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MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Cream Colour Bases: Madly Magenta, Movie Star Red, Tickle Me Pink, Virgin Isle

MAC Stylishly Yours: Cream Colour Bases

MAC Cream Colour Bases ($16.50 for 0.12 oz.) are multi-purpose cream-based colors. Stylishly Yours includes two permanent (but PRO) shades: Madly Magenta (vivid pinkish purple) and Virgin Isle (vivid bright coral); and two limited edition shades: Movie Star Red (medium toned blue-red) and Tickle Me Pink (poppy creamy bright pink).

THESE ARE NOT SAFE FOR USE ON THE EYES. Each of these came with a safety insert, and I’m going to retype it in full, because it’s a good reference for other Cream Colour Base shades, too.  (I italicized the four shades from this launch.)

The following shades are not for use in the eye area: Bamboo, Cooled Pink, Devilish Orange, Fabulush, Flaming Fuchsia, Flighty, Fuchsia Perfect, Full Fuchsia, Improper Copper, Madly Magenta, Movie Star Red, Orange Alarm, Pink Shock, Plumed Violet, Premeditated, Reel Red, Rich Coral, Rich Spice, Soft Rose, Tickle Me Pink, Vintage Rose, and Virgin Isle.

The following shades are not for use in the lip area: Brown, Dusk, Fawntastic, Greensmoke, Mid-tone Sepia, Pink, Plumed Violet, Slick, Vintage Rose, and White.

  • Madly Magenta is a cool-toned fuchsia purple with a glossy sheen and nearly opaque color coverage.  This is a permanent shade at PRO stores.  It is similar to Love Forever and Dolce & Gabbana’s Violet.
  • Movie Star Red is a medium-dark pinky-red with opaque color coverage.  This is a limited edition shade.  It is a darker version of Gesina.
  • Tickle Me Pink is a pale pink with opaque color.  It’s a little milky, but it’s not too pale, though it is a rather light pink (and I don’t love it on me personally).  This is a limited edition shade.  It is a cooler, pinker version of Unlimited.  It’s a warmer, pinker version of Viva Glam Gaga and Snob.
  • Virgin Isle is a softened orange with a hint of coral, and it has opaque color coverage.  This is a permanent shade at PRO stores.  It is a lighter version of Vegas Volt.

The good news is that all of these are lip safe, because they all make for lovely lip colors as well as blushers.  Even though they are not safe for the eyes, I will address general Cream Colour Base wear on the eyes:  they will crease if worn alone, but if worn over a good eyeshadow primer or set with powder eyeshadows, they hold up quite well.  CCBs have an emollient texture that’s more gel-like than cream-like.  All four of these are insanely pigmented; you will have no trouble getting good pay off whether you use it as a blusher (go easy!) or as a lip color.

For blush application, I liked the 130 or the 188 for blush.  Just one push of the brush against the product yields plenty of product, so tread softly when applying any of these four as a blusher.  You can always go back for more, but you should not need much!  I like to use a stippling brush to pick up the color then lightly stipple on the apple of the cheek once and move a centimeter or so outwards and stipple again–then blend with small, firm circles.  I like to use my foundation brush (which still has some foundation on it, as I use liquid) to buff gently around the edges of the blush for a finished look.

For lips, I prefer to take a clean metal spatula (MAC recently launched one) to take out some product and then pat on with my finger or you could use a lip brush for more precision.  These shades were surprisingly emollient and comfortable to wear; they didn’t feel dry or tight at all, and they will stain if left on for longer than a few minutes!  You can also pat a little on and then finish with clear gloss or balm for more of a stained lip look.

P.S. — In the full face photo, on eyes, I wore Chilled on Ice as a base, Retrospeck and Caviar Dreams on top with Dark Diversion to line (upper lash line) and I Get No Kick (lower lash line), and then New Hue on lashes.  Cheeks and lips are indicated below the photo (it is the CCB worn both on cheeks and lips).

MAC Stylishly Yours Collection is a limited edition launch (official information and photos here) that is set to launch in-stores on December 26th in North America, January 2011 for international MAC locations. The approximate launch date for online is December 24th.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: They work well whether you wear them as a cream blush or on the lips, so if you see yourself using them in those capacities, I definitely think they are worth checking out.

