Beautiful Beginnings with Benefit

Beautiful Beginnings with Benefit

What was the first Benefit product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first Benefit product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer: Benefit was one of the first brands of makeup I ever tried.  I remember the two earliest being Benefit and MAC, and I can’t honestly say if one came before the other.  I do, however, remember my first big-time purchase was with Benefit.  I spent a whopping $300 there when I was in high school (when I wasn’t even allowed to wear makeup!).  They used to have a product called Show Offs, which were loose iridescent colors that you could layer on top of other products.  I also bought my first brush there during that trip, which was an eyeshadow brush–and I do still have that.  Some of the first products reviewed on the blog were BADgal Mascara, their new range of lipsticks (at the time), and Posietint.

Share your first time experiences with Benefit in the comments! 🙂

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Ooh! Ooh! I really like this post!! So cute!!

Hmm…I haven’t really dappled into Benefit quite yet. I only have mini versions of RSVP, Erase Paste, & Stay Don’t Stray that came in a tiny set.

My most interesting Benefit story though…I was in South Carolina visiting my grandparents during Thanksgiving. My husband and sister and I went Black Friday shopping so I used that as an excuse to track down a Chanel Dragon RAL. It was sold out at all the department stores! I went into a Macy’s or something asking a Benefit salesperson if a Chanel counter was available…and she said, “No, not there. But Benefit is the best brand anyway!” lol xP

Benefit was my first high end beauty purchase when I was in highschool! My friend and I both bought Ooh La Lift cause we saw that Oprah used it. lol I’ve bought many benefit products since then! <3

The first benefit product I tried was benefit dandelion and it was a sephora perk reward thing… i hate it! I have really light skin (nc15) and I can barely see it -.-… im a little put off by the brand :\

I think my first Benefit thing was the little stick with Benetint on one side and a gloss on the other…I still have it but I can’t really get Benetint to look nice on me. It didn’t sour me from the brand though, just liquid stains. Anyway my first REAL (read: useful) purchase was Bella Bamba which opened the door to the other Benefit blushes, and actually all blushes more than $20 haha.

My first Benefit products were High Beam and Erase Paste. I hated the high beam: its thick, quite metallic, and sticky. The Erase Paste is quite good, until I found Lancome, Estee Lauder, and Bobbi Brown haha!

Generally these days I avoid Benefit because I think they’re a bit tacky with their marketing and names. But I am excited to try the new Benefit Wow Oxygen foundation coming in March. I’m a foundation addict and while I’m content with my current selections, I’m not 100% satisfied.

I think it was ” Dandelion ” powder. I now have all Benefit powders and blushes and many more ! First their packagings seemed a little bit strange to me ( it’s very often the case here in France ), but when I tried Dandelion, I really changed my mind.

First thing I’ve tried from Benefit was their BADgal Mascara, which still is my favorite mascara! So far, I’ve gone through three tubes of it! 🙂 I have about four other mascaras but always end up grabbing BADgal first 🙂

My first benefit product was either Badgal lash or The Gloss when I was probably in 6th or 7th grade. I loved both of them and it started my obsession which has continued to this day (about 10 years later). Sadly, my beloved the gloss was discontinued. I still have two which I bought when they were on sale as they were being discontinued, but I can’t bear to use them for two reasons: 1. I’d be too sad if I ran out 2. They’ve probably turned rancid by now and that’s gross. I also had a show-off eyeshadow and lots of other stuff that I can’t remember because they’ve all been discontinued!

I won Benefit make-up from a contest recently and I fell in love with the brand. I absolutely love Benetint. It’s the first cheek product that lasts all day. However, if I had to buy it myself I would probably skip the brand. I don’t like the price tags. 🙂

My first benefit purchase was also my first Sephora purchase which was benetint…i loved it so much, and had no idea products like that even existed.

my first product was the “just in case”
I felt that it’s a good way to try different products all at once and I did go back and purchase the “some-kind-a gorgeous” (it’s my HG foundation)
After that I bought Badgal, hoola, highbeam and some others.
I really love benefit.

I <3 Benefit! there products can be gimmacky but for the most part I love! The eye bright pencil is a classic! Never grow too old for that! Plus there packaging is awesome too! Happy Valentine's Day!!

