Urban Decay Eyeshadow Relaunch & Build Your Own Palette

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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Relaunch & Build Your Own Palette

You wouldn’t think we could improve upon one of the best Eyeshadows in the industry. But, thanks to new innovations in formulation technology, our TOTALLY NEW formula features:

  • Even softer, amazingly velvety texture – it’s cushy-soft!
  • Richer, more dense and decadent color
  • Smoother, more uniform pigment distribution and blendability
  • Longer-lasting, more crease-free wear

It’s the product we were born to make, and we think you’ll agree – we now make the undisputed, BEST shadow in the industry. The Pigment Infusion System is a vehicle for color. It’s what holds tightly onto pigment, AND what gives the formula its glide and insane color payout. Our proprietary blend of ingredients allows color to weave itself through the Eyeshadow formula, so color stays on your lids, and sparkle doesn’t fall. It’s what gives our formula its velvety, suede-like smoothness and blendability. And it works with EVERY shade and finish.

The coolest feature: two-part platform/shell system allows you to pop the shadow out of its shell and insert it into our Build Your Own Palette. Changed your mind? Pop it back into the shell. Makeup junkies, jet setters and makeup artists rejoice!

Eyeshadow ($18.00)

  • ABC Gum Pale peach (Matte)
  • AC/DC Smoky grey/purple (Shimmer)
  • Asphyxia Lavender with blue shift (Duotone, Shimmer)
  • Baked Rich bronze (Shimmer)
  • Bender Shimmering dark mossy green (Shimmer)
  • Blackout Blackest black with matte finish (Matte)
  • Blunt Subtle golden beige (Shimmer)
  • Bordello Purpley-pink with gold shift (Duotone, Shimmer)
  • Buck Matte nutmeg (Matte)
  • Bust Taupe brown with subtle gray shimmer (Shimmer)
  • Busted Deep brown (Shimmer)
  • Chase Bright bronze (Metallic)
  • Chopper Coppery fawn with silver microglitter (Glitter)
  • Cobra Sooty black with golden shimmer (Shimmer)
  • Darkhorse Smoldering brown (Shimmer)
  • Evidence Deep metallic blue (Metallic)
  • Fishnet Iridescent purple (Shimmer)
  • Flash Bright iridescent purple (Shimmer)
  • Foxy Cream bisque (Matte)
  • Freelove Peach shimmer (Shimmer)
  • Gravity Deep vibrant purple with multi-dimensional glitter (Glitter)
  • Grifter Sheer lavender with lots of silver microglitter (Glitter)
  • Gunmetal Gunmetal gray with silver glitter (Glitter)
  • Haight Dark teal with shimmer (Shimmer)
  • Half Baked Subtle lustrous bronze (Shimmer)
  • Hijack Greyish green with blue and green shimmer (Shimmer)
  • Kush Bright green (Shimmer)
  • Last Call Plum punch (Shimmer)
  • Loaded Deep emerald/black (Shimmer)
  • Lost Shimmering dark brown (Shimmer)
  • Maui Wowie Medium gold with silver glitter (Metallic, Glitter)
  • Midnight Cowboy Rides Again Golden beige with bronze, gold, and silver glitter (Glitter)
  • Midnight Cowboy Pink champagne with lots of silver glitter (Glitter)
  • Midnight Cowgirl Subtle golden-beige with gold glitter (Glitter)
  • Midnight Rodeo Brown pearl with silver (Shimmer)
  • Mildew Deep green (Shimmer, Metallic)
  • Mushroom Shimmering fawn (Shimmer)
  • Naked Matte buff nude (Matte)
  • Oil Slick Black with silver glitter (Glitter)
  • Peace Shimmering turquoise (Shimmer)
  • Pistol Light greyish brown (Shimmer)
  • Polyester Bride White with silver glitter (Glitter)
  • Psychedelic Sister Bright purple (Shimmer)
  • Radium Bright blue (Shimmer)
  • Roach Deep brown with reddish sheen (Shimmer)
  • Rockstar Deep eggplant with metallic base (Metallic)
  • S&M Bright metallic silver (Metallic)
  • Scratch Light pink champagne (Shimmer)
  • Secret Service Medium brown (Matte)
  • Sellout Pink champagne shimmer (Shimmer)
  • Shattered Bright green/blue shift (Shimmer, Duotone)
  • Sin Champagne (Shimmer)
  • Smog Deep coppery bronze (Metallic)
  • Snakebite Dark bronze shimmer (Metallic)
  • Snatch Peachy-pink with glitter (Glitter)
  • Stray Dog Cool medium brown (Shimmer)
  • Suspect Oyster with dimensional shift (Duotone, Shimmer)
  • SWF Light cotton candy pink with silver microglitter (Glitter)
  • Tease Creamy pale brown (Matte)
  • Toasted Rich copper (Shimmer, Metallic)
  • Twice Baked Brownie brown with gold glitter (Shimmer, Glitter)
  • Vanilla Creamy white gold (Shimmer)
  • Verve Pale oyster shimmer (Shimmer)
  • Virgin Satin chamois (Shimmer)
  • Woodstock Bright pink with slight shimmer (Shimmer)
  • X Gold with sheer peach tint (Duotone, Shimmer)
  • YDK Bronzed mocha with golden microglitter (Shimmer, Glitter)
  • Zephyr Shimmering off-white (Shimmer)

