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I remember when I first got into makeup I bought electric eel by mac (really bright electric blue) and I really didn’t know much about blending or the fact wearing that color alone is a RISK. I was young and thought I was being awesome and bold. here’s the painful part… ya ready…? I wore electric eel all over my lid, in my crease and a little bit towards my brow bone….I’m cringing and laughing as I type this!!! I can only imagine what people thought!

i hear ya on the coral lipstick. i have a couple because i thought they were so pretty in the tubes and on other people…. but not on my fair skin….no way. lol. way too orange. felt like a clown almost. lol

I remember buying my first lipstick: Maybelline, espresso maybe? A brown. I was around 13-14 I guess, and I remember i wearing it on my way home from the shop…(not to school, at least). I got a few glances- now i know why. Brown is so aging, especially on a kid lol…I still have a hard time wearing bolder neautral toned lips. It’s just not me.

I think it was a 90s thing!! I was watching old school 90210 over the weekend and all the girls were rcoking it. I totally did that in middle school, not even a nude lipstick, but straight up BROWN. The browner the better. *shudder*

i wore purple lipstick once in middle school. my teacher thought it was the coolest thing and wanted the female principal to see it, too..yaa. she made me wash it off. :-/

When I was in late high school/early college..I thought that if I put lip liner above my natural line, that it would make my upper lip look bigger. After a few photos and a few months..I stopped. Lol.

Not having groomed eyebrows and trying to pull off bold eye make up . . . bad bad idea. Or avoiding foundation for a long time because I could never find a good match. Why did I wait so long to visit a MAC counter?!

Dying my hair red but not doing anything to my dirty ash blonde eyebrows. Although it’s not as bad as the girl I used to know that would put hair gel in her brows…the flaky kind!

Not wearing anything btu eye makeup.

Also, when I was young, I had no idea how to arch my eyebrows, and no one could tell me, so I plucked from the top of the arch, instead of from the bottom(my mom HATED anything I did to fuss over my appearance)

Shaving my eyebrows in the 4th grade and filling them with a pen instead of an eyebrow pencil! Hey I was fascinated by those magazine ads with pretty shaped eyebrows and wanted mine to look nice and shaped.

when i was 12 and “just getting into makeup” i thought it was totally acceptable to ring my eyes with lots of thick black liner and a ton of mascara. no blush, no lip product, just the black black liner. it was really not cute.

Once i forgot to apply mascara. but i had full eye makeup. that looks really bad.

in my early teens, i tried light blue eyeshadow…really big mistake.

Trusting my husband with judging how i look. We went on a date once, and I decided to do a black smokey. When we were at the restaurant, people were looking at me, and by looking, i mean almost staring. I asked my husband if something was on my face, and he said that he had never seen me so beautiful, and they were probably either attracted or jealous of me. When we got home, to my horror, I had the worst raccoon eyes ever. Eyeliner all over the place. OMG!!! 😛

Not only did I wear only eye makeup in HS, it was bright royal blue eyeliner on my waterline and mascara. Whoa 80s! If I had something special, I’d add my Revlon Frosted Brownie lipstick (a very frosted beige).

Bianca, you must’ve looked like Mimi from the Drew Carrey Show! Fabulously fail. I cut own fringe too once, and when I was about 13 me and my best friend used a black eyeliner as eyeshadow. Yes indeed, pandas.

wearing NYX jumbo pencils as an eye shadow with no base…turned into clumps obbiously

lining my lips with dark brown eye liner! i wanted to look bada$$…i just looked baaaad lol

Plucking my eyebrows til they were permanently gone except for the few hairs that pop up now and then…lol. Unfortunately I have to draw them on every single day…ugh! I always thought that girls got there pretty arched eyebrows by having their eyebrows perfectly waxed but then I found out about eyebrow pencils and colors to fill them in and make them look that way. Wish I had known that long ago!!! =(

I actually just wore eyeliner on my lips… but it was for a Harley Quinn-esque photo. (If you go to my site and click my flickr, it’s there.) But I agree, BAD idea. It dries out your lips soooo quickly!

I don’t really understand what is wrong with just wearing eye makeup? I do it quite often, just eyeshadow and mascara, and maybe a little lipbalm. I have foundation, but most of the time, when I have to go to class and I feel like wearing some makeup, i just use e/s and mascara… Oke, if you’re going for a very bold look or something, but otherwise, I can’t see anything wrong with it? Or is that just me? ^^

I agree, Stepahnie.
Most of the time i have no time for complete makeup routine.

maybe we are gifted with natural beauty. *LOL*

(seriously? no, i’m not gifted – only joking.)

