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Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Theodora Palette

Urban Decay & Oz: The Theodora Palette

Urban Decay Theodora Palette ($49.00 for 0.43 oz.) includes Broken (pale cream satin), Beware (warm brown matte), Bewitch (dark charcoal brown satin), West (deep metallic brown shimmer), Spell (black satin with green and gold shimmer/gold metallic with tonal glitter), Jealous (pale green pearl/dark green pearl), Theodora Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color (bright red cream), and Zero 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil (black).

The eyeliner is 0.03 oz. ($14.25 value), while the lip pencil is 0.10 oz. ($19.00 value). There are six eyeshadow pans containing 0.05 oz. each ($108.00 value), though two of the six are split-pans, meaning they contain two eyeshadows in a single pan. The total value is $141.25. The eyeliner and six eyeshadow pans are housed within Urban Decay’s “Build Your Own Palette” interface, so all six pans can be popped out and you can insert another Urban Decay eyeshadow instead. The “empty” 6-pan palettes retail for $18.00 but include a travel-sized shadow brush and Walk of Shame eyeshadow (so it’s a wash, since you are getting an eyeshadow and an eyeliner instead, but I’ve already accounted for the value of those items).

Broken is a soft, pale beige with a satiny finish. It had good color payoff, and it was soft, smooth, and applied well. Urban Decay Illusion is warmer, darker, and has a stronger sheen. Cinderella A Wish is similar. Urban Decay Anonymous is more matte and slightly pink in comparison.Urban Decay Kinky is lighter, less warm-toned, and matte. MAC Dazzlelight is more shimmery. Urban Decay Skimp has a stronger sheen and is more peach-tinted.

Beware is a medium caramel brown with soft, warm undertones and a matte finish. The pigmentation was spot-on, and the texture was soft enough to allow for easy blending and application but not so soft it became powdery or prone to fading. theBalm Allegro is browner. MAC One to Watch is slightly shimmery. MAC Moleskin is browner. MAC Tete-a-tint is just a touch lighter.

Bewitch is a dark brown with subtle reddish undertones, but it almost looks cool-toned against my warmer complexion. The texture of this one was slightly powdery, and I thought it wasn’t quite true-to-pan in color initially, but when I applied it to the lid, I had no problem getting color to show. Chanel Variation #3 is a bit darker. Wet ‘n’ Wild Sparkle ‘Til Morning #8 is richer. Urban Decay Muse is a bit darker, cooler-toned. MAC Buckwheat is a touch warmer.

West is a rich, deep red-toned brown–almost burgundy-brown–with a metallic sheen. It had very intense pigmentation, and it applied very smoothly and evenly. Wet ‘n’ Wild Sparkle ‘Til Morning #8 is browner, less red-toned. theBalm Presto is matte. Urban Decay Barlust is less red-toned and warm-toned. MAC Sable is browner, warmer.

Spell contains two shades. The first half of the pan is a rich, metallic yellow gold with a strong, dirty brown base–it’s not quite antique gold, but it’s not an orange-y gold. The color payoff was fantastic, but there are stray bits of micro-glitter that get lost when swatched as well as when applied on the lid. When I used it, the fall off seemed to occur primarily during application, as next to no glitter transferred onto the lid. Urban Decay Blitz is lighter. MAC Old Gold is warmer. NARS Paramaribo #1 is a bit darker, less metallic. The other half of the pan is a deep bluish-black with multi-colored shimmer. It had fantastic color payoff, and the texture was buttery and smooth. MAC Tall, Dark, & Handsome is less intense. Tarnia Tarantino Diamond Dusk #5 is similar.

Jealous is another duo shade. The first half is a yellowed green with an olive brown base and softly frosted finish. It had good pigmentation, and it applied smoothly. Urban Decay Mildew is very similar to this shade–perhaps a touch warmer. Tarina Tarantino Dandy Lion is darker. Wet ‘n’ Wild Earth Looks Small From Down Here #1 is more muted. MAC Sumptuous Olive is slightly browner. The other half is a lightened, not-quite-pastel green with warm, yellow undertones and a golden sheen. It had good pigmentation and applied evenly. bareMinerals Wicked is a touch lighter. MAC Juxt has more of a satiny finish. Inglot #412 is more metallic.

