Monday, August 22nd, 2011

MAC Me Over Overall & Recommendations

MAC Me Over hits counters on August 25th in North America, following September for international locations (I’m not given exact dates, sorry!).  It seems like a major launch for MAC, so they appear to be doing a gradual reveal of products online – some products are available for purchases, others say coming soon.

The highlight of the collection is how wearable the majority of the pieces are across skin tones.  When I went to break out products by what would work best for each skin tone, I found that smoky, dark, and vampy tones and shades will be flattering on pale skin tones as well as deeper complexions.  Even traditionally cool-toned colors when they reach a certain level of darkness still work well on warmer complexions, when more medium-in-hue shades might not.

In regards to quality, the fluidlines don’t disappoint and is a matter of what shades/colors you gravitate towards, but all four shades were nicely pigmented, creamy, and easy to work with.  I do think that while they all have some shimmer to them, much of it gets lost unless you are doing a thicker line or using it as a base.  The lipsticks–overall–are also nice, and classic shades like Rebel get a chance at the spotlight.  I did have issues with Smoked Purple, which is a PRO shade, as I do find it rather dry.

Downloadable MAC Me Over Printable Cheat Sheet

The individual eyeshadows are also worth taking a peek at, especially if you are a neutral fiend (though, MAC has an excellent permanent range of neutrals).  They may be more or less unique depending on what your stash already looks like.  I do expect Moleskin to do well, since it is similar to Urban Decay’s Naked.  Both Equilibrium and Stunner blushes were nice, but Stunner is clearly a shade more readers are interested in.

There are several brushes in this launch, but by far the most anticipated brush is the 226.  Thus far, it is not even listed on MAC’s website, but it is available for purchase Nordstrom.  I do not know why it is not listed.  The 211 is a great addition, and I think those who frequently line their eyes with liquid or gel eyeliners will find it useful.

From past reader reactions, both Cream Colour Bases are nice and work as they should, but they can be a more difficult product to work for–and a lot of their appeal is dependent on how you see yourself using them.  If you’re looking for a quick wash of cream eyeshadow, the formula is not ideal, as they do crease when worn alone.  You are better off looking at the Shadesticks for that purpose.  Shadesticks swatch decently, but I still find they tug a bit on the eyes–enough that is uncomfortable–and they tend to dry out a bit (but not completely) compared to when you initially use them.

Neither eyeshadow quad really grabbed me, though Lady Grey is infinitely better than Evil Eye, which I could not recommend at all.  I am honestly appalled that it was produced and left quality control as it did.  The fact that Palace Pedigreed is significantly less pigmented with a drier texture than its original launch in last year’s Fabulous Felines makes it all the more disappointing–as many brands let quality slide when it comes to palettes and value kits.

I wasn’t impressed with the consistencies of the formula on Fatigues or Quiet Time, but Deep Sea and Purple Majesty were nice.  There is just something about MAC’s polishes at $15 a pop and only 0.34 fl. oz. that seems hard to believe but it is so.  Perhaps Deep Sea is unique enough to warrant the price tag, but I don’t think the latter three are.  I had similar issues with the consistency of the lipglasses–a lot of milky, creamy shades that tended to apply unevenly and, as milky shades are wont to do, a tendency to settle into lip lines.  I did revise the overall score of the lipglasses up by a third, because the addition of Curvaceous and Plum Fun moved the average scores up.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts — what are you most interested in? What are you hoping to snag?  Are you passing?

Photos, Reviews, Swatches

Check out recommendations, what to check for, what to skip, and more! 

Temptalia’s Recommendations

must-haves: Carbonized Eyeshadow; Stunner Blush; 211 and 226 Brushes

nice-to-haves: Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick; Creamy Bisque, Moleskin Eyeshadows; Fluidlines; Deep Sea Nail Lacquer; Equilibrium Blush; Seaside Cream Colour Base

skip: Evil Eye Eyeshadow Quad; Quiet Time Nail Lacquer

Check your stash for

PEACHSTOCK (permanent at PRO), REBEL (permanent), SMOKED PURPLE (permanent at PRO), ILLICIT (repromote), SPITE (permanent), PALACE PEDIGREED (repromote), ALL RACES (repromote), SATIN TAUPE (permanent), BUTTERNUTTY (repromote), CAKESHOP (repromote), DARK DIVERSION (repromote), 214 (permanent), and 226 (repromote).

