Your Guide to Upcoming MAC Cosmetics Collections - Updated 4/2/12

This post will be updated as information, images, swatches, and reviews become available.  If it’s not on the blog, I don’t have more information, or, in rare instances, I’m not allowed to post until a certain date.  If you have information not yet posted on Temptalia, feel free to submit it! It can be collection information, photos, swatches–whatever! Just send it to [email protected].

All dates are subject to change. You should always call your local store/counter to verify the date, because MAC does have a habit of releasing launches a week or so earlier.  Please note that collections launch online typically the Tuesday before the Thursday on-counter date.


Occasionally, as the year ends, we’ll be archiving all of the information previously found in this post into year-specific posts. Just click the appropriate link below for the year you’re looking for! 🙂

See upcoming collections for 2012!

Upcoming MAC Collections

MAC & Iris Apfel Collection

North America Launch Date:  January 5, 2012 | International Launch Date:  January 2012


North America Launch Date:  January 5, 2012 | International Launch Date:  January 2012

Mineralize Skincare (Permanent)

North America Launch Date:  January 5, 2012 | International Launch Date:  January 2012

Shop MAC, Cook MAC

North America Launch Date: February 9th, 2012 | International Launch Date: March 2012

MAC & Vera

North America Launch Date: February 9th, 2012 | International Launch Date: March 2012

MAC Viva Glam with Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin

North America Launch Date: February 15th, 2012 | International Launch Date:  February 2012

Perfectly Finished (Permanent)

North America Launch Date: February 16th, 2012 | International Launch Date:  February 2012

Lightfully New (Permanent)

North America Launch Date: February 23rd, 2012 | International Launch Date:  February 2012

MAC & Marcel Wanders 2

North American Launch Date: March 1st, 2012 | International Launch Date:  March 2012

Mineralize Eyeshadows – 2012

North America Launch Date:  March 2012 | International Launch Date: March 2012

MAC & Chen Man

North America Launch Date: March 1st, 2012 | International Launch Date: March 2012

Too Supreme

North America Launch Date: March 1st, 2012 | International Launch Date: March 2012

In Extra Dimension

North America Launch Date: April 5th, 2012 | International Launch Date: April 2012

Reel Sexy

North America Launch Date: April 5th, 2012 | International Launch Date: April 2012

Tres Cheek

North America Launch Date: April 5th, 2012 | International Launch Date: April 2012

Lips & Tips

North America Launch Date: May 3rd, 2012 | International Launch Date: May 2012
  • Preliminary Information (Coming soon!)
  • Reviews & Swatches (ETA April 30th, 2012)

Hey, Sailor

North America Launch Date: May 24th, 2012 | International Launch Date: May 2012

Extended Play Lash

North America Launch Date: May 24th, 2012 | International Launch Date: May 2012

MAC & Beth Ditto

North America Launch Date: June 2012| International Launch Date: June 2012

MAC & Ruffian

North America Launch Date: June 18th, 2012 (online only)
  • Preliminary Information: Lipsticks in Ruffian Gold, Ruffian Nude, and Ruffian Red; plus ready-to-wear manicure sets with 24 pre-glued nails
  • Reviews & Swatches (ETA June 18th, 2012)

MAC By Request

North America Launch Date:  Fall 2012 | International Launch Date:  Fall 2012 — ONLINE ONLY

MAC & Marilyn Monroe

North America Launch Date: October 2012 | International Launch Date: TBA

  • Preliminary Information — collection has been confirmed but no additional information has been released
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Damn you MAC…how am I supposed to save any money? I thought I had sometime but I guess not. Thanks for the info Christine!

Hey Christine! Regardless of when they come out in stores, the first date listed after each collection is when they are available online, correct?

Hey Pquanda! Usually if the launch date gets moved up, it will appear 2 days or the Tuesday before the launch day.

i am still waiting for Cool Heats, I think there is Color forms at my mac store now.. I am going out shopping now, hopefully i can grab some new stuff!!

