MAC Sonic Chic Mineralize Blush Review

OVERALL, Sonic Chic offers nine wearable colors of mineralize blush. These feel smooth and velvety when applied, and the colors are buildable. Β Each color has good pigmentation/color pay off, but depending on your application technique, they can be sheered out or built up in their intensity. I think with nine different colors, everyone is bound to find one or two that catches their eye. I have a feeling Dainty and Nuance may be big sellers, because they are quite universal.

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  • Dainty is the lightest of the nine blushes, and it is a light pink with gold pearl. I purchased this one, because I felt like it would give me a nice glow on more natural days.
  • Gentle is a light raspberry-pink compared to Dainty, and it has decent color pay off. It has nice bits of gold flecks throughout.
  • Gleeful is a dirty, peach-red on me. All of the mineralize blushes have “gold pearl” or gold shimmer, gold reflects, gold sheen–however you want to describe it, they are all flecked with bits of gold.
  • Lovejoy is a dirty reddish brown with gold shimmer. I know some asked if it’s similar to NARS’ Lovejoy, but unfortunately I don’t own it to compare!
  • Love Thing is a deep raspberry color with subtle gold flecks. This one caught my eye, but it is incredibly pigmented, so I’m not sure how often I’d wear it, so I’m going to hold off on it for now.
  • Merrily is a peachy red with orange undertones and very soft gold pearl. I really thought this color was quite lovely, and the pigmentation was deep. Again, like Love Thing, it may be too dark for me to really use it often.
  • Nuance is probably the most versatile color of the launch, because it will give a nice sheen to most complexions. It is a peachy-gold kind of color, very soft and subtle on deeper tones, but equally pleasing on lighter tones. I passed on this only because I’m deeper, I opted for Warm Soul (which is similar).
  • Pleasantry is a cool, blue-pink with subtle gold pearl. It is quite pigmented, and it does remind me a bit of a pinker, brighter Don’t Be Shy blush. I passed, even though it stood out to me.
  • Warm Soul is a dirty version of Nuance. It’s a bit darker, more bronzy-brown than peachy. I picked this one up instead of Nuance, but I may go back to get Nuance or exchange this for it, if it doesn’t work out quite as well.