Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Tom Ford Lovelust Cheek Color
Tom Ford Lovelust Cheek Color

Tom Ford Love Lust Cheek Color ($55.00 for 0.28 oz.) is a dark coral with hints of orange and gold shimmer and just a smidgen of pink thrown in. There’s plenty of pigmentation–you can sheer it out for something softer, more of a sheen with a touch of color, or apply a little more for a bolder cheek. Chanel Tweed Brun Rose is more orange and matte. MAC Stereo Rose is less pink. MAC Marine Life is similar but has less shimmer. MAC Ripe Peach has less shimmer and less pink. Chanel In Love is browner.

The formula is supposed to deliver buildable color, whether you want a soft glow to a dramatic look. It’s supposed to have “the comfort of a cream” with “outstanding lumiosity” and “velvety transparency.” This powder is insanely soft; it feels like velvet against the skin–so finely milled that it really does have a creaminess to it, even though it is most definitely a powder product. The shimmer is fine, not too much, and most of it translates into a sheen rather than a shimmer. My favorite part about the formula was that this blush would wear for ten hours without fading on me. It may be one of the longest-wearing blushes I’ve tried to date.

Tom Ford Beauty is a luxury brand; it’s not just high-end, it’s luxury, which means it comes with a price tag that may inspire fainting, quips about the product being made out of gold/doing your taxes, and the like. Everyone’s budget and priorities are different, which is why I removed price from the rating system–whether it’s $1 or $100, the rating means the same thing. You’ll go through your rationalization process to determine whether something is worth it or not.

The Glossover


Love Lust


It's one of the best blush formulas I've come across, because of the ultra finely-milled powder that almost feels like cream and blends seamlessly across the skin--and then there's the out of this world wear.











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Tom Ford Lovelust Cheek Color
Tom Ford Lovelust Cheek Color

Tom Ford Lovelust Cheek Color
Tom Ford Lovelust Cheek Color

Tom Ford Lovelust Cheek Color
Tom Ford Lovelust Cheek Color

Tom Ford Lovelust Cheek Color
Tom Ford Lovelust Cheek Color

Tom Ford Lovelust Cheek Color
Tom Ford Lovelust Cheek Color

Tom Ford Lovelust Cheek Color
Tom Ford Lovelust Cheek Color

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Saks, $55.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Chanel Tweed Brun Rose is more orange and matte. MAC Stereo Rose is less pink. MAC Marine Life is similar but has less shimmer. MAC Ripe Peach has less shimmer and less pink. Chanel In Love is browner.

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90 thoughts on “Tom Ford Lovelust Cheek Color Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Wow coral yumminess! $55 scares me though. Any blush formulas you prefer over even this?

  2. This sounds lovely! Too bad I just can’t justify the price, not a big Tom Ford fan and I think I have too many blushes to pay that much for one that isn’t WOW to me (such as the Chanel horizon blush, which I DID buy).

  3. fabiola

    It is so beautiful in you Christine, it gives you a gorgeous glow. Too bad it is so expensive. The most I heve pay for a blush or cheek product would be $28 msf. Thank you for your review.

  4. Claudia

    I love how you pair blushes and lipsticks together on you! And they always look great on you! i notice you always do a warm cheek color with a cool lip color or vice versa. I’m gonna have to try that and hope it looks just as good on me, lol! XX

  5. baby in a corner

    I got wicked from these new blushers. Its a midtone pink with gold shimmer. I’m annoyed I didn’t get one of the more complex blusher colours now.

    • I got wicked also. Lovelust would be my second choice…but I never seen a color like wicked. I love love love Tom Ford’s products…bought two eyeshadow quads also which have pure pressed glitter…adult glitter…these blushers are worth the price for the quality and the amount….alot more than MAC and Chanel and the price of Chanel is not too far behind.

  6. Doll

    Love this! Especially on you! It looks GORGEUS. I’ve been eyeing with Franctic Pink, will you be reviewing that? Thanks:)

  7. Pamela

    Would this work on NC42/44 skin tone?