My relationship with Benefit goes back 30 years before it was called Benefit…when the Ford sisters had makeup boutiques in S.F. and I visited the one on Kearny Street. The brand name was Face Place…and I think they bought generic makeup and put a sticker over it to make it their own…and there were some nifty roducts that were their original like Benetint, but in a different packaging and name. They sold this boxes of white face powder that was from Hong Kong….and that is where the design of how all their boxes such as Hoola, Dallas, etc came from. Although I do not buy from Benefit now, I did buy alot of cosmetics from its predecessor.

I started with BadGal mascara, the black one, and I felt in love immediately =)
After that, I tried out so many other products that weren’t as good as I expected (Boing! concealer, Dr. Feelgood, …) BUT then appeared You Rebel Lite and They’re Real and Benefit stole my heart again =)

My first expierence was a small kit of sample size products I got at Sephora that had a small posietint that I used up entirely, then bought a full size, my first full size high-end makeup product. Ever since then I have used that Posietint almost every day.

i picked up a mini trio of benetint, posietint and highbeam from sephora on a whim and fell in love. i have coralista and it is one of the standbys in my everyday arsenal and badgal is my favorite mascara EVER!

oh benefit, I love them so much! my mom came home from work one day and brought me home 3 benefit products ^.^ the first ones i tried were highbrow(which i absolutely love using when i do dramatic winged out eyeliner to highlight my brows, as well as on the inner corners), high beam, again another love, and pocketpal, i loved that the liptint smelled like roses 😀
from that day on i am in love! i own all of their blushes, have tried all of their mascaras (i love theyre real!), have a few perfumes and the old body cream they had 😀

I think my first Benefit product I tried was Benetint, which I got in a swap from MakeUpAlley. I hated it! I then got Dallas boxed powder as gratis when I worked at ULTA and I love that powder! Still use it often! The first thing I bought for myself was Georgia boxed powder and Thrrrob boxed powder. I really love their boxed powders!

I bought my first Benefit product around 10 years ago…a lipstick called Jing-a-ling. Benefit is a fun brand and I like to swing by whenever I’m in Sephora just to see what’s new, but I rarely purchase. I do however love Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadow and look forward to the new foundation coming out this spring.

Aw Christine, that’s so cute- I remember that Benefit was my first nice brand in high school, too! I loved those Show-Off’s. They also had cream eyeshadows that I would layer underneath. Oh, and they sold this pot of glitter that I would put on my brow-bone too.

I remember when You Rebel! tinted moisturizer first came out. The renamed it, too. I got that scented body creme that came in a large tin, too. That was so exciting at the time. I have since gotten rid of ALL my Benefit, but it holds a special memory for me!

Another big brand for me at the time was SkinMarket. My first mascara came from there. Still miss those stores!

Benefit was one of the first makeup companies I really loved. I got hooked on their packaging, and ended up buying the Benetint first, which I loved for lips and cheeks. Ended up getting a couple of eyeshadows (remember the 1950s swing stuff?), a Show Off, the Touch Me Then Try to Leave, the adorable Kitten powders (wish they still made those!), Lemon Aide, and many others over the past eleven years or so. My latest purchase, which I’m still very happy about, was Hervana. The only other makeup companies that I love at this level are Urban Decay and Stila…

It hard to tell as I usually did tester with this brand and wasn’t impressed with the product initially when I got into makeup more 5 years ago.

Item I did keep the past year are Coralista and Bella Bamba. Dandelion was to pale even on my skin to notice it and Dallas was to muddy looking on me.

Benefit was the brand that got me into makeup. I didn’t used to wear makeup regularly, and when I decided to try I ended up with a foundation that broke me out so badly that it turned me off of makeup for a while. Then about a year later I was wandering around the pharmacy when the Benefit counter caught my eye. I bought Erase Paste and ended up loving it. (And I still use it!)

For a while the only makeup I bought was Benefit, but eventually I branched out to other brands. I’m not as much of a Benefit nut now, but I do enjoy some of their products and have a bit of a soft spot for them.

My first benefit purchases were the Dandelion blush, Posietint and one of the cream eyeshadows (can’t remember what they’re called) but I think the colour was RSVP. I loved everything! Benetint looks weird on me coz I’m so pale but Posietint is perfect. And the Dandelion blush is gorgeous and just adds a nice flush of colour to my deathly pale cheeks and it smells lovely too! I love benefit! They started me on my road to makeup addiction!!!