Skip if you have…

  • Skip OFFSHOOT if you have MAYBELLINE BIT OF BERRY; it’s only slightly more muted.
  • Skip SMOKED PURPLE if you have MAKE UP FOR EVER #48; it’s a touch less purple than MAC’s.
  • Skip MOODY if you have HINT OF SAPPHIRE; the quality of Moody is slightly better, but the colors are very similar.
  • Skip CARBONIZED if you have CENTRE STAGE; the latter is more shimmery.
  • Skip OUTRE if you have DOUBLE FEATURE 4; the two are fairly similar.
  • Skip PURPLE MAJESTY if you have CHINA GLAZE URBAN NIGHT; the two are very close.
  • Skip QUIET TIME if you have ESSIE SAND TROPEZ; the latter is slightly darker.

Recommendations by Skin Tone

Please note that this section is merely suggesting shades that would complement a particular skin tone better than other shades, but these lists are meant to be rather exhaustive of the entire collection; it’s not reflective of must-haves for your skin tone. When it comes to cooler/warmer skin tones, these are products that lean noticeably cool/warm and therefore complement the corresponding skin tone better (but it does not mean you can’t wear a warmer product if you’re cooler!).

  • universally flattering shades: Secret Lover, Oh Oh Oh, Offshoot, Rebel, Prince Noir, Runaway Red, Smoked Purple Lipsticks; Plum Fun, Spite Lipglasses; All Fluidlines; All Nail Lacquers; All Shadesticks; Take Root Cream Colour Base; Stunner Blush; Carbonized, Creamy Bisque, Moleskin, Satin Taupe Eyeshadows; Curvaceous, Plum Fun, Social Light Lipglasses
  • light skin tones: Evil Eye/Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quads; Equilibrium Blush; The Wee Coquette Lipglass
  • medium skin tones: Equilibrium Blush
  • dark skin tones: Stunner Blush
  • cool undertones: Evil Eye/Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quads; Outre Eyeshadow; Good Times Lipglass
  • warm undertones: Equilibrium & Stunner Blushes; Seaside Cream Colour Base; Peachstock Lipstick; Mythical Eyeshadow; Illicit Lipglass;

As you can see from the above listing, the majority of this collection’s shades should work across skin tones, and this is primarily because the collection is dominated by smoky, dark, and vampy shades.

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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114 thoughts on “MAC Me Over Overall & Recommendations

  1. Chelsea

    I’m sooo confused about what’s going on with the 226. All the beauty blogs are reporting that this is a part of the collection, but it’s not on MAC’s website; it’s not even listed as Coming Soon like some of the pieces of this collection.

    • It’s in the press release – as in the information came directly from MAC corporate, but I don’t know why it is isn’t online.

    • Went to Macy’s in Concord and bought two 226 brushes presale. Cannot get them until the 25th. This Macy’s had 9 for me to choose today. One for me and one for my friend. I dont like to do the rush crowd and miss out looking for it later. 226 is Made in France. To me, it looks like the 219 (I believe) but much fluffier (if that is a word). So get it at your local store so you can pick the one you want.

  2. I wasn’t blown away by this collection. Frankly, I’m glad, because I’m trying to save money! There are a few things I wouldn’t mind having, but I’ll feel better if I keep my money. Thanks so much for the hard work Christine!

  3. Jules M

    I definitely want to get Moleskin eyeshadow, Dark Diversion fluidline (I am obsessed with burgundy and plum liners atm) and Offshoot lipstick.

    I am still thinking about Carbonised eyeshadow and Social Light lipglass…

  4. I was mostly impressed with the lipsticks. I’ll be grabbing a few of those along with the green and blue fluidlines. I might grab a shadestick. I’ve never tried them. I need to make a list because I’ve forgotten all of the names of the products I’m interested in, lol.

    The shadows were major disappointments.

  5. Thank you so much Christine for all the reviews for this collection! And thank you so so SO much for letting us know that the 226 brush is at Nordstrom! I was worried when I didn’t see it on the MAC website, since it was the only thing I wanted from this collection, but luckily I’ve finally found it, ordered it and it’s on its way! yay! 😀

  6. Amy

    do you know if 226 would be in stores this thursday?

    • SF PRO had it on Thursday (which is when PRO stores launched the collection). I would check with yours, since there are so many locations it’s hard to know who has what.

