Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact Review, Photos, Swatches (2015)

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact ($62.00 for 0.35 oz.) uses “green dots [to] hide redness, white dots [to] illuminate, and champagne [to] even out skin tone.” I feel like the best way to describe Meteorites and their effect on the skin is that people start asking you, “What are you doing with your skin? It looks amazing!” You get comments on your skin, not your makeup. That being said, I also feel like it’s a product that is more believable in person than in photos. On me, it imparts subtle luminosity and gives my skin a smoother appearance while minimizing pores and skin texture. The texture is soft, finely-milled, and it feels velvety and smooth on the skin. Even though this shade is technically designed for fair skin, it worked well on my medium complexion (likely due to the translucent nature of the product).

I think if you’ve been tempted by the Mythic Voyage Powder, this is an excellent alternative, and I can’t tell the difference between the two applied. It’s really great to see the pressed Meteorites make a return in a more affordable form than the Voyage powders (which do come in a much more substantial compact, but the lower-priced version is easier to travel with). It works well as a finishing powder, and breathes life back into the skin, especially if you tend to use a more matte foundation or setting powder. For me, I have normal-to-dry skin (quite normal at the moment, though), and if I only use this without setting powder, my foundation does last an extra half hour to an hour, but I wouldn’t recommend this in place of a setting powder (I typically use both in a full look). I also like this dusted over bare skin for really lazy days. The pressed version has the same violet scent as their other powder products.

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Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact (your left: no Meteorites; your right: Meteorites)

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact (your left: no Meteorites; your right: Meteorites)

Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact
Guerlain Clair (02) Meteorites Compact (all over)

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How comparable is this to the Hourglass Ambient powders? If the effect similar, or different enough to warrant having both in your collection?

The textures of the products are soooo different to me that they can be quite different on. The Hourglass powders have a lot more product that gets on your brush and applied to the face, and some of them have more obvious shimmer/tint than others. I think you can have both, but it would depend on whether you’re big on finishing powders or not!

I use both and the way I look at it, they do different things. You know how when you put foundation on, your skin can look dull? That’s cause real skin isn’t one solid color like foundation. I use the meteorites to give back a little bit of color and the brightening effect so my skin looks more like how perfect skin would really look like. I use Hourglass more for blending out my imperfections like the “photoshop” effect. Of course this is a personal experience, but hope that helps.

Woah, it’s like a real-life Gaussian blur for the face. That’s awesome. Now to justify the price to myself…

I’m beyond excited to receive mine in the mail next week. Hopefully I’ll be more inclined to use the Meteorites now that it’s a pressed powder. Eeek! πŸ˜€

Hi Christine, how is this compare to the Crazy Compact? I have the crazy compact and I absolutely love it. I am very tempted by this but if they are similar then I have to skip. πŸ™ thx for the review.

The effect is most likely going to be similar, because both products are translucent and subtle by their nature, so once on, unless you have fairer or deeper coloring, you might not see the base come through at all. I think Crazy might be a wee bit more brightening with the stronger pink tones with Clair being a little more luminous.

I saw this yesterday on Nordstorm site and then came here looking if you had a review of it, now you do :)this powder looks sooo gorgeous and love the packaging too and i can actually see the difference it makes on the skin, it looks airbrushed, luminous and flawless do you know if i can use this on top of my powder foundation? I use mac studio fix but some times i leaves my skin a little to matte and flat

You can definitely use this on top of Studio Fix! I usually use Meteorites as a last step, so over my setting powder or even just over bare skin.

Reminds me so much of the Wulong Pressed powder! The difference with such products is very subtle but they are so perfecting that it can be addictive! πŸ™‚

So true. You need a magnifying glass and a really good eye for color to determine the differences, lol! If you are super, super fair, you might be able to tell more.

I am so happy this is now available in a compact and it got a glowing review! Have you tried the medium or darker shade? I am just wondering if you stick to this all year or do you go darker in spring/summer? I love the loose version! I have only had the “clair ” and the one they had out for holiday this past year. You look stunning,as always!:)

I haven’t! I did order the other two, but it has been a total fiasco getting them – ordered them in December, order was canceled a few days ago, so then I placed another order for them but they aren’t here yet :/

I had the same thing happen: ordered from
nordstroms (the medium) and they canceled my order! Thanks Megan for suggesting Neimans, I just ordered them. I’m not sure I trust Nordstroms now.