Theodora is a cherry red with ruby red shimmer. I think it leans just a smidgen warm. It’s extremely rich in color and has a glossy shine. I thought Urban Decay F-Bomb was darker/bluer-based, but when I swatched the two side-by-side, they were actually the same! Chanel Coromandel is more orange. MAC Eden Rouge is a touch cooler-toned. Edward Bess Midnight Bloom is a bit darker. MAC Ruffian Red is less glossy.  I’ve worn it for four hours so far, and it’s going strong, so I’m expecting six hours or so of wear.

Zero is a black with a mostly matte finish. It’s a classic black; not super, deep dark black, but not too soft that it looks gray. I have no problems with the wear–a solid eight hours without fading, migrating, or smudging.

Again, Urban Decay packs their palette with pigment; there were no weak performers in the pigmentation department within this palette.  Like Glinda, the only problem I really had was with respect to the micro-glitter found in half of Spell, but it contained far less micro-glitter than Oz (from Glinda), so the impact of it was much, much less both during application as well as when worn.  I found the majority of fall out occurred during application, but I only found one or two stray glittery bits beneath my eye (on that side of the face) after wearing it for the past eight hours.  All of the shades I wore (all but West and the black shade in Spell) lasted for a full eight hours without creasing or fading (no primer).  The textures found in this palette were easy to blend and apply, with the exception of dealing with some of the glittery fall out of Spell.

The Glossover



All six (well, eight) eyeshadows were nicely pigmented, smooth, and blended out well. I only had trouble with half of one eyeshadow, because it had some micro-glitter that primarily fell out during application (nothing translated to the lid).











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Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Theodora Palette

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Theodora Palette

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Theodora Palette

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Theodora Palette

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Theodora Palette

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Theodora Palette

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Broken Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Beware Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Bewitch Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay West Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Spell Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Spell Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Jealous Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Jealous Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Zero Eyeliner

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Theodora Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Theodora Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Theodora Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Theodora Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Theodora Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Theodora Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

Urban Decay Theodora Palette
Urban Decay Theodora Palette

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On eyes: (left) Urban Decay Theodora Palette; (right) Urban Decay Glinda Palette, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara. On cheeks: Guerlain Parure de Lumiere, Kevyn Aucoin Natura. On lips: Urban Decay Theodora Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color.

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89 thoughts on “Urban Decay & Oz: Theodora Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Omta

    At first I wasn’t feeling this palette, especially with the price but these swatches changed my mind. I NEED THIS<3

  2. Tamara

    I really like this palette, and I reeeaalllly like Urban Decay, However I think I have enough dupes in this palette so I will pass. I like that its the build your own palette system that was made for this palette and not the typical bulky palette UD usually does like for the BoS3,4,5.

  3. Daisy

    Is there another Supersaturated lip gloss that is similar to Theodora? I love the look of it, not sure I want the whole set though!

  4. AnnMarie

    I might have tons of dups for those colors. But my love for the Wizard Of Oz out weights the cons. I will own both, I NEEEEEEEED both.

  5. Crystal

    Wow, these are amazing colors! I need this in my UD collection :)

  6. Sarah

    Just to avoid confusion, I think in your last paragraph stating “but it contained far less micro-glitter than Oz (from Theodora)”, you mean Glinda, the first palette. I can’t imagine all the work you put into these reviews, so I feel bad pointing out such a detail.

  7. 18thCenturyFox

    Tried to see if this would excite me but, no. I really think our time together has come to an end. Everything they do just leaves me so…flat. I’m not even able to feel vicarious excitement :(

  8. Claire

    Augh.. I don’t like the shadow colors but I need that lip pencil!

