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I personally think that they are extremely important, after all, messy eyebrows make you look sloppy. I make sure to groom mine every day, plucking, brushing, filling in and of course adding clear wax/mascara to set.

I have really dark hair and really white skin, so my eyebrows (and upper lip…sigh) have to be maintained or else I just look like Bigfoot. So I pluck them pretty religiously, and go to the waxer every couple of months to catch any strays or the near-invisible ones that I miss, yet which love to attract my eyeshadow. I also fill in any sparse spots, and if they’re being particularly unruly I’ll use a gel to slick them down. But I don’t do stenciling, laser removal or anything like that, so I guess I’m…average? Not sure.

I let nature take its course – since my brows are nearly in line, and are thick and lustrous enough (thank God!) But I do tweeze some hair around the lower portion to keep it looking neat – though this is not very frequent – more like once a month or so!

Eyebrows are very important to me. Unfortunately, my eyebrows were overtweezed by someone and haven’t grown back since. I use Paula Dorf’s Brow Stencil Kit along with MAC Espresso eyeshadow and it is awesome! I never leave my house without drawing my eyebrows on.

Eyebrows are HUGELY important to me. More important than the eyes. Nothing wrecks a great makeup look like wonky brows. I am a tweezing fanatic and even keep a pair in the car … for some reason, when the sun streams in the side windows I notice all sorts of extra hairs. I always comb them and fill them in with Anastasia brow powder. If I have extra time I’ll put on brow gel.

I try to keep them natural, only plucking in the center. I think a lot of women make the mistake of overtweezing. It’s much easier to fix someone’s eyebrows who’ve been underplucked then overplucked. I do brush them out and fill in anywhere that seems sparse with an eyebrow pencil a shade lighter than my own brows.

i tweeze some, but not much. i need to trim them though because they get long and then they freak out and go everywhere! its out of control

eyebrows make a huge difference in the way we present ourselves, and sloppy ones make us look almost uncouth and tribalistic. i’m not joking! well-trimmed brows are vital to looking good-it makes us look fresher and just so much better.

Mine are naturally well-shaped, so I just have to tweeze a few strays every couple weeks and I’m good. If I mess up in the slightest though, I freak out. I also fill in the outer half of them… for some reason it’s lighter than the inner half o_O

I think eyebrows need to be put in their place. I’m Chinese and my g-pa has graciously passed on some triangular eyebrows that exploded, they would work if i was old and wise and didn’t give a shiet but HELLS NAW. when i look @ my driver’s license pic i feel like they’re taking over my face HAHAHA yeah, seriously they were growing down onto my eyelids HAHAH maybe i can get of my brother’s which are like the same :]
I got them waxed and then have started plucking them in place. I actually keep them more thick than most pple do but i think it looks more natural, plus thin eyebrows take a lot of maintenance. I don’t color them in bc then i’d look like a man, but they’re aite now πŸ˜€

thanks! Christine! <3
-Renee :b

I’m just a tad obsessed. I tweeze between waxes, I always fill them in (except for really really natural looks, or when I’m too lazy to do any makeup- but if I only have time for one thing before I run out the door, it’s brows). I find myself drawn to other peoples’ really nice brows and irritated by bad ones. Haha!

Unfortunately I can’t let mine be like some lucky people, mine are sparse and get bushy so I HAVE to groom mine. All I do though is tweeze them and trim the tips so they don’t go all over the place. I started doing this when I was 13, and my mom taught me about “training” them by pushing the arches up after you wash and moisturize your face, it really helps but it takes a while.

Eyebrows are so important it’s not even funny. If I had to choose 3 things to put on before leaving the house, it would be my brow stuff (Lorac Take a Brow in Dark Brown), blush, and lipgloss. So polished and beautiful.

Brows really frame the face and eyes and will make or break a girl! I get them threaded and do some light tweezing in between. The one thing I can’t stand is unnatural brows (for the most part, brow pencils) and people that use black (dark brown or smoky gray black please!)

