Thursday, January 7th, 2010

MAC in Lillyland Collection
MAC Pearlmatte Eyeshadow

MAC in Lillyland Collection: Pearlmatte Eyeshadow & Powder & Coconut Ice Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

The two prettiest-looking items in the collection are my two least favorites of the collection. Both the Pearlmatte Eyeshadow and Face Powder are lovely to look at with their floral design, but the product itself is just okay.

Pearlmatte Eyeshadow

This is basically three eyeshadows in one, and the pieces are big enough that you can get your brush into each. It consists of a lightly shimmered white, a soft yellow-green with gold shimmer (think Juxt), and a medium blue-based pink with light shimmer (think Da Bling, but blue-based). The design dusts off pretty fast — I could barely see any of the floral portions once I did swatches. The shadows themselves are decently pigmented, but they’re not ultra rich. They also felt a little powdery, which I wasn’t thrilled with. Nice design, just an okay product.

Pearlmatte Face Powder

This contains four different shades within the compact, but realistically, as a face/cheek product, you’re going to end up with a swirl of colors, not just any of the four. In particular, the orange shade is incredibly small, so good luck wearing that alone if you’re brave enough to try! Nonetheless, I did swatch the four individual shades, and then I did a swirled swatch. The individual shades are: a yellowed, shimmered gold, mostly matte/satin peachy orange, sheer, deep pink, and a neutral tan-brown with no real shimmer. Swirled together, I ended up with a rather bronzy shade — it ran a little orange and had the yellow-gold shimmer in it. I don’t know if I’d use this as an all over face powder myself, because it seems more like a bronzer based on playing around with it so far.

Coconut Ice Nail Lacquer

I’d like to know why they named this Coconut Ice. Maybe I haven’t consumed enough coconut ice in my life, but I just envisioned a lightened shade — based on the name. I’ve read the description previously, so I wasn’t misled, but the name seemed off to me. This is a brightened peachy-coral kind of shade. It’s like Seasonal Peach with a lot more pink. It has a creamy finish, and I’d say it needs two to three coats to look right. It kind of reminded of an old, old nail polish called Pink Radar, except lighter and less pink. I liked it, but I like corals, so this wasn’t much of a surprise.

See photos and swatches!

MAC in Lillyland Collection
MAC Pearlmatte Eyeshadow

MAC in Lillyland Collection
MAC Pearlmatte Face Powder

MAC in Lillyland Collection
MAC Pearlmatte Face Powder

MAC in Lillyland Collection
MAC Coconut Ice Nail Lacquer

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52 thoughts on “MAC in Lillyland Collection: Pearlmatte Eyeshadow & Powder & Coconut Ice Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I fell in love with the nail lacquer **_**

  2. LOVE the look of Coconut Ice!

  3. Coconut Ice is such a cute color! Perfect for spring/summer! :)
    Yeah, the name’s a little misleading…I would’ve thought of a white or frosty white? This is more melon/peach/mango for me.

    I would buy the Pearlmatte stuff, but I’d end up not touching them in fear of messing up the pretty flowery-ness.

  4. Anitacska

    I love the two flowery compacts and will still buy them despite yuor review just cause they’re so pretty, lol. :)

  5. margot

    I like that nail colour, but frankly I find the pearlmatte things a little … tacky ? I don’t know, they just don’t appeal to me, a shame, but well …

  6. sonia

    Christine my dear, I am so sad that the shadow and the powder are just ok! Once more the reality is very diferent from the pictures! Tks so much!

  7. Sher

    The eyeshadow and face powder look so pretty! I don’t know I will be buying the shadow, though. The color payoff doesn’t look so good. :(

  8. Okay that definitely does not look like Coconut Ice… lol.

    The white shade in the eyeshadow look chalky =( So disappointed… I like the Face Powder though! would be a nice blush/bronzer duo-ish.

    • LOL! OK, good, it’s not just me. I mean, the name doesn’t have to mean anything, but whenever you use something that *does* have a color connotation…

      The Pearlmatte Eyeshadow felt kind of powdery – not so much chalky, but definitely powdery.

  9. sharon

    i had a list.. about i wanted to buy.. but not sure.. the list has chance a lot heheheh but.. thanks because im going to buy something different but worth it.. (im not sure if i wrote it right hehe)

  10. Roxanne

    I just had a MAJOR déjà-vu. I swear I’ve dreamt about those images! Weird!
    Anyway, the nail lacqer looks nice (the name is SO off), and so do the floral patterns but the products don’t really stand out to me.

  11. Rose

    I wish the shadow came in different shades :/. Maybe ones that compliment each other more? I don’t know; I’m just not drawn into it. I love the nail lacquer color though!

  12. Julie

    Is it bad that I want those compacts just to look at :/ They are so PRETTY! Love that polish color! I have been looking forward to this collection for months!

    • It’s okay 😉 Sometimes we find items like that! You aren’t the only one who would buy it just to drool!