My first Benefit product was their Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Birthday Suit. I LOVE it! The staying power is amazing, I like the packaging, and I love that it’s something with a nice color that I swipe on with my fingers without worrying about primer and brushes. Since then I’ve purchased Skinny Jeans, which I’ve stared at forever, and I love it for a quick dramatic look. I also have Cha Cha tint and love it 🙂 Their tints took getting used to, they take a lot less product than you think!
I like this idea for blog posts, it’s fun to hear about everyone’s first experience with different brands.

Oh just kidding… I forgot I got Sugarbomb before the eyeshadow! It was my staple blush for a long time and I still love it (I also love smelling it…smells like sweet tarts)

My first Benefit product I ever bought was Georgia which I don’t own anymore. This was also the first blush I ever owned. Acutally, now that I look back on it, the color didn’t really show up on my cheeks and it was too shimmer. My favorite Benefit product is Benetint for lips (never have gotten the hang of it for cheeks) and I’ve used that for years and will continue to buy it.

I’m pretty sure (besides my mom introducing me to Clinique) that Benefit was the first non-drugstore brand I became a fan of. I didn’t buy myself, but as a present on a shopping spree, someone bought me their BadGal lash, an eyeshadow they no longer do (it’s a bright pink-purple powder eyeshadow), and Hollywood Glo (which is still one of my favorite looooooves). I like the brand sometimes now, they are amazing at highlighters (though I don’t like any as much as Hollywood Glo) and their cream eyeshadows but sometimes they disappoint.

My first Benefit products were Sugarbomb and Bad Gal Lash. The Sugarbomb was WAY too shimmery for my taste and the Bad Gal Lash flaked something awful. I was so put off that I swore off the Company (due to a combination of being melodramatic & a NARS and Lancome snob) forever. About a year later, Hervana entered my life. I quickly fell in love (I’m wearing it today) and branched out to Eye Bright (which I use everyday & have recommended to everyone I know) and Hoola. I want to try either High Beam or Watts Up next, but I already own the NARS multiple in Luxor, and those things last forever. I plan on repurchasing Hervana and Eye Bright again and again.

The first items I ever used from Benefit were a Play Stick and Honey Snap Out of It Face Scrub. The scrub was great, but it’s now discontinued; the Playstick was easy to use, but I found much,much better foundation with MUFE and Laura Mercier.

I don’t use too much Benefit now, except for the They’re Real mascara (I hated BadGal!). I have the mini’s of Benetint, Posietint, and High Beam, but they don’t get much use.

Benefit was the first higher-end brand I purchased from, too! Ironically, the first item I bought wasn’t even makeup—it was Bathina Body So Fine Body Balm. That was probably 7 or 8 years ago. o_o I still have it somewhere because I never finished it lol, ew. My favorite product of theirs is the Lemon-Aid Color Corrector. I’m on my 4th (or 5th?) compact now. If they ever discontinue it, I’ll be devastated!

I think my first Benefit purchase was High Beam. I had intended to buy Moon Beam, but when I visited the counter the girl told me that I was “more J-Lo than Kylie”, which surprised me as I’m NC20. I bought both eventually, but I’ve always preferred Moon Beam!
I loved the Show-Offs, too, and BADgal Lash is my favourite ever mascara. Saying that, though, I don’t get particularly excited by Benefit’s releases. They don’t make me go “ooh!” in the same way that MAC and Illamasqua do.

Benefit was the very first brand I ever really tried! I bought Benefit Dandelion and their big BadGal Smoldering Black Eyeliner! I loved them, except I couldn’t see Dandelion on my skin…even though my skin is so pale, it’s lighter than most company’s lightest shades :\

The first thing I got was the Georgia Peach Powder – which barely showed up on me (I am NC 40) and I gave up on the brand. Then, I got the Posietint and it was total love 🙂 I have soo many Benefit products now!!

I was thinking about it, and I’ve never actually bought a Benefit product o.o I’ve tested some out in Sephora before but have never purchased anything. wow. I should change this hahaha

I can’t remember if my first purchase was Badgal mascara or Lemon Aid.. meybe the second. I really love Benefit, mostly for the packaging I have to admit!
But here in Italy is (as everything 🙁 ) way too expensive! I.e. a blush costs 32€, almost 42$!