Leave the fashion styling to Rachel Zoe and style your own beauty wardrobe one shadow at a time with the Build Your Own Palette by Urban Decay. Complete with a custom Good Karma Shadow Brush and the perfect nude shadow (exclusive to this palette), this mirrored palette includes five empty places for you to pop-in your eyeshadow favorites and create your own collection!

Build Your Own Palette ($18.00)

Put your Urban Decay Eyeshadow must-haves in one place with Build Your Own Palette. Color coordinate your way to beauty bliss with the ability to create unlimited palettes that fit your beauty need of the moment. Swap out shades with like you do your men: with reckless abandon! Pick your color, pop-out the shadow platform, and insert it into your Build Your Own Palette. The perfectly purse-sized Rorschach-inspired tin houses six shadow wells designed exclusively for Urban Decay shadow platforms, a large mirror, and a travel-sized Good Karma Shadow Brush. We’ve started you off with Walk of Shame, the perfect neutral shade for any palette, but exclusive to this one! We’ve shown you what we can do with our palettes…now it’s your turn to show off your creativity and build your own!

availability: Sephora, ULTA, select Macy’s; online at sephora.com, macys.com, beauty.com, and urbandecay.com, April 2012

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Christine-So glad they asked you to create a palette!! Awesome! Also, UD has been my absolute fave eyeshadow with almost all “hits” and very few “misses” for me for the last 14 years. The 15th Anniversary palette is my favorite from them so I’m glad to hear the new formula is the same. Looking forward to your review that I haven’t read yet 🙂

Hmmm while I will appreciate the fact that I can pop the colors out, I don’t know if I necessarily like that I’ll have to use their packaging. I wish we could get the singles for cheaper as opposed to paying $1.00 more (although I do appreciate the improved formula, I’ll just have to see if it makes for a drastic difference between old and new). I suppose I was sort of hoping for a more Inglot-style Freedom System.

Exciting that they said reformulated and a true test of that would have been Goddess but it seems that they discontinued that shade.

I’m excited just for the fact that some of my favorites are in pan form now, Mushroom (could never find an exact dupe for that one), Buck, Virgin, and Naked. I’ll still end up depotting them into a Z-Palette.

UM. Absolutely DYING of excitement! How flipping sweet is all this awesomeness! 😀 I like that they are adding some of the beloved colors in individual pots from the Naked Palettes, and I think their version of the customized palette system is a pretty cool concept. I like that it can be popped out of it’s pot and back in if desired plus nice that the palette comes with a mirror. Way to go, UD! Thanks for sharing, Christine!

omg i die!! but i already have 80 ud e/s singles… is it bad that i’m tempted to rebuy all of them so i can do this palette system? i kinda wish it was more like the mac palettes tho, not the weird pop-out thing

yeah. i’m replying to myself. cuz at first when i saw this whole thing i was like 😀 but then i thought about it and i was like >:/ .

