Sunday, August 21st, 2011

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Oh Oh Oh Lipstick

MAC Me Over: Lipsticks

There are eight shades of MAC Lipstick ($15.00 for 0.05 oz.) launched with MAC Me Over. They include: Offshoot (mid-tone neutral pink), Oh, Oh, Oh (plum bronze with pearlized pigments), Peachstock (neutral peach), Prince Noir (deep blue-purple), Rebel (vivid pinkish purple), Runaway Red (rich red-blue), Secret Lover (pale pink with yellow pearlized pigments), and Smoked Purple (deep eggplant purple).

  • Offshoot is a pink-plum with subtle red undertones. This shade has a cremesheen finish. The color coverage is nearly opaque, but it has the drier texture of a cremesheen, so it doesn’t feel thick or overly creamy. It is similar to Maybelline Bit of Berry but more muted. It is plummier than MAC Craving. Hourglass Nocturnal is slightly redder.
  • Oh, Oh, Oh is a pink-plum with gold shimmer. The color is semi-opaque but true to the lustre finish. This shade has a lustre finish. It is sheerer and less burgundy than Benefit Breakup Rumour. It is plummier than MAC Capricious. Looks like it is similar to Plum Dandy but pinker.
  • Peachstock is a light-medium beige with the warmth of peach. It’s opaque when applied. This shade has a satin finish, and it is permanent at PRO stores. It’s a bit lighter than MAC Imagine This and OCC Trick.
  • Prince Noir is a deep, dark burgundy with red undertones and subtle shimmer. This shade has a matte finish. The color coverage is opaque, and I can see that this would would have a tendency to bleed around the edges, particularly if you find you are prone to that (I am not, but it did bleed a bit on me). It reminded me of a better quality Chanel Maniac. Make Up For Ever #49 is much purpler.
  • Rebel is a rich burgundy with a fuchsia shimmer and vibrancy. The color is mostly opaque when applied. This shade has a satin finish, and it is permanent. It is darker and more vibrant than Guerlain Bee but deeper than Dolce & Gabbana Orchid.
  • Runaway Red is a medium-dark blue-based red with a subtle fuchsia sheen. It’s mostly opaque on lips, but there is a hint of translucence. This shade has a satin finish. Make Up For Ever #48 and MAC Dark Side are browner. Guerlain Gwen is closer but not quite as dark. MAC Digna is similar but not as opaque.
  • Secret Lover imparts no real color but lots of beige and pale gold shimmer. This shade has a lustre finish. It is similar to MAC Pretty Please.
  • Smoked Purple is a dark eggplant purple with cool undertones. The color is mostly opaque, but the lipstick itself is quite dry so it’s difficult to get a really even layer. It will tug and drag across the lips. This shade has a matte finish, and it is permanent at PRO stores. Dolce & Gabbana Lust is less purple, while Make Up For Ever #48 is closer, it’s less purple/browner. MAC Faultlessly F/W is darker, purpler.

MAC Lipsticks are vanilla-scented, and the texture and color vary depending on the finish. Lustre lipsticks tend to have sheerer color with a glossier finish. They are supposed to be moisturizing, but I have always found them drying, and they have a tendency to wear off within two to three hours–faster if the shade is light. Satin lipsticks are more opaque with a creamier finish and tend to wear longer (four to five hours). Matte lipsticks wear well (four to five hours) but can sometimes be dry.

MAC Me Over is a 51-piece collection for fall, which will launch in North America on August 25th, 2011 and internationally in September 2011. It will launch online approximately August 23rd but there is no concrete online launch date. All products–unless otherwise noted–are limited edition.

The Glossover


MAC Me Over Lipsticks Swatches, Photos, Reviews

There is a good variety of colors within the eight lipsticks (wow! eight!) launching in this collection, which is nice, because you are sure to find the right shade to pair with the various blushes/eye products in the launch, too.











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MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Oh Oh Oh Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Oh Oh Oh Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Oh Oh Oh Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Oh Oh Oh Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Peachstock Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Peachstock Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Peachstock Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Peachstock Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Rebel Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Rebel Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Rebel Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Rebel Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Runaway Red Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Runaway Red Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Runaway Red Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Runaway Red Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Secret Lover Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Secret Lover Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Secret Lover Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Secret Lover Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Smoked Purple Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Offshoot Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Offshoot Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Offshoot Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Offshoot Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Prince Noir Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Prince Noir Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Prince Noir Lipstick

MAC Me Over Lipstick
MAC Prince Noir Lipstick

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MAC Me Over is a 51-piece collection for fall, which will launch in North America on August 25th, 2011 and internationally in September 2011. It will launch online approximately August 23rd but there is no concrete online launch date. All products--unless otherwise noted--are limited edition. Each is $14.50.