I don’t get it either. I wear nothing but eyeshadow, mascara, and lip gloss all the time. Maybe with eyeliner as well. Looks good to me – no need for foundation, concealer, blush, and lipstick everyday.

Jep, that’s what I thought, but I’m glad I’m not the only one ^^

@mora i wouldn’t call myself a natural beauty, but I do think that I look quite nice, even without a full make-up face 🙂
Most of the time I just use a bit of eye make up to make me look a bit more awake 😛

It’s fine to just wear a small amount of makeup. Trust me, I’m a makeup artist!
If you go for really bold eye makeup though – it can look quite strange with no blush or other colour on your face. But some suble natural colours on the eyes and some mascara is just fine, especially if you are young. Personally, I look like the undead without some concealer and blush – so lucky you!

I haven’t worn foundation in maybe a year, and I absolutely HATE foundation now. At most, I’ll stick with concealer for blemishes, but other than that I don’t think that wearing only eye makeup (however natural or bold it is) looks bad!

Well, if you have the flawless skin of a 7-year old, then go for it, I’m jealous!! but for me? oh no, I’d rather wear no eye makeup, but foundation, blush, curled eyelashes and defined eyebrows are a MUST.

That was last week… I had a job interview. I had done my make up, very subtle: foundation, blush, eyeliner. When I got home I noticed I forgot my mascara. It looked very strange: fluidline without mascara.

In middle school I found a pair of tweezers and seriously overplucked my eyebrows attempting to make an arch. They haven’t ever quite grown back properly. They are still a bit sparce and it’s 15 years later! Cringe.

ABout ten years ago, I dyed my hair atomic turquoise color (a really great color on me, actually), and decided to dye my brows to match. But, my eyebrows are dark, so I decided to bleach them first! And ended up burning off my eyebrows! I had scabs instead of eyebrows for a while… it was hilarious. 😀 😀 😀

When I was in 5th grade I tried to dye my hair a beautiful teal green color (semi-permanent) without realizing that it had to be bleached first to show up properly. On my brown hair it came out olive green and I looked like swamp thing for a couple of weeks.
I also used to make my own red “eyeshadow” by mixing vaseline,food coloring, and star-shaped glitter from the craft store. The worst part is that I got my friend to start doing the same thing. Literally a sight for sore eyes!

I have a couple of things.

I used to wear really bright purple eyeshadow in high school(The infamous Covergirl Iced Grape quad) which I thought made my blue eyes brighter. It did, but only because the color was so vibrant!

In general, I wore A LOT more makeup than I do now in high school. Shoulda toned it down.

Any self-tanning of any sort. None of it looks good on me, it is ALL orange.

And lastly, wearing burgundy lipstick in middle school with nothing but concealer and powder (I’m a pale brunette, i.e. Mortisha Adams, ugh!)

Oh Goshhh. When I first started getting into makeup, my mom was not on board at all, so all I had to work with was a small crudy eyeshadow pallet. I took a dark grey and drew a ring around my eyes. Every. Day. It was awful! I also tried to be super H4ard0r3, and when I did by eyeliner, I used to draw a line down my face. Don’t ask me why.

– not embracing my eyebrows and plucking them to death
– wearing white frosty eyeshadow every single day in elementary school
– missing out on lipsticks and blushes for the past umpteen years
– wearing Medium MSFN for the last several years (as per my MUA’s advice), then finding out I should have been wearing Light all along…oops

Nothing except fuchsia lipstick and cobalt blue eyeliner at the age of 12 (!?), before the discovery of tweezers and wax (on my brows and upper lip)… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the horror!

I hear you – I have had the same experience. I got in the shower once and the only soap in it was my husband’s Irish Spring & was too lazy to get out and get another soap and did I ever pay for it!

My hair hasnt been its natural colour since I was 13 and I over bleached and burnt a bald patch into the back of my hair and had to have my hair cut into a really short bob but after going to a fab stylist for 5 years my hair is long and in perfect condition again.
Also shaving a line into one of my eyebrows cos I thought it made me look tougher (!!!) when I was 12 and it’s still not grown back properly – luckily I had my other eyebrow pierced in the same place and since I’ve taken it out my eyebrow doesn’t grow there either so they now match!!