I’m glad we’ve got some good collections coming up soon, I wasn’t really into NN or Cool Heat. But dang, MAC, slow down, you’re taking the allure out of LE. They know we’re suckers and will definitely buy it if they attach LE to it, though! And I confess to being one of those suckers. 😛

Hi Susy,

I don’t have a post like this that compiles them, but I believe you are looking for the Raquel Welch collection 🙂

Oops, I forgot to mention’m looking for the name of the launch that came out with the packaging that looked like a tiger, I believe? It was Rachel ? something 🙁

I really wanted this collection for christmas but its so dumb that it comes out the day after christmas? what kind of strategy is that??? 🙁 oh well I will just get a MAC gift card and buy it 😀

I know this was probably a lot of work for you to maintain, but with how many posts you make for each launch I reallyyyyy used this one a lot to find the swatches, promo images, etc really quick and to keep taps on what was upcoming. I was wondering if you’d considering maintaining it for the 2009 MAC launches? It was super useful!

This is rumored on specktra, I can’t assure you it’s all true, and if it is it will likely change 😛 posted by glamourgirl216

2/5 Creme team
2/5 well defined
2/12 hello kitty (2parts)
3/12 Gran duos
3/19 Sugar sweet
3/19 VG6 Special Edition Refresh
4/2 Colour Theory
4/23 A rose Romance (2 parts)
4/30 Double Dazzle
5/28 Style Warriors (2 parts)
6/11 naked honey
7/9 Electro Flash Anniversary

im going broke with all these launches!!!!
i love them all but when you come down to it… there is only so much variation on a color.. but i still am addicted lol

I’m uber excited for the graphic garden collection!
I’m addcited to MAC! I go there too often but it’s definitely worth it!
Soooo many interesting things coming out. I hope I have easy access to a MAC store when I go to university or I think I may die 🙁

I was just wondering if you could update the information on upcoming collections to include the holiday ones. I noticed that other websites have info on more October, November and December collections? You however give much beter descriptions so could you please update? Thank you in advance!

I am really in need of the MAC 184 fan brush. Unfortunately I don’t have a Pro store in my state. Is MAC planning to launch it as a non pro item any time soon? Is there another way to get my hands on one?

I don’t have any information that would suggest this, sorry! You can call any PRO store in your country and have them ship it to you.

Hello. Could you please update the list. The one you have up only shows one thing for October and nothing else. And it’s end of September. I rely on this list to know what is coming and how to budget my money. Now, I don’t know about any collections at all. Thank You so much.

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for the link! I don’t usually put information up that isn’t confirmed or 100% sure (e.g. working names). I only post information when it’s full and accurate (so product names, descriptions, etc.). I’ve only seen a very tiny promo photo for All Ages, All Races, and All Sexes, but whenever I have full, high quality photos (similarly, I only update with photos if they’re good photos — blurry photos won’t do!), I’ll be sure to post.

If it’s like January 1st, then international is just January, but if it’s say January 15th, then it’ll be February – I never see specific dates, just the month 🙁

Thank you Christine you have done an amazing job helping us be informed about the upcoming collections before anyone else!!!! It is so amazing how you have entertained us for so long and still have new tutorials,ideas, tips and recommendations about new collections!!! Your work is outstanding as a makeup artist, blog editor and everything else that you have to balance in between =) ♥x♥x!!!

Hello Christine,

I really need something orange in my stash. What’s the best?
– buy MAC devil blush (dupe for Hot hot hot?)
– buy Optimistic Orange?

Thanks for your feedback

I think Devil blush maybe a little more orange?

I am also not sure if it is eye-safe (they may use pigments that are known irritants around the eyes, vs. OK for the cheeks), so you might want to look into that 🙂

Optimistic Orange is really fun, and I’d go for that Devil–just because it’s new, limited edition, and different from the permanent line. You can always grab Devil whenever you want, you know?

