What part of your makeup routine do you enjoy the most?

I love eye makeup! I love playing with color combos and finishes, so that’s the part of my routine that I definitely look forward to. It’s close, though, to the moment where everything comes together in a complete look.

— Christine
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I love eyeshadow as well! And highlight. I’ve enjoyed putting on base make up more and more as well, now that I have a good morning skincare routine and found a foundation that I love. I look forward to putting on my make up every morning regardless because it’s my time to be creative and play a little bit!

Eyeshadow and lipstick. But I generally like the whole act of putting on makeup. It’s peaceful, creative time for myself in the morning before heading into rush hour traffic on my way to work. The quiet before the storm. Eyeshadow is so creative and I love selecting the perfect lipstick shade to give my look the finishing touch.

And then there’s Guerlain Meteorite Pearls. I love swirling a fluffy brush in this beautifully packaged, divinely scented product and sweeping it onto my face. But, honestly, I don’t see that it does much. I’ve watched videos to make sure I’m doing it right, but I don’t see any difference with or without it. But it’s so glamorous and I do enjoy using it, so it was worth a mention in this question.

The only part of putting on my makeup I don’t like is my eyebrows. It’s always a bit of a struggle because mine are so sparse I have to draw tails where no hair exists. My brow makeup application mantra is, “sisters, not twins.” Once the brows are done, I can relax and enjoy the rest of the process. (I’m thinking about going to the Benefit brow bar at Ulta. Maybe they can show me a better way to do them. I’m curious about their Ka-Brow product.)

Ditto about the brows, I feel your pain. I have a bald patch on my right brow and it doesn’t like to cover up, it’s maddening lol! As well as the disappearing tails.

Karen So sorry! Shingles is miserable in any variation. I lost tons of hair to those viruses, the stress and adrenaline surges hat come with them. I’m noticing hair growing back slowly but surely. Brows have been one of my least favorite parts of my makeup routine but I’m glad I noticed these comments. I need to try new brow products that make application easier and more enjoyable. Looks so much healthier with some “cousins” or “sister brows.”

My face base is easily my most favorite part because I find it so relaxing. It doesn’t matter to me whatever I use brushes or my fingers either. I use a smoothing primer, an illuminating liquid, then a finishing powder, and it just makes me feel so much more put together.

The “eyes” have it here too – eyeshadow is my favourite colour cosmetic – though I do feel a bit of a burst of happiness inside when my concealer goes on well!

When I actually have time and motivation to do something creative or at least interesting, then absolutely, it’s doing my eyeshadow and any corresponding liner! Otherwise, I actually enjoy doing my skincare routine, as it’s so very soul soothing and calming for me. It’s me saying to myself: “I care about you and I’m going to nurture you”.

While I love the eyeliner look, applying eyeliner gives me anxiety. 😆 It’s not just having two left hands when it comes to applying liner. I have hooded eyes naturally and my `hood` covers most of my eyelid; liner works for me only if it’s a very thin line, I cannot build upon it to correct any mistake (like the proverbial meme).

But I also enjoy my skincare routine, feeling my skin, deciding what extra treatments it needs, massaging products, taking a moment to take care of myself…

I have been really into perfecting my base lately so that my skin looks like I am wearing minimal foundation, nice and clean with soft contouring and highlighting but usually it’s the eyes.

I like to wear make-up, but I don’t actually consider the act of applying make-up enjoyable… it’s just… everyday stuff. 🙂
But I must say I really enjoy when I apply lipstick and the whole look comes together; especially when the lipstick is a bold color.

I love doing my base! I especially like putting my liquid highlighter and cream contour and highlight underneath my foundation! Looks so effortless and beautiful.

I like powdering my face and putting on lipstick – there’s just something about the way they finish your look and bring everything together….

But my most favourite part of my everyday routine is putting highlighter over my blush and blending it together! I love a glowy cheek and with my plethora of cheek products, the combinations are near endless. I wear thick black spectacle frames every day so with the shadows they cast on my face, I feel like a little extra glow never hurts 😉 😀

Eyes are most creative space — so eyeliner, eyeshadow. I’ve enjoyed foundation and blush more lately as I’ve turned a corner on skin issues and it’s nice to have a better starting point for skin/base things.

While I do love putting on my eye shadows and working with different combinations, it really is the final steps that I love the most. I always finish with some kind of finishing powder, most often Guerlain Meteorites, but I have a lot of them depending on the finish I am looking for. And then applying lipstick, arguably my most loved product, at least the fact that I have several hundred makes me think it is my favorite, LOL. And the very last step is a mist and again, I have a lot of them. I always end up going back to MAC Fix + for several reasons. Much like the Meteorites, I love the smell. I love the result. So, the last minute or so of my makeup routine is my favorite. I really wish I had bigger lips so my lipstick would be more pronounced but I really can’t over-line without ending up looking like a clown. If I were younger I would so get fillers!!