  8. Lulee

    ok is it bad that im trying justify a $55.00 blush? yes, yes it is.

  9. Agata

    wow, it’s stunning!

  10. Meghan McGraw

    This is so gorgeous! You look amazing Christine! I love how it just melts into your skin.

  11. Eileen

    I was so pleased to see your review. I have TF’s Frantic Pink and have been delighted with how beautifully it applies, it’s soft luminous finish, and how well it wears throughout the day. Love Lust was on my list to try next. After seeing how lovely it looks on you, I’ll not be hesitating to get this one. It looks like a great summer color.

  12. Melody

    It’s quite lovely. The price makes it something I would more likely put on my birthday list than buy for myself, but who knows? Tom Ford seems to be full of stunners and the whole range is tempting. I should cut back on my MAC hauls. Srsly.

  13. Pretty color, but I wouldn’t splurge on it.

  14. Cait

    Holy! I think this is the blush. It just looks so natural and radiant! This might have to wait until my birthday, I would never spend that much on blush with my own money. But WOW, thanks for the review, lovely colour <3

  15. Kari

    Did you sweep the brush on your temples and above the brow bone too? It has a such pretty glow!

  16. This looks like the type of color I’d reach for, and I like how you describe luxury makeup item prices lol

  17. Suselew

    That is simply gorgeous.

  18. Queenie

    Wow, what a beautiful colour! Please review more Tom Ford products, they are quite pricey and i really need some of ur advice Christine! :) xxxx

  19. Looks great on you! I have Savage and I really like it. It’s almost a blush/bronzer (great for men and women actually). This is one of the next ones on my list!

  20. Marian

    OMG…this is absolutely gorgeous! I’m falling out of my chair here!

  21. Alison

    I’d pay thirty dollars without even thinking for blush, but fifty five is a little too steep. I love Tom Ford, though, so that first statement is subject to change.

  22. Alejandra

    What are you wearing on your lips?The lip and cheek combo looks so pretty.
    In all honesty the Tom Ford line has really caught my attention ever since your Bruised Plum feature, but the price tag is a little disheartening.I haven’t ruled the line out however, and I think I will cave eventually.Hey I went out and bought Dior Nocturne lipstick didn’t I?Your posts are just so convincing.Thanks!

  23. karen

    Hi! Christine I was wondering will be doing more reviews on Tom Ford products????

  24. Michelle

    The blush is fantastic on you! Have you shared your makeup look with us? It’s really nice on you and I just love the colors.

  25. Mariella

    That blush is gorgeously flattering on you, Christine.

  26. Oh dear, now you’re making me want it! I really love the colour, and it really looks gorgeous on your skintone, so I must try this! And the wear time sounds just great!

  27. DAna

    Wow this looks gorgeous! And 10 hours of a blush is unheard of. I don’t think I can spend that much on a blush but cheers to those who can :)

  28. What a gorgeous color ! I may need to snatch this up !

  29. It’s a beautiful color that would go with a lot of looks! Quite expensive though, do you think it’s worth the buy? Thanks! :)

    • I really love the color on my skin tone, so for me, it’s definitely lovely – but I’m a sucker for coral-pink kind of blushes. I love the texture and long-wear, too!

  30. tulika

    omg this is beautiful, do you think this is comparable to dior’s harmonie blush coral riviera?

  31. amanda

    It looks sooo pretty on you.

  32. That DOES look super gorgeous – and sounds it, from your description of how it applies and wears. I know $55 is a lot more than most blushes, but I judge a product in terms of how much I think I’ll use it and how long it’ll be before I have to replace it – and the answers I get may not apply to someone else.

    I did notice, however, that you’re getting more than half again with the Tom Ford what you do with, say, Nars (.28oz v. .16oz). In that case, and given that maybe you won’t need to touch up the Tom Ford during the day like you might with most high end (not luxury) brands, the Tom Ford could actually be a bargain. So it doesn’t seem that out of line to me.

