How you deal with dry patches on your face?

How you deal with dry patches on your face? Share!

I try to use a really hydrating serum or moisturizer more as a spot treatment on the area the night before, and I’ll also use it the morning-of. I might switch to a more emollient foundation (like a tinted moisturizer) if it is particularly bad!

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Katherine T. Avatar

At night, I put on my face Yes to Coconuts Hand & Cuticle Repair Cream -has 0.5% Allantoin to repair dry, cracked, patchy skin. And then I put the Yes To Coconuts Restoring Balm on top, to seal in the moisture. These products are loaded with coconut oil and shea butter. By the time I wake up, the dry patch is gone.

Sarah Avatar

My skin is naturally oily so it’s a cold day in hell when my skin dries out. When it does, however, if I feel like moisturiser or face cream isn’t doing anything, I will apply a very small amount of a light-scented body moisturiser before bed. I’ve been told that such creams are a bit too heavy for the face, but so far I haven’t had any problems.

Ryou Avatar

I love how versatile it is! You can apply it alone under your usual moisturizer, use it to spot-treat dry patches, or mix it with your moisturizer. I do the last one year-round, it enables me to switch from lighter moisturizer in summer to heavier moisturizer in winter without having to purchase new products, I just change how many drops of rosehip oil I mix in. (Of course, you can also do this with any non-fragrant oil you like)

Rachel R. Avatar

Fortunately, my skin is so oily I rarely have dry patches on my face. I had one on the bridge of my nose for awhile, but once I started keeping up with my skin routine and switching to NuSkin day and night cream, I eliminated it. Switching from powder foundation to BB Cream for a little bit helped, too.

Lotus Avatar

Hi Rachel! 😀 You’ll never age! I find your comments so interesting! A dry spot on the nose? That’s amazing to me! 😛 my nose is usually the first place to show oil! May I please ask you if your entire body is like that? (Super hydrated) Medical issues have me where I can drink liters but it jets right out via cleansing the kidneys style! 😉 My body doesn’t absorb the correct things properly and disposes of the good stuff in weird ways, so I’m always in humidifier amped rooms, with saline nasal spray, face mists, lip balms, etc. People who are healthy and have bodies working well fascinate me! ( Garden of Life RAW Vitamin Code capsules are accepted by my body! 😀 They are Raw, Vegan, Glutan & Dairy Free, so the immediacy of bioavailable benefits stays in me! The first vitamins not to make me dick or get stuck in my intestines.. Tmi? Sorry! It’s the only safe “gelatin” like shell capsule that my body absorbs. Are you taking anything to keep so lubricated? Do you struggle with the oil? I’m curious and love learning! Thanks! Xo!! <3

Rachel R. Avatar

I’m sorry to hear about your health issues. They must be hard to keep up with. You are always so cheerful, one would never know.

I just have a naturally super-oily face. No supplements or anything. My mother has really oily skin, too. I eat pretty healthy. My nose is really oily, but the dry spot was on the bridge, by an eyebrow. It was a strange spot, and I’m not sure what caused it. It might have been a mild eczema flare up.

Now that I’m 45, my T-zone is still very oily by most standards, but nothing like when I was younger. My cheeks are slightly oily still, but closer to normal. Most people guess I’m about 10 years younger than I am, so the oiliness has been useful. I wish there had been mattifiers and primers back when I was in my teens and early 20s. Life would have been easier.

As a teen, my back was pretty oily, too, but I grew out of that. The rest of my body is normal to dry, actually, and I’ve always had eczema. The eczema is under control, except for flare-ups on my elbows. My hands and feet are horribly dry and I can’t moisturize them enough. I use NuSkin Epoch Sole Solution Foot Treatment on my feet and elbows (best I’ve found for the eczema and crocodile skin), and recently started usingNuSkin Epoch Baobab Body Butter as overnight handcream.