AVAILABILITY: MAC Cosmetics on December 26th (U.S. stores), January 2011 (International)

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Cream Colour Bases: Madly Magenta, Movie Star Red, Tickle Me Pink, Virgin Isle

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Cream Colour Bases: Madly Magenta, Movie Star Red, Tickle Me Pink, Virgin Isle

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Cream Colour Bases: Madly Magenta, Movie Star Red

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Cream Colour Bases: Tickle Me Pink, Virgin Isle

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Madly Magenta Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Madly Magenta Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Madly Magenta Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Madly Magenta Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Madly Magenta Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Madly Magenta Cream Colour Base (On Cheeks & Lips)

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Madly Magenta Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Madly Magenta Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Movie Star Red Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Movie Star Red Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Movie Star Red Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Movie Star Red Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Movie Star Red Cream Colour Base (On Cheeks & Lips)

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Movie Star Red Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Movie Star Red Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Tickle Me Pink Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Tickle Me Pink Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Tickle Me Pink Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Tickle Me Pink Cream Colour Base (On Cheeks & Lips)

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Tickle Me Pink Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Tickle Me Pink Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base

MAC Cream Colour Bases
MAC Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase a Stylishly Yours Cream Colour Base? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics in-stores on the 26th, $16.50.

Is it limited edition?

Madly Magenta and Virgin Isle are permanent at PRO stores. Movie Star Red and Tickle Me Pink are limited edition.

Any dupes?

See individual shade descriptions.

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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147 thoughts on “MAC Stylishly Yours: Cream Colour Bases Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Definitely going to try really hard to pick up Virgin Isle, seems like it’d be a great summer lip and cheek color!

  2. Jennifer

    Virgin Isle isn’t as crazy as I thought it would be on the cheeks or lips.

    Movie Star red is lovely, but I do have Gesina so…

    I am interested in getting “Tickle me pink” and using it as a blusher. I find I don’t have any baby pinks or blue based pink blushes in my collection. I’m NC20…Do you think this would be good for that? Or is there some other blush by mac that would be better for a “Baby pink” or “slight blue pink” blush in their permanent line that would be better?

    BTW Thanks for all your hard work, getting these brilliant swatches and opinions on the products out to us!

  3. livnzoe

    love love love virgin isle!!

  4. Ryan

    OMG tickle me pink looks AMAZING on you! Im not even kidding. I always thought cool toned pinks looked amazing on you… so you must have a distorted image of yourself becuase they look fabulous on you. Seriously go out with the pink on your cheeks and lips just like that and you will get complimented.

  5. Beth

    I was interested in Movie Star Red, but if it has a warning that it’s not safe for eyes, I kinda don’t want it anywhere on my face. Oh well.

  6. awesome! thanks for the lip swatches! :) my favorite use for ccb’s is altering lip colors. because the texture is so “not there” – they just impart color – they are great for adding to a lipstick (straight onto your lips) to deepen, brighten, lighten or just change the color :) woohoo! :)

  7. Nora

    Whoa, they’re surprisingly wearable! I love Movie Star Red and Madly Magenta!

  8. Carrie Ann

    Virgin Isle is lovely!

  9. baby in a corner

    WOW! I love virgin isle and madly magenta. so fab.

  10. Katie

    Oh my goodness, I want all of these!

  11. Catherine

    Christine. I just wanted to thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you put into this. Especially during the releases of these collection. You never let down and your work is absolutely fantastic. Thanks so much again! 😀

  12. Maya C

    These are really pretty on the lips. I love Virgin Isle and Madly Magenta. I dunno if they’re worth it seeing as I’d only use them on my lips, and not very often.

  13. Kayleigh

    What is in these products that makes them not able(or recommended) to be worn on the eyes?

  14. Varsha C.

    Hi Christine!

    Do you think these are worth the price in terms of quantity? Is it about the size of a normal MAC eyeshadow?

    Thanks xx

  15. Svetlana

    Tickle Me Pink is so pretty, but I already have Viva Glam Gaga so I’m not sure if it’s worth getting it. Magenta is pretty too . It’s a bit disapointing that they are not eye safe!;-(

  16. Zarina

    Omg these are lovely! Will tickle me pink and movie stat red look good on a nw42 skin tones? Thank you so much!!!

  17. Adriana

    Why does it seem like the Virgin Isle I own is so much brighter than this one? The swatch on your hand looks almost pastel.