ZOMG, my brain just went to a magical fantasy land where UD clearances all their old packaged shadows, like they clearances the matte shades. It’s a beautiful thought!
Also, blackout as a single shade, I’m in heaven 🙂

Wheee I can’t wait to see how this actually works! I’d refer to pay a buck or two less for the refill pan, but nonetheless it’s about time Urban Decay came up with a system like this!

I remember staring at the display in Sephora when I was in the US. All the colors made me giddy like a child in a candy shop!

I was wondering when UD would come out with new ES singles instead of more palettes, so I guess this is the best of both worlds. Can’t wait to see this in person… and I’m hoping that they’ll have the shadows that they’re discontinuing on sale, because I do really want a few of them.

I like continuous process improvement. I’m always trying to improve my work, why shouldn’t they try to improve their product? That said, I’d have liked to have seen more mattes. The UD mattes are amazing!

Hmm, not convinced alas. I think (especially here in the UK) it sounds as if it would work out monstrously expensive to fill a palette. I take it it costs $18 for the empty palette, then you buy the individual shadows separately at $18 a pop? So over $100 for one filled palette (I see they include one shadow so an extra 5 required to fill it…)? Wow.

Over $100 for a size eyeshadow palette… That’s a no for me.
I was told about these a little while ago and apparently they are going to be around £70 in the UK, which isn’t really worth it for just six shadows in my opinion. I’d rather buy an Inglot palette 🙂

i love that you can buy Naked and Virgin as single eyeshadows now! But i`m shocked that you will have to pay 126$ for 6 eyeshadows and one palette… or did i misanderstand the pricing?

Nope, that’s correct. You could fill it with 5, since they give you Walk of Shame already – but if you don’t like that shade, then yes, $126.

I really like the look of these! I’m not a massive eyeshadow user so a palette of 6 is my perfect amount for travelling. Just hoping Secret Service makes a good brow shade for me!!

Do you have any idea of the international prices, Christine?

mushroom as a permanent!! yay! i can actually get it w/o buying a palette now! ive always wanted to try that one bc i love taupes!!! =D

Am I understanding this correctly that you pay $18 for the palette and then $18 for each individual shadow you choose to put in said palette? If that’s the case, one full palette would cost over $100, which is a major ripoff when you consider the cost of other palettes.

Yes, that’s correct. It would be $126 total to fill with your favorite shades exactly – 6 of your picks plus the palette. Technically, you get Walk of Shame eyeshadow included, so you could have a full palette with only five shades, so that would be $106.

OMG, I’m so excited – it looks like loads of my favourite colours are being made permanent/available as singles! Mushroom, AC/DC, Verve, Pistol, Bordello, Loaded, Rockstar… I can’t wait!

I’m not mad about the fact that they’ll be including that same one shadow with every palette – it seems kind of silly. Currently I depot all my Urban Decay single eyeshadows and put them in my MAC 15 pan palettes. Do you know if these new ones will still fit? I really hope so, otherwise I’m going to end up with dozens of Walk Of Shame.

I’m also a bit worried about which shades are being discontinued. I can’t tell at a glance – do you know if there’s a list anywhere? I’ll have to check and make sure I stock up on any favourites.

Thanks so much 🙂 If they still fit in the MAC palettes I’ll be sorted!

What a shame that they’re discontinuing the deluxe shadows – I wish they could’ve remade them in this new formula. Hopefully they’ll go on sale before they disappear so I can grab the ones I’m mising… I’m sad to see Asphyxia and one or two others go as well, but to be honest I kind of thought they’d got rid of some of those shades ages ago (Uzi, Jones, Cherry).

Cheers again 🙂

I’m pretty sure they will – when you lift out the plastic insert portion to depot an old UD eyeshadow, it fits into the new palette, though it takes a little more effort, so my hunch is that it should be fine.

I love UD eyeshadows but was kind of annoyed to lug around the huge box (I have the alice in wonderland shadow set) and always wondered when they would come up with an idea like this. I can put six of my fav eyeshadows and take them in my smaller makeup pouch instead 🙂 yay!

OMG I’m so exited. FINALLY, some LE e/s are now permanant and I love the concept of “make your palette”. I guess it was the news they are still waiting to announce on their Facebook page!

