Friday, April 27th, 2012

MAC Morange
MAC Morange Nail Lacquer, Lipstick Lipglass

MAC Morange Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer

MAC Morange Lipstick ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.) has been such a top-seller that it has now inspired a Lipglass ($14.50 for 0.17 fl. oz.) and Nail Lacquer ($16.00 for 0.34 fl. oz.) to complement it. This shade is part of the Asia Pacific, Europe/Africa, and Latin America/Middle East portions of the collection, but it will be available online for North American buyers. Morange is described as “bright cream orange.”

The three products all coordinate and match very well!  The nail lacquer has just the right mix of orange and red, brightness and depth, to match the lipgloss and lipstick.   When you layer the gloss over the lipstick, you get a really rich, glossy orange lip that’s opaque and lush.  While sometimes the heavier consistency of Lipglass doesn’t play well with other lipsticks, it works well here.

Morange Lipglass is a rich, medium-dark orange with a fair amount of brightness. It applies opaque, and while the thicker consistency of the formula allows some of the product to settle into lip lines, it isn’t very noticeable because of the color’s opacity. The reason why Morange stands out is because this is a truer orange–there isn’t very much red in it. MAC Knockout is darker and redder. MAC Caqui is darker and redder, though not as red as Knockout. Illamaqua Temper is just slightly redder and a touch darker–same with OCC Safety Orange. (9, 10, 9, 9, 4.5, 4; A-)

Morange Lipstick is a vibrant, medium-dark orange with a subtle sheen. It is an amplified creme finish, and it is part of the permanent range. It is very opaque, and it applies fairly evenly and easily. This shade has three close cousins: MAC Good to Go, MAC Neon Orange, and Illamasqua Flare.  It’s a very classic shade by MAC–though perhaps not classic as in timeless!  (10, 10, 9, 9, 5, 4; A)

Morange Nail Lacquer is a brightened, medium-dark orange with a cream finish. It’s was opaque after two coats, and it had a smooth, fluid consistency that applied evenly. MAC Oriele Orange is slightly redder. MAC Kid ORange is redder. Essie Braziliant is darker and redder. Essie Vermillionaire is very similar, perhaps a little darker. (10, 10, 10, 9, 5, 4; A)

MAC Lipsticks are vanilla-scented but taste-free. Amplified creme finishes like Morange typically wear four to six hours on me, with richer shades like this one wearing about five hours. This particular finish is not particularly moisturizing, but I don’t find it drying either. MAC Lipglasses are also vanilla-scented but taste-free. They are very sticky and have a thick, borderline-goopy consistency. If you prefer gel-like, cushion-y glosses that feel lightweight on, I don’t recommend MAC Lipglass. Because of the tackier texture, MAC Lipglasses do tend to wear a full four hours on me, with some of the darker shades lasting up to six hours (with mostly the color lingering at that point).

Note: I am reviewing each “set” together. After I’ve reviewed all sixteen sets, I will do round-ups for each product type (so all lipsticks together) to deliver an overall Glossover rating. This rating is more indicative of the product type, as the rating that follows this post is an average across three totally different types of products. You can also see the individual scores listed after each product, which are listed in the same order as they are in the Glossover.

The Glossover



If you find orange a little too warm, try mixing it with a fuchsia or red--you'll get either more of a coral hue or burnt orange kind of color that may be more wearable. This color pairs well with golds and coppers, but it is definitely a shade that can stand alone.











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MAC Morange
MAC Morange Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer

MAC Morange
MAC Morange Lipglass layered over Morange Lipstick, Morange Nail Lacquer

MAC Morange
MAC Morange Lipglass layered over Morange Lipstick (Diffused Flash)

MAC Morange
MAC Morange Lipglass layered over Morange Lipstick (Studio Lighting)

MAC Morange
MAC Morange Lipglass layered over Morange Lipstick

MAC Morange Lipglass
MAC Morange Lipglass

MAC Morange Lipglass
MAC Morange Lipglass

MAC Morange Lipglass
MAC Morange Lipglass

MAC Morange Lipglass
MAC Morange Lipglass

MAC Morange Lipglass
MAC Morange Lipglass (Diffused Flash)

MAC Morange Lipglass
MAC Morange Lipglass (Studio Lighting)

MAC Morange Lipglass
MAC Morange Lipglass

MAC Morange Lipstick
MAC Morange Lipstick

MAC Morange Lipstick
MAC Morange Lipstick

MAC Morange Lipstick
MAC Morange Lipstick

MAC Morange Lipstick
MAC Morange Lipstick (Diffused Flash)

MAC Morange Lipstick
MAC Morange Lipstick (Studio Lighting)

MAC Morange Lipstick
MAC Morange Lipstick

MAC Morange Nail Lacquer
MAC Morange Nail Lacquer

MAC Morange Nail Lacquer
MAC Morange Nail Lacquer

MAC Morange Nail Lacquer
MAC Morange Nail Lacquer

MAC Morange Nail Lacquer
MAC Morange Nail Lacquer

MAC Morange Nail Lacquer
MAC Morange Nail Lacquer

MAC Morange Nail Lacquer
MAC Morange Nail Lacquer

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

MAC, $14.50 each for Lipstick and Lipglass; $16.00 each for Nail Lacquer.