  7. Vanessa

    I’m really liking the Carbonized and Creamy Bisque eyeshadow, along with the Stunner blush. Would you say it’s worth spending the money, or just wait for some of the other collections to come?

  8. BooBooNinja

    I am going to get the 226!
    Thank you for this review. I’m not intending on getting anything other than *my* brush, but reviews like his are incredibly useful.

    Thanks for your hard work, Christine.

  9. Jade

    Does anyone know if 211 will be added to the permanent line?

  10. Nancy

    I hope to get creamy bisque, moleskin and stunner.

  11. Thank you Christine for your hardwork. Heres my list of product I most likely will pick up
    Curvaceous lipglass
    Plum Fun lipglass
    dark diversion fluidline
    midnight blues fluidline
    prince noir lippie
    runaway red lippie
    smoked purple lippie
    Take root cream color base*
    Carbonized es
    Moleskin es
    satin taupe es
    equillibrium blush
    stunner blush

    That’s the list so far though I am not a 100% on all of them. What I will be getting for sure are the two lipsticks and two lipglasses on the list. Those colors are perfect for fall and even more perfect for women of color.

  12. Ashley

    How come there are not a lot of review/haul videos on youtube this is a big collection.

    • We just put our video up today – so sorry it took so long as we were waiting to have all of the products – just editing and putting the video together took over six hours. We were working on everything as fast as we could.

  13. i have light brown eyes and nc 15-20 skin. if you must pick two fluidlines for me, what would they be?
    and thanks for your help :)

  14. AHH IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! LOVE YOU CHRISTINE! Seriously, you work so hard and I really do appreciate it!

  15. Diana B

    I will def be getting the 226 brush, stunner blush, runaway red and rebel lipstick. Thanks for all the pics Christine.

  16. I don’t own anything from MAC yet, but am looking forward to adding equilibrium blush and moleskin e/s to my collection. also want to check out one of the lipsticks!

  17. I don’t really need the Mac 226 because I already have too much brushes, but I think I want it because it’s a coveted item and it’s limited edition. =/

  18. Cherry

    A few lovely pieces in this collection. I can’t wait to see the items in Nordstrom. A few lippies have been added to my Must Buy list. By the way, I’m loving this new format with the cherry blossoms. Soo pretty! Additionally, I’m loving this “cheatsheet” pdf you created. Very cool and tremendously practical!!! Thank you for all your hardwork!

  19. Lupis

    The Cheat Sheet Rocks!!!

  20. emily


    i just want to say that I believe (out of everyone in the makeup blogging world) you are TRULY dedicated.

    for you to put together those cheat sheets, not only is it a great idea but also truly kind.
    from this collection you saved me over $100 US from your swatches and information given and swatch gallery.
    You are a real gem :)
    xo from AUS

  21. I’m not really quite sure what I want from this collection! I had a big list before reviews, but there’s just not a whole bunch that catches my eye in an exciting way now since most of my likes are neutrals. I like the looks of Creamy Bisque, since I’m pale this looks like it might be a good lid color for days I just want to brighten my lid up. I also like Carbonized, and I think it would be gorgeous with a lot of colors like Cranberry or teal colors. I’ve wanted Rebel for awhile too. And I thought I wanted Prince Noir, such a fantastically dark romantic name, but I think Kitten from last year might be too similar to it since I don’t wear vampy shades a lot (and plus, if it bleeds that’s not really appealing!) But I’m just not sure! I might wait for some more collections to pop up and make sure there’s not something else that I really like. :) Thanks for the amazing reviews Christine!

    • Okay then…I just looked back at your Fabulous Felines swatches and my idea of what Kitten looked like in my head is in reality completely wrong! I remembered it as being so much darker than it actually is. In no way, is it a comparison to Prince Noir. So scratch that. But if it bleeds, it’s still not a good idea for me!

  22. Stephanie

    Hey Christine! Should I pass on Stunner blush if I’m cool and fair?

  23. I got Carbonized, Mythical, and Outre, along with Social Light and Take Root. I know, I know – I got the CCB! I know not to use it by itself. I had so much money scheduled for this, but you saved me once again, Christine!

  24. Marina

    Carbonized is MINE. Definitely. Might get Social Light and Offshoot as well, but def. Carbonized!