My mother has medium blondish brown brows that have never needed any grooming a day in her life. They are naturally perfect. Got my brows from my darker haired dad, sadly…

Mine were thick as a teenager. Looking back at pictures I now realize they were the perfect “heavy” brow. I tweezed them into oblivion in my 20’s and now in my 30’s am learning to love them. I tweeze the strays and trim the ends so they don’t end up super long. I also fill in the sparse (overplucked) spots with a long-wearing non-smudging pencil, and groom with brow gel. Hard to find these products in shades for redheads but I get by.

I try to make them look as natural as possible while still looking well groomed. See my link above, and scroll down to the skincare post, for a picture.

Can we talk about eyelashes? Mine occasionally fall out in patches if I use the wrong product (or benzoyl peroxide) on my face. I never learned to put on fake ones because my natural lashes are long and thick and just need darkening.

I love the MAC falsh eyelashes.. i have full lashes too but they’re fun to wear if you’re going out for a special occasion. Try them!

I have thick, black eyebrows that would turn into unibrow if not contained and shaped. Eyebrows are hugely important to me and I can’t and won’t leave the house unless they are groomed. I had the top faint hairs above my eyebrows and the area between my brows lasered. I get the actual brows waxed every 2-3 weeks b/c I can’t stand stray hairs. They show up on me b/c my eyebrow hairs are so thick and black…but I love they are that way b/c I get lots of compliments on them!

Last, I’m obsessed with Anastasia dark brown brow gel and I get them waxed at the Anastasia counter at the Nordstrom near me. Anastasia rocks!

I’m blessed with nicely shaped eyebrows (it’s the Indian genes!) but I still get them threaded every 2-3 weeks. Maintaining your brows is a beauty-must I learned from from my mom and aunt early on!

Yayy, lucky you πŸ™‚ I’ve always been curious about threading my brows, but I have no idea how to go about it.

I love getting my nose waxed! So awesome. Then again, I have the kind of nose where you can see they are there.

Aim, have an MA at a mac counter show you, it’s pretty easy. Create a little bubble with the adhesive, you don’t want too much or it won’t dry clear. Run the bubble along the edge of the lash, let it sit a minute to dry (some people blow on it to pass the time), then when it’s slightly tacky place it as close to the lashes as you can. It’s better if you curl your lashes and apply mascara before, then you can use a clean mascara brush to fit the lashes in with yours.

Thankfully I donΒ΄t have to do very much. My brows are a nice shape, so I have to pluck only one or two hairs every few weeks,thatΒ΄s it.

I haven’t been threaded, but I really like the clean look of waxing, and it only bothers me for a day or so. Some time when I’m in a city that actually offers threading I’ll have to try it!

I won’t leave the house w/o my eyebrows! I used to have reasonably thick brows as a teenager, then I overplucked them once and they never grew back. I am also extremely fair so they are really light. I swear they keep getting lighter:p I actually have to tint them sometimes (I’m an aesthetician) just so I can see where to put my brow pencil, lol! It doesn’t look so weird if I’m not wearing makeup, but if I am then my brows kinda get whited out by the foundation, etc. I’m always wearing makeup, though. I have had a hard time finding brow pencils that arn’t too dark or too reddish, (I have pink/blue undertones). MAC brow pencil in Fling has been my fave for awhile now. My friends always joke ‘Jen, put your brows on!’ when they see me w/o! At least I don’t have to wax or tweeze!

Hey Jennifer! LOL, I used to be like that, too. I can leave now without them, but I still prefer them πŸ™‚

Trust me, if I leave the house w/o eyebrows I look albino! Past nicknames include Casper (the ghost),and Powder (from the movie), lol!

Guess I got lucky in the brow department πŸ™‚ I am quite fair so my brows are a light brownish blonde, and they are evenly shaped and I never had to pluck a single hair! I think they are the facial feature I am happiest about. They are well behaved and I love them for it! Because as you all say; they are really important for looking good.

I think eyebrows are so important, well groomed brows really finish off a look, and I hate wearing eye makeup if mine aren’t done. I get mine threaded once a month and tweeze and groom them between sessions whenever I need to.