Lol..I had that happen with Bobbi Brown scotch on the Rocks pink highlighter at the holidays through Nordstrom.I finally got it by personally calling was a total pain..and honestly,not too crazy about it,lol.It looks better in the pan than my face..a little much on the sparkles for me. After that and the Too Faced holiday set disappointment,I just decided..forget LE..If I can’t get them by the time a review is up, I’ll be able to find at least 5 products just as good. So,I’ll patiently wait until you get them!

I have the Wulong pressed Powder after you raved about it and I’m still a bit confused by these. Do I use a brush to place them only on certain areas of the face like a highlighter and avoid using them ALL over the face like a setting powder?? I don’t want my skin to look shimmery all over so perhaps I should go with option 1 and just place on high points of the face?

Use them all-over πŸ™‚ If you do find that it is too shimmery, you can certainly just highlight as you would a traditional highlighter, but as a finishing powder, it is designed to be dusted all-over. I think the Guerlain technique is all over and then once more over the high planes of the face (cheek bones, etc.) for a little more luminosity there.

I loooove pressed Meteorites! I have the Crazy 68 version, and it remains my holy grail finishing powder (still, I haven’t made much of a dent. That thing will probably never die)! So glad to see this is more affordable as well.

A slightly OT question about whether hourglass ambient powders are finishing or setting powders. If I get this and I have my ambient ones then would this be redundant?

How do you use your Ambient Powders? For me, I can get away with them as a setting and finishing powder, because they have a fair amount of product that gets applied to the skin, but I have normal-to-dry skin and I’m not often looking for 12+ hour wear. If you use them as a finishing powder, you would use the Meteorites in lieu of most likely! I find the finishes to be a little different, so for me, I like changing it up and don’t find them redundant – but you might since we’re talking such subtle differences!

I also have normal to dry skin so I don’t really need it a full face of powder. This does look pretty but I nearly brought out the magnifying glass for the ambients searching for something different. I’ll probably end up doing the same with this one.

I have all the ambients and this shade meteorites in the loose. I got the meteorites after the ambients. I normal to dry skin..more dry now as I live in a cold,dry climate. I generally only use a setting powder on my t zone and lower parts of the face where I will be applying contour/ prevent catching. I avoid areas where I get lines and tops of my cheeks with and outside area of my eyes with setting powder. The hourglass are much heavier and more powdery( a lot of knock -off..and do it..or it cakes) the summer, I love them..I can dust them full face lightly,layer them,whatever..when my skin is more normal.I do use them sparingly at time to mix it up in cold months but use a wispy type ,fan brush and stick to perimeter of face and center,,staying away from lined areas. So, I can’t use that blurring affect to my advantage. I noticed how drying they were last Jan after I had taken my daughter too see “Frozen” in which I was a bawling mess in(movie cryer,lol),plus it was sooo bleeping cold, packed theatre,long walk in the cold. I looked in the car mirror and was like oh no ,,I look 90! I was 37.My face looked and felt like it was going to crack. I wanted to pitch them. i had just bough them all beacause of the hype and they are gorgeous and the concept is fantastic. I love them. but they have their place. The Meteorites feel literally like nothing on the skin. But look just beautiful. If I had to choose one, Meteorites no question. If I ever use up my hourglass ambients, the only ones I may repurchase are dim and mood because I like them as a subtle highlight for work on tops of cheeks etc and they work the best on my skin tone..mood in winter,dim in summer. Just my 2 cents. Hoped it helped. if it’s too much,my apologies .:)

The effect is most likely going to be similar, because both products are translucent and subtle by their nature, so once on, unless you have fairer or deeper coloring, you might not see the base come through at all. I think Crazy might be a wee bit more brightening with the stronger pink tones with Clair being a little more luminous.

It’s soooooo gorgeous! And no matter how beautiful the original mΓ©tΓ©orites pearls are, I just don’t find them practical, so this would be a GREAT alternative for me.