Lotus Avatar

🙂 It sounds like a mixed batch! 😀 I’m sorry you dealt with such oiliness growing up, I was so active, perhaps it sweat out? Products weren’t as available as they are now so I’m happy for you that you’ve seemed to have it under control and aren’t crying, ” I’m dripping with oil! Or, as on Seinfeld, “I’m covered in oil! I’m dlippery as an eel!” 😀 Haha! Those areas of dryness sound brutal & I hope they aren’t painful! 🙁 I could rattle off a list for extreme dry skin conditions, but I’m gathering you’ve most likely tried it if it exists! 🙂 And now, you are comfortable with your current solutions? Or will you get used to it snd have to find something again? Some swear by salicylic acid to exfoliate feet and rough areas, allowing serum, oils, and whatever moisture to really get in there while some glycolic acid can aid in moisture, retinoids in cell turnover, and perhaps a Hyaluronic acid soak? I’m glad you’re content for now, though. My mom is similar in regards to those things.

Thank you so much for saying such kind words! I’m not going to lie, it’s a struggle, often just by seconds or the minute, but I beat odds and am miraculously here for a reason. I could be angry, which only catalyzes dis-ease, or I can choose to see the wonder all around me and be grateful for such gifts! Too much in this world is seriously endangered, and if I can help, I do. The Internet is great for that in my situation. Once in awhile I get upset, but I let it out so not to suppress it. I’m quite spiritual, I believe everything is possible, and I love with my heart. ( I’m so touched by the “small” things, I often cry as I do for all things struggling.. Helping others is beautiful. 🙂 I may be quite sick often, but I’m blessed with an awareness from compassion, and I wouldn’t trade that. I’m always still learning, sometimes you can catch my bitter quips, but just as I so carefully mind what enters my body, I mind what I say and do, for I believe it affects us all. You made me smile to think I alwaysxsound cheerful! I am happy! 🙂 My body is separate. 🙂 I hope that makes sense! A human will find a way when specialists say you’re too complex and dismiss you, and my research has aided me more than doctors. Healthcare is appalling. But I can complain or be a voice for others as well, and do some good by spreading information.. It’s about choices. Just like you are aware of oil, but calm and peaceful with it. 🙂 I’m just an adult kid! 34, looks like a teen. Enigma. Frustrating or fascinating? Whatever will heed the most positive outcome is my choice. 🙂 <3

Please keep warm, blot, and moisturized! Love & respect to you & yours! Happy Thanksgiving, Rachel. *Hug*

Rachel R. Avatar

You are very kind.

Very rarely is the eczema painful, thank goodness. I’m always trying new things and products, as product technology improves. The NuSkin brand has been my newest thing over the last few years, and I love the results for the dry skin.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

Lotus Avatar

Aww, thank you, Rachel! You’re very kind as well! 🙂

I’m glad the rosacea isn’t painful! And I hope that even more soothing products are created, as technology permits, for your patches in need! I’m not sure how to spell it, but crying, coughing, throwing up, laughing.. They give me PAT-EE-KEY Eye. That’s what once thought was rosacea, but this has to fade by itself! And I try so hard not to laugh but I love laughing! 😀 Crying is cathartic, so I’m just patiki! 😉 Today has been a stronger day for me. The fight to prevent pneumonia over the past two months seems waning! I may have my first year this year when I’m not in a hospital in November or December! 😀 I’m so happy. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

Sunny Avatar

Yes! Every cream in the Vinosource line looks the same though. You’ve got to read the boxes carefully 🙂 There is a mattifying/hydrating cream for mixed skin, moisturizing sorbet which is great for everyone (especially dehydrated skin), Moisture Recovery Cream (what I use as a night cream in winter), and an even richer one for very dry skin.

Mariella Avatar

I’ve a few very emollient creams that I wouldn’t use on my whole face (or rarely – I did slather one on last night) – Arden’s 8 Hour Cream, Nivea (the one made in Germany), Josie Maran’s thick argan oil (that Infinity one), a great product from Ombra of Germany called (so glamorously) “Melkfett” or (and this is what I used last night) Formula 405 Cream (used to be made by Doak way back in the 70’s and now is, miraculously, available again).