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183 thoughts on “MAC Me Over Lipsticks Swatches, Photos, Reviews

  1. Mariella

    How can Oh, Oh, Oh look like such a piece of dog poop in the tube and be SO pretty swatched? When I saw the tube, I thought “no way” and then I saw it was Oh, Oh, Oh (what a pain that is to type) and was really surprised.

  2. Caress

    Haha, I completely agree with this comment from Mariella. I’m interested in trying it on and hopefully purchasing it.

  3. dayna

    i dont know how i feel about peachstock. :/ i heard its supposed to be the perfect nude?

    • It’s not for everyone and would recommend only for warm and midtone skin Individuals.

      It looks like death on me with fair skin and looks wrong on cool tone in general. The shade is like peach tone concealer.

      • dayna

        thank u! i have really fair skin so i cant even imagen how bad it would look on me O_o. thank you i appreciate ur answer/help.

      • Kristie

        yea, I agree!
        I’m quite pale and it looks odd on me too, using it with a lighter/pale lip gloss can make it look nice sometimes though, Or I actually just use it as a cream blush. :)

  4. alison

    why am i so drawn to reds? i thought for sure i’d pass on it, but i’m drooling over runaway red. but hey, the only true reds i have are port red (frost) and russian red (matte), so… maybe it’s justified, haha!

    tempted by oh, oh, oh, rebel, and secret lover too.

    • I’ve noticed that most cooler tone red look warm on Christine. The same shades under up not look as hot red on me with my pink lips. T-T I end up feeling disappointing.

      • I’m sorry :( I’m warm-toned, it’s something I can’t help!

      • Miss Mercurial

        You might want to try looking into other swatchers as well – I’m pretty sure Vampy Varnish is more cool-toned in complexion. The swatcher’s complexion makes all the difference :)

        Hope that helps some~

    • dayna

      im the same way with reds. im terribly drawn to them (even though i dont think i even have the guts to wear them out). but runway red looks GORGEOUS and like the perfect red.

  5. Lisa

    Oh, Oh, Oh and Peachstock definately! I like the sound of Secret Lover, but I already have Quiet, Please. I can’t wait for the swatch of Offshoot and Prince Noir! =]

  6. Rosanna

    haha Oh Oh Oh was definitely not what I expected from the looks of the lipstick! I thought it was going to be a weird brown color but it’s actually very pretty. Yay for your swatches!!

  7. Runway Red is so gorgeous on you! Definitely have to get that and Smoked Purple.

  8. oh oh oh, rebel, runaway red, and smoked purple are FABULOUS

  9. Carrie Ann

    Oh, Oh, Oh is very pretty, but I feel like it resembles something I already own. I already have Peachstock, Secret Lover is not at all what I expected and the other shades are too bold for me. This is good news for my wallet. :)

  10. Judy

    Loving Oh Oh Oh, Rebel, Smoked Purple and Runaway Red. I was hoping Smoked Purple wouldn’t be a typical matte lipstick and would have a smoother feel of putting it on. I still want it though. I am dying for Prince Noir & Offshoot swatches. As of now, I plan on buying five out of the 8 lipsticks. Woot woot for this lipstick addict. :-)

  11. Joyce

    ooh god!! What kinda beautiful color is oh oh oh. The tube looks weird! but the color itself, pretty 😀

  12. Lauren

    Thanks for the gorgeous lip swatches! Runaway Red looks like it might be the red lipstick for me. I like the way that Oh Oh Oh looks as well, but was wondering how similar it is to Fabby? Thanks!

  13. Laura

    Definitely getting Oh Oh Oh and Runaway Red, they look gorgeous! Skipping Peachstock, Secret Lover and Rebel (it’s HOT but I already have it).

    I’m undecided on Smoked Purple. I love the colour but I can’t help but think I might own something similar, and if it’s permanent at Pro then I could always pick it up another time I suppose… Christine – do you know how it compares to MAC’s Cyber or Night Violet Mattene? Thanks x

  14. Mo

    That Smoked Purple is about how MAC’s Night Violet Mattene lipstick looks on me. I’m kind of digging Runaway Red though.

  15. Becca

    oh my gosh, oh oh oh is STUNNING!!!!!! very pleasently surprised considering how disgusting it looks in the tupe!!!

  16. Noir

    I’ll definitely purchase Runaway Red, Smoked Purple. Dark colors tends to look good on me, I’d buy Rebel as well but I already have it! Maybe I’ll get Oh, Oh, Oh as well but I’m still not sure.

    By the way, Oh, Oh, Oh looks lovely on you Christine.