Hi Mirna,

I won’t be, because it’s all permanent products being repromoted right before Fashion Week. I guess I don’t really consider it a “collection” since there’s nothing new at all in it (or repromoted… just all permanently available products that have been permanent forever!).

Christine I need a dupe for a discontinued MAC lipstick, it is called All Revealing is an amplified creme and it came in a collection in 06 or 07(yep that was one of my first MAC purchases) Something about black formal…. and it came in a set with a bag 2 lipsticks and a lipgloss.

I don’t know if this is to much to ask and I am really sorry to bring this up, but lately with your spring lip swatches I was reminded of it and some colors seem to be very close to it like Guerlain Gardenia Rouge G Lipstick (but All revealing is a more intense peachy-sandy nude color).

Thanks for your help, is just that I love the color and brings me back good memories !!!! ♥x♥x♥

Hey SiaM,

I’ve been trying to track down a swatch of All Revealing (I don’t remember it), but I haven’t been able to 🙁

Based on your description, maybe something more like Peachstock! (PRO, but will be out with Liberty of London.)

Hi SiaM
All Revealing is my absolute all time favorite MAC lipstick and I still search for it on auction sites and such. I wish they would bring it back as a permanant part of the collection!

That said, I found after much experimentation that a coat of “Honey Love” topped with a coat of “Shy Girl” is nearly the exact duplicate of All Revealing.

Hope that helps!

This is great Christine, I was just thinking the other day I wasn’t sure what collections were coming up next. Of course we still haven’t had Riveting and Give Me Liberty in the UK (in fact I wonder if we’ll get Riveting here at all?). I’m also hoping there’ll be a new mineralized collection this summer again like the previous two years now. 😉

I feel pretty confident that we’ll be seeing a mineralize collection come July 😉 I’d be shocked if there wasn’t!

I doubt we’ll be seeing Riveting here… 🙁 We didn’t get any of the Lilyland either. Nor that small collection in fall/winter, with the asphalt flower perfume and quad.

I’m so excited for a cat collection! I’m such a cat lover! I really wish it would have special packaging, but with all of the other special packaging ones coming out, probably not 🙁 It would be really awesome to have cat silhouettes on the lids, or even cat faces. Kind of tacky perhaps, but I’d sure buy it!

Very very excited about the feline-inspired collection, especially if the shades will be something i’m into.
I’m kinda wanting a few things from Pret a Papier (coral paint pot, anyone? :)), not as excited about the beach themed one (so many colours that I have in my stash, and not excited about the packaging or theme). But 3 collections in one month, come on MAC, how can you do this to us?! I can’t keep up. 🙂

Hi Christine,
There is a new MAC Trip collection out today (Mar 23rd) on the Canadian website. I haven’t heard anything about it? Have you? They are all palettes and sets. Will there be swatches? Thanks, Christa

Hi Christa,

It’s not new — it’s Trip II Collection, which was released in summer 2009 at duty-free stores. It’s actually old 🙂 There won’t be any swatches as it’s online only, so I can’t get down to the store to swatch!

I just got an email from the MAC website and they had a new collection called Trip with a bunch of different palettes. Will you be reviewing those?

Trip Collection was launched in May/June 2009. It’s actually not a new collection. I presume they didn’t sell as much as they wanted through duty free stores and have put it online to reduce inventory.

I just found out about this sight I lOve that i can check out up coming mac collections i only recently signed up for the mac news letter lettig me in on collections the day before they come to my stores and by the time i get in to actually check out the collection some stuff is sold out or whatever im loving the pret a papier collection will definatly be getting the coral paint pot will be getting a few things out of mac to the beach that is definatly a collection i need to prepare for cuz im pretty sure my counters will sell out of stuff quickly thanx so much for the insight

Please update this a bit, Christine 🙂

I think you’re doing a great job, and I love to check your site and see all the new MAC stuff before it’s in the stores.