Using Sun-In on my hair in jr high…so un-natural. I have back hair, and I would spray it in my hair and use a blow dryer. Yeah, I was rockin the orange hair…and it was permed. OMG!

Tweezing my brows into non-existence for a few years.
I actually have pictures too, I’m not sure if I should post them. It’s quite horrendous.

OH, and I used to draw like, hearts and stars on my face with colourful eyeliner. That was my “emo/scene” phase… ugh.

back in junior high, some of the girls would wear only a thick line of white eyeliner (upper and lower lashline), gloopy mascara (or none at all) and dark wine colored lipstick. i only did it once because my friend wanted to do my makeup….looked horrible!!! the white eyeliner was the worst! looks so bad. this one girl i knew still wore it straight through high school. i wanted to tell her all the time it looked horrible but didnt. =(
and i still see girls wear it. YIKES!~!~

I don’t care what people/gurus say, I think a lined black waterline is awful! It’s just my opinion though. I think it makes the eyes look small and really amateur. I guess I only think this because A LOT of girls I know since junior high have been lining their waterline and then thicker underneath and thats ALL! Yuck. So now, I absolutely hate the look. Unless you have very large eyes, I think you should always have a clean/white/nude waterline. Looks a lot better and professional!

I agree! I find it can also take away from the look, make it look too harsh. I think it can depend on the look, but the last time I lined my waterline (black or any colour for that matter) was about 3 years ago, and I no longer acquire gross black gooey bits in my eyes every day!
I think it’s also pretty unsanitary and unsafe.. I mean, might as well just colour your eyeball with the liner, since that’s where it’s going anyway, regardless of how smudgeproof or waterproof you believe it is.

wearing waterproof mascara and getting liquid liner on them wen i first started makeup…. a NIGHTMARE to get off and it looked like my eyelashes were just… bleehhhhh

Definitely mistaking powder foundation for pressed powder! It was when I first started using makeup, and I was essential wearing two foundations on my face everyday. It was so funny when I went to buy more powder and saw that it was actually foundation!

Also, that same year(Freshman year of high school, of course!), I wanted to be “punky” and wore horrible amounts of badly applied black eyeliner with only foundation and powder. Eww.

I was a mess when I started wearing makeup. Caked on foundation (because I thought it was hiding my zits–wrong!) that was too light for my face, thick brown eyeliner, brown mascara, and brown frosted lipstick–all at once! Ugh!

More recently, the worst it comes to is either forgetting mascara (which just looks wrong) or forgetting my finishing powder. I learned how quickly finishing powder makes a difference when you’ve got a full face on!

I think that our teenage mistakes can be put down to youthful learning. More recently – I adore pink eyeshadows, but finding one that doesn’t make me look ill is super challenging… I also ignored my brows for far too long…

ugh! the same mistake you made..wearing nothing but eye makeup,totally ruined the look i dont need much coverage but i should have at least worn some concealer for my hideous under eye circles lol.

My worst beauty mistake was getting a Mac makeover today. It looked AWFUL!!! I just can’t believe how clownish and disheveled she made me look. That certainly does not help sell the product. I had concealer and foundation caked on so much I looked like I was wearing Halloween makeup. She left mascara smudged about two inches across the top of my cheeks as well as mascara all over my eyelids. I had crazy drawn on lips, and eyeliner that was all over the place. I had to wipe it off before I could leave, it was so embarrassing. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I just could not get over how terrible it was and this person actually works at a makeup counter!

And yet, there are so many aspiring make-up artists that would kill for that job!! It’s a shame. I usually have a light hand on my clients, I always tell them that I’d rather have them complaining that they look “too natural”, than them complaining that they “look like a clown”. You can always build up, but tone it down? gotta start all over again!

I’ve only had 2 makeovers because I hated the results of both. The one was back when they were putting people in color categories (spring, winter etc.) and I think they really make a mistake with me. When I came home my husband took one look and said “What the h*ll did they do to you!” After getting 2 bad ones I haven’t tried it again.

Oh, there’s been plenty, lol. I used to pluck my eyebrows to really thin when I was about 19 or so and I looked ridiculous. I also had very light blond highlights that I did for myself (I have medium to dark brown hair), and actually thought it looked great. Seeing the pictures now I’m thinking “why???”. :S And then there’s the not wearing foundation for ages, not using a blush, wearing bright eyes and bright lips together (and looking like a clown in the process), etc., etc.

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