  17. Odbery

    Your full face shots almost look photoshopped XD to me they look exactly the same expect for the colour on your lips

  18. lameka

    does anyone else think that oh oh oh looks a little like funbathing from the to the beach collection? maybe a touch or two lighter!

  19. Catherine

    Oh,oh,oh looks like a lighter, less golden Funbathing.

  20. I really love secret lover and oh oh oh!

  21. Lee

    Oh Oh Oh reminds me of O which also looks bronzey in the tube but prettier on. I wonder if that’s where the name came from. I almost never wear reds but Runway Red is so pretty, I think I’ll get it. Secret Lover looks so pretty on Christine’s lips, I don’t think it would look the same on me.

  22. Tigress

    Rebel is super pretty!

  23. Marieke

    I almost can’t believe that swatch of Oh Oh Oh did really came from that lipstick. I’ve scrolled down many times to check if it’s really true. I LOVE the color.

  24. dayna

    Oh, Oh, Oh just isnt opaque/pigmented enough for me. its ashame i wanted to like it :/

  25. Oh oh oh looked so brown-ish in the tube but so pretty on the lips! My picks wud be Oh oh oh , Rebel and Runway Red!

  26. Jam

    I’m NC25-30 Filipina and I was wondering if you think Peachstock and Secret Lover would work for my skintone?? I can’t distinguish if I’m cool toned or warm tones haha.

    • I think it would work!

    • Deneuve

      Most Filipinas are warm toned. 😉

      You might want to check out the lippies first, as they may look a bit washed out on you, unless you’re going for pale anemic lips. Sounds like you’re pretty tanned (NC 25-30), maybe Offshoot would look better on you?

  27. Sophie

    Lovely swatches! Oh, Oh, Oh reminds me a lot of Sophisto, which is my go to lipstick. How do you think they’d compare? If they’re similar, do you think it’s worth it for someone who adores Sophisto to have both?

  28. Jan

    I have a question: is Rebel being released as new? I have this lipstick and it has been sold at MAC stores for a while now.

  29. Lena Vaz

    HAVE TO HAVE Peachstock. Amazing color!

  30. Nichole

    It’s sickening how practically all lipshades look good on you Christine.:) Even the shades that would look like death on me from the nose down.

  31. grace

    your skin looks beautiful christine! i love Peachstock(pro) and OhOhoh!! very pretty swatched!

  32. LOVE the look of Runaway Red – it just seems so plush! I’m also really surprised that Oh, Oh, Oh swatches so berry; it’s absolutely gorgeous.

    Thanks for the swatches, Christine :) (Your lips must be so raw! I don’t know how you do it.)

  33. Carolito

    In love with Rebel and Runaway! Do you think that they will work on a medium dark, warm skin tone?

  34. Isabel

    Most of them look so nasty on the tube :) but beautiful on the lips!

  35. Rocio

    A little off topic, in the picture were you are showing the Oh oh oh lipstick, what blush are you wearing or did you do the look you have on? Your overall makeup looks great!. I love it!

  36. Mel

    Runaway Red is all I see so far but since it’s blue based I’m worried it won’t work on my NW43 skin.

  37. baby in a corner

    oh oh oh looks a bit like rouge g in gemma which I love!

  38. Courtney

    I’m interested in a bunch of these. Runway Red looks quite pretty. I keep meaning to try Rebel, but I can’t remember if I have or not. Smoked purple is pretty, but I already have Media and Night Violet. I’d worry that it’s too blue and would make my teeth look yellow.

    • amamnda

      i find blue based shades to make my teeth look whiter lol.. orangeish shades i feel make me teeth seem yellow =[ but i wear them regardless haha 😀

  39. I’m not one to go crazy over MAC, but I love all of these!

  40. Amber

    Hey Christine, would you compare Secret Lover to Beachbound in any way? I ruined my tube of it a month or so back and from your swatch it looks at least somewhat similar.


  41. Saffy

    I really like Secret Lover, it would be pretty with a smokey eye.

  42. Yazmin

    Omg. So many pretty lipsticks. I want them alll

  43. Scarlett

    how does MAC Runaway Red lipstick compare to russian red?

    • They’re nothing alike – Russian Red is a much brighter red.

      • Carla

        Whew! I’m glad to know that Russian Red and Runaway Red aren’t that similar.
        Thanks to the “enablers” on Makeup Alley, I decided almost too late that I cannot continue to respire unless I get Runaway Red.
        I phoned MAC, and was told that they still have “a few pieces,” so I ordered one.
        A little voice inside my head whispered, “They’re hard to find; maybe you should get *two!*”
        I’m proud to say that I told the little voice to shut up, and just got one. That will last me a long time, and hopefully it will be repromoted sometime, anyhow.

