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MAC Flamingo Lipstick
MAC Flamingo Lipstick

MAC for Iris Apfel: Lipsticks

There are four limited edition (and one permanent) shades of MAC Lipstick ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.) in the Iris Apfel collection: Flamingo (light milky bright coral), Morange (loudmouth orange), Party Parrot (bright red-pink), Pink Pigeon (bright cleanest pink), and Scarlet Ibis (bright orange-red).

MAC lipsticks come in a variety of finishes, so the color payoff, texture, and wear can vary based on the finish alone. In this collection, we have mostly mattes. The matte formula on these is comfortable to wear without being drying; I actually would have pegged them as amplified cremes or satins, because they didn’t cling like some of MAC’s original matte finishes do (think Ruby Woo; none of these are similar in texture). Lustres tend to wear off quickly and dry out my lips, so they’re not my favorite finish. Amplified cremes are really opaque, creamy, and comfortable to wear. Because of the intensity of the pigmentation in these shades (except Flamingo), these will wear longer and have a tendency to stain. I’ve worn Morange for six hours in the past, and I tested out Scarlet Ibis for wear, and it wore for six hours and left a bit of a stain. MAC lipsticks are vanilla-scented but taste-free.

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MAC for Iris Apfel Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches

These are really nice matte finishes--they're not dry or difficult to apply! If you love your lipstick bright and opaque, you'll probably enjoy these offerings from MAC for winter/spring.











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MAC Flamingo Lipstick
MAC Flamingo Lipstick

MAC Flamingo Lipstick
MAC Flamingo Lipstick

MAC Flamingo Lipstick
MAC Flamingo Lipstick

MAC Flamingo Lipstick
MAC Flamingo Lipstick

MAC Flamingo Lipstick
MAC Flamingo Lipstick

MAC Flamingo Lipstick
MAC Flamingo Lipstick

MAC Morange Lipstick
MAC Morange Lipstick

MAC Morange Lipstick
MAC Morange Lipstick

MAC Morange Lipstick
MAC Morange Lipstick

MAC Morange Lipstick
MAC Morange Lipstick

MAC Party Parrot Lipstick
MAC Party Parrot Lipstick

MAC Party Parrot Lipstick
MAC Party Parrot Lipstick

MAC Party Parrot Lipstick
MAC Party Parrot Lipstick

MAC Party Parrot Lipstick
MAC Party Parrot Lipstick

MAC Party Parrot Lipstick
MAC Party Parrot Lipstick

MAC Party Parrot Lipstick
MAC Party Parrot Lipstick

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick
MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick
MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick
MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick
MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick
MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick

MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick
MAC Pink Pigeon Lipstick

MAC Scarlet Ibis Lipstick
MAC Scarlet Ibis Lipstick

MAC Scarlet Ibis Lipstick
MAC Scarlet Ibis Lipstick

MAC Scarlet Ibis Lipstick
MAC Scarlet Ibis Lipstick

MAC Scarlet Ibis Lipstick
MAC Scarlet Ibis Lipstick

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

MAC for Iris Apfel releases in-stores on January 5th, 2012 and will be available at all MAC locations and counters; $14.50 each.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

See individual shade reviews! :)

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189 thoughts on “MAC for Iris Apfel Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. lameka

    Love parrot is not what i expected it to look like but still nice.

  2. I could have sworn party parrot was way more red, guess not! Still loving flamingo, I bet that one is going to sell out fast

    • Sam

      my words exactly. i though party parrot was going to be so much redder. i also assumed flamingo would be too light and orange but im loving it.

  3. I love it all! Pink Pigeon and Scarlet Ibis look wonderful, can’t wait to try them out! :)

  4. Oh wow, Such beautiful shades and I really love the finishes from the lipsticks. Especially the first one, I’m definitely goig to check it out :).

  5. Gemma

    Flamingo is the only shade i think i’d wear! I might have to purchase that one.. I always wanted to get my hands on Ever hip..

  6. Rebekka

    Is Party Parrot in any way similar to MAC Impassioned?

      • Hotpink

        Christine, does Party Parrot compare to Red Full Stop or Full Speed? Thank you so much. I was waiting for these colors. I couldn’t get this and Pink Pigeon at any MAC store in NYC or NY area. They were sold out immediately even though I was at the stores the day of launching since I love hot pink and all variations. I couldn;t get them online either. I actually find it pretty insulting when I made a point of going as early as I could on the day of launching to multiple stores and couldn’t get these colors. Did they only sell 3 per store or something? I understand limited edition, but this I find insulting especially to loyal customers who planned and prepared to make a purchase.

