Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

MAC Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Me Over: Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quad ($38.00 for 0.19 oz.) includes four shades: All Races (cool light taupe mauve), Tendersmoke (muted silver lilac), Lady Grey (light frosted green-grey), and Hazy Day (mid-tone grey).

  • All Races is a cool-toned mauve-pink. It has a matte finish and is a repromote. I couldn’t think of any dupes for this one. The color payoff was good, and despite the lightness of the shade, it wasn’t chalky or powdery.
  • Tendersmoke is a gray-tinged purple with subtle red undertones and a frosty sheen. It has a frost finish and is a repromote. It is similar but less intense compared to MAC Azuki Bean and theBalm Curvy Cami. The color payoff is decent but not fully opaque.
  • Lady Grey is a soft, muted gray-green with a satiny sheen. It has a satin finish. It is a lighter version of NARS Delphes. Like Tendersmoke, the color payoff is decent but slightly sheer.
  • Hazy Day is an olive-tinted brown with a smooth sheen. It has a veluxe pearl finish. It is similar to theBalm All About Alex but Hazy Day is grayer. This shade had the best pigmentation of the four shades, and the texture was really smooth.

It’s one of the better eyeshadow quads I’ve seen MAC put out in some time. For many collections now, the eyeshadow quads have suffered from both pigmentation and texture-based issues. Lady Grey is a subtler, more muted color combination and the resulting payoff seems to align with that. You might find you need to layer both Tendersmoke and Lady Grey to achieve the color you see in the pan. Similarly, both of those shades had slightly drier, less buttery textures, while Hazy Day was a breeze to work with.

MAC Me Over is a 51-piece collection for fall, which will launch in North America on August 25th, 2011 and internationally in September 2011. It will launch online approximately August 23rd but there is no concrete online launch date. All products–unless otherwise noted–are limited edition.

The Glossover


Lady Grey

The quality is decent, and I think if you're going for a softer look, you'll find this quad to your liking. If you want true-to-pan color, you might have to work at it to achieve those results.











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MAC Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quad

MAC All Races Eyeshadow

MAC All Races Eyeshadow

MAC Tendersmoke Eyeshadow

MAC Tendersmoke Eyeshadow

MAC Lady Grey Eyeshadow

MAC Lady Grey Eyeshadow

MAC Hazy Day Eyeshadow

MAC Hazy Day Eyeshadow

All Races, Tendersmoke, Lady Grey, Hazy Day

All Races on lid, Hazy Day in crease, Lady Grey in crease all over Street Cool shadestick

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MAC Me Over is a 51-piece collection for fall, which will launch in North America on August 25th, 2011 and internationally in September 2011. It will launch online approximately August 23rd but there is no concrete online launch date. All products--unless otherwise noted--are limited edition. This is $38.

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45 thoughts on “MAC Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quad Swatches, Photos, Reviews

  1. Carrie

    Better than I expected. I’m on a subtle kick right now, especially for work where I still like color. Might go play with a tester of this!

  2. Jessa

    Love it!!! I think the color payoff is fine for me. I don’t need such dramatic eyes right now in the Summer. I prefer darker more pigmented eye color for the Fall & Winter months. Thanks Christine!

  3. Cait

    This is so far the only thing I think I may buy from this collection!! I usually only by a lipstick so pot of shadow, but from the previews none seem to really be enticing me to spend money.
    Thanks for the review and especially the last picture of how it all came together on your lid (GORGEOUS) <3

  4. Love pEace and Mac

    I love this!!

  5. Jill

    I love the colors, but not for my skin tone. I’m going to save my money for all the new paint pots coming out this fall!

  6. Celia

    I love this! Could take or leave “all races” but the others are gorgeous. Love the look too Christine. Can’t wait to see the “Evil Eye” quad when it’s available.

  7. Devi

    Nah, not really feeling this quad. Subtle ends up meaning “chalky” or “invisible” on my skin tone. 😛

  8. anna

    Lady Grey you are mine!

  9. Lena Vaz

    LOVED Hazy Day. The best one for me.

  10. Roo

    I think this will be the first MAC quad I’ve bought for a couple of years. The colours look different but like they’d all co-ordinate and blend together and I like having different finishes in a quad.