  44. Rebel looks so great on you :)

  45. I love Rebel so much. I want to go out and get it right now! Oh, Oh, Oh looks really great on you-the color is so much nicer swatched than in the tube. Smoked purple looks gorgeous also, but I think I’m too pale to pull it off.

  46. Shauna

    I am lovin seCret lover and Peachcock :)

  47. Miss Mercurial

    Rebel looks pretty darn identical to Sephora’s Rouge Cream in Crush (which I own already and love to wear blotted!), so you might want to put that up there/suggest it if people ask you for possible dupes :D.

    (And it looks like I’m not the only one who thinks so:

  48. JulieD

    I will pass on these But REBEL looks A-MA-ZING on you Christine! It lights up your entire face! <3

  49. Mins

    will peachstock look nice on NC50 skintones? oh oh oh looks like a keeper :)

  50. amamnda

    i agree about smoked purple dragging.. but its still loveable.. i also agree that oh oh oh oh oh or whatever lol, looks horrid in the tube and lovely swatched.. i like secret lover, kinda reminds me of a warmer acid washed… i really like runaway red, as well, but how would you say it compares to Ruby Woo, Russian Red, and MAC red? If I own all three, [plus viva glam 1], should i skip it? i really like the way it looks on you-theres something different about it, but i can’t think of what =[

    • Runaway Red is a deeper red, so it’s not going to be like brighter reds like Russian Red or MAC Red. I would think Ruby Woo would be a lot cooler-toned, since it is so blue-based. VG I is more of a retro red, so it has that hint of brown.

      • amanda

        thanks so much.. guess ill be getting it! sigh..

      • Roslyn

        hi christine!

        i was just wondering what eyeshadow are u wearing with rebel and peachstock. it looks so gorgeous… you look gorgeous=) thank you. what is your fave amongst the lipstick that you swatched. ty=)

  51. Maya

    Couldn’t help but notice how ugly Oh, Oh, Oh looks in the tube in that first picture at the top…then began reading the description thinking it just had to be a typo or something…then came the pretty swatch…and BAM! Gorg when worn! I think my pigmented lips will turn it really dark on me, which I’m not a big fan of, but it is unbelievably pretty!

  52. An excellent dupe for Rebel without breaking the bank is Wet n Wild’s 908C… I think the shade is called Sugar Plum Fairy. I just bought it last week :-)

  53. Courtney

    Christine, would you mind sharing your tips for applying smoothly and accurately out of the tube? Your lips look so great and I read on an old post that for review purposes you apply straight from the tube for your pictures on lipstick reviews. That’s how I like to apply lipstick on a daily basis, but sometimes (especially with slicker formulas) it seems like I can’t get great definition around my lips like you do. This is why I actually prefer the crayon like formula of Ruby Woo (and judging by your review of Smoked Purple, I’d probably like that too), because the slick formulas always rub all over my face and I find I mess up the rest of my makeup every time I have to wipe off my lips and try again! :(

  54. Molly


  55. Glenda

    I want Secret Lover!!!! Christine, the reds look amazing on you!!

  56. Angelica

    Lovely review :) I would like to know how runaway red compares to Mac Dubonnet and to mac viva glam I?

  57. Katie

    I knew I would like Oh Oh Oh but I don’t like the Lustre finish so I’m going to pass. I’m surprised I actually Love Runaway Red as I’m not a “red” lippie person but I’m seriously considering it as it looks like it could be my perfect red.

  58. I am loving Peachstock! Peachy nudes are always a go. Rebel looks AMAZING on you Christine… I dunno if I could pull that off though with my fair skintone and coolish features. I am on the lookout for a nice red lip color for fall, I will def check out Runaway Red for that purpose!

  59. Is it just me or does your swatch of Rebel in this post look darker than your previous swatch of Rebel (for the Sultry Season)? Is this just an inconsistency in lighting/camera/photo adjustments or did you do more layers for this one?

  60. Laurette

    Very nice! Haha I always get so excited when I see the new MAC LE’s, but *oh bummer* I have to wait a month at least before it hits stores here in the Netherlands.

  61. Sara

    How does runaway red compare to heartless?

  62. Amy

    Rebel looks amazing on you. And WOW, is Oh, Oh, Oh a surprise!

  63. Charito

    What are you wearing on your eyes in these pics? So lovely!

  64. Christina

    Does anybody know if Runaway Red is like Revlon Crimson? Let me know!

  65. Kathrina

    Oh, Oh, Oh and Peachstock have to be mine! Luckily I already have Rebel and Smoked Purple so my haul will not be disasterous for my wallet.