  33. Emily


  34. AmyD

    ooh, very natural and pretty. insanely expensive but maybe i’ll check it out once i get a job, haha :) are you planning on reviewing the tf foundations?

  35. Ivy

    “Everyone’s budget and priorities are different, which is why I removed price from the rating system–whether it’s $1 or $100, the rating means the same thing. You’ll go through your rationalization process to determine whether something is worth it or not.”

    Brilliant idea.

  36. lily

    I think that removing the value points was a great idea. I used to wonder if a drugstore product was an A+ because it was good, or if it was OK and cheap. This makes it a lot easier to judge quality since affordability is so personal.

  37. Kris

    Hi Christine, I was wondering if there is any other blush formula that you can think of that has approximately the same wear. I am looking for a very long-wearing blush and everything I’ve tried so far is faded after hour 6/8. I would really like to splurge on this, but it feels weird having nothing to compare it to before making my decision!

    • Nothing comes to mind, but that’s not to say there isn’t… just nothing that I can remember! Have you tried using a gel or cheek stain and then layering powder on top?

      • Kris

        Yes, the layering is what I’m doing now. my layering blush is a matte, though, so I was eying something new with a sheen to it (I do have Nars Orgasm, but the wear is subpar at best on my skin, even over a gel/cream :( my other blushes are mattes from BB and MAC, and they both perform well, lasting around 7 hours).

        If you can’t think of any ‘wear dupe’ off the top of our head, well, that seals the deal for me with regards to this TF blush! 😀

        Thank you so much for taking time to reply. Your blog is the highlight of my day!

  38. Lina

    I LOVE!
    So glad it’s not LE, so I can stick to my beauty budget for the year! Haha. I will definitely be picking this one up.

  39. Z


  40. Elizabeth

    Thank you for not including the price in your ratings. I agree that it’s up to the person who is wanting to buy to make that decision or not because of the cost. Personally, when someone is reviewing something, I just want to know the quality of the product and what is does/how it wears, etc…Then I will decide based on the info given if the cost is worth it to me.

  41. Rachel

    I love this blush! I have Love Lust (looks great on you) and Frantic Pink (beautiful for flushed pink cheeks). Gorgeous, gorgeous product.

  42. puffnstuff


  43. Gorgeous! It reminds me of a pinker sister of Nars luster(especially on your cheeks)…

  44. Natt

    This remind me of Sleek blush in Rose gold

  45. Gosh ! this is expensive bur on you it looks worth every penny <3<3

  46. Veronica

    Wow, this is a really eye-catching blush on you – very radiant. Way too warm for my skin tone but gorgeous nonetheless.

  47. Joanna

    wow~~ beautiful color~~ i’ll save up for it~~~ i can’t resist anything coral~~

  48. vina

    So cute~so expensive :(

  49. civa

    Beautiful! May I ask what’s on your lips? it goes very well with the color :)

  50. I like this, the color is natural but brings a little drama at the same time!

    And I agree with your description of luxury products. You’re paying for the name as well as the product, that’s what I think some people don’t realize. I personally would probably never spend that much money on a blush, but I’m not everyone so I think it’s very smart of you to not factor price into the ratings.

  51. Erin

    Ooh, this looks beautiful on you, Christine!

    I know products in this price range are often beyond the budgets of a lot of us, myself included, but I STILL enjoy reading about them, most especially if the quality is as stellar as this one appears to be. Please don’t feel like you have to shy away from items past a certain price point. I greatly appreciate the wide variety of products that you review here.

    Like you said, there’s a process for each of us in deciding if it’s worth it or not, and I like having all the information that you present to aid me in mine.

  52. Ana Naz

    wow! wat a pop of beauty! this looks really nice on u christine.
    do u think this is similar to nars orgasm?
    i am new to the blush world, i have only 3 compact powder blushes: nars orgasm, nars desire (bright pink) & a free blush frm clinique bashful plum.

    btw, can u teach us how to wear cream blush? i have 2 cream blush given as gifts by friends but havent worn them coz i dont really know how to. do i put it on after my foundation or after face powder, etc?

