Introduction to Too Faced

Introduction to Too Faced

I’m new to this brand. Where should I start?

A Few Notes | Their blushes have a great texture and appearance on the skin, and they wear at least as long as the average blush, but they don’t wear as long as they’re marketed as (so if you aren’t a stickler for claims and/or that’s not a hard requirement, I would still recommend them!).

Their eyeshadows require primer or a base underneath. They are blendable and fairly easy to use as long as there is a primer in place, but the consistency is a little thinner and dusty (but soft). This type of texture tends to be harder to use on bare skin (prone to applying unevenly or turning patchy). They have a lot of eyeshadow palettes (not so much singles), and they also have various limited edition palettes throughout the year. In my experience, the 9-pan eyeshadow palettes and their permanent palettes are almost always better than their limited edition palettes. That being said, there are some limited edition palettes that have been good over the years but looking for swatches and reviews prior to purchasing would be ideal.

There is a lot of love for their Better Than Sex Mascara, which I like but is not a personal love (it seems too wet initially and then gets to dry too readily). Their more recently reviewed Born This Way foundation is often mentioned, and they have since expanded the range (when it initially came out, it was a very yellow-toned range). Their Shadow Insurance and Glitter Insurance are both excellent primers/adhesives for your favorite eyeshadows, including the brand’s own.

What would you recommend to someone just trying Too Faced for the first time?