Thursday, September 27th, 2012

MAC Legendary Blush
MAC Legendary Blush

Will This Be the Next Legendary Coral?

MAC Legendary Blush ($22.00 for 0.21 oz.) is described as a “pale soft coral.” It has a satin finish. The color is a subdued pink-coral with a subtle golden shimmer-sheen. Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight is very similar. theBalm Don’t You Want Me is darker. Tarina Tarantino Feather is similar. MAC Immortal Flower is pinker and has no shimmer. MAC Supercontinental is much more orange and brighter.

The texture was soft but a little stiff. It had decent color payoff, though I did need to build up the color to get it to show up on my coloring (about NC30, for reference).  What was nicest about the blush was its finish; it gave just a glimmer of sheen and glow, but it didn’t emphasize pores or look frosted.  The finish was natural and lovely.  I wore this yesterday after swatching, and it managed to last seven hours without fading but after another half hour, it looked faded around the edges.

Keep in mind, online retailers like Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s, and Bloomingdale’s will also launch the collection online. These retailers typically launch close in time to the in-store release date (October 4th).

The Glossover



If it was a little softer, it would be easier to blend and apply better. I also wish it wore for a full eight hours! I think this works best on light to light-medium complexions.











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MAC Legendary Blush
MAC Legendary Blush

MAC Legendary Blush
MAC Legendary Blush

MAC Legendary Blush
MAC Legendary Blush

MAC Legendary Blush
MAC Legendary Blush

MAC Legendary Blush
MAC Legendary Blush

MAC Legendary Blush
MAC Legendary Blush

MAC Legendary Blush
MAC Legendary Blush

MAC Legendary Blush
MAC Legendary Blush

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics; technically September 27th online at and October 4th for in-store. $22.00.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight is very similar. theBalm Don't You Want Me is darker. Tarina Tarantino Feather is similar. MAC Immortal Flower is pinker and has no shimmer.

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: Chanel Apparence Illusion d'Ombre Eyeshadow, Chanel Harmonie du Soir Eyeshadow Palette (taupe), Burberry Trench Eyeshadow, MAC Smolder Eyeliner, and Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Waterproof Mascara. On cheeks: MAC Legendary Blush. On lips: MAC Little Rock Dazzleglass.

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49 thoughts on “MAC Legendary Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Cicely

    Is this similar to MAC Supercontinental?

  2. Daria

    Christine, would you say this is comparable to Benefit’s Sugarbomb?

  3. Mimi E. Stanford

    This one looks great on you too.

  4. Moushka

    Great reviews. The blush looks lovely on you with the pale lip. Part of me wants us to let the poor woman rest in peace (I remember her death). The other part has always loved her look and is thrilled it’s back in style.

    Sorry, Christina, I know this isn’t the right spot, but in a moment of insanity I unsubbed from your blog and miss it terribly. For some reason, I can’t find where to re-subscribe. I can forgo all other blogs because yours is definitely the best. Please help!

  5. Wish this had better wear time. Seven’s not bad, but I have found some blushes recently that last a good 10 hours and I just feel like I should never have to touch up my blush again, LOL!

  6. Lauren

    I wish they had a color that suits medium skin tones. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging, but I don’t like having to layer my blush a lot. It does look beautiful on you and we’re around the same “color” so I may bite the bullet just because I want that blush packaging.

    • The past few collections have definitely felt geared towards lighter complexions :/ I like when there is enough variety that you can see all skin tones wearing a launch. Like if they’re going to do one pale beauty powder, how about one for darker complexions?

  7. Not sure how this compares to Orgasm… but the photos definately make it look pretty!

  8. sara

    How does this compare to NARS Sex Appeal?

  9. Laurence

    Really pretty ! How does it compare to Supercontinental or Nars Deep Throat (which are total dupes !) ??

    • Supercontinental is warmer, more orange. NARS Deep Throat isn’t a dupe for Supercontinental on me – Deep Throat is pinker than Supercontintental for me. Deep Throat is pinker, darker, and more shimmery than Legendary.

  10. It’s clearly too pale for you, Christine, but I can’t tell if it looks chalky as a result. The arm swatches are pretty and appear more pink on my screen than the pan. As a result, this is reminding me of a lighter version of NARS Gilda and also MAC Immortal Flower which I own. I’ll take a pass as I think the previous two mentioned are similar and perhaps also better products.