  18. Jennifer F

    I like Madly Magenta and Virgin Isle. I could skip them though as we have a Pro store in London. Movie Star Red looks lovely on the lips, I’m a bit unsure about it on my cheeks though, maybe if I went REALLY light with it.

  19. Heli

    Virgin Isle makes you look so fresh, Christine! It’s great to see how all of these shades suit you in a different way.

    These lovelies might be the highlight of this collection! First I was so disappointed these aren’t eye safe but they look so gorgeous on lips and cheeks that I’m about to forgive Mac 😀

    IDK.. how bad can they be to your eyes if you can use them on your lips?? We know for a fact we end up eating some of the lip products we use every day so I guess these shouldn’t be too dangerous.

    • I know that red dye is often irritating to eyes, which is why a lot of red-colored (or pink-colored) products are not eye-safe.

      • Heli

        Yup it might be red dye, it would make sense looking at the shades that aren’t eye safe. If you have the package of that cream colour base, could you check if it has FD&C red dye 40 ir C.I. 16035 listed?

        I’m glad Mac includes the safety instructions. There’re tons of eyeshadows with red dyes in them with no warnings.

        Btw Christine, thank you so much for all the swatches and reviews!

  20. Steph

    These are pretty! Do they dry down on the cheeks? How many hours of wear did you get? I have oily skin so the staining part is good, but I’m thinking they will migrate on my face.

    • They aren’t wet or anything on the cheeks once blended out – I get all day wear when I layer over foundation and set with powder (always set my makeup/foundation with powder).

  21. This product maybe awesome but I really hate makeup that you can use for both cheeks and lips.

  22. alisha

    ohh i need madly magenta and virgin isle!

  23. Anna

    How does Tickle Me Pink compare with MAC Ladyblush? And could you also use macs cream blushes on the lips, or no? Thanks for the swatches!

  24. Ali B.

    Tickle Me Pink looks like Viva Glam Gaga! And Movie Star Red looks really good on you!

  25. Ana G.

    Must have Virgin Isle.I’ve never tried any cream color base but these have left me curious!!

  26. Marcos

    Hey Christine, I went to a MAC Store and inquired about the new collections coming out the day after Christmas. The lady said they they were coming out with a product similar to the CCB’s, but they were supposed to be sheer, almost like a tint? Were they from this collection, or another? I am confused because the swatches of the CCB’s look similar, but they don’t look like the product that she swatched for me. She mentioned that they were a brand-new product that was being launched…any help would be appreciated!

    • Stylishly Yours and Cham-Pale are the only ones coming out on the 26th. They could be from one of the spring collections, but I don’t know without seeing it.

  27. ashlie

    I think I need them all!!I wasnt interested in tickle me pink until i saw swatches. love them all though! if im buying the powders from the cham-pale collection, do you think i need the ones in this one!?!? thankyou! x

  28. Lauren C.

    these look amazing! but just wondering, why does it look like yours have condensation on them?

  29. Sophie

    they swatch soo differently then the colour looks in the pan…

  30. Ann

    Wow! Now since I know I can wear those on my lips I will be picking two of them up.

  31. stephanie

    is tickle me pink a repromoted limited edition product? when i searched it on google images, it comes up on looks people did many months ago. also, how would you compared tickle me pink to so sweet, so easy cremeblend blush?

  32. indoorkitty

    Hey Christine,

    Is the metal spatula on sale yet? I couldn’t find it on the mac site. Thank yous!

  33. Carrie Ann

    How do you think Virgin Isle compares to Joie-de-Vivre from the Lillyland collection? Do you think they’re different enough that it would be worth owning both?

  34. Sydney

    I didn’t think I would love this launch better than Cham Pale, but I’m obsessing over all everything in this collection. I want to haul all four!!

  35. Am mid-dark skintone and I really want tickle me pink colour base. Do ya think it will look good on me?

  36. DJ

    Love those colors! I like them better as lipsticks than blushers.

  37. aradhana

    thanks for the reviews christine! (for both collections)
    love how great everything looks on you…! especially the ccb’s and highlighters. i might try out some of the ccb’s and maybe the fluid line based on your reviews/swatches….oh and maybe a couple of lipsticks too…

  38. Nicole

    All those shades look amazing on you! I particularly love Virgin Isle:)

  39. Mayra

    Hi Christine, im just wondering if these have the MAC’s signature vanilla scent?

