Urban Decay Vice LTD Eyeshadow Palette Coming Soon!

Urban Decay Vice LTD Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay Vice LTD Eyeshadow Palette

It’s our most exclusive Vice palette yet—an ULTRA limited-edition case loaded with 20 velvety shades of Eyeshadow. We packed Vice Ltd with 20 shades of Eyeshadow—18 exclusives (five are NEW!) and two bestsellers—plus a double-ended brush. Experiment with brights, neutrals and smoky hues in a range of finishes—all in our decadent, velvety formula. Taking inspiration from some of our favorite palettes over the years, we created an amazing collection loaded with a mix of cult-favorite UD hues and never-before-seen shades you won’t find anywhere else. Standouts include Junkshow (a fan-favorite shade from the 15-Year Palette), Crystal (a cool silver from Book of Shadows IV) and Perversion (everyone’s favorite black shade from Book of Shadows II). And did we mention that this is the first time many of these shades have been available in our revamped shadow formula? Our Pigment Infusion System™ gives every shade its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power and blendability. e topped the neon-green case with a matching jeweled UD icon. With the touch of a button, the case opens to unveil all that gorgeous eye candy, along with an oversized mirror and an exclusive double-ended brush.

Vice LTD ($58.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Nameless Medium taupe satin
  • Backdoor Cool dark brown matte
  • Deeper Medium metallic bronze
  • Disco Pale metallic gold with iridescent glitter
  • Heat Bright metallic copper
  • Crystal Icy metallic blue shimmer
  • Goddess Deep smoky blue with micro-glitter
  • Vaporize Medium metallic gray-taupe
  • Floss Deep metallic emerald with micro-glitter
  • Perversion Soft black matte
  • Provocateur Icy metallic pink with micro-glitter
  • Hoodoo Medium metallic violet with pink shift
  • Freakshow Bright purple satin
  • Junkshow Bright pink satin
  • Blitz Bright metallic gold
  • Chase Soft metallic bronze
  • Last Sin Pale champagne shimmer
  • Roadstripe Iridescent white with blue-violet shift
  • Anonymous Pale peachy cream matte
  • Laced Soft pink-nude matte

Availability: December 4th at 1AM PST on Urban Decay

See more photos!

Urban Decay Vice LTD Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay Vice LTD Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Vice LTD Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay Vice LTD Eyeshadow Palette


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ilovemakeup Avatar

I wish they’d included an eyeliner or lip gloss sample in their palettes like they did for the first edition of the Naked palette instead of those brushes. I’d imagine most people get no use from them and if you purchase enough of UD’s palettes, you eventually have two or three versions of the same brush.

OG Avatar

The brushes in the palettes are generally different. When they do eyeliners with a palette, they usually do Zero. I’d rather have a bunch of the same brushes than a bunch of Zero eyeliners. At least with brushes you generally use multiple ones to create a look, but with eyeliner, particularly one color of eyeliner, you’re only going to use it once per look.

Jennifer Avatar

It seems that the Vice palettes are holiday releases. Is it me, or does it seem like UD didn’t release much this year. Besides the Electric palette and the Pulp Fiction set (more neutrals, blah) the rest of the products were just expansions of the Naked line.

Arenda Avatar

Honestly, as much as I live UD and their vice palettes.. What the heck? I haven’t even come to ordering vice 3 and here’s already another one o.O

Andie Avatar

Finally! A UD Vice palette I can pass on! I am a pretty hard core UD junkie, and have collected many palettes over the years. I own at least 75% of these eyeshadows already. Makes it easy to skip this palette.

Staci Avatar

I got Vice three and am not impressed. It’s not the same quality as the nakeds. I feel like more shadow goes to powder than is making it on my lid. Because of that, this is probably a pass for me.

Beti Avatar

I don’t know about this one! I own the last released palette and hardly ever use it. This colors may be ok for some but they just don’t grab my attention.

