Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick Review, Photos, Swatches

Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick
Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick

Bite Beauty Brioche MultistickBite Beauty Brioche Multistick ($24.00 for 0.17 oz.) is a subdued, medium-dark plummy brown with warm undertones and a satin finish. MAC Verve (P, $20.00) is darker (90% similar). Makeup Geek Covet (P, $10.00) is more shimmery, warmer (90% similar). MAC Glamour Feast (LE, $21.00) is brighter, glossier (90% similar). Bobbi Brown Downtown Plum (P, $37.00) is warmer, glossier (90% similar). bareMinerals The Indecent Proposal (PiP, $22.00) is more shimmery (90% similar). Colour Pop Chilly Chili (LE, $6.50) is darker, less glossy (90% similar). Urban Decay Fetish (-, ) is lighter (85% similar). MAC Double Shot (P, $20.00) is brighter, warmer (85% similar). Make Up For Ever C108 (P, $22.00) is brighter (90% similar). Colour Pop Frick 'n' Frack (P, $7.00) is warmer (85% similar). MAC Spice (LE, $20.00) is lighter (85% similar). Illamasqua Allure (P, $26.00) is more shimmery, warmer (85% similar). Shiseido Rose Crush (RD715) (DC, $28.00) is cooler (85% similar). NARS Oasis (P, $30.00) is more shimmery (85% similar). MAC Del Rio (P, $20.00) is darker, cooler (85% similar). Bite Beauty Mascarpone (P, $24.00) is lighter, cooler (85% similar). Colour Pop Tulle (P, $6.50) is darker, cooler, less glossy (85% similar). MAC Touch (P, $20.00) is warmer, glossier (85% similar). MAC Spirit (P, $20.00) is lighter (80% similar). Kat Von D Lolita II (P, $20.00) is lighter, less glossy (85% similar). Top 20 dupes listed, see the rest. See comparison swatches / view dupes side-by-side.

For an in-depth look at what the formula is supposed to do and how it performs generally, please check the overview below the rating. It had a smooth, velvety texture–consistent with the range–that was light-medium in weight, thicker but not dry or heavy. This shade worked well on the cheeks and on the lips, but it fell short (due to wear time) on the lids.

It had buildable coverage when applied with fingertips or dabbed onto skin directly from the tube, but it had opaque coverage if you swiped the tube against the skin (e.g. applying it to lips directly from the tube). I had no trouble diffusing and blending the edges of the color on the cheeks and on the eyes. On lips, I was able to maneuver the rounded bullet on the lips without too many issues, but the more traditional pointed lipstick shape is definitely easier to work with, so you might prefer to use a lip brush (which is also a good idea if you want to use it as a true, multi-tasking product on eyes).

On the lips, the color wore well for five and a half hours, was neither drying nor hydrating, and sat well with smooth, even coverage that was comfortable to wear overall. When I wore it as a blush, the color showed subtle signs of fading after nine and a half hours of wear. Unfortunately, the product creased within ten minutes of applying to my eyelids.

Please note, the rating is an average across performance on eyes, cheeks, and lips.


PPermanent. $24.00.
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Formula Overview

Bite Beauty MultistickBite Beauty Multistick ($24.00 for 0.17 oz.) is a cream formula that can be worn on eyes, lips, and face, and it is supposed to be “blendable, breathable, and buildable” with a “soft focus finish.” In general, it has a more cream-like feel than powder-like, even after it “dries.” The consistency is medium in thickness–more noticeably thick when used on the lips, as it is quite dense–and is quite blendable across the majority of shades. They don’t have a true cream-to-powder dry down, as the Bite formula does not dry down completely. I did notice that the exposed portion of the bullet itself (like the flat top) gets drier and firmer after each use, as if it dries out a bit on the exterior, but a light swipe on the skin reveals a much creamier interior. When I’ve used it directly from the tube on the lips, I can sense that “35% powder” part of the formula as well. I really liked the formula as a cream blush, as it was blendable, buildable, and long-wearing. As a lip product, it was decent to good (performance depended a lot on the shade), and as an eye product, it was a total miss for me due to poor wear.

As an eyeshadow: The texture was blendable around the edges, while the thicker consistency and buildable coverage enabled me to get better coverage that didn’t just sheer out immediately. The issue I had with wearing the formula on my eyes was that I could not get the formula to wear well on eyes, as they continuously settled into creases within minutes of applying; I would smooth the color back out after the initial creasing, but it would just happen again after another five to ten minutes. I tried using the formula over different primers (Urban Decay Primer Potion, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, MAC 24-Hour Prep + Prime Eye) as well as dusting with translucent powder, but the wear was only improved to a couple of hours of wear before creasing occurred (instead of minutes).

As a cheek color: The formula has performed the best as a cream blush (or bronzer/contour). The were very much as described–blendable and buildable–and could be worn as true-to-tube color if desired, but it was easy to diffuse and blend out the blush on the cheeks. I liked to use a synthetic blush brush to swirl on the color and then used my fingertips to blend out the edges. While the formula didn’t dry down completely, it yielded a natural sheen that was glowy in a subdued way (and without shimmer), and it didn’t seem to result in wear issues, as the shades I have tested have all lasted between nine and ten hours as a cheek color. If I patted lightly at the blush on my skin, there would be immediate transfer onto my fingertip and a missing splotch of color on my skin. It set well with translucent powder but does lose its sheen (no transfer if I set it).