  25. thanks christine for all your hard work! btw, not all pro stores launched this collection last week. in southern california, i think only the LA pro store launched it. i went to the south coast one and they didn’t have it! off to my local counter on thursday!! :) love your site!!

  26. Hela

    Hi christine, i’m waiting the swatching on you ,when ? THANKS

  27. Alyssa

    Bought Offshot and Stunner. That’s all I want. But, this is an amazing collection. Looking at all those reviews overwhelmed me!

  28. I’m soooooo glad MAC Rebel is part of this collection! The lipstick isn’t available in our country (I know ~shocker!)

  29. Ashleigh

    I absolutely LOVE the cheat sheet! Thanks so much! I ended up only getting Stunner blush because of your amazing and helpful reviews.

  30. Jaime

    This collection is overwhelming! Thanks for all your hard work Christine! :)

    Items i will probably pick up:
    226 brush
    dark diversion fluidline
    midnight blues or avenue fluidline(decisions decisions)
    carbonized e/s
    moleskin e/s
    deep sea NP
    Stunner blush or Secret Lover lipstick?

  31. angie

    I’ve been looking at Carbonized eyeshadow, do you think it might be a little like Buckwheat. I plan on getting the 226 and Stunner blush

  32. Nicole

    I ordered Stunner, Carbonized, and Creamy Bisque today from the MAC website! Free second-day shipping too! I will be stalking my UPS man for the next few days.. :)

  33. I was actually thinking of your overall recs not 5 mintues ago. I said to myself, “Did Christine put together her over recommendations post yet”? LOL.

    I’m definitely getting Take Root CCB, Dark Diversion fluidline, and Carbonized shadow. I’m heading to the store on Thursday before the crowd hits it.

  34. Amanda

    Christine, thank you so much for your reviews and swatches! Although I’m still picking up a few things, you have saved me a lot of money. I called my local Nordstrom today and pre-saled:

    -Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick (because it looked amazing on you and my fingers are crossed it will light up my face, too)
    -Dark Diversion Fluidline
    -Midnight Blues Fluidline
    -Dark Envy Fluidline
    -Avenue Fluidline
    -226 brush

  35. Devi

    Skipping everything in this collection. 😛 But thanks so much for all the reviews, and the new cheat sheet! I’ve never seen that before. D:

  36. Lulee

    christine… thank you SO much. your cheat sheet is so cute and useful. love it. thank you!

  37. Katie

    SNAG, Offshoot and Midnight Blues fluidline

  38. Carrie

    Even though the collection as a whole doesn’t excite me, I love the cheat sheet! it’s nice to have all the info in one place :)

  39. Dormouse

    I really covet the Prince Noir lipstick. I haven’t purchased any MAC products since 1993(?) It will have to be online, because the nearest MAC counter to me is at least a 3 hrs. drive away.

  40. Dormouse

    Oh, I should have read this more closely. I seem to gather that many of these products aren’t available online. What a pain!

    • They will be – but MAC is revealing them slowly it seems like!

    • Chelsea

      I e-mailed MAC to let them know that the slow roll-out of products IS a total pain. It’s not cute or fun, it’s just gimmicky and annoying. As is the absence of the 226 from online. 2011 is turning out to be a year of lackluster releases for them, so I’m not sure why, when they finally have some products worth lemming, they feel they can afford to do this.

  41. RedWeatherTigerD

    I just bought Social Light lipglass with free 2nd day air–YAY! I want stunner blush but need to wait for payday to roll around. Thanks for the awesome reviews & swatches. I’m hoping Social Light looks half as good on me as it does on you.

  42. alisha in wi

    Would you be able to do a comparison swatch with Siahi and Midnight Blues?

  43. Cherokee

    I want the 226 brush and nothing else.

  44. abeecee010

    You’re the best, Chistine :) Love the printable list. You’ve read my mind! I always list most of your recommendations, now it’s so easy…just print! You always think of us — swatch gallery, dupes list, very reliable reviews, Thank you! Love the new website look :) Wonder what you’ll do next?

  45. Aysh

    Everyday I am absolutely blown away by your posts by the amount as well as your such thorough reviews…thanks for the downloadable sheet too. In Australia, we pay $33 for a MAC eyeshadow and the Estee Lauder Quins are around $90 so your reviews are an absolute joy to read and help us save $$$.

    I would say keep up the good work, but sometimes I feel guilty about how hard we make you work.