Lauren Avatar

You know, it’s been so long since the failed VIBR release with this palette that I’ve totally lost interest. Not to mention I also spent a lot of money on other products. I won’t be staying up til 4am EST on a work night for LTD. Hope its enjoyed by those who do snag it!! 🙂

Carrie Avatar

Huh. This is the first time I’ve felt tempted by an UD palette in a long time – I really like the color mix here, glad to see more lighter colors. 20% of the palette having glitters is a bit concerning though, so I’ll still probably wait for your reviews.

Lotus Avatar

Pass! But I’m delighted to see a fave back! ROADSTRIPE ! It’s similar to MAC pigment Frozen White! 😀 I have backups from the late 90s/2000 ! 😀 This is worth it for that color alone! I swear! 😀 If only they added Fluorescent! It’s like Roadstripe but instead with a pinky peach shift! It’s so loud!! Pans I’ve hit bottom on! Too bad Hotpants isn’t here! Oh! I’ve a few I’d love to see in here instead!! I can’t remember names right now, and I’m not getting up to find out, but when I’m up, I’m totally making a list! 😛 (The old struggle of opening the round jars though.. Flip tops would have been lovely back then! Screw it, I’m getting up! I loved this shade too much not to mention!!…. Ouch! (Hurt my back! 🙁 ) SNOW, RUST, And UV-B, to name a few of mmm.. Buckets? VELVETY FEEL! 😀
Snow: BEST Golden Ivory shimmer, no glitter.
RUST: It’s such a complex color! It’s orangy with russet undertones and golden green movement on top!! So stunning alone! Always looks different!
UV-B: Intense deep Periwinkle with Violet shift.. Just like suede, so deeply Rich.. I miss these velvets! (Well, I have them, but I miss UD having them available for others! There are many more I could mention.. Picadilly.. But Hotpants was THE BEST texture & color of REAL PINK, midtone, shimmer, no sparkle. These all blended amazingly and SNOW as a highlight? BOMB. The old SMOG was a fave of mine as well! I’m stocked, yet have gone through multiples of each mentioned, and still have some that were just hitting pan! (I never hit pan.) And I used my fingers mostly, because they adapted so well! I don’t like what they’ve done, I’m over it, gimmicky, what’s with the supposed pseudo LTD? Neon green cases should at least have CHRONIC & GREEN GODDESS! (Weed themed palette? 😉 )
Fluorescent & Roadstripe, can’t live without. Nor Rust, Smog, SNOW. Take that, UD!

Well.. At least I’m inspired to start peeling off lids again to use these colors, so THANK YOU! It’s been awhile since they got Love. <3
I've not checked eBay for the colors I've mentioned, but I can guarantee they are now worth more than $58 each, but I don't feel right selling that way because I didn't pay that much! How do you feel about hitching up prices just because of DCd etc.?

Anyway, point: $58 is worth it for any of you, just for Roadstripe! (And perhaps whatever they re-named.. Could be a goldmine! Another good color!) Wow, I'm excited. 😀 .. So unusual! But I'll take it, gratefully!! Thanks for listening to me babble! I hope it does some good!

Lisa Avatar


A girl’s got to try, so I have to ask… I’m trying to complete my collection of old UD shadows and still need: Frostbite, Spare Change, Road Stripe, Oil Slick (with twist lid), Smog (with twist lid), UV-15, Envy, Lust. Or the four original potholes.

I’m also looking for Cash (token lid) and Pallor (token lid) although I do own these.

If you’re willing to part with any spares, let me know. My email is lisa at lisaburger dot com. Thanks…

Lotus Avatar

Hi Lisa!! Your comment excites me! 😀 I’m so stoked you’re collecting these! I will most absolutely look through everything and see what o can do! Please know that right now I can’t stand for long periods & have to take it easy, so it might take me awhile to thoroughly see what I genuinely can do for you because I’d love to help and I am ecstatic about doing so! 😀 Like, crazy in love over this, 🙂 so please trust I will look and see & figure it out as my mind and body permit, although my spirit is jumping to attack now for you, I have to take it easy! 😛 Major respect to you for asking! A girl totally has to do what they must! Happy to help! 😀 If you need to refine your list more specifically, I’d love that! The “or the original four portholes,” catches me confused.. Like the keeper boxes? The giant ones for these precious originals?

