Beautiful Beginnings with Make Up For Ever

Beautiful Beginnings with Make Up For Ever

What was the first Make Up For Ever product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first Make Up For Ever product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  The first product I remember trying (and reviewing) was their HD Powder, which I like (and still like). After that, I remember spending an unholy amount of money on the brand when I attended IMATS a few years ago (since it was 40% off) and did a series called 30 Days of Make Up For Ever. I love their products and find the brand to be high quality overall.

Share your first time experiences with Make Up For Ever in the comments! 🙂

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My first product from MUFE was their HD Foundation. Up to this date I still think it’s one of the best liquid foundations on the market. After that I tried to Waterproof Smoky Lash mascara- again, one of the best ones out there. Honestly, I haven’t used a product from MUFE that I wasn’t impressed with. Great quality!

MUFE is my favorite line. I started with the Mat Velvet foundation and loved it for a couple of years. Then I went to the Aqua Liners, the Aqua Creams, the Smoky Mascara (my HG Mascara!!), switched to the HD Foundation (can’t live without it now); the HD Primer and HD Powder. I love their lipsticks as well – I’m happy they expanded the color line. I wish Sephora would carry ALL the MUFE products. I recently picked up ten eye shadows and am loving the pigmentation and blending. Really there hasn’t been anything I was disappointed in with MUFE. It’s a true love affair 😉

How much money would you recommend someone brings to their first imats. I love makeup and discounts are always a selling point for me. I don’t want to miss out on something because I didn’t bring enough money

I remember they let us use our debit cards I believe at MUFE… I haven’t been in a few years, so I would check with IMATS! I didn’t really buy anything at other vendors.

It depends on the location as well. The Toronto one was mostly Cash or Credit Cards only at their booths. Some do take debit cards.

MUFE to speed things up was Cash or Credit Cards only.
NYX took all forms of payment.
Yaby Cash or Credit Cards.
Naked Cosmetics Cash or Credit Cards.
Temptu Pro Cash or Credit Cards.
Velour Lashes Cash or Credit Cards. (Didn’t ask about debit though.)
Jordane Cosmetics Cash or Credit Cards.
Alcone Cash or Credit Cards.
Bdellium Tools Cash or Credit Cards.
Alchemy Center Makeup Art Studio & Boutique (KETT) Cash or Credit Cards.
Royal & Langnickel Brush Mfg. Cash or Credit Cards. (Didn’t ask about debit though, But I think they took it as well.)

Brittany, I just attended IMATS NYC this past weekend and although they accept major credit cards, I suggest that you bring cash. Transactions are processed much quicker. Hope that helps. As far as budgeting, it all depends on how extensive your collection is and what are missing or need more of.

I think it’s going to depend on how much/what you plan to buy, I suggest checking out the vendor list and doing some research on products that might be of interest. However, I know IMATS is kind of fun and flashy and the booths draw you in – personally, I brought $400 in cash and a credit card because that was my “comfort zone” for spending, it’s going to depend on you. That said, most booths accepted credit cards no problem, and even if you have a debit card, tell them to process it as credit, it will still work, but you won’t have to deal with those annoying bank charges. 🙂

I handful of years ago, my mom needed a new concealer, so I told her and I went to Sephora to find her one. after the employee helping her test out a few, she ended up with the full cover concealer. that was the first time that I’d ever seen anyone close to me buy any relatively expensive makeup haha. at the end of last year, I went searching for a bright pink lipstick and was drawn to MUFE. I ended up with the rouge artiste intense #36. I love that lip color, and my mom still uses that concealer.

First thing I ever purchased from MUFE was their HD foundation that I heard was great and apparently Kim Kardashian uses. I still use that foundation, and it is great, though sadly my skin is oily so I don’t blame it for looking blah at the end of the day. I also got a set from Sephora that has the HD powder, smokey lash mascara, black eyeliner, and their aqua cream in a color similar to Sin from UD.
My make up collection is very scattered across various brands (UD, Benefit, MUFE, Nars, etc) I just gravitate towards what’s highly rated and recommended.