My first benefit encounter was in nyc on holiday in macy’s 😛 I bought ‘that gal’ brightening face primer. The person at the counter really made me get interested in it. It smelt really good and I found how the product came out, really cool and I could see the logic behind the primer being pink. After that I’ve been really pulled in by their other items, especially blushers and more recently, highlughters. I had received the eye shadow palettes as presents (such as the smokey eye one) but I wasn’t keen since I have much more adequate eye shadows already. I don’t own that much benefit though but I always get excited when they bring out a new product. However I was really excited for hervana and the woman at the counter tried it on me, I was slightly shocked how pink my cheeks looked..and I found it very awkward complementing it when hervana made me look like I’d ran for miles and what made it worse was that the woman was blabbing on how awesome it was. I had to just make up an excuse and say I’d come back and buy it later, haha. However I do agree it’s a great product but just not for my skin! 🙂

My first Benefit products were MoonBeam, which is still a favorite highlighter and Oh La Lift. I didn’t get anything special out of the Oh La Lift. I moved on to Gilded Pencil and the pinky-white pencil for reducing the appearance of dark circles (the name escapes me now). Then I was introduced to Sugarbomb and Creaseless Cream Shadows by Temptalia, which are two of my holy grail products! I still want to try Posietint and Bella Bamba. Overall, its a good brand with adorable packaging.

My first Benefit product was the creaseless cream liner in Towne Car. The creaseless creams and powders are my favorites and I think their lipsticks are underrated. I’ve always been really irritated by how their S.A.s are forced to act and used to avoid the counter at Macys….until I ended up working there and fell in love with the products. I don’t work for Benefit any more but probably half my products are still Benefit.

My first Benefit purchase was a silky finish lipstick in Good to Go. i fell in love and currently own 7 others. Then, i bought my first boxed powder Dandelion and the followed Coralista,Hoola, Dallas, Thrrrob and Bella Bamba. And, finally creaseless cream shadows-i own 3 and love them. And, one velvet powder eyeshadow that is beautiful. And, i own several of the perfumes; however, i have tried some of their products that i dislike- Erase paste being the worst. Just like any brand they have some winners and some losers.

Benefit was my first high end makeup purchase. The vintage, yet fun vibe of the brand really appealed to me. I think my first purchases were the lipsticks and the cream liner/shadow in No Competition and Stiletto, respectively. As I ventured out to other brands, I almost feel like Benefit went out of favour with me. I think because they maxed out on products I lusted after or wanted to buy more of. That’s not to say that I still don’t love the brand and the products I have of theirs. But it was like a rediscovery for me of how awesome their stuff is.

For me it was Benetint. Benefit was one of the first brands that I got into when I first started experimenting with makeup (not really sure what I was doind at that point). I like the brand and I think their packaging is cute for the most part. I find that 4 out of 5 times the products work for me so I’m still a big fan of the brand and always keep an eye out for new products/kits.

Benefit is the brand I really want to love but never do. The first product I got from them was The Gloss, but I didn’t like the formula, after that it was ooh la lift, which I hated, then I tried Hello, Flawless which is never quite the right shade. Whenever, I go to their brow bar (which I do love), I always get suckered in to buying something I know I’ll regret later.

The first thing I ever bought from Benefit was the ‘realness of concealness’ set. Although I don’t really use it anymore as most of the products in it have dried up, I now have a mini love with their giftsets. I find them a great value way to try loads of different things, and it’s not like I use up that many full-sized products anyway.

Lancome, MAC, and Benefit were my first higher-end brands. The first products I tried from Benefit were the boxed powders in Dandelion and Georgia along with BADgal Mascara. The powders kind of put me off from the brand because they were packaged cute and smelled good, but I never could get either to show up as really anything. I’m pretty light without sun exposure (NC15-NC20), but those things just didn’t work for me at all, so I was kind of thinking it was just a gimmicky brand. BADgal wasn’t terrible, but didn’t do anything special for me, either. I tried Erase Paste, and it was too thick and cakey for me. I own the new highlighter, and don’t really like that much. The only product I do like is the new boxed blush, Hervana.

Overall, Benefit’s one of those brands I really don’t consider. It hasn’t really satisfied me much, yet. I think things look cute and nice, but they end up sucking for me.