  40. Angela

    Love them all. I use CCB everyday on my cheeks.

  41. Lola

    Will all these color look good on nc42? I’m thinking about purchasing all of these! Thanks Hun.

  42. MARGO


  43. Ginnia

    Which would you recommend for a NC50?

  44. Marcela

    wow i didn’t know these were so versatile! the colors are gorgeous, i’m just not sure how i feel about using cream products on my cheeks.

  45. Just got Madly Magenta! Can’t wait to try and figure how to use it! P.S.

    Christine, how do I use these CCB as a Blush? I have no idea how to put on a cream blush… TIA! 😀

  46. Jeanne

    Is the surface texture supposed to look like that? I thought when cosmetics start to sweat/get bumpy like that it’s time to throw them out

    • No – it is just a result of temperature changes. Once you wipe it off, they’re gone, and I’ve never seen them reappear as I store my makeup in a room with no humidity or sunlight.

  47. Christine

    Hi Christine! I was wondering how the finish of ccbs are compared to other cream blushes? I have nars cream blushes and I love that they dry down to a powdery finish…I can’t stand the texture of tarte cheek stains or the nars tints. Are CCBs more powdery, dry finish or kinda wet?=)

  48. Miss Ruby Rouge

    WOWZAH!! How hot do ALL of those colours look on you, Christine….just insane!! <3 I particularly like the "Virgin Isle" colour on you and I think that's the colour I'm also sold on getting (my all time fave colours are coral/peaches!!) In your lip photo's they look really comfortable and moisturising, would you say that's the case? Do they tend to start feeling a little dry after a few hours of wear? I don't have a 130 brush but would you say it's a good investment? I have the 188 and I use that for applying foundation, I didn't really want to mix the two of them up!! Can a 130 also be used to apply powder blushers?

    Thanks in advance, Christine, you've taken such time and care with your reviews for this collection (and all collections for that matter!!) I hope you manage to have a relaxing Christmas with your family, boy and of course, Mellan!! :) Regards, Michelle xXx

    • You could use the 130 for powder, but I don’t LOVE it for powder – not fluffy enough!
      Thank you!

      • shakz

        i have the 130 brush and it is amazing for cream colour bases or pot rouges, really dense and sturdy, i think it blends out amazingly, and so multi purpose! you can use it for foundation, cream blush, liquid blush, liquid hihglighter, but as christine said this isnt really one for powder products =(. i also find cream colour bases to be a little drying on the lips if left on but great on the cheeks =D

  49. Oh my, you make me wanna get all of them!! :O

  50. Diane

    Virgin Isle and Tickle Me Pink are definite musts!

  51. Jackie

    madly magenta looks so good on you 😮

  52. Marcelina

    GORGEOUS! Thanks for doing this!! I was just wondering, how does Virgin Isle compare to Strange Potion lipglass and Bite Of An Apple blush? Also, do you think it would be too intense for my NW20 skintone?

  53. JessicaM

    Since I wasn’t able to buy Viva Glam GaGa, Tickle me pink is a must.

  54. Kerry

    Hey Christine :) thanks so much for these swatches. i was wondering if you could think of any lipstick dupes for tickle me pink or virgin isle? thankyou x

  55. I think Movie Star Red looks the best on you!

  56. wow, movie star red and virgin isle are so gorgeous! i’m seriously in love!

  57. Anna

    I notice this every time I see a picture of you….you have gorgeous eyebrows!! I love your dedication to this blog also!

  58. Jennifer

    Madly Magenta is far more wearable than I expected it to be, its beautiful. That and Tickle Me Pink are mine! I am NW15/20 and so cool toned that I look like I have frostbite :) so I love me some pinks and purples!

  59. Mad Magenta looks almost like Violetta from Venomous Villians.

  60. Jumper

    How does Tickle Me Pink cream colour base compare to So Sweet So Easy cremeblend blush (MAC in Lillyland collection)? Are they similar enough that owning one merits skipping the other? Which one do you prefer?

  61. Liliane

    Movie Star Red and Virgin Isle both look really tempting. xD

  62. Lala

    These colors are a little… Extreme

  63. Lala

    Why is the bubles? There kinda cool haha

    • ak

      They appear to sweat a bit, but I don’t think they really sweat though or not so badly that it affects the product.