I’m so excited about To the Beach collection by MAC!!!!! The colors are slamming! I’m a bronze girl so I just love the line colors in this collection. Go MAC!!!

Will you be posting a review of the MAC mineralize eyeshadows? It says they launched April 29th but I haven’t seen the review.

Oh man! MAC. What. The. Heck??? I was just looking forward to three collections, now I noticed that more will be coming out. Good Lord I hope there is nothing in any of them after Disney Venomous Villains Collections I want. I’m going to be sooooo broke. Not to mention I have no room for any more cosmetics.

I know your busy with everything just wondering when do you think this post will be updated if there are any its been almost a month?

There aren’t really any major updates at the moment… As soon as I have more information to update the post with, I would be happy to update it.

I can’t wait for more info & hopefully some pics of the items. 🙂
I have become so impatient with MAC and all these gorgeous collections. I’m already dying to order the In the Groove collection stuff.

GACK! Lady Gaga all the way – I may look rockabilly on the outside, but I’m a little monster on the inside! Must have. MUST have! MUST HAVE!!!

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this is an absolute disaster!!

way too many collections in one hit.
Christine, just wanted to say thankyou… This website is fantastic.
I am from Australia but buy my mac thru usa and thanks to you can plan ahead…..
do you know when we will be recieving more collection info after this big bomb of dec and jan….

thanks once again!!

Any updates on upcoming 2011 collections? Last year, there was a BONANZA of collections in February and I don’t want to be caught of guard (so that I can start saving now-lol!)

Thanks Christina for your hard work. I know keeping the site as up-to-date as you do must almost be like a full-time job (even more since you update throughout the day). You rock!

i most excited about the MAC & Wonder Woman collection and the Surf Baby collection (i know it’s a while till the last one will be out but it sounds like it will be fun and summer-y :D)

Peacocky Collection is one of the best I’ve seen mac put out for shadows (quality wise)

Surf Baby is this years To the Beach. ^_^ Buy again it comes out during a period I’ll be going on vacation and strapped for cash.

Here’s hopping they will bring out some more Blush Ombres.

there are so many collections i think surf baby may be fun ! christine do you know at this time whether the coloured mascaras will be permenate ? also the finally flawless collection inculdes the 130 brush too according to the uk mac site 🙂

Ohhhh… wallet gently weeps LMAO….some sound reallly exciting but omg my husband may divorce me if he knew how much this habit is gonna cost this year!

Woot woot!!!!! All these collections sound fascinating. I just hope the products/colors are really amazing. I’m very curious to know what the Daisy Collection will consist of. I do like the Daisy flower. Same with the Quite Cute collection. Can’t wait for the Zoom Coloured mascara. I’ve been wanting another purple one for years and just can’t seem to find any at the drugstores anymore.
Big Bounce Eyeshadow, The Wonder Woman, Jeanius, Viva Glam VII, Quite Cute are mine if the products are as great as I imagine them to be. 😀

With regards to 2011 collections – Lightfully Bright sounds like it may have the item that I’ve been lemming forever. Lightscapade MSF! I seriously hope so!

I was at the MAC Pro store today (never been to one) and it was amazing. I think i will buy their stuff instead of items from the next few collections. I love eye makeup, so I fell in love with their Pro Pigments, and those waterproof neon eyeliners in the paintpot containers (the cyan blue and magenta something). Oh and the pink pigment from the stylishly yours collection was gorgeous in person, it looks nothing like the swatch on here.
And they did say those cream bases were for the eyes!!! Even though the product insert says its not, thats MAC’s ay of taking the liability off them. never seen such beautiful colors in my life. Seeing it online (mac website…etc) and then seeing it in person is just not the same.

Hi Val,

The lipstick is still available at the Times Square MAC store. You can call them and they will ship it for you for $7. I just placed an order for some items. The store number is 16463550296. Hope this helps.

