MAC Electroflash Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos Review

OVERALL, Electroflash will tempt you, even if you aren’t a fan of the duos! The mineralize eyeshadow duos definitely overshadow the lipsticks/lipglasses. You almost forget they’re even there, to be honest. I’m a lip product junkie, but I didn’t even pick up a single lip product this time around (but I am trying to budget, so that’s part of the reason). I liked Fast Thrill lipstick, because I felt it would make a nice summer lip, but I think I’ll wait on buying it for now. The mineralize eyeshadows feel incredibly smooth and rich when swatched. They go on intensely, and they feel like liquid velvet. I ended up with the two that drew me in (Fresh Green Mix and Sea & Sky), because I couldn’t resist the texture. I feel like they improve with each launch of duos.  I will have to try them in a look before I pick up any more, though.

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Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos

  • Fresh Green Mix definitely catches your eye with its bright chartreuse coloring. The marbelized side shows up as a light olive green (think Golden Olive pigment, but a bit lighter). The solid color is much like a toned down Chartreuse pigment–not quite as green or over the top. I would say Juxt might compare to the marbelized side, though it’s a bit brighter. The chartreuse side is not as bright as Bitter (and it’s a totally different texture), as well.
  • Hot Contrast was a popular favorite pre-launch, so I was eager to swatch. The marbelized side turns into a silvery purple color, very much like Thunder/Pearl of the Earth (previous LE shadows), only a bit more intense–richer in pigmentation. The solid color side is an intense matte black.
  • Love Connection is the “tamest” of the nine duos. The marbelized side is a frosty neutral color with pink undertones, while the solid side is a frosty light peach.
  • Pink Split is a good combination of colors. The marbelized side is a gray with pink undertones, while the solid color is a frosty baby pink color.
  • Play On Plums isn’t as plum as I would think. The marbelized side is a dirty peach with subtle sheen, while the solid colored side is a dark, intense burgundy-brown. The solid colored side reminded me a bit of a browner Sketch.
  • Odd Couple is definitely an odd pairing! The marbelized side is a deeper, dirtier peach with mauve to it. The solid colored side is a bright pop of purple, reminiscent of Violet pigment or even the purple side of the Mi’lady duo from last year.
  • Polar Opposites is a stark duo, because of its intensity. The marbelized side is a deep, rich gray with purple sheen. The colored side is an incredibly bright and frosty metallic silver. Kind of like Forgery eyeshadow, but better texture and intensity.
  • Sea & Sky stands out because of the bright blue, which is hard to capture. The marbelized side is a fun frosty, sky blue (like a bluer Azreal Blue), while the solid colored side is an incredibly intense medium-to-dark blue. The blue really does not compare to Freshwater or Deep Truth. It’s brighter than both, and it is much richer.
  • Two to Glow is a fun combination. The marbelized side is a dirty pink-mauve with shimmer, while the solid colored side is a orange-ish bronze color. It doesn’t compare too well to Juiced, which is dirtier and more orange. This one is peachier in comparison.


  • Dangerously Hot is a deep brown with red tones color. It is very creamy, and it is definitely an opaque color.
  • Fast Thrill is a lovely pink with peachy tones and gold pearl. I think this is a great color, but it is definitely similar to Bombshell lipstick.
  • Mellow Mood is a sheerer medium pink, kind of like Sweetie lipstick. Being a lustre, it is definitely not an intense color.
  • Vanity’s Child is an incredibly sheer nude beige. It pretty much just added a slight gold sheen to my skin when swatched–no real color showed up.


  • Cultureclash is a cool blue-pink gloss with subtle frost. I feel like I’ve seen this color in some variation in the past few months, though.
  • Li’ Hot Pepper is a pretty red with fuchsia-pink tones to it. It’s not really a red so much as a very deep raspberry with brown, maybe? I don’t know, I just wouldn’t classify it as a pure red by any means. I was tempted by this one!
  • Major Minor is a dirty peach-brown color, looks fun, reminds me of a browner and brighter Poetique, maybe.
  • Sonic Vibe is a deeper pink with bits of fuchsia in it. It didn’t stand out a whole lot to me, just because it isn’t too unique on its face.