Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

NARS Liberte Blush
NARS Liberte Blush

NARS Liberte Blush

NARS Liberte Blush ($28.00 for 0.16 oz.) is described as a “burnished apricot.” It’s a burnt orange-red with a very subtle sheen. Fans of NARS Exhibit A will probably enjoy this–it’s just a bit darker, more muted compared to Exhibit A. It’s not as bright; it reads softer, and the subtle sheen gives it a more luminous look on the cheeks. MAC My Paradise has a similar feel, though it is a touch lighter.

Admittedly, it’s horrible on me, but I think this is something that will look absolutely stunning on deeper complexions. There’s just something about this color and my particular skin tone that makes it read “terribly sunburnt” rather than “gloriously blushing.” It is also an interesting shade, because it reinforced my feelings that this collection was more of a split personality than anything else–this blush would complement the Ramatuelle trio, but it doesn’t work at all with the Marie-Galante duo (similarly, Moscow looks awful with Marie-Galante but would work with Ramatuelle).

It can be used both intensely and more sheered out, depending on how heavy-handed you are and what brush you use.  I’d recommend a stippling or really fluffy brush if you wanted a softer look, because this powder is rather pigmented.  The texture is a little on the drier, powdery side, so blending wasn’t effortless–it did take some maneuvering to get the edges to diffuse properly.  I ended up cheating a bit and using a pat or two of foundation over the edges, because it just wasn’t getting there for me.  A good method to try is to apply a very soft layer first, diffuse that, and then apply a bit more exactly where you want it.  I wore this yesterday for wear, and it wore for seven hours with just a little fading along the cheekbones.

The Glossover



If it was easier to blend, this would product would have been an A- product, but it takes substantial effort to get it to blend out and soften along the edges. The pigmentation is fantastic, and this will be lovely on deeper complexions.











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NARS Liberte Blush
NARS Liberte Blush

NARS Liberte Blush
NARS Liberte Blush

NARS Liberte Blush
NARS Liberte Blush

NARS Liberte Blush
NARS Liberte Blush

NARS Liberte Blush
NARS Liberte Blush

NARS Liberte Blush
NARS Liberte Blush

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

NARS, $28.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Fans of NARS Exhibit A will probably enjoy this--it's just a bit darker, more muted compared to Exhibit A. It's not as bright; it reads softer, and the subtle sheen gives it a more luminous look on the cheeks. MAC My Paradise has a similar feel, though it is a touch lighter.

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: NARS Marie-Galante Eyeshadow Duo (Blue/Purple), NARS Ramatuelle Eyeshadow Trio (silver), Burberry Trench Eyeshadow (highlighter), Hourglass Film Noir Mascara. On lips: NARS Buenos Aires Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil.

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45 thoughts on “NARS Liberte Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Nichole

    I knew this would be a good buy for me. I’m NC45 and can’t wait to try out this blush I pictured being a deeper version of Gilda. I wish it were a matte finish, but a subtle sheen will do.

  2. Kelsee Briana Jai of YouTube

    Ooo this is everything that I wanted Modern Mandarian to be…

  3. Lauren

    I love your eye makeup Christine! Tutorial please. :)

  4. Kafka

    I would look jaundiced with this colour. Or suffering from malaria! I think I’ll stick to my Torrid, which is about as orange as I can go. I must say, I laughed my head off at the subtle implication that the collection was bi-polar or schizophrenic. *grin*

  5. K.B.

    Darnit! I KNEW I should have waited for swatches before I ordered this blush, but I figured that I couldn’t go wrong with a NARS blush. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and at least try it before I buy it, but I am not as excited for this blush as I was pre-swatches.

    • Oh no! What’s holding you back?

      • olivia

        I actually think this looks really pretty on you Christine. It looks sun kisssed!

      • K.B.

        I’m NW20ish, so I’m nervous about the color. My idea of experimenting is wearing a brighter pink blush. lol The difficulty you had blending it also makes me feel a little skittish. I will definitely try using a stippling brush like you suggested before I make any rash decisions, though.

        • Here are a couple more tips:

          1.) If you use liquid/cream foundation, let it dry down first. Sometimes you don’t, because it enhances the wear and pigmentation of a blush, but you need no help in the pigmentation with this one. It’ll be harder to blend if the foundation is still wet/damp.
          2.) You can use foundation (whether your normal or pressed powder, or even loose powder) or setting powder along the edges to help blend it out (cheating, so-to-speak).

          • K.B.

            Thank you so much for your tips! I will definitely be spending this weekend playing with this blush. lol I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my comments, especially as I know you get tons of comments every day.

        • Maud

          im NW20 also and i purchased this at the nars store, it is absolutely gorgeous just use a light hand :)

  6. Laia

    I love the fact that it’s NOT limited edition – I wanted to get MAC My Paradise but I couldn’t so this could be the one that makes up the missed chance. Thanks Christine for the review! :)

  7. fabiola

    Well I think this blush looks amazing on you Christine. It really works for you along with that lipstick and that beautiful makeup in your eyes. It just works.

  8. Liz

    I’m sure that there is a perfectly good reason for this, but the blush looks really bad with the other makeup you have on. I think if you had done the something different with the eyes, the blush would look really good. Right now, your makeup looks like it’s really clashing. I think the blush is pretty and would look great on certain skin tones. I mean this in a very respectful way, so please take no offense.