Looks great! Subtle but that’s what I need! I have the cute little powder ball version and it just diffuses the light so well. I can’t remember if it was you or someone else reviewed it before, and said, her boyfriend or husband commented that she glows nicely, tho the guy couldn’t tell if it was the makeup she wore or whatever. I think that’s a dream of every lady to have an effortless and healthy-by-natrue look.

I’m tempted to buy, but is there a fragrance to this powder? I remember years ago smelling my mother’s loose pearls meteorites and being so put off by the strong violet smell.

Thanks for the review, Christine. I always find the lose version (ball version? lol) to be way too shimmery on my skin. In the swatch, this looks less shimmery. Are these actually less shimmery or is this a camera trick? I know you mentioned the product performs differently in person so I’m curious.

No problem! This would be great if you prefer something very, very subtle. They aren’t sparkly at all – that would be the biggest difference, IMO, between pressed and loose, is that the pearls usually have larger shimmer or actual sparkle (even if subtle). I would describe this more as a sheen than shimmer/frost/sparkle!

I don’t think I have that particular shade, so I’m not sure. In the past, when I’ve tried Physicians Formula products that resemble the Guerlain Meteworites, they usually have a little more obvious shimmer (good/bad depending on your preference).

This PF powder in this color has absolutely no shimmer. So they sound less different since you said the pressed meteorites has less shimmer than the beads. I wish I had a counter near me so I could go with my PF & compare.

I like fan brushes, feathery powder brushes, or more tapered powder/highlight brushes. If I want a heavier application, I’d go with a larger powder brush, and for a subtler application, a fan brush. I used Wayne Goss’ Holiday brush to apply this particular one.

I don’t know if it helps. But,I have had my jar of the loose for almost a year I’d guess. I would estimate it is still at least half full. You really use a small amount of product each time. I use this on average 3-4 days a week,just depends. Its a gorgeous product. Highly addictive though

For a fair person who doesn’t use setting powder, but wants a finishing powder to make her matte foundation look less flat… Would you recommend this over the Hourglass powders, maybe the Ehtereal one? I don’t know if the hourglass powders have any shimmer particles in them… I probably wouldn’t want that because I’d look oily at the end of the day.

You may like this more since it is lighter-weight than Hourglass, I think, and because it really imparts primarily sheen rather than any powdery base, it seems like a better fit.

Some of the Hourglass powders have larger shimmer particles than others.

Thank you πŸ™‚ I was kind of hoping you’d say that because it relieves me of having to choose btw the color range of ambient powders. I’ll definitely pay $30 more for this, and eliminate the guess work!

I haven’t used my Crazy pressed powder in forever, ever since I bought Dim light. I think I should revive it, and keep it on my dresser, at least I’ll be more inclined to use it. I’m glad I have it though, it makes resisting the temptation for these a little easier, plus their permanent. I’d rather hold out for another LE holiday pressed meteorites. πŸ˜‰

So glad you liked it! I ordered this shade and also Dore along with the blush pearls and the eye shadow compact in les precieux. Haven’t received them yet though, think they get delivered tomorrow or Tuesday. How is the compact Christine? Is it more substantial than the les voilettes pressed powder compact? Or is it about the same lightweight feel?

Awesome! Can’t wait to see them in person. Was wondering if it had a more substantial feel to it than the Les Voilettes.

I have the Wulong pressed powder and its so beautiful, but definitely not purse friendly. Thing weighs a TON! lol

Permanent right? Also,do you have another powder under in these shots? I can’t find the description of what you are wearing on your face which is gorgeous,btw. Sorry for so many comments. I love meteorites though. Just the smell..and I don’t like heavy’s just sooo calming .

I have the loose version of this powder and I just love it! The thought of getting a pressed version is definitely one of the more exciting bits of news I’ve heard recently in the world of makeup. I’m looking forward to seeing this in person. πŸ™‚

I use Clair/02 in the “balls” so this is perfect for me. Christine, do you know if they make refills for the compact? I’m guessing “no” but hoping “yes”.