    • Kimberly

      I’m the same. I have the Naked palette and the BoS III redux, so I don’t need anything except maybe the lightest shadow, but that pencil is just gooooorgeous, and I kinda love the actress playing the bad witch. I don’t know if I should order it and try it (and return it if unsatisfied) or just let the temptation pass…

  9. Alejandra

    Does the picture come along with it?I like collecting that kind of material.

  10. Megan

    I love these! So pretty and such a lust!

  11. Sarina

    What would you chose? Theodora or Glinda?

  12. Elise T

    i really like the case….i am a sucker for colors ….thanks for the review!

  13. I’m drooling for that Theodora lip pencil. How does it compare to Urban Decay’s F-Bomb from the same line, Christine?

  14. paigest

    Do you have a favorite?

  15. Samantha

    This looks freaking beautiful omg… And I’d do anything to look like Mila Kunis/do a makeup look inspired by her!

  16. Veronica

    I sort of wish this was the cooler toned palette, since the brown shades are more in line with the neutrals I tend to wear to work. Also, that lip pencil. UNF, I want it. Shame they don’t carry something similar in their permanent range.

  17. Angelina

    Hi Christine great reviews! I really rely on your swatches and grades, so I want to say thank you for all your hard work. Also I was wondering if you know if sephora will also be carrying these palettes? Thanks again :)

  18. That Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color looks amazing! I’m just not a huge fan of pencil-shaped lipsticks because you waste a lot of product while sharpening and it looks less luxurious.

  19. Raindrop

    OMG! I really love the entire palette! And the look you created with it is just beautiful :)

  20. Mariella

    I love some of these colours but, alas, that means that I’ve already got at least one (if not more) dupe of each of the shades that I really like, making this a palette I will pass on even though I really like it.

  21. Awesome palette! I love all the colours!

  22. leslie nunez

    which set would be better

  23. Jade

    I love this too! Gah!!

  24. Michelle

    Soooo did not want to like this……but now i see your swatches and I LOVE it. Bought the Glinda already and cant wait to get it but am bummed that UD put in a crappy glitter bomb shade again. Come on UD dont regress back to your old ways keep up the good quality shades with glitter that goes on the lid NOT your entire cheek!

  25. Apatheticus

    I’ll have to pass on this one… Until they make an Elphaba palette, that is 😉

  26. Hazel

    Just ordered this and Glinda. I like UD formula and their palettes are just the right size. Fun fun.

  27. Katherine

    Gawd, I NEED both of these! I’m a huuuuge OZ nerd!

    Any idea how I can get them in Canada? The UD site doesn’t deliver here, and Sephora doesn’t have them… yet… don’t know if they plan on getting them at all.

  28. Sara

    I used your tutorial to do my eyeshadow this morning, but I used my Naked 1 and Vice palettes to copy it since I don’t have this palette. Thanks for posting these! They’re such good inspiration.

  29. Precious

    I love the look that you did with this palette, Christine! But, I’m gonna pass, mainly because I have dupes for the shades included in the palette. Great review, as always. :)

  30. Elisabetta

    I first tought I didn’t need this but now I totally want it!! Hope it comes to Italy soon, you in usa are soo lucky!!

  31. Can’t wait for this one to come out here :). My initial thought was it would look too much like another naked/neutral palette but I think it’s the golden/green shades that make it different. That the amazing gloss pencil!

  32. Mariah

    I need it. It’s kind of weird that there isn’t a mirror? I don’t know, it looks like something is missing.

  33. megan

    I most likely won’t get this but WOW that lip color is beautiful!

  34. Thu

    Do you have any info about whether/when the Oz palettes are hitting Macy’s/

  35. Chelsea

    Hi Christine! I’m curious, in the stock photo of the case the black foliage is at the top and bottom on the front of the case, but in your photos it’s only black on the bottom & grayed out at the top. I wonder why it’s different?

  36. syrup

    I’m excited about this! Instead of pre-ordering, I’m going to wait and swatch in the store. It could be a true day-to-night palette for me.

  37. Liz

    I want the lip color so bad!

  38. gabriela guzman

    Are they selling the lip pencil separately?