I tried the setting powder first, and actually returned it, because it made me look even more pale than I was… the white really intimidated me. Next, bought one of the aqua cream eyeshadows, and love it. Still the only thing I own by MUFE, but the brand is amazing 🙂

first MUFE: face & body, I completed fell in love with it! I tried the HD it didn’t like how it made my skin look dry and I can see the foundation on my skin. Then i bought the Full Cover Concealer, and I’m loving it! Definitly going to try more MUFE products

What was the first Make Up For Ever product you ever tried? What was the first Make Up For Ever product you purchased?
I bought my first 3 products last August, because I was visiting a friend in Berlin and used the chance so take a look at the products. I am talking about HD Primer, HD Foundation and an Aqua Creme Nr. 14.

Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?
I am not sure, if the primer breaks me out. I love the foundation, and picked up another one for my winter skin color. Yes, I still own all three products and I am really looking forward to use my spring/summer foundation again.

Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?
I would not call it a real romance. MUFE produces in my opinion good and not so good products. I think, I will buy some products, when I will visit Berlin again. I don’t like buying unseen.

Small Review of the products I own:
* HD Foundation, pretty good for my skin. I wish I can get colormatched in my area.
* HD Primer: I’ll have to figure out, if the prduct breaks me out.
* HD Blush: Pretty color, but it’s hard for me to put the right amount of product on my cheeks. I don’t really like the pump.
* Kabuki: Love, especially applying my Chanel Bronze Universal.
* Auqa Cremes: I own 2 and they stay on my skin, but it’s difficult to create an even layer.
* Smokey Lash: Sorry, this one doesn’t work for me. It’s cloddy, dry and glues the lashes. I won’t purchase Smokey Lash again.

My first MUFE purchase was this weird dirty lilac colored eyeshadow. I hated it, it stained my lids. But that didnt put me off the brand entirely because I had gone back and purchased the aqua eyes liner in black and the smokey lash, my favorite mascara and eyeliner ever. I haven’t purchased any makeup forever since sephora took all rights to it( except my mascara/ liners ) 🙁

I never tried any MUFE. I was thinking about getting one the new Rouge Artist Natural lipsticks in a natural colour. Has anyone tried them and if so what colour do you recommend?

The first MUFE product I ever bought was a matte purple eyeshadow. I fell in love with the eyeshadow and tried to incorporate all my looks around it. It blended so effortlessly and was really pigmented. I bought 3 other eyeshadows and the HD primer. I love MUFE!

I tried their HD primer when I went to the States a couple of years ago. It was midsummer and looked fantastic in photos. Since it’s hard to get in the UK, I don’t really buy MUFE. I still have my primer but desperately need a new one. I had a bad reaction to an eyeliner I later bought in KL but that hasn’t put me off wanting to get their HD foundation.

My first ever MUFE product was the all matt primer which is nice, but SO over priced, cost me 45€ & does not keep me matte all day but it does all the other things primers are suppose to do. Then was F&B that I love bought it back in ’09 summer still use it till this day, it’s a shame though I don’t have a perfect match (not enough yellow).
Swatched Mat velvet plus,HD & HD powder but Sephora at my country don’t carry the whole line, in fact I had to buy the F&B on-line from the UK. Overall good quality products. The prices are high but I’m willing to pay it ( will repurchase F&B)and probably buy some L/S.

The first MUFE product I tried was the Smoky Lash mascara in a plum color, which looked beautiful, but flaked like crazy. I recently purchased the Mat Velvet+ foundation, which I love! I’ve not tried the HD foundation, because the pale shades were a bit too pink, but Alabaster – 15 in the Mat Velvet+ is perfect for me! If I want a glowy, radiant look, I mix in a bit of luminizer (L’Oreal Magic Lumi).

MUFE HD Foundation was the first product I tried from the brand. I initially was in love with the product, but I noticed it would apply and wear inconsistently on me. In addition, I felt it actually turned LIGHTER on me after wearing it for a number of hours, so I HAD to wear bronzer with this foundation otherwise I would look sick. I bought it back in December 2010. The foundation states it’s expiration date is a year, but I planned to finish it up since most foundations say they are good for two years, but maybe a month after that year was up the foundation was thickened and goopy. I found that all to be a little ridiculous, so I’m done with that foundation.

I think MUFE has some good products, but I wouldn’t say it’s a favorite brand of mine.

I started with Aqua Eyes 7L, 13L, and 17L. I also have all 4 of the Metal Powders. I’d like to try more of their products but they’re a little pricey so I have to wait for the next Sephora 20% off.