  11. Noir

    Honestly, my favorite color out of the quad is Lady Grey. The rest of the colors are meh!

  12. Anne

    Oooooh – really like this – sadly I don’t think this will look too good with my warm skintone :-(

  13. Lilly

    I am waiting for the Evil Eye Quad.

  14. Jody

    Honestly Christine, sometimes I think you could drag your finger through dust, swipe it over your lid, and call it a day.

    You have such pretty eyes and brows, and such good techniques, it’s hard to find something that doesn’t look gorgeous on you.

    • Lindz

      Haha that’s awesome and I totally second that! I have a friend who is so stylish she could wear a trash bag and a skinny belt with heels and look amazing! Some people just got it!

  15. helen

    Hi Christine- these look great on you!! Is the palette magnetized and reusable?

  16. dayna

    ugh i think i want this :/. unsure.. lol. i guess for the days i want more subtle looks. i just hope i dont have to REALLY struggle or work for payoff. thank you christine!

  17. Nichole

    Too pale and pointless for my NC45.

  18. LM

    good eye on thebalm dupes but I think thebalm shades offer just a bit more depth and shimmer. also, the brown looks an awful lot like insane jane.

  19. I am definitely going to purchase this. Usually, the MAC palettes have been so poor quality.. thankfully, this one seems a bit better :)

  20. Babs

    Christine — Is there a reason why MAC quads tend to be poor quality? I have fallen prey to many of them, and I’ve always wondered why the quality of the eyeshadows in the quads are usually inferior to the single pan eyeshadows.

    • I have no idea, sorry!

    • Meow

      I assume you’re talking about Mac’s recent quad disasters like the one from the ” Quite Cute” collection; chalky, clonky and down right awful. I agree they are of totally different quality than the single shades, almost borderline drugstore-esque in terms of texture and blendability – awful. My feeling is that they’re mass-produced, maybe they order these particular shades from China lol.

      • Babs

        Not only recent disasters, but past ones as well. I bought three eye palettes from the Tartan Tale collection, and only one was really good. I just never understood why MAC would push out inferior quality in their “collections”. For some consumers, buying from a collection is an entre’ to the brand — it was for me, and I was underwhelmed and did not buy MAC again for a while.

  21. Laura

    I think this collection is going to bankrupt me – there is so much I want from it!

  22. alyssa


  23. Samantha

    Can you remove the eye shadows from the quad and put them into a MAC palette? Or do you have to melt the glue first on the eye shadow pan and all of that?

  24. Lulee

    i wish i could get hazy day by itself. lovely!

  25. L

    I don’t like the color of All Races, but I do love all the other 3 colors. :/

  26. Becca

    pretty, but I don’t reallt feel like I need this and don’t want to spend almost 50 bucks (canadian) on this….

  27. Laura

    Wow i wasn’t even a little interested until I saw the last picture of the look you did, very soft and romantic!

  28. Ooh I love the look you did with this, so pretty!

    • I was about to put this on my makeup wishlist until I saw the price – that’s way too expensive for just 4 colors! >:[

      • Sheryl

        It works out to 11.75 CA per shadow, so its still cheaper than buying 4 singles! I have no regrets! I just bought the pallet, and I LOVE IT! so nice just for easy daytime look! Brightens up the eyes!

  29. Sara

    Is Yogurt by MAC kind of similar to All Races? Maybe a little sheerer (from what I can see in your swatch)??

  30. Melina

    I wish they sold Hazy Day separately.

  31. Heidi

    I think I’m going to get this.. I realized that I don’t have many subtle colors that aren’t neutrals as I was going through my stash to see if I had any dupes to replace this!

  32. ActingGal

    I love these eyeshadows! SO pretty!

  33. Ada

    Thanks for another awesome review! I’ve just started looking into Burberry and am wondering if it’s worth splurging on one shadow instead of getting this quad. These shadows are nice enough in texture and colour but not a complete sell for me yet. Any thoughts?

  34. Sheryl

    Hey Christine, is this your website as well or do you post your reviews also on the link I’ll share below? They are word for word as this site….

    Just curious! :)

    [link removed]

  35. Tessa

    I have a self-made quad with Naked Lunch, Trax, Sumptuous Olive and Woodwinked, and it looks pretty similar! The similar colors are even in the same places, lol!