      • Alicia

        Green and pink are my favorite colors, so I was instantly drawn to the eyeshadow! I had to go out and buy it today after work. I do wish it were more “like” other Mac eyeshadows (less powdery, more pigmented), but they are pretty on my eyes for a nice light, springy look. I tried it over Bare Study which was fine, but I thought the pink really popped when I used the W&C Nurture shadestick as a base. The eyeshadow does seem a little too light to be paired with such a bright collection though!

  13. Melissa

    omg! thanks sooo much fofr talking me out of buying these! :)

  14. Melissa

    omg! thanks sooo much for talking me out of buying these! :)

  15. amy

    Coconut Ice is a cute colour but I don’t think it should be called coconut ice at all because that is not what a envisioned coconut ice. I thought I would be picking up the eyeshadow trio but didn’t find the colours too special. The package design is beautiful though. When I swirled the pearlmatte face powder, I got this ugly golden yellow colour that looks kind of mucky on my skin tone.

  16. Ooooooh. I love that nail color!

  17. aramis

    MIGHT buy the face powder one to use as eyeshadow lol cuz i dont like the eyeshadow one and the face one seems good as blending colors/ highlight colors

  18. Heather

    Definitely nothing to write home about, lol. I actually don’t even like that floral design. *shrugs*

    I do like the nail polish color, though.

  19. j e n

    I’m getting that nail polish FOR SURE! 😉

  20. Is it just me or am I not feeling Coconut Ice? I mean the color is nice but misleading. I was expecting something lighter.

  21. Vijaya

    The MAC artist I was talking to said that the eyeshadow trio could be swirled together, too. I tried it and the resulting color was surprisingly not ugly.

  22. Jenni

    What would be a good dupe for Coconut Ice ? Thanks !

  23. Sweetpearl

    after reading this review im really thinking about returning the pearlmatte face powder, if its really just an ok product… coconut ice is really lovely but everytime i hear coconut pina coladas come to my mind lol!

  24. Marcela

    That nail color has nothing to do with the name. I envisioned something pearly white, or glittery, that would resemble the color of coconut…LOL, This should have been called “Mango Paradise” or something like that…anyways I will only be getting the So sweet so easy cremeblush, still my favorite item from this collection.

  25. Love the nail polish, but I’ll pass on the eye shadow and face powder.

  26. Lorna

    surprisingly i love the look of the nail color but it’s a little too warm for me..

  27. I loved the eyeshadow since I first saw it in the promo photos, and I love it still. It’s simply adorable, the pattern and the colors :)

  28. Anna

    i think i’ll get the facepowder. i love how it looks!

  29. Dana

    I bought the Coconut Ice polish and it’s soooo pretty and different! Great for this summer because corals are in this year

  30. sophia

    I agree, the polish stood out right it for spring

  31. Alicia

    Does anyone know of a good dupe for the nail polish? Just curious.

    Anyway I’ve been wearing the eyeshadow like this for now (since it is still winter, after all):
    Priming my lid with the Warm and Cozy Nurture shadestick/priming above the crease to the browbone with Bare Study paint pot
    Applying the pearlmatte pink over my lid, Trax in the crease, and All That Glitters as a highlight
    Lining with Prunella eye kohl

    I really love the way it looks, and it’s a good way to use this eyeshadow while it’s winter. I’ll use the green and white as it gets warmer out!

  32. alisha

    I love Coconut Ice!!! I just got it today and it’s such a beautiful color :)! Looks gorgeous on tan skin !!

  33. jillo

    I got both the eyeshadow and the face powder. I like them both. I only got the eyeshadow because I like the colour combos, if mac had a pink that was a similar colour I would get it. They had a matching green and finding a pearly white is easy. I really wish mac had a better pink colour variety.
    I still like the eyeshadows, it will be great in the summer as a lighter sheer look.

  34. Gina

    I bought the face powder. I swirl all colors together and apply as a bronzer. I have to say.. it’s the perfect color for my NC20 skin. I love that it’s matte/satin. I don’t like shimmer and this is perfect. It gives a beautiful sun-kissed look. I even bought a back-up :)

  35. Erika

    I love coconut ice too!! I’m wearing it now :) I had to skip on the pearl matte e/s & powder, they weren’t pigmented at all, and I don’t use bronzer

  36. Erika

    …and im going back for the creme blushes!!! woo hoo!

  37. Nicola

    Hi, I haven’t seen the polishes “live” until now, but could it be, that the polishes “peachy keen” from china glaze and “hot & spice” from OPI are very similar to the “MAC Coconut ice”?

  38. ileana

    I found this blog about how to make your own Coconut Ice with colors you already own!!! Before I spend the $16 I think I’ll guve it a try

  39. Btw, I just found a candy that is called Coconut Ice and is very similar in color to the nail polish! :)

  40. audrey

    Isn’t Coconut Ice white??? that is a strange naming for a peachy colour. teehee! Great Review christine!

  41. Olivia

    That nail lacquer looks amazing!~

  42. Chelsea Forma

    When I read the title, I thought the eyeshadow was the powder and when I saw the green in there I was like WTH?