Is it comparable to the Nars light reflecting pressed setting powder? I have the Nars one, but I don’t use liquid foundation that often so is it different enough to justify having both?
Also, this might be a stupid question haha, but has I said, I don’t use liquid foundation that often, but I use the Laura Mercier loose powder foundation. I think it looks quite natural and has a slight sheen, but can you use the Meteorites compact over it?
And last question, if I have the meteorites in the little pearls, is it the same? (I bought the medium one on advice of the lady at sephora, and still regret it because I have a fair complexion and I don’t really see a difference on my skin when I use it -_-)
Thank you for your great review, as always πŸ™‚

This is a finishing powder, not a setting powder, so the two are really different products πŸ™‚ Finishing powders are very subtle, like the loose pearls, so if you didn’t like the pearls I don’t know that you’d like this!

I’ve been hoping you’d review this considering the price difference between this and Voyager. Is this compact plastic like Les Voilettes? I’d love to get Les Voilettes in the Voyager compact, gotta find an empty one someday and depot!

Now I’m kind of glad I didn’t get the Meteorites Pearls with my gift card. I prefer pressed powders, I’m totally getting this!

I’m waiting for mine to arrive, as my original order for Guerlain’s spring collection was canceled. I’m really sorry! I already paid $25 to overnight, but the weekend is in-between :/

Oh it does look lovely! I already use Les Violettes though. Would I use both or just swap out Les Violettes for the Meteorites? I use Les Violettes every so often to keep me matte really.

I just returned from Nordstrom where I purchased the compact in 02 Clair. I am thrilled to have my beloved MΓ©tΓ©orites in compact form; especially since I travel quite a bit. Prior to this release, I used to take the Voyage compact when I’d travel, but it is so heavy. This is a much more travel friendly option with the same luminous finish that I get with my MΓ©tΓ©orites pearls. I love this addition to the MΓ©tΓ©orites family.

Isn’t it funny about packaging? As lovely as the Voyage powder’s compact is… it is also heavy, which makes it less ideal for travel!

Such a soft luminous look! Really beautiful. This goes on the wish list for sure. I’ve been using MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light….but this looks so much better.

Meteorites stuff is always sooo tempting!! The Wizard (my husband) is kind of obsessed with the pearl form for some reason, and every time we go through a Duty Free he asks me if I want some. The man will shrug benignly over most other makeup stuff, but for some reason those little pearls in their pretty vanity-ready boxes just appeal to him, LOL! ^_^ The pressed version doesn’t have the same effect on him, but I kind of prefer it from a practicality perspective. Since I also like very no-makeup makeup in the foundation/base sense, the idea of getting a good effect from this just over bare skin really appeals!

Hiya! This looks so lovely! Love the beautiful & natural Look it gives your skin (though you already have lovely skin regardless!) I also really like the pressed form, the loose meteorites always intrigued me but being loose made me think “messy.” I have a queston though; I have very dry skin (always have) so stay away from powder altogether (I use MUFE setting spray.) I’m 55 and while I’m lucky enough to not look my age re wrinkles I do have some & have found that powder settles Into them making them look far worse than they actually are. But I really don’t like that “flat” look of just foundation & this seems like the perfect remedy. Do you think it’s hydrating enough to use on very dry skin? Thanks in advance! Jet

I don’t think this will settle or make you look powdery – it’s not hydrating, but it is very sheer without a powdery base!

I’m really happy about this, the Voyage compact is just too expensive for my comfort. Even better, the pressed Meteorites come in more than one shade, so yay! πŸ˜€

Does this work the same way as the balls? Or the same way as the voyage? I love both but the balls are not convenient to travel with, the voyage compact is heavy.

Darn! I just got Voyage before Christmas, but I would have preferred to get this new compact – so much lighter and less expensive! Although I did get the Voyage compact on loyalty points (for free) so I guess I can’t complain. The Voyage compact will be something I pass down to a friend, or my niece when I’m too old to care about finishing powder!