Eyebrows are very important to me.
I didn’t use to pay them any attention, because they are naturally well shaped, and only had them done for the first time when I was 21.
I like to keep them very natural, black and thick, so they don’t give me any trouble at all. I just pluck a hair here and there to clean the shape a little, and that’s it.
I’ve tried threading a few times and it’s addicting. Not only is it very fast, but you get perfectly shaped eyebrows. Highly reccomended!

Threading gives such a clean shape to your brows, that it is very easy to keep the shape perfectly for a few months. I’ve done it every couple of months, and now whenever I go to London, I get an appointment at Blink, which is an eyebrow boutique. I find them very professional and although the price is steep ($35 for brow threading) I’ve become a fan.

I absolutely MUST fuss over my eyebrows. Im an exact copy of my mother except the extremely bushy eyebrows I got from my Dad. They are naturally arched so maintaining them is not hard. I got waxing done in the states here and there, but I didnt really get into eyebrow maintainance until I deployed to Iraq and became “beauty aware”… so my first few months were tough. I absolutely could NOT tolerate tweezing, so I started going to the Iraqi beauty shop and got threading. I wish I could take one of the ladies home with me– no one has done my eyebrows as well as they do over here. I absolutely love threading!

At least they are naturally arched πŸ™‚ That’s good stuff right there. I inherited both my parents’ brows, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

Eyebrows frame the face! They are one of THE most important features– i hate seeing a pretty girl with god awful brows- like WAY to thin, or too penciled in… let them grow please! PS- can we talk about best at home bikini waxes! I’m on the hunt- yes, i’ve done the prof. route, but i wanted to try and save some cash flow… PPS- i do have a high tolerance for pain…

Hey Robin,

You should go to drugstore.com and check out Parissa’s at home bikini wax kit. They’re pre made strips that you heat up by rubbing them with your hands. They work really well, and come with a soothing azulene oil that will keep you from getting irritated. The stuff works wonders. My roomate bought it for me, but I was too much of a big sissy to try it. She uses it religiously. Good luck!

Eyebrows are probably the most important facial feature to me because they send out a message about who you are.

Think about it – the high-maintenance look of the girl with immaculately arched brows, the take-me-or-leave-me attitude of the girl who leaves hers bushy and unplucked, the skanky appearance of the girl who plucks her into an unnatural, too-thin shape.

When I began paying attention to my brows at age 13, I became obsessed with the blonde fluff in between my brows, so whenever I was alone I would yank out the hairs in between using my fingers until every hair was gone and my brows were 2 inches apart! Thankfully that phase only lasted a few months before I realized how ridiculous I looked. Now several years later, my brows are still my obsession, but I’ve finally created the almost-perfect arch (my brow bone droops down, so I need to make an arch). However, I’m thinking I should lose the obsession, or I will have no eyebrows when I’m older!

I second Robin in that we need a TAY about bikini waxes! I’m considering getting one (at a salon, not home) but I want some feedback!

Audrey– if it’s your first bikini wax- DO NOT do it at home… def get it done by a prof. Once you’re comfortable with the pain level -it hurts like a biotch- and the technique, then you can try at home tourture πŸ™‚ Good luck! And other advice– start out with a reg bikini wax, not brazilian– work your way up to that pain level.

Hey Audrey!

I think brows can tell you about a person, too πŸ™‚

LOL, okay, I will be asking a question about them, then!

ugh… i hate my brows! i wish i didn’t have closely monitor them each day, but unfortunately they take a lot of upkeep to make them look nice/natural. what’s the point of wearing e/s if your brows look terrible? i may overpluck a little to get them kind of straight, but it’s only because i naturally have very patchy brows that honestly look like i got a terrible wax job all the time, they’ve always been that way! so i try to manage them and then fill them in to look as natural as possible. even with all that, i need an industrial-strength wax or gel to hold them in place since they like to lay facing down. i have tried everything but no luck so far, anyone have suggestions for brands?