Is it limited edition?

Yes, unless specified in the post.

Any dupes?

See individual shade!

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: Tarina Tarantino Emerald Eyeshadow Palette (Glinda's Kiss, Dandy Lion, Ozma, Very Wicked), Tarina Tarantino Spark of Envy Eyeliner. On cheeks: Sisley L'Orchidee Palette.

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34 thoughts on “MAC Morange Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. lacedwithacey24

    this color looks stunning on you, Christina. It’s a really pretty orange, but I don’t think I’ll be rocking it anytime soon. Thank you for all these posts. I can’t wait for SNOB :)

  2. Oh wow, I really love this collection! Morange really suits you well! The colour is so pretty but you need some balls to wear it (I know I’m kinda scared to wear it, haha). I really love it!

  3. TheAmanda10

    I like this lipstick. I don’t know about the glosses so much. The lipsticks alone are so pretty!

  4. Stephanietps

    You pull off the orange very well! I’m impressed! I’ll pass on this though, I think it would class with my red hair

  5. Andie

    I LOVE this orange! And it looks great on you Christine. Can you do a how-to on your eyes? So beautiful!

    • Tarina Tarantino Dandy Lion on the inner 1/2 of the lid, Very Wicked on the outer 1/2 of the lid, Ozma in the crease (almost to the inner crease), Glinda’s Kiss dusted as a highlighter :)

  6. Miss Steff

    *wears her sunglasses to read this post*  😛

  7. misscheriamor

    I love this! So bright and bold.

  8. Kafka

    I’m actually tempted by this. Given that I’m not really a MAC person, have some hesitation with orange, and *really* dislike lip glosses, that says something! In this instance, the lipgloss may actually temper the in-your-face-ness of the underlying lipstick colour and makes the overall look just seem better. It’s prettier and chic-er than without the lipgloss, and I normally never think that!

  9. Wow!  I’m a little too mature for this colour, but it packs an amazing punch on you, Christine.  Yesterday, I wore ‘impassioned’ for the first time and that was pushing the boundaries.  My partner, Harald said he could see my lips 100 yards away..  I’m not certain that was intended to be flattering.  LoL

  10. Dorna

    I’m so glad you did this! I’ve had the lipstick for awhile and I whipped it out yesterday and tried to make a complete look out of it…. I failed. I’m going to try it out with a gloss and your eye makeup tonight!

  11. The lipglass looks so amazing!

  12. Miss J

    Do you think this (the gloss form) would be too much on someone who’s NC20-25?
    Thank you for the photos! Hope your lips aren’t too pain struck after all those lip swatches!

  13. Nathalie Munoz

    My favoritest MAC color!

  14. Stefania Florega

    este es mi favorito 😀

  15. Azaza

    Will definitely be buying the gloss, I just love this color

  16. Tessa

    Orange really suits you Christine! The lipglass looks awesome with your eye make-up!

  17. I like the colour orange, but it makes my teeth look so yellow so I don’t like to wear it on my lips. 

  18. artemis

    woah, this looks pretty

  19. newyorkcandygal

    I am so tempted to try this out although i am still scared a little bit hahaha

  20. Arianna

    Ow my eyes D; That is the brightest orange lipstick I’ve ever seen, haha. 

  21. LaDonna MzMiranda Griffin

    love it!

  22. MsChatfield

    Would this work with NW-15 skin, brown/auburn tinted hair and brown-golden eyes? I adore the colour orange but I’m not sure it would work!

  23. Sonia

    Running to MAC. NOW!

  24. the lipstick looks very nice on you but i dont think i would ever have the courage to wear it myself! 
    the color is lovely but I cant imagine anyone wearing it, probably because I live in Turkey and people are not so open – minded about being different and unique here…

  25. TheAmanda10

    Went to MAC yesterday and bought the gloss over the lipstick! I was shocked because I thought it would’ve been the other way around. I actually really like it paired with Please Me also. It became more coral and less orange.

  26. TheAmanda10

    I went to the store on this one, and to my surprise I liked the lipglass a lot more then the lipstick. It looks really sweet with ravishing.

  27. lexley

    hi ms christine. im an avid cosplayer and i was wondering if you could help me out. i never really paid much attention to make up when cosplaying but since i saw your blog ive been inspired to complete my look wth make up. :)
    what shade of lipstick do you think this is? my skin color is about the same as hers.

    btw, she’s azuka kazama :) thanks and hoping for your reply.

  28. CMC

    I have this lipstick, but I barely use it because there is something a little odd about the texture. I love the color, I just don’t like the way it applies to my lips. I have tried many ways but I still don’t like the way it applies. Such a shame U.U