  39. Kat

    I love it; such a nice combination of earthy colors.

  40. iris2013

    Absolutely gorgeous! Thank u 4 the tutorial and 4 the reviews. I wonder wether Ulta or Macy’s will sell them and when…?

  41. Cat

    Hi Christine. Do you have to sharpen the lip color?

  42. I want the eyeshadows in this palette but the lip color from the Glinda palette. LOL.

  43. Michi

    Thanks for the review! I was wondering how Beware compares to UD’s Buck?

  44. Kimberlee Smith-Tankersley

    I love this palette! I must have it, lol. I do wish it had the lip color and eyeliner from the Glinda palette though… I am a little scared of that deep red color. Did you use a lip liner?

  45. MacKenzie Snyder

    What saturated lip color do you like best? Theodora or F-bomb? Because I don’t know if I should buy the palette… The gold, greens, and the transitioning color look nice… And I LOVE the packaging… But, I don’t know if I should get this or the Naked Palette now, because I’m not a neutral girl but I heard EVERYONE loves the Naked Palette even people who don’t prefer neutral shades… Which palette should I buy?

  46. Eileen

    I wish I could build my own combination of the two palettes!

    I’m obsessed with beware, spell, and jealous along with the red lip colour from this palette but aura, the peach shade, and the pink-gold are beautiful from the other palette! I’d also pick rockstar over zero for liner.. Hmm well I’ll definitely need to swatch these in store to decide because I definitely need at least one of them :)

  47. Fro Gord

    How would you say the neutrals in this compare to those in the Naked or Naked2? I see that you have’t listed any dupes that are similar, so do you think these are nudes that help round out the naked series, with some fun colours in addition?

    • If you have Naked Basics, then Theodora might be a little redundant (since it has a darker and medium brown matte). They’re not dupes, but if you don’t have Naked Basics, Theodora would help round out the neutrals of N1/N2.

  48. Pretty but I returned all of my UD palettes after they sold to Loreal.

    • 18thCenturyFox

      Wow. I find your conviction inspiring!

    • katie

      i wish there was a “like” button on here haha. i have like $8000 of UD that’s just been languishing in my UD train cases ever since the china debacle. but the l’oreal thing just convinced me i’d made the right decision.

  49. Wenz

    Im so torn!!!!
    But considering I’ve wanted that new build your own palette system for some time now but the $18 w/ one free shadow (which I dont care for) felt like a waste! But now spending the same $18 for a palette full of shadows (despite the 1 dud) + about $20 for that DIVINE LIPCOLOR….. I think Im SOLD!!!!
    Deal further sealed with that look you created…. Thanks Christine! :)

  50. akatonbo

    Got my hands on this today, and as an added bonus also FINALLY found my one significantly older Urban Decay shadow that was missing, Acid Rain — which, as I suspected, is very similar to the lighter half of Jealous.

  51. Taba

    Can you tell us the exact colors in the palette that you used to get the look. I love it. The card that comes with it is nothing like you look. I love the greens you chose. Thanks

  52. Tiffanie

    Is there a mirror on this palette ? Oh and which palette should I get the Glinda or Theodora? I already have the n1&2

  53. Amanda

    Hi! I just have one question :) I love the looks you created with Glinda and Theodora (I have Glinda and am going to get Theodora today). But sometimes I have trouble telling which color you used. For example the brown you put in the crease for this look. Which brown is it? Same for Glinda. I was just wondering if you could put the order you used the shadows in so its possible to re-create. Thanks! :)

    • Hi Amanda!

      All eyeshadows are always listed in order of left to right (as in, inner corner to outer corner) — or, in the same order they are applied in the step-by-step, thanks!

  54. Alicia

    Do you think that this is more suitable for brunettes while the Glinda palette is more for blondes? Or are they equally good?
    Thank you! 😀

  55. Katelyn

    I bought this palette myself and I kind of feel like the shade west was a little chalky. I wonder if this is the old formula of urban decay shadows. Has anyone else had this problem?