Several hundred lipsticks! I’m so happy I’m not alone having that many. I love lipsticks. It’s my favourite thing to browse and buy. So many shades, so many finishes. So much Fun!

Yes, I am a bit of a lipstick junkie. I did a de-clutter this time last year and still have over 200. I just broke my no buy to pick up ColourPop Alchemy and I don’t regret it one bit!! It wasn’t exactly a huge splurge at CP prices. Looking at my lipsticks makes me happy and when I am at Sephora or Ulta or any department store with makeup I can swatch, I end up with literally swatches all up my arms and when my daughter sees me she always says, “Oh my gosh mom, what colour of berry are you getting today!”

****sorry, Alchemist! I knew I was going to get it for quite a while. Actually from when they first launched. I wanted to wait for Christine’s review so I put it off but it was only a matter of time before I would purchase as it is the lipstick she was wearing in her Natasha Denona/Viseart eye look and it was stunning with the look. I didn’t want to wait too long and have it disappear forever which would be my luck.

Yay for lots of lipsticks! I don’t have several
hundred, but i have over 100!So, how do you organize your lipsticks? How do you remember what you have and how do you pick what to wear?

Hi Kendra, nice to talk to a fellow lipstick lover. That is another really nice thing about the blog, you get to meet so many like minded people!! I have my collection divided into three overall groups and it is rather elitist but I have high end together, DS together and then lip pencils, crayons and liquid lips. In the HE I keep them divided by brand. I find that I know what shades I have in my HE shades better and they tend to be mostly a couple of brands. I have a fair amount of Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, Guerlain, Pat McGrath, Bite and YSL across several finishes. Those are all displayed in three mirrored trays with a silver filigree around the edge that I picked up at Home Goods a few years ago. My “other formula” type lipsticks are my liquid lips which I don’t have a lot of since the formula isn’t my favorite. For a few shades I was willing to make the sacrifice and wear them with a balm underneath or over top or sometimes both. I also keep my lip crayons in their and they tend to be mostly NARS with a few other brands here and there. I also keep my lip pencils in there. These are all stored in mercury silver jars just behind the lipsticks. Finally, my DS lipsticks are grouped by colour family. I keep them in an antique music cabinet and within the cabinet they stand up in their own little boxes that they came in. I take the boxes and cut a little off the top end and remove any extraneous packaging and then I glue them to the one in front and so on. That way they don’t fall down when I take one out to use it, which I hate. I have a lot of DS lipsticks and don’t have as good a handle on what I have in those drawers but by grouping by colour I can usually find either what I am looking for or something in the shade that I want.
How do I decide what to wear? That is a good question. I think I make a lot of questionable decision regarding lipstick colour but since most of my lipsticks fall into a few colour families I don’t end up looking like a clown a whole lot. I have a strong preference for pinks, plums, berries and reds. I don’t have many more neutral shades. I also have had my daughter living with me for the past year since she finished college and I will frequently go to her room when I am ready for lipstick and ask her what she thinks I should wear and she does the same for me.
I hope that answers your questions. Someday I am actually going to cover the variety of lipstick boxes that I have glued together into a prettier looking paper but since I am the only one that sees them, I feel like it isn’t a priority. Also, a lot of DS lipsticks don’t come in boxes so I do save the boxes from some of my HE purchases to use for my DS as the HE are displayed on my vanity in the silver boxes. I also can usually make other boxes work well to store say 4 lipsticks in a skin care box or something along those lines.

Choosing my lipstick and playing with my eyeshadows are the most favourite part of my beauty routine. Deciding which eye shades co-ordinate with my clothes the best and which palette/quad/singles I will use.

Good question! I like doing my face structure makeup the most actually. Once I’ve done my brows I feel like my face is balanced, and blush just adds to that. My day to day is just foundation, brows, mascara, blush and lipstick. Anything extra just adds time to my routine which i don’t have.

Lately that’s been my most necessary steps: Skin care which takes me a while. I love my skin care products! Then foundation, color correction, concealer and a little countouring or bronzer. Highlighter too if I have time. Transforming into a healthier more youthful complexion makes me feel much better and more comfortable facing the world. Mascara and lots of eyeliner used to be my favorites but my eyes became so sensitive due to health problems.

Least favorite lately: Lips because the internet constantly reminds me that fillers or (basically cruelty free) fat transfer would solve all of my deflated lip issues. That’s not financially feasible at the moment but eventually.

I love each and every step, from the first (eyeshadow base) to the last (mascara), but I think my favorite is also the most tedious – the brows. Not because I love doing it, but because it makes the biggest improvement on my whole look. I have like 4 pale gray hairs above each brow and 2 black ones. Doing my brows brings the right balance back to my look. Yes, it’s a huge pain in the ass, but it’s the most necessary step.

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