I will also put out there that I have 100s of MAC pigments w/ MANY backups.. No longer sold except for ridiculous prices. I’m happy to SHARE! Just hit me up! Ask, and I’ll dive in to see if I can fulfill needs! I keep sterile plastic containers to decant if wanted as well, but I have FULL SIZE ORIGINAL PACKAGING MAC pigments & I will NOT use basically any.. So never opened, totally legit, let’s SHARE! I LOVE colors! This is such a gift to be able to lend a hand! My collection is ridiculous and when I die.. See? It needs to go somewhere way prior to that! Everyone deserves everything, I’m happy to give what I can! 😀 THANKSGIVING <3

Lotus Avatar

I managed to snake my way through my collection, would love to see yours & play! Lol! My brain must have left me temporarily on the pothole thing.. But I regained my knowledge! I regret to inform you that after going through these, Though it may sound selfish or weird, I only have one extra left BNIB of these you asked for, & other favorites of mine that I simply cannot part with. 1998 Potholes are babies, 🙂 I can’t let go. Envy, Roadstripe, and Smog are sentimental favorites for me, I’m so sorry I can’t! 🙁 I prefer the old formula! I use & have special storage for these, I hope you understand. I intended to wow and make you happy! But I am so apologetic as these UD are too rare and my multiples are more in other colors you don’t need! If these were pigments, something I bought cases of each, that’s different! 😀 If I change my mind, I will be sure to email you! I truly hope there’s happiness in your day despite this news! Thanks again for reaching out, and I hope you can easily find what will complete your beautiful collection! 😀 xoxo <3, Lotus

Keri2000 Avatar

I love your excitement over the duochrome shades. I would so buy a 100% duochrome palette. I looked up each of the colors you listed and I pretty much would buy each one if they were available now. Question: there was a white shadow with a blue shift called aura (it has two sides) in the Glinda palette. I love that color so much. Is that similar to road stripe? I want that color as a permanent color. Urban Decay are you listening? 🙂 These duochrome colors kind of faded away but the light ones look so awesome over dark colors. Please remake road stripe into a permanent color and fluorescent for Lotus. 🙂

Lotus Avatar

Hi Keri! Hahaha! Thank you! Duochromes excite me! I regret to inform you that Roadstripe, my favorite color, was very different than the muted and numbed down version in this formula included in this pallette, and it is nothing like Aura at all. Roadstripe is an intensely pigmented shimmery white with vibrant flashy Violet duochrome, extremely noticible, and a slight pink to the Violet flash though it’s a very cool toned Violet and absolutely beautiful. Aura has s bit of an iridescence to it but is not the shade not finish of Roadstripe, which redone in the newer formula, is not the amazingly pigmented vibrant shade as much as before, much thinner and transparent, but the color shows up reminiscent of the O.G Roadstripe. Fluorescent was entirely different as well as the other such times, which many really were circa 97-99, and I would totally support the idea of a palette hosting those amazing colors! Urban Decay is sporadic now, so who knows what we’ll get?! But I’m excited either way, and always hoping for those duochromes for you and all as well! I think I heard they were making Aura permanent, but I’m not sure in quite what respect, so I can’t say for sure. I hope you’re happy with your current UD goodies! <3

Keri2000 Avatar

Aw that’s disappointing. I picked up the Vice 3 palette and am not all that pleased. The neutral pseudo-matte colors are not good in my opinion. I really got it for the pink shades which I do love. I am confused about what is going on lately with UD. I thought when the Oz palettes came out that they were on to something with the full sized shades that could come out of the pan. The quality lately is hit or miss. Anyway here’s hoping that they get a little more creative and introduce more duochrome colors. I love layering them for a little pop of something different.