Wednesday Avatar

In my experience on aging skin, more moisture does not work and rather sets up the situation to become worse. Products to deal with rough patches. Morning after cleansing and toning: Innarah Treatment Solution which exfoliates without aggressive ingredients, reveals smooth toned skin. Night: Retin A. These two products I liken to necessary steps to get the canvas ready to accept moisture and then I lock in using cosmetics with hyaluronic acid.

jade Avatar

i usually use trader joe’s enrich moisturizer after washing my face but if i’m extra dry that day, i usually just re-apply on the target area every 2-3 hours and the dryness goes away by the next day or two.

Lotus Avatar

I deal with them basically the same way that Christine mentions yet I also: I wash with Shu Uemura Ultim8 oil, first letting it sit for less than a minute before adding water to emulsify, and you can grab a small size for pennies on eBay if you want, and after I’ve thoroughly cleansed, I go back in with, and this is the most amazing thing.. I swear.. A white Konjac sponge! It totally gets rid of any debris but NEVER EVER HURTS or makes the face Red! Amazing, right? And I also use the cleansing milk lotion from La Mer with my sponge, frequently rinsing the sponge, and going back magnified to make circular motions where there is still dry skin, until it’s gone! Then I tone with the only soothing thing: La Mer Tonic (it’s pink, and so hydrating) Deluxe minis are everywhere for a few dollars and a little goes a long way so you can live off samples! I will also add dabbing of the La Mer Regenerating Serum because it totally works, and then as Christine said, even if dry patches come through after I’m done, I will spit treat with a serum or Creme! Just a little and PRESSING it into the skin! If you rub, you’re agravating the patch to shed! PAT PAT PRESS, and sprays of a good calming hydrating mist never hurt!! ( I’ve gone through so many! Seals it in there, for me anyway!) I hope this can help! Seriously, I’ve only tried and am still using the first sponge I’ve had, the Boscia White Konjac I got during VIB 20% to try, $15, and used alone even.. It has made such a difference in dry patches! I tried my Clarisonic Mia one day, and I was screaming in pain. I have the most delicate brush, too! So yeah, KONJAC SPONGE is totally an answer if you’re sensitive like me! ( My skin is clearing up too!!!! Magical sponge!) Curious? Here’s a link to check it out! Strangest but most nifty feeling thing ever, like with a jelly-ish feel, slip, yet tons of fibers! Wet it in warm water and fully massage it to get it ready! 😀 Super Gentle! Best purchase I made. 😀
A must-have from – boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge –

Johnna Quick Owens Avatar

Lotus, I totally agree about the konjac sponge! I subscribe to a monthly box from Julep which is mostly nail polish and nail products, but this year they have started coming out with some great products for the rest of the body, and one month there was a konjac sponge in my subscription box. I probably wouldn’t have tried it any other way, it wasn’t something I would have thought to purchase on my own, but now I am a believer! If I have any dry patches on my skin, I use coconut oil overnight, then in the morning make sure to give the area a little extra attention with my konjac sponge. It does such a wonderful job of exfoliating, without irritating my sensitive skin. I can definitely tell a difference in the texture of my skin since beginning to use this, and have already repurchased more of the sponges. I have used them with the cleansing oil I was using, now I am back on Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser with the sponge. I find that it works well with anything!

Lotus Avatar

Johanna! Yes! That’s wonderful! 😀 I’m so happy for you! Aren’t they the neatest feeling miracle at a low cost? Yeah, it wasn’t something I would seek either! But I landed on it and bought, used, and still do! I just bought a back up! I’m most amazed by the fact that no matter how long I use the sponge in one washing, over areas, repeatedly, whst have you, my face never gets red! It’s unbelievable! Putting a headband on to wash, while pushing it up, that leaves red marks! So I am with you and totally loving them! Thank you so much for your input! 😀 Its nice another has experienced this to confirm what I’m playing with! 😛 Thank Julep! 🙂 Do you use a regular white one or the “modifications,” such as charcoal, clay, bamboo, etc.? I feel safe with the natural white and don’t know how others would be. A handful are out there, I’ve only used the Boscia one. And you? I appreciate your sharing! 😀 <3

joy Avatar

hi lotus~
like you my skin can’t handle the clarisonic but the foreo luna can be super gentle and i’ve had good results with it. just an fyi in case you ever want to check out another electronic beauty gadget! it’s silicone so you don’t have to change brush heads (so much more hygienic and economical!) and is much softer as a result. it also pulses more gently than the clarisonic at the gentlest setting