I know UD wants us to buy their palette but I can’t help thinking that it’d be so much better if you could pop a magnetized pan out and put it into any palette….

They changed the formula? Not too happy about this. The old formula was fine, with the exception of the glitters. And the new packaging looks flimsy as hell. I thought the big surprise was going to be a new palette, or the summer collection. Totally disappointed 🙁

I think I’m going to get some magnet stickers and stick them at the bottom of the wells in the palette, so I can use my already-depotted UD shadows. It won’t be perfect, but oh well. After being a loyal customer for years and buying all their shadows and palettes, I don’t want to have to do it their way.

This is a great idea! And it’s great they are releasing more colors, I’ve wanted Mushroom on its own for a while. I wish more companies would do this. However, I usually depot my UD shadows and put then in mac pallets, they are the same size.

they REALLY need to offer a discount for this! to fill the palette would be18x6=108! SOOO not worth it! the naked palettes were FULL SIZED and we got 12 of em for half the price. They should either lower the prices of the shadows substantially (doubtful) to like $12 each or do a bundle deal where the more shadows u buy the more u save. like 1=18 2=33 3=45 4=54 5=60.

While I’m glad that they’re making a lot of my favorites permanent and adding some new mattes, I’m disappointed that they didn’t decide to bring back Revolver and Shakedown, which are my two favorite matte shadows. Also, it will be interesting to see how the glitter shadows will perform in the new formula. Will there be less fallout? More? I will say that this is a smart move on UD’s part. I’ve mostly only bought their palettes, but now people will most likely be more inclined to buy individual shadows to create their own palette.

This is really exciting. I love how you can pick your own colors to best match your features. I am looking forward to this new product!

I hate to be so negative here, I really do, but… More expensive shadows? Huge, bulky packaging? No thanks.

I do appreciate them putting out shades like Virgin as singles, though. And I really hope that the reformulated versions are ‘longer-lasting’ and ‘more crease-free’ as they claim. This has always been one of my main issues with UD shadows, shimmers in particular. They just don’t want to stay on my lids. If they were able to do something about the crazy glitter fallout as well, it would certainly make me somewhat more happy about this.

Those were my thoughts – the eyeshadows aren’t really more expensive per se, because I believe Sephora already increased the singles to $18 – so the price increase by a $1 is more likely in line with “inflation” increases that most brands do!

Wende said there was “less glitter fallout” but didn’t say it was eliminated.

Soooo excited about this! Although I wish it were as good value as getting their premade palettes. This just costs more money. But I’ll probably end up doing this with my favourite colours when my Nakeds run out. I hope the shadow formula really is better and not worse, because I’m very happy with the formulation they have right now! Perhaps they’ll prevent glitter fallout?

Meh. Their matte browns aren’t dark enough for someone ddeper than NC40. It’s shame Deep End from the Anniversary palette isn’t permanent.

Very excited to see the mattes, love the old formula and hope the new is just as good.

FYI I just went to the UD site and it says there’s free shipping, today only until 7PM PT, for any new eyeshadow purchase.

I wonder if older eyeshadow “poped out” (not fully depoted, still with the plasting thingy) will fit in this palette. I need to rush to Sephora and get Extasy back up now it’s gonna be discontinued 🙁

The palette thing is not for me, but it’s a fine idea. I am wary of the “new formula” bit when the old formula was fantastic, but if it means less glitter fallout, I will definitely be tempted back to a couple of glittery shades. I wish they’d brought back some discontinued shades, though, particularly Gash and Shotgun.

Well it’s a no go for me. I’m not spending over $100 for 5-6 eyeshadows even if they are giving me one free and free shipping. I spent enough for that Naked Palette and the 15 Anniversary one (which I haven’t used yet). I should use the eyeshadow money and invest in their stock.

Are my eyes deceiving me?? Do I see Virgin up there as a single shade?!!! Woo Hoo!!!! 🙂 I have been so careful to not use it all up from my Naked palette and now I can enjoy it all the time!!

Looks like a lot of my favourite colours are being discontinued with this reformulation. I’m not really very happy about that. 🙁

Me neither. Infact, I’m so disappointed that I think it’ll take something special to win me back as a customer. I’m thinking Vintage eyeshadow palette….