    • Ruca

      It really is a lot like Immortal Flower (I have both), but this one is superior in pigmentation. I know a lot of people who got rid of their IFs or passed on them because that blush had a weak color pay-off; I’ve been advising those people to get this one since the color is so similar, but without the hassle of digging into the blush to get a little color.

      (I still love my IF, though!)

  11. Emilia

    Hi Christine how does this blush compare to supercontinental, from style seeker they look very similar

  12. Carly

    Any idea when this will come out in the UK? If at all..
    This is beautiful and since I’m pale, I think it would work really well with me.

    I’ve wanted a coral blush for ages but not one that just looks bright orange on me because I’m that pale.

    Plus the packaging to this is GORGEOUS!

  13. Amanda

    Hey Christine, how does this compare to the recent Style Seeker collection blush called Supercontinental?

  14. Is this similar to Supercontinental at all? Thanks Christine!

  15. Ok now I really want this one too! I usually don’t get too excited about MAC collections, but the Perfect Cheek blush and this one are just so gorgeous and definitely my kind of colors! I like that this one is so soft and the shimmer/glow is incredibly refined and luminous. I’m not too big of a fan of really pigmented blushes, so I think something like this would work perfectly for me

  16. Kate A @persistentfantasy

    Is this anything like Style blush? Or is the shine different to the frost finish of Style?
    This looks amazing but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s very similar to all my other blushes!!

  17. Liz

    This looks a bit like Launch Away – are they similar?

  18. Yes, it’s beautiful. My problem with these colors is if, during the day, they turn orange on me. This is my favorite color; even my wedding dress was this

  19. Lilac

    Almost put this to my wish list, but then I realized I have Alpha Girl. I put your previous swatch picture of Alpha Girl next to your pic of this blush, and it seems to me that Legendary is basically the same colour, but stronger pigmented and maybe with a bit more sheen. I guess I could achieve more pigmentation by layering Alpha Girl, though (and adding a highlighter, if necessary, which own, too).
    (ok, trying to talk to myself to check my stash for comparable items and thus saving money -and using up items I previously paid money for… ). :)))
    Thanks for all the work and the swatches!

  20. Sara

    I know you’ve already talked about how similar/different this is to Supercontinental (which is my current favorite blush btw, the collection finally arrived last week and I was super excited to get it), but how do they perform against each other? Which one is worth having?

  21. Lisa

    Do you think it will come back in stock online?

  22. Prettywpink

    Do you think this blush will work for NC50 complexions.

  23. Batool

    Do you think this blush will show up on NC40 skintone?

    What are your favorite picks of the MM collection? I’m having trouble deciding what i want to get (more for packaging because i’m def. a MM fan, but i want something i can actually use 😉 )

  24. Adrienne

    How do you decide between this and the other in the collection. Looking for an everyday blush nc25. I have tarte exposed and doll face. Nars sex appeal. Korres natural and peach. And Mac mighty Aphrodite. If one is similar to what I have I’ll get the other. Thanks!

    • If you use Exposed a lot and want something pinker, go for The Perfect Cheek. If you want something pinker than NARS Sex Appeal or Korres Peach, go for Legendary.

  25. I went to check the collection out this morning at my local MAC and found that this particular blush while it reminded me of Immortal Flower which I love, just didn’t quite swatch as well as I’d hope in store. Maybe it’s my skin? I felt it was a little bit more frosty and could work as a highlight instead for me. I’m an NC25/30.

  26. Diane

    I am getting SICK and TIRED of MAC and all of their LE collections that are sold out before the products are in the stores for a week. It happened to me with Supercontinental blush, and now with Legendary! I went to 3 different MAC counters in the same mall, and none of them had the blush in stock. They all said it was “sold out.” It was sold out on the MAC website, too. What do they do, make 10 for each store? I don’t want to see their products advertised anymore if they are not going to be available for purchase. What’s the point?

  27. I wonder if Legendary is similar to Launch Away from the Hey, Sailor collection


  28. Sarah

    Ladies, Legendary and The Perfect Cheek are back on the mac website! Don’t know for how long though so hurry! I just ordered The Perfect Cheek :-)