Beezy1978 Avatar

Hey, I, too, share the love of “aura” from the Glinda palette. I bought a backup, thinking never again would I find such a beautiful colors. Well, imagine my surprise when I got the Kat Von D Interstellar palette- the large pan in the upper left? Spot on for Aura! Check it out!

April Avatar

I’m super super excited for this. Do you have any idea if this will be available at Ulta or Sephora as well? I hope it will be! I like getting points xD

Jennifer Avatar

This is an easy pass for me. Four of these shadows are from Vice 1 (Anonymous, Blitz, Laced, Provocateur) and three are from the 15th Anniversary Palette (Chase, Deeper, Junkshow).

Lisa Avatar

“20 shades of Eyeshadow—18 exclusives (five are NEW!)”
Huh? That doesn’t make sense. If it’s “exclusive” to this palette that means the shadows are nowhere but this palette. If the shadows aren’t new, and they’ve been in other palettes, that means they’re not exclusive to this palette. That’s the definition of exclusive, Urban Decay.

Jennifer Avatar

Their description is VERY misleading. There are only three brand new eyeshadow colors in this palette (Disco, Floss, and Hoodoo) Road Stripe and Goddess were available as singles at one point, so I’m guessing they’re the other two “exclusives”. Here’s a breakdown of where the other colors came from.
Vice 3: (Last Sin) Vice 1: (Anonymous, Blitz, Laced, Provocateur) Fifteenth Anniversary: Chase, Deeper, Junkshow) Anarchy Face Case: (Vaporize) Shattered Face Case: (Nameless) Book of Shadows 3: (Perversion) Book of Shadows 4: (Crystal) Fun Palette: (Freakshow) Smoked Palette: (Backdoor) I don’t know where Road Stripe fits in. But they sure know how to market this as exclusive, even though most die hard UD fans will have over half of these.

fashn Avatar

wow! I seriously was hoping UD would have another palette for Christmas because Vice3 didn’t do it for me, but I do like the looks of this one, hope its worth it.

Chi-Chi Avatar

Hnnnnnggggg why are you doing this urban decay I already gave you all my money for vice 3 and you’re only supposed to make one a year I thought this was over pls stop this.

Also it would be amazing if instead of that brush, they put a full-size perversion liner.
Can we start a petition to make that happen for future vices?

Toni Avatar

I don’t have any of these colors by name in the few UD palettes I have, but a few of them look similar to colors by a different name (Romeo and Juliet, anyone?). With the exception of a few of the lighter neutral shades, I like the variety of colors…don’t know if this is a must have for me, though.

Zoe Avatar

Oh god this is quite the surprise! Forever cursing myself for missing out on Vice 1, this is the first one that has come out since to pique my curiosity in the same way.

Meghan Avatar

I’m coveting this palette hard! I don’t have a Vice palette, and I missed out when the LTD was on Sephora online for a few hours. I’m kicking myself for it! Unfortunately Urban Decay doesn’t ship to Canada online so it looks like I’ll be missing out unless Sephora restocks…

Paige Avatar

Annnnd there goes any savings i had left over from holiday shopping … for those of you wondering UD partnered with MYUSA, is a shipping service which for a extra free will ship to canada although i would be wary as ive heard people having issues with it in the past. I do live in canada but i am using a post office just over the boarded which is much cheaper and faster, its a good option for those of you who also live close enough. 🙂

Meghan Avatar

I don’t necessarily trust shipping services, but I haven’t personally had a bad experience. And lucky you are close to the boarder! I’m north of the 60th parallel! 😀 Hope you enjoy if you get your hands on one!

Tessa Avatar

I’m going to have to figure out how many of these I have. I think it’s probably at least half so that should make a pass easy. Which shades are new? Who has gone through and sorted out which ones are from what palette?