      • Stephanie

        I think it is a dupe, just the finish is different. I swatched them next to each other and they’re really pretty much identical (except of the finish)

    • MORENA

      good question, i wondered same thing!

  7. Lulee

    FINALLY! is 2012 the year Mac turns it around and goes back to it’s glory days? These lipsticks all look great
    Christine thank you for swatching. Can you tell us how Scarlet Ibis compares to Lady Danger?

  8. Ivana

    Party Parrot looks soooo amazing on you πŸ˜€

  9. Patricia Couto

    Pink Pigeon and Party Parrot are gorgeous!! I love bright lipsticks!!!!

  10. Jenny

    Scarlet Ibis looks amazing on you!

    How does Flamingo compare to Chanel Flirt? They look almost identical to me when I’m looking at your full face pictures (the one in the Horizon blush review)

  11. Sarah

    oh my lord…i really really want party parrot, pink pigeon and maybe flamingo! haven’t been this excited about mac lipsticks in a while…

  12. Imelda

    Thanks for the swatches Christine. I was told, however, that these will only be a MAC store only release (by the Nordstrom MAC counter). Do you have any information on that? Happy New Year!!

  13. lauraaaa

    you should compare party parrot to impassioned. they seem almost the same

  14. sara

    ooh I want Party Parrot! Thanks for the swatches! I’ve been eagerly awaiting them :)

  15. Laia

    They all look fabulous… first splurge of the year!!!

  16. Carla Souza

    I love the colors on these lipsticks!
    Plus, they look great on you, Christine!
    I really want flamingo and party parrot πŸ˜€

  17. leanne

    For anyone interested, this collection in now available on the UK MAC website. x

  18. Gillian

    wow, for once I am not disappointed.

  19. Fitrah

    How does Scarlet Ibis compare to Lady Danger?

  20. lola

    how does Scarlet Ibis looks next to lady danger??

  21. Gigi

    Wow flamingo looks so fantastic on you!!! Wondering how scarlet ibis compares to lady danger…

  22. I love how bright and fun these are!

  23. Flamingo is pretty! <3

  24. Casey

    ahhhh party parrot and pink pigeon…i need these in my collection asap

  25. Kim-Mary

    Thanks Christine!!! I’m planning on buying all the lippies in this collection. Been waiting months for it. Can’t wait until it is finally up online.

  26. Oh my god, I’m in love with Flamingo and Party Parrot!

    How would Party Parrot compare to MAC Impassioned?

  27. Lena

    Love these shades! How does Party Parrot compare to Mac’s Impassioned? Thanks for the swatches :)

  28. Indu

    Nice! How will Flamingo look on NW 40?

  29. Oooo I’m eyeing Flamingo! This collection hits Belgium at the end of January, and I’m probably going to grasp the second chance with Too Chic!

  30. Sonia

    Hi Christine,

    How does Morange compare to the Milani Mandarina Lipstick? thanks!

  31. Alex

    I know you say Flamingo is lighter than Blossom Culture but I’m just wondering how much lighter? Significant enough to need to own both? Just wondering as I already own Blossom Culture. Thanks for the great reviews as always. And congrats on the engagement of course! x

    • Just depends on your preference – some people like to have a lot of similar shades because they wear that color a lot. If it’s not a color you wear often, then you could definitely skip it!

  32. Vanessa

    These look beautiful on you. Love the bright colors. I can’t wait to wear these for spring . Xoxo

  33. Gillian

    Hey Christine, how does Scarlet Ibis compare to MAC’s Lady Danger? Congrats again on your engagement.

  34. Y

    Wow these are stunning! Too bad I hate the smell of MAC lipsticks!

  35. Susie

    I love Flamingo! It is the perfect shade: brightens the whole face and complexion, but is subtle enough for everyday wear. Can’t wait to pick it up! Thanks as always, Christine (:

  36. I’m really interested in Pink Pigeon and Flamingo. Thx for the swatches!

  37. LMichelle

    :( Because her last name means ”Apple” in german, I thought we’d get a true apple /” snow white” red. Would’ve been a nice twist!

  38. Kathrina

    Great colors! How does Scarlet Ibis compare to Toxic Tale?

  39. Actually, none of them are quite bright enough for me! Strange how MAC collections make me pine after other colors (Candy Yum-Yum, how I regret not buying you).