  66. Bee

    Wow! Runaway Red is STUNNING on you, Christine! I love your swatches. Plus, I have almost identical coloring to you, so Temptalia is a heaven-sent resource. :)

  67. I’m like NW15 or lighter at MAC. Will Peachstock make me look totally dead?

  68. Cait

    i am happy that there is still some colour to the secret lover… at least it shows up on lips, still not sure though ~
    Thanks! <3

  69. Casey

    i neeeeed it in my life asap

  70. Vanessa

    Oh Oh Oh and Rebel are amazing!

  71. Jaime

    Christine, do you think Secret Lover would work on NW 20 skin?

  72. Lina

    Hey Christine, how would you compare Smoked Purple to MAC Cyber lipstick? Looking pretty similar to me considering the swatches.
    You just made it so that I now have my eye on all the lipsticks! I’ll just live off cup’a’noodles for the rest of the month.

  73. Peachstock is STUNNING. It shall be mine.


    OMG! Terrible colours all of them apart from the first one!

  75. Izabela

    I really like Oh Oh Oh! It’s such a beautiful shade!

  76. Rogue


    If I have Chanel Rouge Coco Rivoli, do I still need Runaway Red? What is the difference?

  77. Britt

    Think I’ll just get Peachstock and maybe Oh,Oh,Oh :)

  78. Gretchen

    Christine, I just heard that this collection is going to be delayed. Please please PLEASE use your superpowers to find out if it’s true or not. D;

  79. Scarlett

    is Offshoot similar to gem of roses?

  80. Is

    Hi Christine!
    is Offshoot similar to “Impressive” MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick???

  81. Liz Mc

    Thanks for your great swatches!!!

    If you know, how close is Offshoot to Midimauve?

  82. Amalia

    prince noir and smoked purple are perfect!

  83. Piarpreet

    Christine, how does prince noir compare to Sin?

  84. Runaway Red and Offshoot are the ones I’ll be checking out.

  85. Rebel and Secret lover !!! ♥

  86. thepaigest

    I really love them… I want to get a few of these and hold my money for is it… tropical I forgot!! I don’t have any MAC paint pots

  87. Rebel, Smoked Purple and Prince Noir are my favorites! I have Rebel already, but I’ll see if I manage to get my hands on one of the other two. :)

    And it’s interesting how Oh, Oh, Oh looks horrible in the packaging but it’s another story after it’s applied! :)

  88. Courtney

    prince noir is so not what i was hoping it would be

    • Katie

      Yeah it wasn’t for me either as I was sure that would have been the lippie I would get.

      • Courtney

        So was I! I was hoping it would be more bluey-purple and much less red but I guess I’ll just wait for potent fig.

  89. jasmin

    How do u get such a perfect lip ughhh

  90. Katie

    Wow I didn’t expect Offshoot to be sooo pretty! So Offshoot will be the lippie going home with me and I’m so glad I didn’t cave and get Gem Of Roses as they are very similar but Offshoot will def be more prettier on me and its in my favorite Cremesheen finish.

  91. Mel

    Ooh Prince Noir how vampy and gorge is that? Must have it.

  92. LollipopSiouxsie

    I’m really looking forward to trying these when they arrive at the counter, but I have to say that Peachstock is the tackiest nude I’ve seen in a long time. Very disappointing. Oh Oh Oh, Rebel, Runaway Red and Prince Noir look gorgeous though. Oh Oh Oh reminds me of Crystal Pink from Estee Lauder.

  93. Tigress

    I really like Offshoot and Rebel.

  94. Maria

    I think I like offshoot and oh, oh, oh the best [that would actually wear but think Rebel is pretty too] I tend to focus on eyes so much I dont like to wear bright lipstick too conflicting.

    Offshoot seems a little more sheer than the rest – would it better with a comparable lipglass over it?

  95. Sarah M

    I love Prince Noir! :-)

  96. Ann

    Hi Christine, I noticed that offshoot looks more like Bobbi brown in heather pink/soft nude.. Am I right or just hallucinating?

  97. liz

    I like offshoot the best. it looks like a good everyday lip color!

  98. Jill

    Offshoot, Rebel and Oh,Oh,Oh might be coming home with me!!! Runaway Red loose gorgeous, too, but while my paler than pale skin agrees with Red lipstick, I feel rather self-conscious with it on lol I much prefer and am more comfortable wearing the mauve or the bold fuschia shades :)

  99. LM

    I think Offshoot looks really pretty on you Christine :-)

  100. Amanda

    what foundation are you wearing in these pictures….your skin looks FLAWLESS