Jennifer Avatar

There are only three brand new eyeshadow colors in this palette (Disco, Floss, and Hoodoo) Road Stripe and Their description is VERY misleading. There are only three brand new eyeshadow colors in this palette (Disco, Floss, and Hoodoo) Road Stripe and Goddess were available as singles at one point, so I’m guessing they’re the other two “exclusives”. Heat was a Deluxe shadow that came in a bigger tin. Here’s a breakdown of where the other colors came from.
Vice 3: (Last Sin) Vice 1: (Anonymous, Blitz, Laced, Provocateur) Fifteenth Anniversary: Chase, Deeper, Junkshow) Anarchy Face Case: (Vaporize) Shattered Face Case: (Nameless) Book of Shadows 3: (Perversion) Book of Shadows 4: (Crystal) Fun Palette: (Freakshow) Smoked Palette: (Backdoor) I don’t know where Road Stripe fits in. But they sure know how to market were available as singles at one point, so I’m guessing they’re the other two “exclusives”. Here’s a breakdown of where the other colors came from.
Vice 3: (Last Sin) Vice 1: (Anonymous, Blitz, Laced, Provocateur) Fifteenth Anniversary: Chase, Deeper, Junkshow) Anarchy Face Case: (Vaporize) Shattered Face Case: (Nameless) Book of Shadows 3: (Perversion) Book of Shadows 4: (Crystal) Fun Palette: (Freakshow) Smoked Palette: (Backdoor) Whew! Hope that helps 🙂

Emily carriker Avatar

I found the swatches . I’ll be passing since I have vice 1 2 and 3 . I noticed last sin is in vice 3, blitz and laced are in vice 1 . I really like blitz and last sin , that’s when I looked and noticed they are in other vice . I didn’t see any from vice 2

OG Avatar

There’s been two limited releases of this palette on Sephora.com already, and I think one on the UD website. I’m really over UD’s gimmicky limited sales of their palettes. I haven’t seen any beauty blogger who’s actually purchased this. The colors look gross to me. What a flop.

Lotus Avatar

Hmm… Will UD participate in a special palette when medicinal Marijuana is legal everywhere? Kush, Green Goddess, Chronic, Mary Jane, URB, Honey, Toasted, Vapour, Maui Wowi, Half-baked.. The list goes on with this company and the eyeshadows they’ve named to salute herbs, and I will buy that palette! 😀

Lotus Avatar

Jah! So true.. LSD, Moondust, Dust, Polyester Bride, Snow, Dragon, Psychadelic, Woodstock, Peace, Haight, Laced, various alcohol.. Plenty of NSFW BDSM vernacular.. SWF, Bondage, Chains, Perversion, Asphyxia, Sin, Bondage, Envy, Lust, Hotpants, Gash, Tart, Uzi, anything Naked, backdoor, Provocateur, Grind, XXX, and the list goes on.. We even have a lovechild.. Are they going to softer formulas or rocking out harder than ever? So so many, if not all! Are they against it and being sarcastic or making a statement only some notice? I’ve often wondered when they drop palettes by names of the category they are referring to.. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Drugs & sub categories, Violence and Sexual, Porn, Retro & Future chaos? Fun, playful, dangerous.. Smoked.. Naked.. “Thanks for the pretty palette, Mommy! Ehm… It’s so edgy I’m bored. Perhaps I’ll pick apart the names for everything they have and make a blog. “In the minds of the creators.. What is Urban Decay? All that stuff is in the suburbs too! 😀 I’m in Shane for the Venom I Adored while Jilted from the Flush of Toxic potions.. Although the oil slick and Uzi killed many which our hard earned Cash bled to help the Rockstar accused, we found Freedom.
And to think people think Nars & Charlotte Tilbury is suggestive! Everything suggests something! It’s a selling tactic! Oh my, hahaha.. What does that say about me? 😀
It makes just as much sense.. What about a dirty madlibs using only UD product names? Can we play in the smog? Ok I need to stop. This is maddening my mind into too many places! 😉

Erin Avatar

I have this palette. They’re currently selling it at the flagship store. I think this was meant to coincide with the grand opening and be like a limited edition celebration type thing? The flagship will have had it exclusively for about 3 weeks before it hits the website. It wouldn’t surprise me if the previous limited release on Sephora was to gauge interest in the palette to see if it was worth producing a full run of it.