As a lip color: I was surprised to find that the formula wore about as well as an average lipstick on the lips, and the formula wasn’t drying at all. If you apply it directly from the tube like a regular lipstick, it’s very, very pigmented and totally opaque, but if you apply with fingertips or use a lip brush, it is more buildable. You can also apply directly from the tube to the center of lips and then use a fingertip/brush to blend and diffuse to the rest of the lips for sheerer coverage. It is most comfortable and flattering worn at a higher opacity, as the denser texture seems to help lips look smoother without emphasizing lip lines. Some of the lighter shades settled into lip lines while worn (after an hour or two), while others didn’t have such issues. Some shades were also more prone to fading more noticeably from the center of lips. What I was most impressed by was the fact that they did not feel dry or clingy on the lips, and the formula itself wasn’t drying at all, even after six hours of wear. Bite’s Amuse Bouche formula is a far superior lipstick formula, but these were absolutely wearable as a lipstick. It took as long as four hours before the color would start to look more matte, but it never felt truly powdery or dry.

Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick
Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick

Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick
Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick

Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick
Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick

Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick
Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick

Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick
Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick

Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick
Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick

Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick
Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick

Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick
Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick

Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick
Bite Beauty Brioche Multistick

Bite Beauty
$24.00/0.17 oz.



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I quite like the color on the eyes, but sadly it’s a no go because of the creasing. This would definitely crease on me, I’ll just go get a powder eyeshadow dupe.

I just don’t understand how these are rating so well when 1/3 of the marketed uses’ performance is so mediocre and would likely receive an F rating if it were being judged on its own.

As explicitly mentioned in the review above, the rating is an average of performance across the three areas. I have a worksheet for Glossovers, and I enter in ratings for the product as it performs on lips, cheeks, and eyes, and then it calculates the average. There’s no magic there. It doesn’t make any sense to me to rate it an F if that is one of three functions it performs? Why would the other two areas be completely discounted?

If someone wanted to only wear them on the eyes, or only on the lips, or only on the cheeks, that’s the reader’s call to interpret or look at the part of the review that concerns them most.

I didn’t say that the product as a whole should receive an F. What I was trying to say was that if this were solely an eye product, it would have received an F rating (as the Nars shadow stick things that had similar mediocre performance have in the past, I believe), so I didn’t understand how a product that is marketed as having three purposes can be basically unwearable for a third of them and still get a B+ overall rating. I understand that you put the ratings into a spreadsheet and it calculates for you, but it just seems like a high rating for a product where 1 of 3 marketed uses is essentially unwearable. Again, I don’t think it should be graded as a complete failure, as 2/3 of the marketed uses have good performance, but an A, plus an A, plus an F should not equal B+, basically.

Hi Lauren,

It is an average of the ratings – a mathematic average. It’s the rating for each metric divided by three – what I’m trying to convey here is I’m not fudging numbers or weighting things differently. The ratings are rounded up/down to the nearest whole or .5 number (e.g. 8.2 rounds down to 8, whereas 8.4 would round-up to 8.5) but cannot round-up to a perfect score if more than 1/3 of the individual components were below perfect.

I think the reason you’re not reconciling how it averages out is because you’re assuming that it gets 0% for eyes, when it doesn’t – it is still creamy, blendable, and buildable – it just fails longevity, which affects the longevity score and overall quality metric but not things like pigmentation.

Here is an example (edit: this isn’t for this particular shade but for the last review I wrote in this range):

Cheeks: 10.0 10.0 10.0 9.5 5.0 (98.9%)
Lips: 8.5 10.0 8.0 8.0 4.5 (86.7%)
Eyes: 6.0 10.0 8.5 0 5.0 (65.6%)

Strictly, without rounding, the scores average to 83.7% – which is a B.

Hope that helps!

This is a really pretty shade. I got Lotus and I really like it. I wasn’t even going to use it on my eyelids based on your review but for the purpose of my blog review I did and I was nicely surprised. I had no problem with creasing and I started noticing fading about 5 hours. I was really impressed because I don’t ever remember using a product that would really be so multi-functional and perform so well on eyes, cheeks and lips!

Great review, very smart how you chose to rate this line of products.
I like how the pigmentation rating is 11/10, very Spinal Tap.

Though I have Lolita II and it’s very orange/terracotta IMO. Like a clay flower pot. The original Lolita color looks more like this, to my eyes (cooler toned, plummy brown).
I can’t tell if it’s the way this color looks on your skin tone, the photography lighting, how both lolitas look on my skin tone, my makeup lighting, my monitor, or the difference in batches… But sometimes I struggle to determine how swatches on you would look on myself.

I commend your integrity, but still think “stupid” shouldn’t be used in conjunction with your name. You do such a great job day in and day out!

Very pretty shade! Makes me want MUFE C-108 or MAC Verve even more. Because these multi-sticks are difficult to apply to my lips in a crisp fashion. Yet I do love their versatility and on the run functionality. But I’d need a lip brush for sure with any of these, I think!

I think I’ll have to go into Sephora and give one of these a try. I’m so fascinated by how they seem to work on each section of the face– even going to far as to look like different colors sometimes.

Thanks for the awesome review as always. How do you feel they compare to the buttercream from bite? I’ve been using heather and am interested in praline (especially since it looks like butter cream is being discontinued)

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