I’ll be re-purchasing the Deluxe palette as it is. Nothing will replace Strip for me either. Or Honey. Or Kiddie Pool. They’ve lost many of the more exciting shades and given customers more neutrals. What’s wrong with having both? It’s also a complete rip-off. >:(

so glad they’re doing tease permanently. I use it nearly everyday and I was scared that when naked 2 came out, I’d have to buy the whole palette again!

This is pretty cool!! I think the palette is kind of loud looking though… It is also a little weird to me that people are upset about the cost of filling the palette. I think the idea behind is the same as a mac palette. Fill as you go with which ever shadow you want that will be easy to switch back and forth out of if you don’t toss out your shells. I like it!

However, with MAC, the pan eyeshadows are $11.50, and the palette that holds them is $15 (I think, it’s been awhile since I’ve bought either). So, instead of paying $14.50 for a single eyeshadow, you save $3 right off the bat 🙂

So, instead of paying full price for a pot eyeshadow x15 + $15 palette at $232.50, you’d pay $187.50. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to offer the ability to switch between a pot and palette, but a system where you could have sold your pans individually as well as in interchangeable pots would have made it more practical. Realistically, most would slot them into palettes and maybe only occasionally put them in pots, I would think? I can’t think of too many instances where I’d put things back into pots, I guess!

Exactly, Christine.

I would’ve been much happier if UD did similar to MAC and Inglot and offered refill pans at a lower price point than the potted eyeshadows. If I’m going to depot an eyeshadow I’m definitely not going to re-pot it!

OK, so I’m happy about the reformulation and new single colors. I like the new packaging too, its a huge improvement and looks amazing! However, I think their palette approach is a major FAIL…both in terms of practicality and price point. UD has been failing in the palette department ever since the first BOS was released IMO. I want to know what types of muggles they get for their focus groups, seriously! Oh well, I guess I’ll still be buying the singles and fully depotting them into palettes….happy to have new shades but its a shame I’ll still be destroying the new pretty packaging :/

lol the “muggles” are the so called “gurus” on youtube that arent even real makeup artists who only care about the all mighty dollar and not about the people who they are hocking this crap to! irritates me so bad. christine is the ONLY one that was there so far that has said ANYTHING about the price point. the rest of the lot has just been slinging this crap with wreckless abandon and fattened wallets.

This is so amazing. I love Urban Decay and have always been a huge fan, however I am not a huge fan of their glitter! Really looking forward to this but no idea what kind of palette I will get! Anyone know if this will be available to ship to Ireland?

Love Urban decay but this is expensive i was expecting some amazing price, cause let’s be real the big reason that makes UD so liked is the bargain aspect of the palettes(almost full size shadows with great quality)
This will be 17,50€ 1,5g of shadow here in my country for 1€ more i get a MUFE shadow with 2,5g of product
The whole concept of this product and price is a Total Fail to me

I was wondering that with the new formula that the colours are true to the original? For example, a bit brighter, slightly darker, etc? Or, are they pretty much spot on but just better formulated?

Hi Cindy,

I asked, and Wende (one of the founders) said that they’re the same except Midnight Cowgirl, which they weren’t happy with so they improved it and the color is slightly different.

Pretty indifferent about this. I’ve always thought individual UD eyeshadows were hella expensive, especially when (most of) their palettes have a great value price. So… totally not for me.

Also, while I’m not upset that they’re adding a bunch of LE colors to the permanent line, I kind of wonder who would buy them? For example, 3/4 of the BoS IV is in here now. I personally feel that I could deal with the bulky packaging for a mere $65 (or now, $29) as opposed to the $252 it would take for the twelve available shades plus the two palettes needed to house them.

Those eyeshadow prices are going to need to go down before I even consider really looking at them. /shrug

Neat idea and it’s all very pretty and everything, but it’s too expensive. I’ve always just put my UD singles into empty MAC palettes anyway…

Not sure about the value of the palette, but I am glad to know that I’ll be able to get Pistol, Verve and Mushroom on their own. All three of those looked beautiful to me.

