Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection: Mineralize Skinfinishes

I know many of you were excited to see two new skinfinishes join the Warm & Cozy Collection. I’ve never been able to jump on the mineralize skinfinish train with all my heart, but some of them are nicer than others.

  • By Candlelight is a light-medium peachy-pink with a surprising amount of pigmentation. It has a very shimmery, frosty sheen, so a little can go along way. (I’d definitely recommend using a light hand or the 187 brush and build up intensity with this shade.) It kind of reminded me of a way more pigmented Porcelain Pink or a peachier Glissade.
  • Comfort is a warmed-up medium bronze. It has a little orange to it, as well as a soft gold sheen. It’s not as shimmery or frosty as By Candlelight. It’s like a more intense, bronzed out version of Sunny By Nature or a more orange version of Gold Deposit, maybe.

See more photos and swatches!

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Comfort Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes: By Candlelight, Comfort

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60 thoughts on “MAC Warm & Cozy Collection: Mineralize Skinfinishes Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. Melinda

    I like By Candle Light but it looks really shiny tho :O(

  2. Michelle

    Omg By Candlelight is gorgeous!

  3. Annie

    Thanks for the quick review! Am definitely gonna get By Candlelight<3

  4. thank goodness i don’t like these. :)

  5. phuong k

    Hey Christine, do you think that Comfort could double as a bronzer or would it be too orange? Also, I was wondering what you think about By Candlelight as a blush. I think I would be more inclined to buy them if the use could be doubled. One last question, do you think there is too much shimmer in them to be used as an all over finish?

    • I think it’d be too orange, personally – it’s also a little on the shimmery side. I think you could definitely use By Candlelight as a blush if you’re light to medium; if you’re darker, I think it may be a little on the faint side.

      I don’t think I’d use either as an all-over finish, though.

  6. Do you think By Candlelight will look ashy on black skin?

  7. Rosanna Lam

    By Candlelight is pretty but highlighters are always the last thing I think of when I put make-up on in a rush…SKIP. 😛

  8. Andrea

    Yeah I’m not crazy about these!!

  9. If I have Porcelain Pink, do I really need to get By Candlelight?

  10. glitter princess

    hi christine,
    do you think bu candlelight be good for skintone nc40?thanks

  11. I wasn’t super in to these, but the swatch of by candlelight is tempting me….

  12. Amber

    Do you think By Candlelight would work for NC45 shades? And if so, what would be its best uses?

  13. daphne

    Ooof. Colors of both of those are so pretty, but I can’t see myself using such colors anywhere but my eyes. By Candlelight is just TOO frosty for the face; Comfort is a little too orange to be a bronzer or a blush for my skin tone. So annoying! Make eyeshadows in these colors, MAC! :)

  14. daphne

    I have to say though…what’s with the products themselves not being very pretty? What a shame! I know that MSFs are very popular in part because they are so darn gorgeous with their veining and everything. These are just very blah! I mean obviously swatched they’re pretty but c’mon MAC, part of the point is how pretty they look too 😉

    • I ordered mine online, so I couldn’t pick and choose, but I did feel like mine felt exceptionally un-vein-y (and typically, it’s the veining that makes it pretty). :(

  15. Lucie

    OMG! By candlelight is my next MUST-BUY!

  16. Candelight looks amazing! Great Swatches

  17. By Candlelight looks gorgeous! I do want to order it and will have to order the 187 brush to apply it with a light hand or just use it as a highlight with my 165 brush.

  18. egon

    Hey Christine, is the shimmer in By Candlelight fine or large like the shimmer was in smooth merge MSF? I liked it a lot but it was sort of glittery =(

  19. By Candlelight looks so pretty. I don’t think I’ll get Comfort though, it looks so orange!

  20. Jennifer

    I ordered By Candlelight and Mulled Cider from this collection.
    Sure there are other nice things, but nothing I feel super excited about.

    This will be my first MSF.

  21. Jennifer

    Oh Christine…How woud you think By Candlight would look on NC20 skintone?

    I have sort of an OT question…If it isn’t too much trouble to answer. How is NC and NW determined? Does hair color factor? I seem to see a lot of blond haired people with NW skintone…Do hispanic people tend to favor NW or NC? I ask because I have a friend who is blond and a hispanic friend and they are wanting to get into mac and I would like to tell them at least some info on that before going into MAC and having the artist give them a whirlwind of products…you know?

    • I think the color would look fine, but it just seems very shimmery for me, so if you like shimmer… yes :)

      It’s about undertones. The easiest way to think of it is NC = not cool, NW = not warm. Look at the underside of your forearm; if the veins are green, you’re warm-toned (aka NC); if the veins are bluish, you’re cool-toned (aka NW). If you can’t tell if they’re blue or green, you may be more neutral.

  22. Bobbiedoll03

    I love an orange blush for my NC45 skintone and I was eyeing comfort but I do not want to buy something I already have. How close is it to the look of gold deposit or warm blend?

  23. amy

    I have by Candle Light and have been wearing it for a few days but I was hesitant about Comfort though because I have quite a few bronze colour MSFs alread.

  24. Anitacska

    I will definitely pick up By Candlelight, but will probably skip Comfort. I have just swapped my Sunny By Nature MSF and already have Gold Deposit and Warmed, so probably don’t need Comfort as well (I’m quite pale anyway). But By Candlelight… oh I need it! :) Probably another 2 weeks until the collection is out in the UK. :(

  25. Vness_12

    Were the Mineralized Skinfinishes always so opaque?! They look weird to me for some reason in the swatches. But I think I like them. Just a little though LoL.

  26. mskia

    by candlelight looks beautiful..

  27. Val♥Temptalia

    I’m NC42, but I love Nars Taj Mahal, so I’m thinking I could really enjoy Comfort. Christine, Yay or Nay?

    • You might like it :) It runs just a little too dirty orange on me, less pretty orange. Taj Mahal I like on me (lightly, though), but this is just… not so flattering. If you can try it in person, I’d recommend that!

  28. Lily

    By Candlelight kinda reminds me of Springsheen…

  29. Danijela

    Hi,its me aegen!if anybody can teel me where can I by anything by Mac,in europe,spec. in east Euro,pleaseee let me know

  30. Karla

    I think by candlelight is so pretty but is it anywhere close to perfect topping? I might get both but worry because I’m NW20 in the winter. I’m Medium-plus in the summer. lol. Any advice? Going to the MAC counter within the next douple of days hopefully :)

  31. Maria

    Christine! I needed some help I’m actually considering about purchasing this, but I already have the mineralize “SOFT AND GENTLE” is it really similar to that or different?

  32. tiffany

    can anyone tell me what these are used for?

  33. Bianca

    Hi if im an NC30 or sometimes C4 will By Candle light be good for my skin color Christine? Thanks!

  34. Bianca

    Thanks christine this will be my 1st MSF lets see how it goes =)

  35. leann

    christine, do you think candlelight would be a good highlighter for an nc42/43? or what product do you recommend?

  36. Anna

    Do you think Comfort will work for my NC 45 skin tone? Do you think it would work better as a bronzer then a highlighter for my skin tone?

  37. Chelsea Forma

    By Candlelight is a really nice highlight and Comfort could be either a blush or a bronzer.