Christine, I get them done about once every two months. It makes tweezing a breeze because the out of place ones stick out! I should probably get them done more often than that, but it at least helps keep those tiny hairs that keep it from looking clean at bay.

omg!!! so important..but mines are a pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. I got in an accident when I was 4yrs old …and missing hair on thearch of my left eye …because of a scar…which you cant see…but my eyebrows are thin ..and fine…pretty nice other wise…I hate that the scar is there…because I have to fill my eyebrows in because of it πŸ™

Poor you! I totally sympathize with high maintenance brows. I have a good friend who has the same issue – has to fill in her brows because of a scar πŸ™

I’m very anal about my eyebrows.. I pluck them every day even though they are really light. I just can’t stand little hairs underneath.

I never cared much one way or the other, until mine started to fall out! Actually, once I started getting my eyebrows waxed/plucked, they looked so fabulous, and I couldn’t believe how much better a few less hairs could make me look!

So, because of years of waxing, or maybe age/hormones, my eyebrows are thinning, and now I’m obsessed with every hair I have left. I’ve been using Rogaine on them for a few months, just in case that does anything. At least I’m saving money on going to the waxer.

The lesson – don’t overpluck/overwax, because that hair may be gone without any warning at all!

Hey Jeni! Oh, my, what a problem to have! Was there something that caused them to fall out? It sucks that overplucking is something many of us end up doing at a young age–before we know better–and it’s so hard to correct.

Good luck!

It seems like eyebrow thinning is a common problem, and a lot of people don’t see their brows grow back after plucking/waxing. I used to get them waxed every two months, and then I realized I could go 5 months without having to have them waxed again. I wasn’t really paying attention, and by the time I realized what was happening, it was too late! Years of waxing/plucking can permanently damage the hair follicle.

A lot of people will see their eyebrows thin if they have hypothyroid (which is really common).

Skin care and brows tie as #1 important thing in my beauty regime. Brows frame the face. I can not leave the house without filling my brows in. The funny thing is I have dark hair, but it seems like my brows disappear. For years I tried to get my brows to be perfect which didn’t happen until about the middle of last year finally! I have to keep reminding myself brows are sisters not twins because my brows are slightly different from each other. I obsess over my brows always plucking and trimming. I can’t get them waxed because I’m allergic. ATM I’m trying to let them grow out a little bit at the same time fighting the urge to trim them down.

Definitely true, Monica! I find that if I fill my brows in, I look so much more put together–even if I don’t wear any other makeup.

Tweeze the strays. Trim them so they’re not out of control. If they are trimmed there is no need to gel them.
Use a little powder or pencil to fill in but only for spots that are a bit over groomed. If the brows are too filled in they don’t look natural. There is a fine line between touching them up and overdone. Better to be a little underdone. Overdone in my neighborhood tends to make a girl look a little bit “gangsta.” Which is not what a 9-5 office working girl like me wants to project.

you can go out of the house without makeup on as long as your brows look good. they frame the face and eyes, and a quick tweeze of the stray hairs under and between and a simple upward combing can make you look amazing, and younger!

my regimen is waxing approx. 6 times a year, tweezing strays every week or two, and a trim of the longer hairs. whether or not i fill them in w/ brow powder depends on my makeup for the day.

I’m big into a well groomed brow, I just pluck them every other day to keep my arch nice and well defined then I use a bit of brow gel to keep them tamed. I’m not very into eyebrow pencils because I don’t feel like I need them and I feel like even when blended they make my brow too harsh for how soft the rest of my features are.

Like Shiva said, I’m against waxing for myself, mostly because I saw a late night informercial about how waxing your eyebrows repeatedly can lead to saggy skin as you age… they may of been full of it, but I was drowsy and impressionable enough that it stuck.

MAJORLY important!
I’ve had huge OCD with eyebrows for such a long time.

It just “makes” your face.
you look cleaner and prettier with well groomed eyebrows

Unfortuately, one of my eyebrows has not grown back as fully as the other one, I want to try something other than waxing since that pulls the root of the hairs out, but I am having trouble with one of my eyebrows not growing back as well as the other one, what can I use to help the less full eyebrow fill in? I know they have all of the products for fuller, thicker eyelashes, but do they have anything for brows?

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