    • Orgasm is much more orange! You can usually put on cream blushes either before or after, though some formulas work better for one method than the other.

    • Eileen

      Hi Ana,

      Apply your foundation first and then use a stippling brush or similar brush to apply cream blusher on your cheeks. Blend with your fingers to smooth out the edges or sheer out the color. If you normally use finishing powder to set your makeup, now is the time to apply it.

      If your skin is oily, you might find that cream blusher doesn’t last long. To prevent it from fading, you can lightly dust a bit of powder blush in a coordinating shade over the cream blush. Cream blusher works best on woman with normal to dry skin or on all skin types during cold weather.

  53. BiancaCA

    This looks so similar to Clinique’s Aglow blush. Which is one of my favorites of all time! It’s around $20!

  54. After reading the comments I thought I’d throw this out there JUST so that you had another voice telling you the same thing you’re already hearing: I was SO happy when I saw the change some months back – removing the idea of “value” from the reviews. Of course, there are exceptions (maybe something is a steal for the money) but in general I think it was a well thought-out move! Cheers! :)

    • Yep – I think that’s a statement one can easily add to the review (and I definitely try to if a product is a LOT of product for the money or if it seems below the average amount based on what other brands give you for the price tag)! Thanks!

  55. I love blushes! but I never try any Tom Ford products, but this one looks amazing! beautiful bronze tone! thanks for sharing

  56. Angie

    This is why I appreciate seeing a product worn as well as a swatch. The swatch is lovely, and the blush looks lovely on you, but frankly, I’ve seen other blushes on you that I thought looked just as pretty or prettier. Since we have the same skintone, showing it worn in this case, was really helpful. I might have purchased it based upon the swatch, but then applied it and decided I already have something similar (or in this case, similar enough not to justify the price tag.)

    I agree with removing the price from the ratings system, but will add that the cost per ounce breakdowns that you’ve done on some products, and that was mentioned here in the comments, are very helpful, too. I don’t mind paying luxury prices, but I do like to know that I’m getting at least some value in a shiny case.

    Remember when some of us balked at paying $40 for a Rock & Republic blush? Just look at how far we’ve come!

  57. Karyn

    I have both Marine Life and Stereo Rose so I can safely pass on this I think! Whew.

    It looks great on you though Christine :)

  58. I love this blush. It’s the perfect peach with a gorgeous gold shimmer. But the price is just astonishing! All of Tom Ford’s cosmetics are out-of-the-ballpark expensive.

  59. Lori

    Although new, Tom Ford makeup has quickly become my favorite! I have Love Lust and Ravish and they are easily my fav blushers of my stash! Christine, I am dying to know your thoughts on the foundations available for Tom Ford. The stick and the fluid look lovely but i always value your opinion before I splurge! :) Hope you keep reviewing more from Tom Ford! Thanks Christine!

  60. Quinctia

    I don’t know, for some reason Tom Ford doesn’t appeal to me at all. And it’s not just the price tag, if it were more in the line of UD/Smashbox/Benefit prices, I’d still be “meh.”

  61. I also like the removal of “value” from the rating, but really appreciate editorial comment on whether the product, in your opinion, is overpriced, a great value for the price, and so on. It helps when deciding what to buy and what to skip.

  62. Carolyn

    I would love to invest in one “LUXURY” blush! I love blush! It’s my fave makeup item! Which brand would you recommend? Thanks for the reply 😀

  63. JC

    Wow! It is so beautiful!

  64. midnight noire

    the blush is lovely but do you think it would fit brown skin tone?

  65. sarah

    What lipstick is this its gorgeous!!!! Especially on your complexion!!!

  66. Thais

    You look flawless 😉

  67. Kelsey

    I love this color and I’ve been dying to try a Tom Ford blush.  It’s just hard to pick one that suits my skin tone.  I have very pale skin with warm/neutral undertones.  Would this one work on my skin?  P.S. I’m new to your blog and I just love it!  Thanks for doing this.