne Avatar

Oh my god, I love the Cyndi Lauper one… Reminds me of strawberry bubble gum! Such a great cause too, I might just have to pick it up as a reward for doing well on my midterms πŸ˜›

azita Avatar

i bought gaga today- it’s so pretty! i paired it with hush, hush rose from spring forecast collection and they look so pretty together! i really like cyndi too, so i might buy that later.

Shi Avatar

I just picked up Viva Glam Gaga and it’s not as opaque/pigmented on me. But I love it nonetheless, and I’m glad 100% of the money goes to a good cause!

Diana Avatar

omg i loooovvve viva glam gaga! it makes me feel like a mexican barbie! haha…but i only bought one n i thought about getting a backup but i figured id wait til next week n now its sold out everywhere!!!

Mandy Avatar

Picked up Cyndi and Gaga today! So excited to have them! Am loving the wearable red and super bubblegum pink. A great cause, so I figured I’d go for both!

Krista Dior Avatar

Pretty sure I’ve been wearing that light pink/bluish lipstick for years now when nobody else was… but anyway, while Lady GaGa continues to steal other people’s looks, I am SO excited about Cyndi Lauper making her way back into the spotlight. She’s going to be on Celebrity Apprentice and I can’t freaking wait! I’ve idolized her since I was 6 years old and still have a scrapbook where I kept all of her photos from magazines, trading cards (yes, there were Cyndi Lauper trading cards sold in grocery stores!) and stickers. I purchased both lip colors today via the MAC pro website, so I won’t get mine for a few days. I am going to compare the GaGa lipstick to my YSL signature color and see which one I like best. Thanks for posting the swatches so I could get a better look at the texture and tones of the products.

ModeCrazyMakeUpOn Avatar

I’m definitely gonna buy both when they’ll be launched in my country! I have a question about the viva glam lipsticks (couldn’t find the right post to ask there) about the ones that don’t have a gloss in the viva glam collection (viva glam I, II, III & IV + the lauper and the gaga one) : which liplass, … can match each one the most closely? I tried to find the answer but obviously didn’t manage. Thanks a lot for your help!

Jenny Avatar

Is it me or the Gaga lipstick looks like a lot to the Strayin lipstick from the Hello Kitty collection? Because if theyΒ΄re almost the same, I think IΒ΄ll buy the Gaga one instead the Hello Kitty πŸ™‚

Chloe Avatar

They look gorgeous on you!! Thanks for the swatches and review! <3 I was wondering which (or both haha) you would recommend for nc20/25 skin? I really want to pick one (or both … <3), and it's for such a great cause!

ellie Avatar

I know Cyndi would look better on me since i have warmer skintone but i would get gaga instead because i’m really into pinks right now. What gloss from the new spring collection or liberty of london would be good to make gaga a little warmer?

Fridde Avatar

Can I borrow some of your wonderful pictures to my blog?
It’s new so I don’t have many readers, and it’s on swedish, but I wanted to ask just in case ^___^

Thanks for the best makeup website with the best pictures!

Kelsey Avatar

I’m so late on this, but I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick. Like, head over heels. I’m wondering if there are any other MAC lipsticks that are exact dupes, or at least close? Any suggestions? Thanks!

jennah Avatar

A little late to hop on the bandwagon but I just got the Cyndi one and am absolutely in love with it. It’s my first ever MAC lipstick. I tried the Gaga one in the store but it looked bad with my super pale skin and blonde hair. But the coral Cyndi one looks great. I can’t wait to wear it!! Thanks for the great review!

Honeys Avatar

just picked up Viva Glam Gaga today n it’s my 2nd MAC lipstick after Angel =)
thanks to my local MAC MA who kept it ‘specially reserved’ for me n others who have waited for months to arrive in our country, or i might won’t be able to get at all..
heard they said that it’ll only be available for half year..wonder if its just in my country or something..
im so addicted to MAC n i wanna grow my MAC collection, so excited.
plannin’ to get MAC Give Me Liberty of London next =D
couldn’t get enough of Temptalia Christine, love n xoxo..

Kalie Avatar

Can someone pls tell me which lipstick to look for on the mac website!! I want the one in the picture but theres like 5 to choose from, vi, v, viii etc…

nikki Avatar

does anybody know of a dupe for viva glam cyndi?
i’m kicking myself nearly everyday for not buying a backup because i’m nearly finished with the one i have:/

Eleanore Avatar

I bought the Cyndi one today from Debenhams after finding it there online – I’ve come into MAC late, and when I found out that Cyndi Lauper had put her name to the brand, I knew I had to have it. But.. ebay didn’t help, and now I’m just too excited to actually have it on the way to my home now! Love the shade too and it’s unlike anything else I have, so that’s great!

kara Avatar