It really does give a blurred affect that is quite beautiful. I think every woman could use this for a skin pick me up. The price tag is a bit scary, but when you think about how much product your getting it helps to justify the purchase. This is how I sometimes justify a pricey splurge-Looking good has no price tag, and you only live once, might as well live it beautifully πŸ™‚

I’m so getting this. I’ve wanted to try the Meteorites for very long, but after missing Perles du Dragon no other release caught my eye. I’m very very pale so I like that these don’t have a noticeable tint, and the fact that it’s a compact is a plus for me!

The pressed compact looks amazing and who would like to receiv compliment on the skin rather than makeup .. using such amazing makeup stuff!! πŸ™‚

Do you think it will work for my NC 40 skin tone or will be way too light creating a whitish cast..??

I would really love to wear Meteorites, but my skin is in such a bad way with acne lately and I’m just learning how to properly care for my skin, so I’m super wary of the potentially irritating ingredients and fragrance in this! Maybe one day once my skin is under control… Meteorites is such a dream product for me πŸ™‚

Oh, please don’t wanna strangle me yet!lol.. So I have this confusion in my brain regarding pressed and loose. I came up into makeup world in the late 80’s -early 90’s. So,it may be an out of date mind set. So .Please update me here. I have always been told and even was told not long ago by a Sephora and a Mac SA that you should have your powers in loose and compact form..both, that they are formulated different. Is this true? I am wondering if it is a sales pitch… I want to get Les Violettes because it’s gorgeous and I love the feel and smell and this compact. I have Meteorites Clair in loose now. I would like to have a compact because it can be tossed into a bag. Do I need both of either?That’s a lot of $ to drop on powder unnecessarily. Also, I will probably need two shades a year as my skin tone borders light to med.

It’s up to you. The loose pearls tend to be a little more powdery (not really in a bad way, just… they are) and can have more visible sparkle, whereas the pressed are more of a light sheen to me – more sheen than shimmer.

Wow looks amazing perfect ! despite of the fact that Guerlain products are so expensive I love their products especially highlighters and lipsticks.

Do you know if this is permanent or limited edition? It doesn’t state it on the Sephora website. Do you also know if they will be getting the other 2 colors? Thanks!

It is permanent! I don’t know when or if Sephora will get the other shades. Nothing said they wouldn’t in the press release, so I don’t know why they only have one.

Hi, Christine
I don’t use powder products much, but this is interesting. Can you recommend some that are good for applying these pressed meteorites?

Thanks so much for posting this! Question – is the pan removable/refillable? And if so, how does the pan on this one compare size-wise to the Voyage Mythical pan? I’m trying to determine if the pans can be swapped πŸ™‚

Gah, I am so tempted by this, despite finding the Meteorites pearls to be a bit too shimmery for my preferences. Would you say this has a similar sparkle/shimmer level as the original Meteorites pearls and the Wulong/Voyager/etc compacts?

It would be super helpful if, on posts like this one, you could post dupes of this kind of makeup too. I’ve seen a lot of different cosmetic brands with products similar to this one and I’d love to see how they stack up against each other. Idk about the higher end ones but I know that e.l.f. and NYX both have this type of product…. Just an idea

I never tried the Meteorites in the pearl form so decided try the compact version at the store. I have pretty good skin to start with and was wearing no foundation or concealer and the effect is quite remarkable. It even my skin tone and there was a ‘je ne said pas quoi’ effect too it, very light, subtle fragrance. I can see myself wearing this with no foundation underneath and going to work. It might become my grab and go compact that i can put on when i arrive to work on those busy days. I also tried the BB cream that they’ve come out with in the pink tube and it was also really comfortable and did what it claims too.

i just ordered this online & can hardly wait. everyone’s raving about this. but i also stopped by to let you know how cute you look. πŸ™‚

I can’t decide if I want to purchase the compact or the loose pearls. Do you think purchasing the pearls which have almost twice as much product is worth it?

If you’re just looking for something to look mostly matte + near to poreless, Les Voilettes. If you want something that adds a very sheer luminosity, Clair.

Well, Mythic is $55 for just the pan – so while you get more, you don’t get a compact. This may or may not be an issue! It’s $170 (yes, $170!) for the compact + pan.

Christine, how is this compared to the givenchy color confetti powder? Which one is better? Can anyone help me please, i don’t know which one to purchase!

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