Lotus Avatar

Thank you very much, Joy! I’m hesitant but it’s worth looking into! I’m glad it works well for you! 😀 Did you need a standard sensitive one or just a mini? It’s confusing! But the Konjac sponges are so groovy! Have you tried one? 🙂

Joy Avatar

i got a standard size in the sensitive/normal (the pink one). at the lowest setting, it’s super gentle. the minis are smaller in size but they won’t hold as many charges and don’t have as many power settings. it also doesn’t have the low vibration anti-aging mode. that’s a low setting vibration that helps products absorb similar to the clarisonic opal device. i like to use it towards the end of my sheet mask treatment.

i have tried the konjac sponges but not for a long time. the one i had molded after a couple weeks. i kept it in the shower chamber but it was still surprising since everything dries so fast in la…

Lotus Avatar

Thank you, Joy! You’re so helpful! I’m “joy”ous with this information! 😉 😀 Thank you so much! Happy Thanksgiving! I will most definitely be looking into this when I find amazing coupons! I do things the Korean way, so I really appreciate your extended response! LA is dry. Humidify! 🙂 xo!

Joy Avatar

foreo is having a 30% off sale right now on their luna range. the code is OOOOPS. probably doesn’t get much cheaper than that! i’ll be around if you have more questions. hope you had a delicious thanksgiving and a fruitful black friday haul!

Lotus Avatar

Lol! I Just got your November 25th comment today! Oops! Now I’m totally broke but lemming a foreo Luna!! Yes, please email! I’m so disappointed with my face! 😀 Where I live, there is no alternative, holistic, Chinese, or any other forms of doctors and the ones that are here just mess your health up more! It’s SUPER! (No)

Kat Avatar

Definitely a nice facial oil! I use the Botanics one from Boots but sometimes will use good old Coconut Oil. Applying it as an extra step in my nighttime skincare routine (you can just use it on the small area if you are concerned about spots) really targets the dryness and soothes my skin in Winter!

Ceci Avatar

This is a timely question. Just last light and this morning I used olive oil on my dry patches, mostly between my eyes and on each side of my face near my nose. I’ve ordered Paula’s Choice new face oil booster because it is loaded with antioxidants. I also need to get a more emollient foundation. MAC Prolongwear is too powdery for dry patches.

Natasha Avatar

Have you tried PC products before? I’ve recently come across them but never heard of the brand until then. I’m really curious if the products are good.

Lee Avatar

I used to get flakey patches around my nose that confused me as my skin is kinda oily. Turned out I seborrheic dematitis. My dr prescribed steroids with made my skin greasier and worried me because I’ve read they can thin out the skin. Then I read this tip in an online forum to try a wash with dandruff shampoo (seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff are almost the same thing) and it totally works! Now I always do a quick rinse with an inexpensive Head and Shoulders knock-off and my skin stays unflakey. If anyone is having the same problem, it’s totally worth a try.

I also had a flakey patch right on the bridge of my nose that was tiny but never stopped flaking and it turned out that was a little damaged skin/precancerous spot that I had to have frozen off. So get weird little spots checked out too.

Rachel R. Avatar

My husband and sons have seborrheic dematitis. If an outbreak is too much for the dandruff shampoo, try a tar shampoo. That clears up a bad outbreak with one or two treatments.

Sarah Avatar

I have extremely dry skin, but I love using Josie Maran’s Argan Oil at night and Clinique’s Smart Custom Repair Serum during the day. I also exfoliate with philosophy microdelivery twice a week and use a hydrating primer and Fix+ if all else fails. I’ve noticed if I apply foundation with a brush it clings to dry patches more than when I use a damp beauty blender.