I just recently bought my first Benefit product ever! I have always lusted their products at the mall, but never had I bought anything. Finally, I convinced myself to shell out $30,for the Watts Up highlighter (that’s a lot for me considering I never have much money in the first place…) And I love it! I especially love how pretty it looks sitting on my bathroom counter. :3

I think the first benefit product I owned was the “finding mr bright” face kit. It came with posie tint which i love, erase paste which i hate and I think high beam which is ok but I find it really silver for a face highlighter. Posie tint and cha cha tint are awsome! I love them on lips and cheeks n the summer because they dont melt away! I also tried the skincare line but found it too rich and the smell turned me off. I also recently recieved a sample of sunbeam and am loving it! Sometimes the packaging feels really juvenile and tacky (I’m looking at you, Watt’s up) but they are like most brands, some great products and some not so great.

I think my first Benefit purchase was Benetint and I loved it! I think I might have purchased a 10 boxed powder at the same time, too. I didn’t really know how to use it at that point. I haven’t really had a lot of things I’ve loved from Benefit; maybe I need it pick up a new Benetint.

Benefit was the first non-drugstore makeup brand that I used. I remember making a list for my 13th Birthday and all the products requested were Benefit. The thing that attracted me to the brand was the affordable prices, cute packaging and welcoming sales people. Rosetint was my first product. I wasn’t technically allowed to wear makeup but, Rosetint still made me look natural. I loved mixing it with vaseline for diy lipbalm. Hoola is still my go-to bronzer, I’ve used it for 10 years now. I learned how to contour from the MUA. Their cream eyeshadows are so easy to use and blend for easy to do smokey eyes in so many colors. I LOVED the Showoffs! I’ve mourned their departure -they’re SO versatile. I keep hoping that they’ll bring ’em out again for the holidays like how Sephora did a few years ago. I only have Lola left, it’s a great iridescent magenta. Looks great on the lid and layered over creamy lipstick. Now, I only buy Benefit for the amazing value of their giftsets at Sephora.

Benetint, for sure– it’s easily my deserted island make up item! After purchasing it, I bought lemon aid which unfortunately didn’t suit my skin tone, but I recently bought moon beam and adore it! <3 I kinda wanna buy sunbeam too… must resist!

Nice post..I first noticed Benefit when its Sugarbomb blush won a Readers award on Temptalia..that was the first time i ever saw a multi coloured blush..i went to try it out but it was too light for me so i got Coralista which i still love.
I tried their cream shadows in skinny jeans and Birthday Suit but it didnt stay at all..i think those shadows are still lying around unused,but their lipsticks are nice..La La land is my favourite everyday nude pink..Im looking forward to trying some of their highlighters like Moon beam and Watts up.

first time was in a friends washrm.. there was eye bright, dallas, and something else im sure but those are what i can recall.. i bought eye bright right away even though i think its just meh these days =] and i picked up dallas shortly after!

My first Benefit product was Coralista blush. I was not impressed and gave it to someone else. All the other Benefit products are have are samples, and again they do nothing for me.

My first Benefit product was a really pretty pink gloss that came in the cutest seashell shaped compact. There was even a little grey pearl inside! 🙂 I loved it, but I haven’t purchased any other Benefit products.

Girl’s Night In! kit. It came with a bag, two magnets, two cream eyeshadows, and one lipstick. Birthday Suit and Skinny Jeans cream shadows and Lady’s Choice lipstick. I still have and use them. Birthday Suit and Lady’s Choice are my favorites in the entire kit and I will repurchase them when they run out (which they will).

My first Benefit was Just in case mini makeup set which had some kind of gorgeous foundation, and mini sizes of benetint, california kissing blue lipgloss and Eyecon cream. I still have the set which I keep at my work desk. But I have to admit I don’t really use it that often. Since this first kit I have bought benetint in pink (didn’t really like it), porefessional primer (excellent product) and Watts up highlighter which I really love and use daily. So Benefit is a bit hit or miss for me. And I do think it is overpriced.

For me, a lot of Benefit’s stuff is really cute packaging but mediocre product. Back when I first got into makeup, I used to want the Kitten powders, but could never afford em- too bad they don’t make them anymore. About six months ago I tried my first benefit product- Hoola bronzer for contouring. The price made me wince, but it’s the onlyy thing that contours my super pale skin without looking dirty or orange. I also love their It’s Potent eye cream.

I first got into them via their Brow Bar – I absolutely love the job they do and how they go to the extra effort to camouflage the fact that you just got your brows done. They’re a little more expensive, but totally worth the cost.