    1000 thanks

  46. Georgie

    love the blog, very helpful.
    just wondering if you mixed equilibrium and stunner’s names in your recommendations? otherwise it sort of doesn’t make sense skin tone wise x

  47. Jamie

    My birthday is saturday and my mom got me 4 lipglasses, 4 lipsticks, 3 fluidlines, 3 eyeshadows, stunner blush, and deep sea nail polish. I bought avenue fluidline and the 211 brush myself.

  48. Lianne

    Love the cheat sheet idea! It reminds me of those little cards they give out at MAC launch parties. Except now it’s like Christine is following you around the store telling what to buy and what to skip so you don’t make bad impulse buys. Genius!

  49. Carrie Ann

    I’m mostly interested in the Fluidlines and blushes. I also want Oh, Oh, Oh, Offshoot, Seaside and possibly Moleskin and Creamy Bisque. They all look gorgeous.

  50. Anne

    Thak you very much for all of your hard work Christine. I love, LOVE, LOOOOOVE the cheat sheet :-) There is too much that I want to buy from this collection! MAC put too much stuff out – meanies!

  51. Chloe

    i don’t think that this brush is permanent in the UK as the collection hasn’t yet come up on the site and the 211 is not available :( just have to get it when it launches !

  52. I must add this side comment. I already pre-sale ordered the 226 brush today to avoid the mad rush and chance a miss to purchase it. I feel Christine/ Temptalia gives us an edge to get products we really plan to get. If it wasnt for Christine’s lightning-speed postings, I feel many of us would miss out. on whatever we plan to get. Not only was I able to get 226 today, but I got both Urban Decay anniversary palette and BOS IV in San Francisco Saturday’s event on a timely basis plus other items. I hear all those stories of missed chances to buy makeup and honestly, I have not once felt any of those mad-dashes. But maybe what I want is not so popular. Wished I had such luck with the California lottery.

    • Haha! Don’t we all? Well, maybe not, because then we’d ALL be splitting the jackpot :)

      Thank you, Stacey! So glad you snagged everything you wanted!

  53. joyce

    i’m thinking about getting oh oh oh and offshoot, they look like more toned down colors then what i own (bright and vampy colors) guess i’ll know for sure when i see the on me :) thnx Christine for a great job yet again

  54. Laura

    Wow. After reading all your reviews, looking at endless swatches and checking my stash for dupes, I think I have just about decided on my list for this collection! I’ll definitely be getting:

    Fluidlines in Avenue, Dark Envy and Midnight Blues
    Lipsticks in Oh Oh Oh, Smoked Purple, Prince Noir and Runaway Red
    Stunner blush
    226 and 211 brushes
    Social Light lipglass

    My “maybes” are:
    Outre eyeshadow
    Lady Grey quad
    Offshoot lipstick
    Plum Fun lipglass

    • Meghan

      I have light skin and a cool undertone, and outre eyeshadow is just beautiful. I plan on using it mostly as a crease color, but I can definitely see it working well on the lid with a smoked out crease. You should definetly check it out. Plum fun lipglass is gorgeous as well.

  55. artemis

    wow, so many info :O i just found out they actually sell mac here but just in one mall….:)) if i could afford it, i’d buy runaway red <3

  56. Jo

    That cheatsheet is amazing! Your ideas are the best :) Thank you for all the hard work

  57. marta

    I love the Printable Cheat Sheet..thank you!!! i wish you could do one for all the mac eyeshadows/lipsticks..i am going to the US in november and i can’t wait to be at a mac store! but i know you already work really hard for us…so take it as a suggestion, not as a rude request! :) thank you for everything!

  58. Rach

    Does anyone have a free shipping code for Nordstrom?!? 8 dollars shipping is a bit too much for a pencil :)

  59. Cherokee

    Just ordered the 226 Brush at which kinda sucked because I had to pay $5.00 shipping (promotion) for any beauty order over $50, whereas MAC shipping would have been free. I know $5.00 isn’t expensive but it’s the principal. How the heck MAC doesn’t have this on their website and Nordstrom does. WTF!!! Not a good look MAC. But I am excited to receive my order.

  60. Nancy

    Love the printable cheat sheet!!! It really helps me plan my purchases :)

  61. Dana

    I think I’m just going to get the 226 and maybe the Social Light Lipglass. It looks like a nice collection but I am not blown away, and I am trying to stop buying so much makeup! That being said, when it shows up at the CCO I will be getting a few more things 😛 Thanks for all your hard work Christine!