I tried the HD foundation because I was being interviewed on camera. The match was close, but not good enough, and the texture was disgusting. Tried another shade for another TV interview which was closer, but still felt that the price was outrageous. It’s no better than Revlon Colorstay and Colorstay lasts longer and doesn’t feel like applying glue to your face. Total rip-off.

Ahaha! “unholy amount of money” xD

I really like the MUFE HD foundation but since its getting hotter its getting too light for me and I’m debating on whether or not to get a darker shade. I also have the Aqua Eyes eyeliner in black and its my everyday go to eyeliner 🙂

A deep blue powder eyeshadow. Then few things in fact, the HD powder, a few lipsticks and 2 cream eyeshadows so far I know. This is it !

I LOVE make up for ever : ) my favorite brand ! I started with the HD primer and HD powder and I was obsessed ! since then I have been loving their mat velvet foundation, smoky lash mascara, eyeshadows, cream blushes, aqua liners, aqua creams, and lipsticks . they are very very high quality and i’m never disappointed .

For me as well, it was their HD powder which I still use, after that the Aqua pencil liners, followed by lipsticks. I want to try their new aqua shadow pencils!

First MUFE product I’ve tried and purchased is their Full Cover concealer. I had oily skin and needed something that could withstand humidity and temperatures of 80 degrees or higher. This was the answer to all my problems: transfer-resistant, slip-resistant and very pigmented. My skin has changed since then so I can no longer use this on my undereye area but I still make sure to have this concealer for humid/hot times.

Since then, the brand has continued to impress me: I have tried and repurchased their Sens’ eyes makeup remover, the aqua eyes pencil, and liquid liner. Even the products that disappointed me I felt were good quality: the HD foundation looked fantastic until it oxidized on me, the Aqua Black Waterproof Shadow/Liner was pigmented, smooth, applies effortlessly and waterproof but not smudge-proof or budge-proof (on me).

In short, I have come to feel that Make Up For Ever will always deliver on quality–even if the results don’t work out for my personal needs.

My first product was MUFE HD foundation. I wasn’t really into makeup at the time and I had never even heard of the brand. I ended up using only MUFE products for my complextion on my wedding day (elixer, primer, foundation, and powder). I’ve tried quite a few products and overall, I think they’re high quality. The only product that I’ve ever been unsatisfied with was the Lift Concealer. Smoky Lash is one of my favorite mascaras for an everyday look. I think their aqua cream liner is amazing and probably slightly better than the Bobbi Brown gel liner. I also really like the aqua eyes pencil. I’ve never tried their blush or eyeshadows (except one aqua cream). The foundation definitely paved the way. Overall, it’s one of my favorite HE bands.

The first MUFE product I tried (and purchased) was the HD Foundation in 117. This was about three years ago, and I still use it—although seriously considering switching to Dior Diorskin Nude Natural Hydrating Makeup SPF 10 in 010. The only other MUFE product(s) that I own is the Wild & Chic Aqua Eyes Collection (limited edition @ Sephora). I have had mixed results with these and recently posted the following question on Sephora’s site (under the Aqua Eyes product page, not specifically the Wild & Chic). I love the 0L Matte Black and 12L Blue with Green Highlights liners. Whether on my lid or waterline, it stays on for hours (and hours, and hours…). However, I have a problem with the other colors I have tried (2L Pearly Brown, 3L Iridescent Navy Blue, 11L Purple, 21L Dark Grey). When I apply them to my lash line, if I want to or have to go over the line to darken the color, fill in gaps, or even out the line, the pencil almost starts acting like an eraser and rubbing off the color that is already deposited on my las line. The only way I can describe it is that it reminds me of how sometimes when you are using a dry-erase marker that is dried out, the more you try to go over what you have written or drawn to darken it, the more ink that seems to just “lift” off the dry-erase board. This is so puzzling to me as at first I thought it was just the non-matte colors that had this issue, but since the 12L Blue with Green Highlights is definitely not matte and doesn’t create this issue, it seems like there is no rhyme or reason to which ones give me a problem. Any feedback or responses regarding your experience with this is appreciated. Thanks.” ***Note: I hope that it wasn’t against etiquette to post that here. A couple of days ago, I considered posting my experience with them under your (Christine’s) review of these pencils, but after seeing how old the comments were, I figured that would be pointless as not many people would see it.***

I first tried the HD foundation and HD powder, I went to Sephora to look for a good foundation that would look good on camera, they were both great! I was going to L.A. to be on an episode of TLC’s Ultimate Cake Off, the foundation and powder lasted all day (from 6am when filing started to 3am when it wrapped up) That was 3 years ago and I still love both of these products.

