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Me too!! Lol it’s fun at mac, iv had my makeup done there quite a few times. Mostly I just walk in when Im having a bad day and il ask one of the girls to make me up. It’s amazing what getting pampered does for a girls self esteem.

What counter do you go to? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a mac store with the possibility of dropping hundreds of dollars only to be told they were all booked. Or I get someone to do my make up and they do a terrible job and I feel so embarrassed to be walking around in public with this shitty make up job.

the problem is you went to the MAC counter… go to the Urban Decay counter next time!! Their artists are super nice, and won’t make you look like a MAC’d out hooker!!

No, but I think it would be fun! Especially if you had someone to do it everyday. You could just tell them the colors and look your wanting…LOL! Ok well I can dream 🙂

I paid a local makeup artist to do my makeup on my wedding day and also on my brother’s wedding day. My makeup looked awesome both in person and in pictures. My makeup did not look cakey or over the top.

Yes I have I got my makeup done by a door makeup artist by the name of Kevianno. I looked in the mirror and I looked like a freak.

Yes, I have, many times. I model so I’ve worked with many professional makeup artists. Its really fun and pampering. They do everything and they usually do it so well! 🙂

Never! I’d like to get it done at a makeup counter for fun, but I don’t want to be pressured in to buying products I don’t want.

Twice, I had an artist from Laura Mercier (he does circuit tours of the Laura Mercier counters around my area) do my makeup. He was absolutely phenomonal and on a completely different plane than the other SAs at the local counters. The difference in skill completely showed on my skin/foundation and the two makeovers involved in-depth skin prep with non LM products. Shocking I know! And he actually knew his skincare facts, thank God. I was actually agreeing with what he was saying instead of just nodding (out of politeness of course) at random ridiculous claims that the SA girls and guys would typically blab about.

Yes, I have had but mostly at counters/stores. I regularly get invitations from counters and of course I don’t miss the chance to go and try something new. But I would like to point something that will maybe stir reactions: at the counters the men who did my makeup were always better than women,as far as technique and communication go. With men, if I asked them for “a natural look” , I got a great natural look. With women, I got a heavily black-rimmed eye and the wrong shade of foundation. I always chat with the artist, and it was impressing to discover how enthusiastic the guys were about their job and products they were using (and I ‘ve met a couple of them who were fine arts graduates). The women on the other hand didn’t even bother to say what products they were using (hello?! keeping it commercial?!). And is it so hard to find the right shade of foundation? Has anyone else experienced this?

I’ve also hired a makeup artist twice (ok, yeah, another guy as well) and I was very satisfied with the results but he’s very experienced and quite well-known here so it was guaranteed 😉

The only MAC artist in my city I let touch me with a ten foot pole is Sam, a very lovely gentleman who knows how to not only LISTEN to you, but how to talk you through what he’s doing so you can (maybe:-) do it for yourself back home. The girls, yeah, MAC hookers. It’s a thing with them everywhere from what I’ve seen.

I have had artists from MAC and other beauty counters apply my makeup for me. I haven’t had any good experiences though because they usually apply makeup with what they think looks good in mind and not so much if I am going to be comfortable with it or not.

Yes. A beauty store here in Cyprus does this little “events” where you go to the store and there are a couple of makeup artists that offer to do your make up for free, to tell you some tips about your skin type etc, etc.And after that you can buy the products that the artist used on you(if u want) . I went there last year when I was 17. I wanted something neutral and wearable. Instead I had pink eyeshadows on my eyes (pink? i said i 17 not 7) and an orange lipgloss. I asked for a nice shade of red for my skin tone and he said that I shouldnt wear red, even If I go to the president’s house (that was ironic). My mom loved the make up so we bought the pink eye palette, the pink blush ( which after a couple of uses I realized It was a pink highlighter 😛 and the gloss (everything from dior for a reason I dont knw). I ended up never using the pink eyeshadows. Conclusion: never let your self take advice from Cypriot makeup artist. They dont even know what highlighter is 😛

When I was younger in my teens, I was more daring to let the traveling makeup artist touch my face and do whatever. And I think they were nicer back then encouraging me to sit and let them do something….not at the very least concern that I needed to buy something…even though I always bought something. Much as I like UD’s shadows, the sales associate tell people they will not do a makeover unless you buy a certain amount. Not that I want them to touch me anyway, because no one knows how to do these Asian monolid eyes….I always end up looking like I got two black eyes.

Yes, I’ve had my makeup done by artists from MAC and other counters. I like to have it done by people who do their own makeup well or who I know do good work. I like to learn new tricks!

Yes, at the Dior counter of my local beauty shop, and on my wedding day, by an freelance makeup artist. I looked gorgeous in both cases 🙂

Yes I have before when I wasnt so into make up yet but I would like to have my make up done by someone else for a change now that I know a lot more about make up. Its bound to be interesting

Yep! I used to work for a makeup artist. I have my makeup done professionally for special occasions. I love it!