  62. Larisse

    is the 226 gonna be available in macys website? the whole collectionis there except the 226! and thats all i want!

  63. Sally

    Thanks so much for your recommendations, swatches, reviews, and that cheat sheet! This was my first MAC purchase and I just ordered the Midnight Blues fluidline and the Stunner blush! :)

    I always appreciate your hard work, Christine. Thanks again!

  64. Lisa

    i thought you said stunner blush maybe too light for darker skin tones?

  65. Michelle

    getting the 226 for sure (just got the e-mail from nordstrom that i can pick it up today!!!) i missed out on it because that’s when i just got into make-up and was trying to navigate through the basics. the fluidlines are beautiful too and would probably be the only other things i grab if i do at all. many lovely things, just don’t think i will ever touch them so no need to shell out the cash for them. if i run into them at the cco later, will grab them. the 211 looks good too but it’s a permanent product so i can always get it later. :)

  66. Hi^^
    can I ask you why do you think outre is better for cooler complexions? well, I hope it will suit me although I have warm undertones 😉 I guess this color can make my brown eyes more sweet ahahaha
    my list for this collection is really long, I’ve preordered here in Italt:
    prince noir and runaway red
    dark diversion and dark envy
    226 brush
    outre, carbonized, moleskin
    lady gray quad
    It’s probably my biggest haul ever!

  67. alicia

    FYI – The 226 brush isn’t available online for Pro either as of yet. Boo!!!

    • Angela

      I already have Russian Red, and this is the only red l/s that I own. I was debating on getting Ruby Woo as my next one but seeing that Runway Red is coming out in this collection I don’t know which one to pick. Which one would you suggest? I’m NC20 BTW =)

  68. Emily O.

    I ordered the 211, outré , moleskin, carbonized, prince noir, runaway red, midnight blues and avenue…sorry for the e.e. cummings oeuvre but I’m lazy and broke!

  69. Kimmie T

    I am hauling like CRAZY!!! I bought the 226! I have been waiting for this FOREVER! I only bought one I will see how well I incorporate it into my make up routine. I bought moleskin! I want wait to use it! As well as the stunner blush. I am an NC/NW 43. So I hope it works out well for me.
    I know this is completley off topic but I feel so guilty buying this after just going crazy abd buying the Urband Decay Super Sale stuff too! I hauled and bought ALL 12 cream shadows! $3! It’s a STEAL! and some liquid liners and some matte shadows! I dont know if I my husband can handle anymore hauling I am doing!!

    • The 211 is going to be permanent which is fantastic. But clearly the 226 is the number one brush to get. So my question is, why the heck would MAC not make the 226 permanent? Wasn’t it permanent at one time? I mean, I just do not understand the rationale behind not making it permanent, as it seems like it would be a huge seller for Mac. So many people are obsessed with it.

      Unless…. the 226 will be permanent and I just missed the memo?

  70. T-Anne

    I’ve just started learning about warm/cool skintones, and have been trying to get shades that match my complexion– I’m soo glad that you posted that list of makeup recommendations by skin tone, it really is so so helpful!
    I would be totally lost without you and Leesha reviewing products and giving make-up tips! I don’t know how people survived back in the days before beauty bloggers. <3 much love from Portland, OR!

  71. Becca

    I wonder about Midnight Blues – I have Penned, and I wonder how similar they are….thanks so much for your pics and recs…the cheat sheet is awesome.

  72. Coco

    Thanks so much for all your hard work, Christine! MAC collections can get so confusing at times but you make it a ton times easier for us to understand! The Cheat Sheet is especially super helpful! Thanks so much <333

  73. Miss Mercurial

    Midnight Blues & possibly Carbonite and the 226 are all I’m after. I can easily do without everything else.

  74. Christina

    Hi Christine,

    I’m actually only interested in the eye brushes, particularly the 226. It’s funny that you should mention it’s somewhere in between the 219 and 222. I have smaller creases, so the 222 ends up being a bit large for just my crease and sometimes too soft. I then bought the 219 because I was hoping it would deposit colour more precisely on my crease. Problem with this brush is that it’s too stiff, so the pigment comes out more harshly than I’d sometimes like it to be; plus, I can’t blend with it. Sounds like this might be the perfect brush for me. Glad to hear you like it so much!