I go way back with MUFE. Before they were sold at Sephora, they were sold at Saks – I’m talking 25 years ago. It was the most unusual brand since all they had there was Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clinique, etc. One of my first purchases was a thin concealer pencil. It was a two sided pencil so that you could get in small areas or use it on your waterline. I remember buying eyeshadow too but I don’t remember the colors.

Several years ago, I was wandering around the cosmetic counters at Nordstrom, and I came across the MUFE counter. I had heard of the brand, but nothing specific, other than it was highly pigmented & great for the stage. I saw the contour/highlight duo and immediately bought it. The SA then showed me a concealer/lipliner dual ended pencil. I had never seen anything like it before, but it was exactly what I needed. This was about 15 years ago, so I no longer have the powder (which I need to replace), but I still have the pencil. I totally forgot I had it until recently, and it still works.

I now have a couple of Aquacream shadows, and 9 powder shadows (I just bought 2 today). I need one more and a pallette.

* Then I bought the 12 Flash Pallette, which I absolutely adore, and 3 pigments. I stopped buying the eyeshadows only because, not long after I “rediscovered ” MUFE, I had fallen in love with NARS, UD, and LORAC. And I was very disappointed that MUFE decided not to release the Smokey Eye Pallette in the US…

Hands down the BEST foundation out there! That was the first product I tried and it will be forever! I tried Chanel, Nars, Borjois, Dior, etc. nothing gets even close to MUFE.

My first experience with MUFE was 3 years ago when I was doing a bit of modelling. The team was MUFE and I LOVED the products that were used on us. I worked all day and everything still looked great when I got home that night – even after trudging through public transit!!

I was introduced to the white flash colour and this amazing burgundy brown that I still don’t know which it was, star powders and the Face and Body foundation. I didn’t care for the lipgloss though, I found it way too goopy. But I have since purchased shadows, blushes, powders and F&B foundation. I just wish they still sold flash colours in singles 🙁

I bought the HD foundation in 115 a little less than a year ago; it’s fantastic. I’ve never had a foundation color match me so well and have such a natural looking texture. (I apply either with my fingers or the beauty blender sponge.) I also bought the HD powder and concealer, but did not like either very much. I prefer to use a slightly tinted powder and a less oily concealer. I also tried the green tinted primer, but my skin did not tolerate it very well. I just prefer primers that have a more slick texture; I think it’s the silicone ingredients.

Like MarciaF here, I go way back with MUFE. About 20 years & back when there was no such thing as a Sephora. (20 years. God, that makes me feel ancient!!!)

Anyway, my MUFE start was when I got a very intense matte purple eyeshadow and remember thinking, “WOW! No-one does anything this bright and intense. I need to remember this brand!” As compared to what others were putting out back then, it was almost in your face purple! I still have it, it’s still in perfect shape and it’s still so in your face, it might as well be neon! I loved it and MUFE became my favorite brand for bold, bright eyeshadows. But I never considered MUFE for anything but the boldest of eyeshadows. I went to other brands for neutral shades, NARS for lipsticks and Shu Uemera was my go-to for foundation, so I was far from a loyalist. I came very late to the MUFE foundation craze and really like it, as I do some of their other stuff (Aqua creams, HD powder), but I guess I’m just not obsessive about MUFE. It’s odd, only NARS has created such a degree of love and devotion that I actually feel somewhat disloyal and guilty when I buy other brands or disparage one of their items. MUFE is a great line, but yet, it’s not one I think frequently about or just LONG for their products. In other words, it’s not like Christmas when I get something from MUFE.

My first ever MUFE product was their translucent loose powder. It didn’t wow me or anything but I still went back to the brand for other products!

My first product was the first lunch of a 5 mini set of Aqua Eyes when I was in college. I love their products but the Candian price point makes me look for shade dupes else where. That said I think I’ll be braving the line at IMATS this year to get a few lipsticks.