As an offshoot of that, the first product of theirs I bought was a Brow Zing in Medium (it’s ruined me for eyebrow pencils forever). I’m pretty happy with their BADgal mascara and coralista is a pretty blush when I’m feeling something non-pink (though I’m not a fan of the scent), though admittedly I only have a “sample” size pan of it (which is still rather big!)

Outside the zings, I don’t know it’ll ever be a go-to brand for me (I’m not a fan of their glosses nor how their powders are scented) but I’d definitely miss ’em if they went away!

Boi-ing about six months ago! Since then I’ve bought their skincare mini’s, Stay Don’t Stray, Benetint Lip Balm, Get Even, Hervana, Georgia, Thrrob, and Refined Finish facial polish. I love benefit!

my first benefit purchase was actually last week 😀 we dont have many makeup counters in nigeria so had to wait till i was out of the country to make any purchases. i bought cha cha tint and watt’s up! i looovvee cha cha tint. esp for it’s stayin power. i cant really get watt’s up to show up on me but it hasnt put me off the brand yet. doubt i’d be running to their counters anytime soon though

My first ever Benefit product was Erase Paste. Since then I’ve bought numerous boxed powders and have a slight obsession with their creaseless cream shadows!I think you do have to pick your products though, some are a bit gimmicky.

Oh I love this post!
I absolutely ADORE Benefit products! For the most part (what I’ve tried anyway) they have great quality, and the packaging is to die for *__*
My first Benefit product was a Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in the shade Birthday Suit (shimmery bronze taupe) and I fell in love. I’d only tried drugstore cream shadows before then and they had all creased. I still use it every day because it doesn’t crease! The next day I went back and bough a Velvet Eyeshadow in the shade Bikini Line (beautiful true champagne) and I use it on an almost daily basis too. So those were my first Benefit purchases!
I completely fell in love with the brand, and always love shopping there. As soon as I turn 16 and am old enough to work in retail, i’ll work at a makeup counter and you bet I’ll try and work for Benefit! I’ve asked there before and they said that you had to be 16 to do it, but that they’d love to have me because they thought my makeup looked good (for me to do the free makeovers) and if I had the personality for the job, they’d gladly give me a job opportunity as soon as I was old enough. It was so flattering, and I cannot wait 🙂

So yes, to round up, I LOVE benefit 🙂

The first and only Benefit product I’ve bought is the Pink to Please a Woman – Gold to Get the Guy Palette. Actually, only a few stores in my area sell Benefit, besides, it’s horribly expensive in Germany, where I live. The palette was 50% off and I bought it about two years ago. I really didn’t know what colors suited me back then, I bought the product because I wanted to try some stuff by Benefit. The lipglosses turned bad so I removed them from the palette. The eyeshadows are too warm for my complexion, but I cannot throw them away. The packaging’s way too cute. Because Benetit’s so expensive over here, I rather buy MAC.

Benetint! and I realized benefit brand is the kind of makeup with a “no makeup look” or “almost natural look” and I really like the brand since then.

I just started getting into makeup 2-3 yrs ago so my first ever product from Benefit was their lip gloss. It was a sheer light pink color. I loved the smell of it! After that I bought their prowl mascara top coat and gloss and the Boi-ing concealer (which I just hit pan on today!) I don’t have many benefit items because their prices are more double the US price here! Outrageous! >:(

But I do like the brand and their whimsical packaging.

My first Benefit product was Georgia and I hated it! I was new to makeup and had no idea how to use it, so I was super frustrated. I do still have it, and I’m happy I gave Benefit another try when I got more experienced – it’s now one of my favorite brands!

The first Benefit purchase I made was actually around half a year ago… it was the You Rebel tinted moisturizer. Loved it so much. Nowadays most of my high end purchases (if you count it as high end that is) are from Benefit. I have RSVP, Erase Paste, Porefessional etc. Almost all have become my current HGs, really!

My first experience with Benefit was with two product: Erase Paste and Benetint. My family bought this product in Paris during a trip, ’cause at that tome in Italy it was available only in Milan (I live in Florence, now is available at Sephora here too!)
I really loved the concealer, but I didn’t like Benetint at all!!! I used it two or three time but I really can’t find notinhg special… I was so disappointed!

I still have the concealer empty (crazy I know!) but I throw out Benetint nearly full ‘cuase I broke the top (don’t know how!!)
Here in Italy Benefit products are little bit pricy, so I’m not a huge fan of Benefit but I like the packaging, the funny products names and descriptions.