  40. Breanna

    I typically don’t buy from MAC limited edition collections (I usually just stick to the permanent line) but I think I am going to pick up Flamingo. I have been really interested in Ever Hip in the past and actually prefer that Flamingo is less intense. Thanks so much for the swatches Christine!

  41. Sara

    FLAMINGO IS SO GORGEOUS ON YOU (: i think im gna get it heheh

  42. Except Morange, it’s nice !

  43. Laura

    Aaagh, I want Flamingo but it already sold out on the UK website :(

  44. Marcus

    Party Parrot is even prettier than I first imagined… What a brilliant color! It’s my favorite one of the group. Love it!

  45. Kimberly Nguyen

    Flamingo is so pretty~!

  46. Just a color observation; the photo of Flamingo in the tube looks more coral than in the swatch and on your lips and Party Parrot looks more red in the tube and more pink in the swatch and on your lips. Are those differences the same in reality or was it just lighting? I don’t mean to be picky, just force of habit being a wedding photographer. Make up color correctness is a big thing!

    • No, those are the correct colors – you have to remember that skin tone and the natural color of the lips will always alter the color in the tube (unfortunately, I am not as pale as people would like) – plus, the color in the pan/tube is not always true-to-form, which is kind of the reason blogs came about :) I’ve spend hours editing photos to ensure that they are accurate – I keep the products next to me as I edit. I wouldn’t just post photos without regard to accuracy!

  47. civa

    Flamingo is gorg!<3

  48. Amanda

    Flamingo will be mine!!!

    Which is funny because I wouldn’t have picked it initially!

    Party parrot is a possibility as well….

  49. Iris

    Judging the texture, I’m a bit surprised at the way these MAC lipsticks look so good on you, even though I have seen your best of the best lip photos before.

    By the ways, Christine, did you wear Flamingo on the look you demonstrated Chanel horizon blush? It took me by surprise at how sweet and innocent the look was put together.

  50. Scarlet Ibis looks interesting :) I bought Hibiscus from the surf collection and loved it, but have of course lost it… this looks like it might be a bit like it? maybe more orange?

  51. Helen

    How does party parrot compare with mac’s full speed from the sheen supreme?

  52. Daniela

    Why does everything look good on you? It’s not fair :( I really like Flamingo, I’ll definitely buy it!

  53. Ashley

    I love Flamingo and Party Parrot! I’m picking those shades up!

  54. Matthew Sheather

    Is Flamingo similar to the shade Lovelorn? thanks xx

  55. oh im absolutely gonna grab MAC Flamingo Lipstick!!!

  56. jerilyn

    omg these colors all look gorgeous… i will have to pick all of them up! i cant wait!!!

  57. Lily

    Is scarlet ibis similar to MAC Vegas volt or the venomous villains toxic tale lipstick?

  58. Roo

    I was going to buy Party Parrot just for the name so I’m glad it’s also a great colour! It looks beautiful on you Christine – not the most obvious shade for your colouring but it looks like you’ve time travelled a few months into the future to Spring 2012:)

  59. Eleanor

    Hey Christine,

    I was wondering just generally, how easy it would be to develop a search so that you could search top-rated reviewed products. It would be awesome to do this search and determine the best products in each category easily.

  60. On the hunt for a MLBB shade, and it seems like Flamingo might fit the bill! I will definitely be picking that up! Thanks as always for the great swatches!

  61. Nina

    my comment is not related to this collection at all. i just have to say Christine — you.are.stunning!

  62. Victoria

    I like them all except Scarlet Ibis and Morange. They just seem so unwearable.

  63. I never thought I would say this but… I LOVE all of these!! Damn it haha

  64. karen gonzalez

    i totally have to get flamingo, part parrot, and pink pigeon. they are gorgeous. it’s about time mac does something i actually want. with all their recent collections, i’ve only picked up the 226 brush and a few paint pots. i was starting to hate them

  65. Alison

    Loving this whole collection! Feels much more put together and theme-y than recent collections. Love the colors!

  66. Esther

    Scarlet Ibis is a dupe of Lady Danger!!
    Party Parrot & Flamingo…sooooo pretty!!

  67. Tommy

    I’ve ordered 2 Pink Pigeons!! So gorgeous!! Just wish I got Candy Yum Yum while I had a chance :/
    I love the look of Scarlet Ibis!! How does it compare to Lady Danger?? :) x

  68. Rachel

    Hi Christine! Thanks for the fabulous swatches. If it isn’t too much trouble, I was wondering if there was much comparison between Scarlet Ibis and NARS Heat Wave. Thanks!