My first MUFE product was Lab Shine Lip Gloss in M10 chrome morello cherry. I really wanted this one after seeing the swatch and review here. I wasn’t dissapointed: I really liked it. I still own it,heck I bought it last August!

The first MUFE product I used was the Aqua Smoky Lash mascara. I didn’t like it. But next experience was with regular Smoky Lash. It’s actually pretty good mascara and I am a mascara junkie. I have tried way too many than necessary.

It was probably Matte Eyeshadow #92 – the legendary purple. I’d read about it on the make-up forums and it is indeed the ultimate purple, so pigmented it stains your eyelids. Then I tried the HD powder and foundation – I still use the powder but HD is too much coverage for me foundation wise. I also love the concealer palette with the green to cover blemishes and the contour/highlight duo. I want to love the lipsticks, they have great staying power and beautiful shades but they smell like old lady powder and it’s tough to get past that.

I believe it was either the HD powder or the HD Primer, the light blue one. For a long time I didn’t think the primer did anything special but tried it on a friend with much darker skin (the light blue was meant to brighten pale tones) and found it looked really silly on her because it magnified any places on her skin where it was slightly lighter. :/ I always play with their eye-shadows when I’m at Sephora but haven’t bought any. While I think their products are great and of great quality, I just feel that I could find less costly dupes for their items elsewhere and thus can’t justify actually buying anything.

Back in 1995 timeframe, I bought a large size- 4 oz. body/ face foundation from Saks where that was the only store that sold MUFE in S.F. I think the size sold now is half that size. Being the fact that I love any cosmetic product made in France, I also bought two eyeshadows, cream concealer and a lipstick. The packaging was very different than the traditional makeup lines at that time. I see MUFE as stage makeup for drama/ movie sets. As I do with every new brand, I get into it, then I stop purchasing that brand when another new brand comes along. MUFE is unique in its own way….but I think has a consistency of makeup from the ’20s.

The first MUFE product I ordered and used was their HD Microfinish Setting Powder. At the time I was using Bare Escentuals and had run out of Mineral Veil, looking for something that would keep my oily t-zone at bay. I realize now that this wasnt the best choice for doesnt really claim to control oil; it does however claim to help create a flawless set and finish which is something I havent really noticed…-shrug- I just use it out of habit and for setting purposes, but there are better products out there for my particular concerns.
Ive also used MUFE’s HD foundation which has a very broad shade collection which I was easily able to find my perfect shade in (110) but although the quality and coloring was perfect, it slipped right off my oily t-zone. Im not oily enough to use the mat velvet foundation, though…and I dont really need coverage, just oil control. (I’m quite happily using MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in light now and it serves me wonderfully by itself)
Even though Ive had two half-misses I still consider MUFE a high quality brand that I definitely won’t stop myself from trying out further in the future, especially since they have such a wide range of products in wide ranges of colors with such positive feedback. On to the cheeks/eyes/lips products next time.

I discovered my love of MUFE foundations through one of my favorite bloggers, and I must thank her because before she introduced me to MUFE, I was having one bad interaction after another finding a foundation that would work for my skin.  Upon reading her review, I decided to buy the MUFE HD Foundation, and I was truly amazed by the quality of the product.  I am usually very skeptical of products that receive rave reviews, and I felt that $40 was too steep to pay for an ounce of foundation.  However, when comparing this one bottle to the many other hopeless foundations that have failed me, $40 is a more than fair price.  This foundation was perfect for my skin type, didn’t cause any breakouts, and gave me the most beautiful coverage of any foundation I have ever tried!  I was so impressed with this foundation, that I decided that I would try her sister foundation as well.  So I went back to Sephora and purchased the MUFE Face & Body Foundation.  I must say that if I had thoroughly sampled and tested the two foundations before purchasing them both, I would have most definitely chosen the Face & Body for sure; although, I love both and find they are good for different uses.  HD is great for more formal occasions, coverage, and flawlessness, while F&B is great for casual wear and evening the skin tone, while still allowing your natural beauty to shine through.  However, F&B gives me the glow and polished natural look that I have been searching for in a foundation.  So now, I am glad to say that my search is over.  I think that many people are scared off by the prices of MUFE; however, you are getting a great bang for your buck with this brand.  Do not sleep on them! =)

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