UD how do you have a ‘matte sparkle’ when you describe matte as ‘free of shimmer, sheen or glitter’ lol. Same with ‘Satin Sparkle’ when satin is also defined as no glitter. I realize they’re probably describing the base shadow before the glitter but…really it makes no sense.

Whats interesting about the formula thing is that I don’t like the formula on several of the BOS 4 palette, and there’s still MAJOR glitter fallout, so no good there. Also, holy expensive palette. I don’t buy UD individual shades unless their on sale already. How can you not offer a discount and just get rid of the packaging?

I’m leery. The pallet set up is very pricey, not that well designed, and I hate that they re used old names but changed the colors. The new names have lost touch with the roots of Urban Decay too; The whole line was an artistic statement.

Change is fine. I’m just thinking they could have handled it better.

The colors are supposed to be the same – from what I can tell based on what I’ve swatched, it seems pretty true!

Great that they’ve made some of the popular shades from the palettes permanent, however it’s just way too expensive. Better off buying the pre-done UD palettes such as Naked, Book of Shadows etc.

Hahahah no thanks. maybe when I run out of my book of shadows 4…. but even then, i’ll probably just buy whatever palette is out. o_O

I’m not seeing how the build your own palette is a rip off like some are saying. You don’t have to fill it up right away and most people who love UD are going to buy 6 eyeshadows anyway. I have 25 individuals already from their old collection!! Yes I have almost all the palettes too…my husband might leave me if he knew…

I’m happy that Virgin will be available as a single but otherwise i’m surprisingly meh about this whole thing. The palette looks kind of clunky and I’m annoyed that every one comes with a brush and shadow.

I love UD eyeshadow, but the price increase coupled with the fact that it isn’t possible to just buy pans for a lower price (because really, I can’t imagine any reason to put them back into pots once they’re depotted) make this a no go. The palettes themselves are kind of expensive compared to MAC’s.

I am glad for more colors though, especially Mushroom. 🙂

I think that palette is ugly and it sounds bulky. I agree with the general sentiment that it’s over-priced and it doesn’t offer any reduction in non-reusable packaging which is pretty disappointing from an environmental perspective.

I’ll happily buy singles of Virgin and Mushroom though:)

Okay I may just be missing this completely but if we buy the palette it comes with the shadow? So for $18 you get the shadow which woul presumably cost $18 on it’s own? Or do you have to buy the other 5 colors to fill it up to get a freebie? I take free makeup very seriously :)))

eek Tease! Seriously mine for Naked 2 has a dent, and I really want X too so that makes 2 🙂
Kind of wish there was a discount for puchasing a full palette.

2 was already with the new formula, I don’t know if 1 will be. It would be best to ask UD, as they would have that information!

I think this is a total rip off, and I think Urban Decay should be ashamed of themselves! $108 for 6 eyeshadows, when you get 12 full sized shadows and a brush in the naked palettes for $50? Plus you have to pay $18 for the palette as well. So, actually its $126! And since they are now selling the shadows out of the Naked Palettes seperately, if you run out of 3 of them, and want to repurchase just 3 its $54!! Thats more than the original cost of all 12 shadows!! WTF? The shadows have always cost this amount, but the fact that they are promoting this they way that they are is what is wrong!

Urban Decay you are not going to trick me again! I already have palletes of your eyeshadows where you just kept regurgitating most of the same or similar colors over and over. Why would I rebuy the same colors b/c of a formula change? I really feel like you could have taken things further and explored the color wheel more. Why this obsession with recreating the same colors? I am not buying anymore of your shadows until you breakout and WOW me. I really feel you could do the same thing with your eyeliners too. Give us more color choices. I will keep buying 24/7 pencils but even that will only last for so long b/c Make Up For Ever and MAC give me 40% off.

I was wondering, if I was to buy the palette for $18, is there any way that you think I could take the plastic inside out to fit more in there? And if so, could I do it without ruining it (the plastic, that is)? I was just thinking that for $18 I could have a nice, sturdy empty palette for traveling (to magnet my own pan products in there) with a big mirror, travel brush, and an extra eyeshadow…

Now the all of these palettes contain the new formula:
Naked 2
15th Anniversary (still available on Sephora’s site)
New Fun palette
New Feminine palette
New Dangerous palette.

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