I got my makeup done at MAC for prom and regretted it. She spent a total of 10 min on me, even though they told me it would be an hour, and I came out looking orange! My eye makeup looked like I was out all and I didn’t wash it off or anything. I took it off the second I got home!

twice full face when I was younger (8th grade graduation, and senior prom) and I don’t really remember how my makeup was…

then twice to try on foundations… in the past year… and the last time it was so cakey (prob bc of application rather then foundation) and whats worse, the woman who applied it smelled like cigarettes, and I don’t smoke

I have, several times for a few different occasions like prom, graduation and some weddings. I just do it when I feel I either need it to be extra perfect, or I won’t have time to do it how I want since if I get nervous things can take longer!

Yes. Frequently by MAC workers and never by anyone else! I would have let the sephora MUA do my face, but she couldn’t match my foundation, so I lost trust in her quickly.

For grad (before I got into make up at all) I had my make up done at the salon that I got my hair done without realizing that the only make up experience she had was on herself.. She tried to put liner on and it skipped on every eyelash leaving gaps all the way along and told me that that was just the curse of my eye and there wasn’t anything that could be done to make it look better. I went home, took it off and just did my regular shadow/mascara. To my friends I’m the “make up person” so it’s always me doing their make up and never the other way around even though I’d love it! 🙂

I had my makeup done once when I was about 18 at a store counter with my friends. their makeup turned out great but the girl that did mine totally used the wrong foundation on me and I looked like a freak. haha since then I don’t let anyone else do my makeup. even for my wedding, I did everything myself. but a few weeks ago, a Sephora girl offered to do my eyes with the naked pallate I was buying so I could get an idea of the different looks I could do. I was reluctant, but eventually gave in since it was only my eye makeup, and she was AMAZING. so now I’d consider it again. but as far as paying someone to do my makeup, i doubt I would ever do that since I’ve gotten by this far on my own abilities lol

letting a MU counter person get near my face is usually a scary thing. I won’t do it unless I bring a face wipe, moisturizer and a quick foundation to remove whatever weird stuff they apply and fix my face LOL. I only do it to try a new foundation. rarely anything more because I am no beauty queen yet I’m always amazed how bad they can make me look. suggestion: never let them do more than foundation at a counter unless you know the brand and can demand the right shade because if you tell them the exact formula and shade they can’t screw that up (except if they ignore you). and once they get you in the wrong shade foundation (which they’re not admitting halfway anyway) they’re going to spend the rest of the time trying to correct it or just making it worse. also certain brands are much worse than others. if you want a natural/classic look try an estee lauder or bare minerals counter, for fun/trendy try MAC or Smashbox, more bling Dior etc. and watch out at Neiman Marcus– I gave a rep at one my contact info for sales and she sent out a mass emailing from a yahoo account that was horrifically full of spelling and grammar issues– and worse– she gave out my info to every customer and theirs to me. apparently they’re vague on training or hiring or something. haven’t shopped their since

I’ve had mine done by a MA at MAC. It was so nice and relaxing, I’ve really gotta do it more often!

I did once at the Bobbi Brown counter for prom…I loved the end result but hated the process!! I never wore a lot of make up in high school so to have someone up in my face tight lining was so unpleasant…but SO worth the end result!

Well, my makeup was done by a supposed professional for a wedding once and it was terrible. Her assistant smeared foundation on my face in about 5 seconds flat and didn’t even blend it out, then the lady put this lipstick on me that wore off before we took pictures and used a dark eyebrow pencil where I didn’t even have eyebrow! I’m supposed to be in another upcoming wedding, so I think I’ll just say that I will take care of my own makeup this time. 🙂

yes, sometimes i have some product applied by a shop assistant-makeup artist at sephora, but they never seemed to me very expert. when i was younger and i didn’t really collect and experiment with makeup, once i had my makeup done by a makeup artist before a party… but i wasn’t really satisfied either. overall, i think i can do it better on myself

I had my make done by MAKE FOR EVER artists at Sephora it was really bad it looked like I had been beat up or in a severe car accident, both of my eyes looked like 2 big bruises ekkk!!! I had to make a break for the cleaning cloths now that was a big disappointment…Well at least I got 2 free travel mascaras…I think my 3 year old could of done a better job chick…At least it was free.

Yes. The Chanel make up head for Asia was visiting my store and I was lucky to sign up for a free session. I’m so glad I took pictures. I looked my best ever.

