MAC Cosmetics – Strobe Photos, Swatches, and Full Review

Strobe launched today (United States, Canada), and I believe it is already available internationally (as is next week’s Beauty Powder Blush launch, lucky ducks!).

OVERALL, Strobe offers a new line of Tinted Lip Conditioners with both UVA/UVB SPF-15 protection ($14.50) that come in sheer, shimmery shades. They’re soft, moisturizing, and give just a hint (or tint, HA!) of color. I found Strobe Liquid to be exactly that–liquid–compared to the original cream version.  If you have oily skin, the liquid version may give you reason to check it out, whereas the cream is thicker (but I prefer it, still).

Read a detailed review of each item…

Strobe Cream is a pearlescent/iridescent cream that can be applied to face beforehand to help add “glow” or give a subtle sheen. At one point, I was using Strobe Cream regularly underneath foundation, so I can easily say that it isn’t an over-the-top sheen or shimmer at all.

Strobe Liquid is exactly like Strobe Cream, only in a liquid formula.  It almost seems a little runny to me, but perhaps it needs to be shaken before used (didn’t think to do that when I was testing it!).  However, for those who wanted to add Strobe to other creams, foundations, etc., the liquid makes that much easier to do.  Go easy on this, as it spreads nicely, and you don’t want to overdo it!

Tinted Lip Conditioner Stick SPF15

  • Strobe Kiss is a coral-pink with golden sheen that looks very natural and pretty, with just a light touch of color.  Anyone who’s wanted to get into lip products, but finds lipglasses and the like too much, these are a great introduction.
  • Strobe Rays is a bronzy shimmery shade that has just a touch of peach in it (from what I could tell).  It’s a good, wearable color, especially for deeper skintones, for a natural look.
  • Strobe Blossom is a pretty medium pink with a touch of cool undertones; the sheen is more of a pearl color. This would be lovely on less pigmented lips, just because the color is nice. I think it would still be very sheer on my pigmented lips (and therefore not give me that nice pink color!).
  • Strobe Current looks raspberry and dark in the tube, but it goes on more as a very sheer mauvey-plum color, not so much raspberry actually in it when swatched. This is one of the more “pigmented” of the bunch, but they are meant to be sheer, so you can’t hold that against it.
  • Strobe Beam is shimmery, pearlescent, and just a very nice addition of seamless shimmer to the lips–if you want color, this isn’t the one, as it is “clear.”  I do find it lightens my lips a bit, though, despite being “clear.”