I agree that the description is misleading. I’m guessing when they say “exclusive” they mean you can’t CURRENTLY buy that color anywhere else… but this palette seems really to be a greatest hits from past palettes. If you have a lot of past UD palettes this probably won’t be a good purchase for you. If you’re late to the UD palette party this will help grow the collection. It’s quite different from Vice 3, at least to me. While I’m glad I got it, my wallet isn’t so happy and I definitely need to make this my last eye palette for the year. I just couldn’t resist.

Erin Avatar

I do have the Vice 3. I have a pretty basic review of the LTD palette up on my blog with swatches. I linked it in my last comment. I’ll swatch the similar shades between the LTD and the other palettes I have and do a follow up post later today so you can see comparison swatches. I don’t have a collection of the older UD palettes so I don’t have any palettes that these re-runs originally came in (aside from Last Sin being in both LTD and 3) so they’re new to me which is why I got it. Some of the shades are pretty darn dupable though once swatched; the blue and green are really similar to the Smoked shades. I think the value here is if you don’t own a lot of other UD palettes. If you own a lot of UD then this palette isn’t very strong and is pretty much just a collector item for you.

I think the overall quality is similar. There are some pigmented smooth shades but like lots of UD shadows the mattes are powdery and the glitters fall out prone. The bronzes and golds are strong with this palette. I think the biggest let down is Perversion which I feel like should be the blackest black but really has to be built up and don’t get Crystal near any other blues or it will look silver and not pale blue. I by no means regret the purchase, but if you’ve got lots of UD palettes stacked up this one is definitely skipable.

Erin Avatar

Ok I sat down with all the UD palettes I own (which is only 6) and tried to get some comparison swatches.
Here’s the original set of swatches: http://bit.ly/1uY5SFR
Here’s the comparison: http://bit.ly/1w5wLy5
My camera was having issues for the last 2 sets of swatches so I don’t have photos there, but I think the biggest shades are covered.

As I said above, quality does seem to be around the same level as the Vice 3, at least to me. It’s definitely a bit lower than the Naked 2 and 3 I have. Your mileage may vary. If you have lots of UD already this will probably be a pass for you but if you’re new to UD palettes it might be a win. 🙂

Hope this helps you guys make your decision in some way!

Erin Avatar

You’re welcome, Christine! Happy that I can help, especially since so many people are wondering about this one. Maybe they’ve changed their formulation in the last few palettes. I don’t have the Naked Basics 2 or Naked on the Run to compare the full array of recent palettes. I would have definitely preferred Naked 2 or 3 quality in both the Vice 3 and Vice LTD; they would’ve been home runs then. I’d be interested to hear from people that get this and have some of the older palettes how the same shadows compare between the two; if they are exactly the same or attempts to replicate with the new formulation.

Harriet Avatar

It’s 9:48 PST Dec. 3 urban Decays website says that it is sold out. Nice of them to give you false information to distribute. Or was it another “glitch” that online cosmetic companies expect us to keep believing. I totally don’t. Why lie? They provide products to Youtibers in particular for review to pump up the lust for the products. Such a game. I’m so over it.

Payton Avatar

They have used false advertisement i waited up all night and made sure to be on the website at the correct time and it never went on sale not even for a second. That is the crappiest thing a company can do and i am beyond pissed off. Who the hell lies about something going on sale? Urban decay is a very shitty company

Zelda Avatar

This was supposed to go on sale at 1:00 am pacific time. I tried until 1:45 (3:45 my time) but it just said “in stock. not available.” I woke up at ~2:30 pt and it was still not available. When I woke up again at ~7:30 pt it was sold out.

From combing through facebook comments, it seems you had to click on it from the “previously viewed” page in order to buy it.

I’m angry and disappointed. I’m a big fan of UD shadow but this has really turned me off to the company.

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