Yes, it was for my wedding, and I’m soooo glad I did! I had a trial before D-Day – she listened to what I wanted so that I could see and judge if it was worth it. Her makeup skills were far better than mine (even though I consider myself quite good). The look she did on me was exactly what I wanted and best of all, lasted ALL DAY LONG, from 1:00PM to 6:00AM, even with a high level of stress and dancing! Sometimes, you just have to rely on others and it felt so good to be pampered! 🙂

Yes, recently I had my makeup done professionally by Jyoti Nair of southern CA. She has worked with Bobbi Brown and films etc. She came to my house and spent 4 hrs with different looks for $150. I learnt a few tricks that was well worth the money. Being of Indian origin I find that department store MUA’s just don’t get the requirements of our skin tone and I have tried many over the years. I do find that the men MUA’s are better and pay more attention at the dept stores. I love make up and am far from a novice but I just wanted to get a refresher course and learn some new tricks as my skin has changed over the years. Just to get foundation matched was well worth it. The fact that she did not use any particular brand was important to me and there was no selling of any kind. She went through my make up drawers and we used both mine and her makeup and later I bought a couple of items she had used from the dept store. It was great fun and I made a video for myself.

Yes, many times over. I worked as a TV host for a local program in the LA area inside the news dept at the time. It pre-dated the time slot now held by GMA (they bought out format out). Then also like most, I have fallen for some of the semi professional make overs that various lines bring in sales force/make-up trained company employees and do a couple days of make-overs. Lancone used to do a lot of these events – so too did Clarins – the latter concentrated on skin care – the former on color. But now that the Dept store we had went bankrupt and the Macy’s closed that was 90 miles from here – no dept stores left around me.

I know this is a funny quirk, but I only buy makeup after having it applied by an artist at the counter and then I buy the whole look. This way, I know exactly what to do and what looks good on me.

I pretty much just stick to Nars, Chanel, Mac, Lancome, and Benefit, for this reason, though.

yes a few times! most of them i was happy with from MAC and other brands. but Napoleon Perdis was really bad because the makeup artists hands smelt like smoke.it was gross

A couple times. I usually only do it at MAC when there is a collection I want to buy a lot of like Style Black. I had it done during Venomous Villains because I was playing my Lady Gaga parody character at a theater show, so I figured “Hell, why not?” The gal doing my makeup was super excited because she loves Lady Gaga.

Turns out, I didn’t even get to go on stage that night. Poop! On the plus side, I did go home with a lot of really great makeup!

No, I usually buy the makeup and watch Youtube vids. And it works out great…I watch Pixiwoo the sisters. They also have brushes at Ulta that I want to try..Have anyone tried the brushes?

I’ve dropped in to the Laura Mercier events as often as I can, since I love the foundation and it seems like a far better gift with purchase than blush and lipgloss I won’t wear. They bring artists in and they always do a very nice, low key look and have professional attitudes.
But once, ah, once, I was at the Sephora in the Venetian while MUFE pros were on site for a promotion, and since I was young, partying heavily, and, oh yeah, IN VEGAS, my girl and I went nuts. Crazy falsies, bold colour, sparkly lips. I was in a purple smokey eye and my friend was teal blue. The woman who did it was phenomenal and we got so many reactions! But the pictures tell a story and that story was a darn good time. Only young once right?

I had my makeup done by a MA at the Cle de Peau counter at Saks. Needless to say, I made my most expensive purchases that day.

Yes… i used to work in television, so for headshots, I had 3 different makeup artists do my makeup… HORRIBLY! i was so disappointed i never let anyone do my makeup ever again. Then i got in a rut so i went to MAC and told them what i was looking for (i loved neutrals, needed a warm look that i can take easily from day to night and i liked my eyes focused on more)… the artist did an AMAZING job there in the store. and so started my MAC addiction 1.5 yrs ago (yes, i know, im fairly new to MAC… i was always sephora sephora sephora!). i think the key is finding someone you TRUST and knows what you want/expect. Otherwise, yes, you can look like a freak or hooker haha. generally though, unless i’m looking for something new, i’ll do my own makeup now.

Oddly never for free. I paid once to get it professionally done and had my picture taken and everything. it was by the brand Laneige. Maybe it’s because I’m young, these MUAs never offer to do any makeovers on me. But I supposed if I requested, they’d do it. But I’ll feel pressured to buy their products and chances are, I will end up buying what I don’t like/need. So maybe I’m lucky that all the makeup I buy have been throughly researched before purchased. 🙂

Yes I have… but I kinda hate it ’cause in photos looked amazing but live was like a mask… cream foundation and my oily skin don’t match at all…

I used to, until I was confident enough to do it by myself since I feel that I know my face and skintone more than the makeup artist. In fact, I was even the one who did my whole makeup in my graduation photo. 🙂

Just once so far, by an Urban Decay Artist that was visiting our location for an event. I wasn’t going to get it done, as I already had my face on for the day, I was just there to buy my Naked Palette, but she really wanted to do my makeup, so I figured why not? It was fun, a nice change. The makeup looked great and lasted ALL day. My favorite part was how she filled in my brows, she gave them such an awesome shape that I can’t seem to recreate.

Alex Sanchez of Lancome, Nic Caridi of Dior, Raymond Western of Guerlain, when he was with YSL; and now w/ Guerlain as well, Anastacia did my brows; Oscar Blandi did my hair, Carol Shawn of LORAC; and Deborah Lippman did my nails.

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