WildDove Avatar

I’d look at why a person might have dry “patches”. Over-exfoliation or chemicals over-used can damage many layers of skin and take months to repair. Those areas will heal by themselves if you quit doing what caused the problem, and given enough time and tender loving care such as regular Dermalogica facials and their ultracalming products. Too much sun, wind, internal dehydration, food/beverage sensitivities, hypothyroid, other hormone deficiences, inadequate nutrition or supplementation, outdoor/indoor air pollution, and indoor overheating could be other causes. A young woman should not otherwise have dry “patches”. Regular masks for normal/sensitive/dry skin can help clear pores, allow skin to “breathe”, oils to surface, and speed healing of blemishes and allow natural oils to balance out over the face.

Donna Avatar

I use an oil cleanser on the dry areas after cleansing. I have dry skin and live in a very cold dry climate in the winter. I have to do a lot of prevention (exfoliate, rich moisturizers, humidifier at night) but still get the patches. I use an oil cleanser on my face daily before cleansing to get the makeup off and mascara off, etc, then use a mild cleanser but if I have dry patches, I followup with the oil cleanser again on those areas (cheeks, forehead, under eyes). I also use a silicone based primer for the days of extra cold dry weather to help prevent dry patches. Then, when it gets really bad – I haul out the Creme de la Mer. It’s too expensive for daily use but it certainly does work for those extreme days.

calimom Avatar

After having oily skin since the age of 13 this year my skin went dry (I’m guessing due to aging and hormonal changes). I’ve had to totally change my skincare as a result. Some of the products that have helped with the resulting severe dry patches and overall dry skin are: makeup removal with Pond’s cold cream, a homemade scrub of sugar, honey and olive oil, Yes to Coconuts head to toe balm, Nivea creme from Germany, and Eucerin Q10 sensitive skin creme. The upside of dry skin is that I can now use the foundations that would previously disappear in a few hours because they were too greasy and hydrating.

Meghan Avatar

I have oily skin, but also a skin condition where dry spots often pop up on my face, neck or hands – especially when it gets colder (it’s -26C right now/ -15F). I don’t think I use too many products (cleanser, toners, eye cream, serum (hydraluron), moisturizer), but I also can’t use a heavy cream because it will make me break out. Some exfoliation, using oils (oil cleansers, or oil treatments), using moisturizers, drinking water, but nothing else really. Mostly living with it! And probably using a lighter base, like the Kiehl’s bb cream instead of say, the Hourglass Immaculate foundation.

Brittany Avatar

My skin is oily, but I also get annoying flaky patches (not dry; still oily, yet flaky), but I guess that’s kinda similar to dry patches? I hear a lot of people with dry skin also get flaky. I try to remember to use my Clarisonic Mia at least a few times a week and it really helps control those flakes.

I do get dry, flaky skin at my hairline and have yet to get that under control, unfortunately. :/

kellly Avatar

I have ALL dry skin, not just patches! I use Eucerin face lotion and cream and follow that with either argan or vitamin E, camellia, or jojoba oil. That seems to work pretty well. I have to use moisturizer first and then put the oil on over it.

joy Avatar

depends on how big the patch is. if it’s small, i give i mix in an extra drop or two of my face oil. if there are multiple spots of dryness on my face, i’ll exfoliate with an enzyme peel followed by a sheet mask and a more emollient face cream for a couple of days.

Lenore Avatar

My dry patches on the side of the nose is because of eczema, and i treat them with cortisone once a day, the rest of the time i use a bit extra moisturizer, and when I do my makeup i concentrate my silicone based primer on those areas. When it’s really bad i don’t do my makeup at all, and now when it’s turning cold over here in Sweden pretty much all of my face is dry and no makeup looks fine on me, going natural instead 🙂 Well, ok, I may do my eyemakeup!

Julie Avatar

Weleda’s skin food, That stuff is amazing and the only thing that works for me. I always get dry patches at the corners of my mouth and nose and right at the top of my chin. Since i started using the skin food the redness and dryness has completely gone away. I had those patches for years and tried Everything. It’s the only thing that works.

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