I didn’t like anything from my first purchase of Benefit products: Gal Pal (does nothing), cream eyeshadow in Skinny jeans(pretty but wore it once, I’m more into powders), Bad Gal eyeliner (the pen is too thick and it smudges…like raccoon eyes), Dr Feel Good (hardly does anything). Thank god I gave it another chance because of its cute packaging and names and blogs… Now I have Coralista and Hervana blushes in my regular makeup bag and never go without their eye shadow in Nice Melons for eyebrow highlighter. Looking forward to get more stuff !

My first Benefit product was the $9 mini sized BadGal mascara in Sephora and I love it. I’ve been tempted to try more from Benefit but swatching everything in the store I just don’t like anything else they offer all that much.

I’ve never tried any Benefit products. They just don’t seem like they are made for women of color and they are just too pricey for a hit or miss cosmetic company. (I’m as likely to read a bad review as a good review for their products.) I think for the price I’d rather buy other department store brands that have mostly good reviews, like MAC.

My very first Benefit product was Highbeam highlighter! I remember the lady at the counter put it on my NW15 cheekbones and later in another part of the department store, a woman in line told me I had the most beautiful skin! I rushed back to Benefit and bought Highbeam lol It’s still one of my favorite products even though that lady’s comment probably had more to do with the fact that I was 14 years old (with beautiful 14-year-old skin) and less to do with Highbeam haha 🙂

Benefit has been sold in Mexico for a short time, less than two years I think, so their products seemed something I could only dream about…and I really wanted to try the Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows after reading Christine’s review! When Benefit was finally here, I was really excited in my first visit to the counter and the lady there was so nice. I finally got one cream eyeshadow in sambady loves me, a powder eyeshadow in buckle bunny and a realness of concealness mini kit. I still wear these products and I have gone back for more, including sugarbomb blush, make nice lipstick and two more cream eyeshadows in birthday suit ad get figgy. I really love my Benefit products and they are not only high quality products, but a lot of fun! I definitely see more Benefit in my future! I liked this post a lot, Christine, great idea!

I got the Bella Bamba from Benefit about 1-2 years ago. I haven’t found anything I liked after that. I was really excited about Hervana but didn’t get the effect I wanted so it was returned. 🙁

The first Benefit product I ever tried was the Bella Bamba boxed blush. I love that blush so much! It’s perfectly pigmented and shows up wonderfully on my medium-dark complexion (:

my first benefit product was dr. feelgood and I had really high expectations but wasn’t happy with it’s performance. I later bought high beam, lipsticks and can’t complain. till today I love their bo-ing and erase-paste concealer

My first high end makeup purchase was Benifit. Their cute packaging is what got my attention. I purchased dr. feelgood and a pineapple scrub(not sure if it’s still around). I was disappointed with dr feelgood but I really liked the scrub, Idk why I stopped using it. Now I only use their boxed blushes.

Outside a benefit stand alone store a lady gave me their booklet which had a free makeup session in it. So when I next went into the department store makeup level and saw a benefit stand I booked a session. very nice natural look and the lady showed me how to do highlighting and everything properly. very nice brand and store people.

the first benefit product I tried was box o’ georgia. 
Used it as face powder because my loreal mineral powder was breaking me out like crazy (while I myself not that easily break out)
even though it was kinda peach in pan, but it blends well on my skin^^
I am now a fan of benefit products now, been using their hello flawless liquid foundation and porefessional

i found benefit in February of this year would you believe… I went home to Australia (i reside in the UK) to visit family and go to a wedding, my mum decided to drag me to the benefit counter to have a free make up lesson and i was hooked on benefit
I love benefit because its a nice brand, they are willing to go the extra mile at there counters in my experience to help you achieve your make up goals and let you try things out to see if they work on you and they are prepared to help and give advice.

I got my first Benefit purchase actually like 2 weeks ago, i was at our local department store, and the lady from Benefit asked if she could show me the you rebel lite. So after trying it on my hand she asked if she could give me a make over, now who says no to a free make over right? I looked great afterwards she had used the you rebel lite, they’re real mascara, the big beautiful eyes palette and cha cha tint. I bought everything but the mascara, but i’m gonna go back for that one, cause my eyes never looked so open, and my eyes never looked as blue 😀 I really liked their products, and signed myself up for a free make-up class to get to know more about benefit, they are really pricey here in Belgium but so far worth it in my opinion

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