    Moleskin is the only other product I might pick up. I returned the Naked palette because I only liked the matte colours in it. If it’s comparable to Naked but warmer, I might like it even better.

    Thanks for the post!

  75. Meghan

    Just got back from my local MAC store, bought a bunch of things on your recommendation and am LOVING them, especially Outre eyeshadow, Plum Fun lipglass, Oh, Oh, Oh lipstick and Dark Diversion fluidline, but I’m most excited about the 226 & 211 brushes. Where have these brushes been all my life?

    I did, however, decide to take a chance on the Evil Eye quad, and I have to say I swatched it in store, as well as had one of the artists working there, and the results came out a lot better than the swatches you posted earlier. Maybe you recieved a dud?

    I know that with MAC it’s completely possible, because I purchased your signature Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow and it looks NOTHING like the swatches you posted. In fact, it looks a lot more like Surf USA from the Surf Baby collection from a few months ago. I’m almost tempted to buy another Jealousy Wakes to see if this is the case, but I’m worried it will be the same color, which is sad because I’d love an emerald eyeshadow from MAC.

    Anyways, thanks so much for doing all the work you do, testing these products and making recommendations, as well as grouping them by skin tone and undertone. It helped me navigate this collection so much easier than I would have been able to on my own.

  76. Rosie

    Thank You, CHRISTINE!!!! You’re reviews are soooo appreciated and needed because there’s just no way to swatch everything at the counter and really try to figure out whats worth it and not!!!! I so printed the Cheat Sheet and will be going to a MAC counter with that in hand 😉 BTW I love the new look to tempalia 😉

  77. Amy P

    This collection was a surprise hit for me. I was only looking forward to the 226 and Dark Diversion fluidline (loved it last time around, wanted another). However, once I started playing with the products at my local counter, I fell hard for tons of them. Runaway Red and Plum Fun in particular didn’t look like much in the tube, but turned into pure gold on my lips…

  78. Kayron

    I Love it when you make those shopping to get list…Can you do it for every large collection…Pls xoxoxoxoxoxo

  79. Hannah

    I meant to ask this in the eyeshadow reviews but forgot – how does Creamy Bisque compare to UD Virgin? Thank you!

  80. Tamara

    Christine, your hard work is amazing thank you so much! Your collection list is so very helpful and saved me lots of ink and paper! I’m in awww of you and am greatful I know about this site it helps me out everytime!

  81. Ksenia

    Hey Christine, I was just wondering,why didn’t you like the Lady Grey Quad? Ireally want to get it but as you’re my guru I’m thinking maybe it’s not worth it?

  82. Sarah

    I spent way more than I planned at MAC on Thursday! What else is new! Lol! :) I bought the Lady Grey Quad, Seaside CCB, Two 226 & Two 211 Brushes, Runaway Red lipstick; Avenue, Dark Envy and Midnight Blues Fluidlines….also picked up a Prep & Prime Transparent powder and thinking of going back for the Mythical and Carbonized eyeshadow. :) I wasn’t planning on the Lady Grey quad at all, but after getting a Mac Me Over Makeover at the MAC counter, I fell in love with it and had to have it, since I don’t have very many eyeshadows like those in the quad.

    Thank you so much Christine for your AMAZING reviews!!! I don’t know what I would do without you!! :) You are simply the BEST of the BEST!! :)

  83. mac me over this collection already in TW store on 8/26.
    And I just boutht

    Stunner blush
    Seaside Cream Color Base
    Eyeshadow i just bought Mythical
    and 3 lipsticks & 2 lipglosses

    of course all the fluidines!!
    and the brushes 211, 226

  84. Marina

    Christine, I have a quick question! Is Carbonized eyeshadow similar at all to UD M.I.A. (or Deeper) from the 15th Anniversary Collection? I don’t want to buy it if I can dupe it! Thanks, Christine!

  85. Leticia

    I’m interested in Oh, Oh, Oh and Offshoot LS; Moleskin and Carbonized ES and all Fluidlines! Though when I see the collection in person I will probably fall for a Lipglass…I love these so much I usually end up getting at least one!

  86. Yesterday the collection became available here in Greece and after seeing all the swatches, reading reviews, comments, etc, I had a pretty good idea about what I would purchase. So I got:
    Both blushes, creamy bisque, carbonized, moleskin, social light, avenue and the 226. I love them all!