  64. Ariana

    All of these look SO beautiful on you! I can’t wait to pick up both Virgin Isle and Movie Star Red. Thanks for always having the new MAC collections up, swatched, and reviewed. I brought up your website at the MAC counter today – all of them check it out. You’re the greatest and most informative make up blog – especially when it comes to MAC!

  65. Shan

    how would you compare Virgin Isle to Jazzed?

  66. Stephanie

    Hi Temptalia. I’ve come across your page before and I absolutely love your reviews and up-close swatches. I have a question though…how are you able to get a hold of products before they’ve come out in stores or online?? Just curious…

  67. shakz

    hi christine, thanks for all these swatches these are amazing!!! im so glad mac have come out with more colours of cream colour bases because i love these things!!!!!! im thinking of picking up tickle me pink and madly magenta but i have a really yellow undertone to my skin (nc37) would the blue undertones of tickle me pink and madly magenta clash against my skin and not look so great???

  68. loulouthi

    hi christine,

    do you ever use a powder blush over the top of your cream blushes/CCBs to ‘set’ them? if so which colours would you recommend for these?

    also want to say that i really love your site – your recommendations are always spot on and have helped me to build up an excellent makeup collection!!

    • Honestly, with these? They’re SO SO pigmented that I wouldn’t use another blush on top. You could use a little highlight if you wanted to add shimmer, though. :)

      Thank you!

  69. Nessa

    i like tickle me pink..even though i have viva glam gaga and all the other close shades..:p

  70. Miranda R

    Are pro stores the same as free standing MAC stores?


  71. Maya C

    Christine, how long do they wear on lips? They look very wet-ish and slippery, and I’m curious if they really stay put and kinda dry down a bit.

  72. Mikaela

    I was thinking, how long does the cream color bases stay on the lips? Would you say about the same time than an average lipstick?

    For a long time, a MAC collection that actually gets me excited :) Love the strong lip -look! And also cheeks are the ones to concentrate for me, so I’m hoping this collection will come to Finland at some point.

  73. Abriana

    Hi, Christine . I was just wondering, I have very pale skin and pink undertones, but I love the Virgin Isle CCB, could I wear it without looking weird for lack of a better word ?

  74. Laura

    It said the projected launch date online would be 12/24….. Im still waiting!

  75. Jessica

    Just out of curiosity, why do all the products appear to be sweating?

  76. Melissa

    Is the metal spatula you talked about in the description available now & is it online or in store?

  77. sable

    You pull off Madly Magenta SOOOO well! I think you look fabulous in the very BOLD colors. I’m much paler so I picked up Tickle Me Pink… though honestly I don’t know how much use I’ll get out of it cos I’m typically too lazy to deal with cream blushes! I just love blue-pinks though

  78. K

    I went to my MAC store today and the makeup artist checked all of their product information books and resources for these and she said all of the information says “due to the high level of pigmentation, none of the stylishly yours cream color bases are lip or eye safe.” You can only use them on the cheeks. How do we know what information is correct? Have you heard conflict over this?


  79. virgin isle looks beautiful on you christine! :)

  80. Sophia

    can vegas volt lipstick be worn as a cream blush? or will that be weird?

  81. Jessica

    Will these only be available at pro stores or free standing as well? I want to get Madly Magenta

  82. Brianna

    I’m thinking about getting Virgin Isle and Movie Star Red but I’m not sure how it’ll work on my warm, medium dark skin. Help?

  83. shakx

    hi christine, i was wondering what made you give the ccb’s the grade that you did given the pigmentation, multi use etc???

  84. Shona

    Just FYI guys, I have NYX cream blush in ‘red cheek’ and while I haven’t seen Movie Star Red in person yet, from pictures it looks like a *perfect* dupe!

  85. Hi Christine!
    It doesn’t come out in Japan yet. so I’m so excited to try them.

    Is Movie Star Red similar to heartless from Movie Star Red?

  86. Jumper

    How does madly magenta cream colour base compare to florida cremeblend blush (from Lillyland)?

  87. Phoebe

    I like Madly Magenta and Virgin Isle although the other colours are pretty too!
    Thank you for the swatches.

  88. Mary Ogawara

    Does anyone know if the pan for the CBBs fit the blush palette?

  89. Jenn429

    How close is Virgin Isle to Nars Cactus Flower (minus the shimmer)?