Holy mother of MAC cosmetics!!!!! They just pop them out. I wish I worked for MAC. I am superduper excited about the upcoming collections. I just hope they have some amazing colors. Here’s hoping for some new purple lippies, mascaras and eyeshadows. Maybe even a new purple blush. I’d love some new blue based tone & greyish color stuff also.
Any idea when we will know a little more about the items in the collections? How about the Wonder Woman items?
Thank you Christine!!!!!!! Love this site. It’s just the best.

Zoom Coloured Mascara??!!! YESSSS! Been dying for some coloured mascaras for awhile now. Hoping for blackish purples, blues, greens and I’ll even take reddish colours. I wonder what big bounce eyeshadows will be? A larger eyeshadow? Also, sheen supreme lippies?! Oh boy. Let’s hope the colours are gorgeous and actually show some depth. I’m not a big fan of sheen but if it’s a lipstick w/some gloss finish that is fine with me. Any word on the WonderWoman collection items yet? I heard there may be a purple lippie in it and a dark red lippie. Can’t wait!!!!!

Hey Christine!

I saw that the cremeblushes are being discontinued since they are listed under the goodbyes on the mac site, then 4 cream base colours came out with the Stylishly Yours collection, and now I see that there’s a collection called the Cremeblend Blush coming out in March 2011.

What is going on with mac cream blushes and do you know any info on them?
Are any of the cream blushes available right now worth buying or should i save up till the one that comes out in March? I was thinking of buying mac ladyblush but im not so sure now.

I heard that there might be another Spring Color Forecast type collection coming out after Viva Glam VII. Have you heard anything about this rumor Christine?
Would you know what the Daisy & Quite Cute collections may be in terms of colors and items?
Thank you!!!!! Cannot wait to start over buying all of MAC’s stuff.

No – Wonder Woman is this year’s Spring Colour Forecast 🙂 All the information I have is posted here – if it’s not, I do not have anything else.

I’m hoping that the Sheen Supreme lipsticks are actual lipsticks and not lip-glosses that I am hearing rumblings about.
I’d love some new forumla lipsticks & funky bold colors as well.
If anyone hears anything, please let us know. Thanks!

Thank you Zooey for the weblink to see the new sheen supreme lipsticks from MAC. They look great! Can’t wait for Christine’s reviews & swatches.

Hi CHristine, I’m wondering why we haven’t seen any promotional photos for the Viva Glam VII collection that will be out next Tuesday? The last time we got the poster & lipsticks earlier than it came out.

What will the Daisy collection be? Flowers possibly? I’m already in trouble w/the WW & Viva Glam II collections. Then I want the Jeanius, sheen lipsticks and creme blushes. Quite Cute will just end it for me. Now I’m hearing about a Daisy, Surf Baby, COlored Mascara collection??? And this is just the beginning. Summer & Fall are right around the corner. Good Lord help me.

i hope they would come up with cool packaging for the SURF BABY collection.. like pastel baby blue for a change or pink ,… its always orange packaging during summer. i hate orange,.. 🙂 teehee

i hope they come out with a brown chicks version of painterly paint pot (honey caramel creme brown would be awesome!) and more foundation shades im tired of mixing 2 foundations to get my color,

the Surf Baby and Quite Cute collections seems like they’ll be really good. I can’t wait to check out these future collections 😀 thanks for keeping me updated

I’m hearing rumblings that one of the upcoming MAC collections coming out on May 5th that used to be called Daisy is now called the Fashion Flower collection & that may have special packaging.
Christine, any update on the Spring/Summer/Fall-Winter collections coming out for MAC?? As always.Thank you.

When will we get the updated information?
The Daisy collection is now called Fashion Flower.
The Big Bounce eyeshadow collection is now called Flighty.
There will be a Daphne Guinness collection coming out in the Fall. Not sure of the exact name yet.

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