    • Hi Liz,

      I mentioned this in the review already — I spoke on how the blush doesn’t flatter half of this collection but would work better with the eyeshadow trio. Unfortunately, everyone wants reviews ASAP so I only have a limited amount of time to test products out for wear and to swatch, so I have to pick and choose my battles – usually me looking ugly is the winner. That’s why it’s just a swatch and not a look post :) The blush looked bad on me (personally) not because of the eyes – the color on its own does not flatter my undertones, as I wore it the next day for wear and hated it on me as much as I did previously! (But it looking bad on me or not being flattering with a particular eye look has absolutely zero impact on the rating.) Thanks for letting me know though!

      • Liz

        Thanks for the reply. In the photo, I think the blush looks good on you, although it looks a little heavy to me. I just don’t like the overall look. I don’t think that blush should be paired with purple eyemakeup. However, I realize that you do swatch a whole lot of products and you can’t always change your entire look to coordinate with one product. I find your reviews extremely helpful and I think you rate items fairly. I guess I was just trying to say the blush looks bad in perspective with the overall look. I didn’t think that was the reason that you gave it a B+.

      • Haha, at “making me look ugly”. I don’t think you could ever look ugly!

  9. Sharlie Gugel

    I can see this one being easy to overdo on the cheeks, but I think it would be fabulous on the eyes!!!

  10. baby in a corner

    i can’t decide if this would flatter my extremely pale, cool skin tone or not!

  11. Miss J

    I stare at this blush and it just keeps reminding me of Paprika (the spice, not some product named Parika, lol…although, I’m sure there is a product named Parika, too). I’m not sure if this will work for me. I think this is one of the one’s I will for sure have to try on myself. I’m NC20-30 in the summer, not sure how this would look on me.

  12. Christine, I’m about the same colouring as you, maybe a bit lighter and cool toned (NW22 ish). Do you think this blush would be too bold for me? I want to place an online order

  13. Kathy S.

    I’m buying this – and Moscow – for someone else’s face, but I may try it myself. It’s too beautiful not to give it a shot. Maybe I’ll go farther back on the cheekbone to try to sheer it out towards the apples of my cheeks. It might work. I also may powder first, then apply this, to minimize the drag. My model? Her complexion is dark enough to take it.

  14. i’m so glad that i ordered this sight unseen, the description just let me know that it would look wonderful! i can’t wait to get my hands on one! =) thanks for the review Christine!

  15. I want this blush but it seems awfully close to exhibit A. I guess i am wondering how different it will look on my skin. less red maybe…not sure if I should splurge but I love nars blushers!

  16. Katherine

    I’m an NC42 and a huge blush lover. I have nothing like this..Would this work for me? Hmmm..

  17. YellowLantern

    Funny, while this isn’t the most flattering color on you, I actually don’t think it looks bad on you. Interesting color.

  18. Ruthie

    why oh why?!!! when will I ever stop buying blushes? i just got a couple of them and one of them is Nars Exhibit A!!! NOw i want this one too! Maybe I’ll check it out first in person and try it on myself then I’ll decide from there. Anyways, its good that its not a limited edition so i have plenty of time to decide haha! I need to start saving money! Thanks Christine for always feeding me with my cravings for blushes!

  19. Joanne

    Good morning Christine,
    I have a question regarding NARS product pricing. It seems as though the NARS website has increased their prices on some if not all their products including specifically the blushes which now retail for $32. Do you know if it is a glitch? ::crosses fingers::

    • Hey Joanne,

      I was just at NARS’ website and saw Liberte at $28. I clicked through and went to “blush” and those were listed as $28.

      • Joanne

        Christine, color me silly. I ended up on the NARS Canadadian website a couple of days ago at work (do not ask me how) and didn’t realize it. But I’ve spent 2 excrutiating days googling price changes for NARS and couldn’t come up with anything. Sorry about the mix up. Should’ve paid close attention to the URL. THANKS again for all that you do for us make up junkies.

  20. Barbara

    I bought Liberté from the Nars EU website and it is absolutely gorgeous, even on lighter skin (mine: NC20). It deserves a light hand, but that is the fact with almost all Nars blushes I own. Compared to Gilda it seems to be more reddish, less corally-orange nd maybe a bit darker on my skin. At least mine was easy to blend, so no complaints here and gives a beautyful glowy finish though it seems flat matte in the pan. You can even use it to create a similar look as Ramatuelle when using in conjunction with the old Sandra Duo e/s. Do I have to say that I love this blush?

  21. Jasmine

    I’m Loving The Look Of This Blush

  22. Brittany Thomas

    Gotta have!

  23. Britt Chapman

    First pic looks a little scary in the pan but WOW it’s so pretty on!!! I must get this.

  24. noni19

    Hi Christine, how does this compare to mac modern mandarin? I’m currently in love with orange-coral blushes and was wondering if this is better/diff enough for me to justifying owning this and mac’s modern mandarin ?

  25. Liv22

    If I have Taj Mahal do I need this!?!?!? omg

    • Aisha

       @Liv22 GOOD QUESTION. I have Taj Mahal..and Im looking at this thinking the SAME thing you are.