  69. Nily

    Oh WOW I love them all!!!
    1st place Party Parrot I think… β™₯ But also Flamingo and Pink Pigeon are so cute color!

    Is Scarlet Ibis similar to MAC Hibiscus from the Surf Baby collection?

  70. Sherie

    Hi! Do you know when this collection will be released in asia?

  71. Tommy

    Omg sorry! Just read about 10 of your replies saying you don’t have Lady Danger!! X

  72. Claire

    This came up in the mac uk site yesterday along with daphne guinness, already placed my order! Decided to pick up two flamingos, just as I did when ever hip came out :p. flamingo sold out on mac uk earlier today!

  73. Gemma

    Flamingo is already sold out on the UK website!

  74. Kathy S.

    Scarlet Ibis looks like a kinder, gentler option for those of us who can’t carry Morange straight on our lips. I can do it sheered out, but that’s a bit more work than I’d like. I’m surprised how much I like Flamingo as well. Thanks, Christine!

  75. Nicki

    These lippies are so beautiful! I wish I matched in the bright pink lip but it just looks weird on me.

  76. Liana

    Flamingo and Pink pigeon look great!

  77. Sexy Sadie

    Flamingo is so hot on you.

    Pink Pidgeon looks like a matte show orchid.

    Too bad this collection does not come to Scandinavia.

  78. Pink Pigeon has my name all over it, it’s soo pretty and I’m glad it’s a matte finish, I wanted to love “girl about town” but something about the finish hasn’t quite yet grown on me.

  79. Melissa B

    ill be buying all of these! im LOVING party parrot and flamingo! thank you so much for the swatches and review

  80. Gemma

    Flamingo has already sold out on the mac uk website? :o!!

  81. breyerchic04

    I wanted Flamingo from one of the promo shots a while ago, during fashion week, but seeing this I think it’s too light.

  82. Candaceca

    Your skin looks so fab in all these shots! What are you wearing?

  83. Karen

    I will be getting all of them!!!! I love loud and darling colors.

  84. Kim

    How does pink pigeon compare to macs pink Nuevo ?

  85. Faith

    I’ve never even considered buying something from a LE collection before. Will this also be available on the US website, or just in stores?

  86. Saffy

    Flamingo is AWESOME!

  87. Jill

    These colors are all lovely!

  88. Ashley

    How does Scarlet Ibis compare to Lady Danger? I’ve been wanting to try Lady Danger for a while, but I do love matte finish.

  89. Cherie

    Gah flamingo will be mine!! The other colours are nice but far too intense for me.

  90. ms

    party parrot! i’ve been eyeing vs be mine bcos i was looking for pinks that are medium dark like chanel phoenix. it just looks like party parrot pulls coral. nc42 indian, don’t do well w/ corals (even though u list phoenix as corallish), there is that less intense corally version of morange that u recommend, i tried that, the coral in that don’t look too good on me. i’ll check party parrot out. let’s see.

  91. SA

    Flamingo is so pretty!

  92. That Orange is so pretty! Actually, ALL of it is pretty! I see a lot of items for Mac are coming out on the 6th. I do I have questions about the orange color.

    How’s the color Morange compared to Atomic Orange by Bobbi Brown like? They kind of look the same. Yes?

  93. dzhenie o

    Just when I said no more lipsticks for me :(‘ they r all too gorgeous. Can’t wait to try them, hope they don’t sell out fast ‘cuz I’d have to wait till I’m in the uk to purchase these. Tnx for the swatches Christine

  94. Sara

    Hi Christine! How does Party Parrot compare to MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #37? Thanks!

  95. dzhenie o

    Sorry I forgot to ask, are party parrot and insanely it dupes?

  96. Katrina King

    Your lipstick swatches are the best! I’m loving Flamingo and Party Parrot especially, because my skin tone could wear those two, but all of the shades are very pretty.

  97. artemis

    beautiful colors πŸ˜€

  98. anna

    i really want party parrot! i dont really know if i want flamingo yet. Is flamingo a type of lipstick where you have to apply many layers to get a good coverage?

  99. Traci

    Love these lipsticks! I just called my Nordstrom to presell and they told me it was at Mac stores only. My Mac store will not do presell. I guess I will b stalking the website!

  100. nessa

    party parrot and pink pigeon you will be mine!!