Urban Decay: Build Your Own Palette Review & Photos

Urban Decay: Build Your Own Palette

Earlier this year, I was invited (along with four other bloggers/YouTubers) down to Urban Decay’s headquarters in Newport Beach, CA for a top secret launch–lo and behold it was a complete redo of their existing eyeshadow formula, core range, and packaging, including an additional component: a six-pan eyeshadow palette. We were each asked to choose six shades from the sixty-eight available to put into our own palettes.

Full Disclosure: Urban Decay paid for travel, food, and hotel expenses. No other compensation was provided. I received the six shades I selected along with the palette at the time of the event.

Each eyeshadow now comes in metallic purple (plastic) packaging and still gets inspiration from NYC subway tokens. Instead of selling individuals pans, Urban Decay has opted for a full pot with the ability to pop out the actual eyeshadow and the accompanying plastic insert. In the first image in this post, you’ll notice the middle row showcases the full packaging, while there are several rows of eyeshadows surrounded by purple–that’s the plastic insert.

These eyeshadows then fit inside six-pan eyeshadow palettes. They are held in by a plastic insert within the palette itself, so it’s not magnetic (like many other palettes). Inside each palette comes with a “Walk of Shame” eyeshadow (described as the “perfect neutral shade”). There is a travel-sized Good Karma brush that fits inside the middle of the palette, and you should be able to fit a travel-sized eyeliner in there instead if you so desired. There is also a full-sized mirror on the inner lid.

I can appreciate Urban Decay’s aspirations with this palette, and they stressed how it took them eighteen different tries to perfect the eyeshadow pot packaging. It looks and seems really cool initially. The more I used it, the less I enjoyed it in practice, though. I will say that it pops out fairly easily but you need a few tries to practice πŸ™‚ I also recommend slowly pushing the eyeshadow out and onto your hand or over a soft surface.

The palette itself is a little bulkier than ideal for something you’d travel with, because it’s holding not just the eyeshadow pan but all of the plastic surrounding it. It’s like when you got to depot an eyeshadow (including Urban Decay’s old eyeshadows) and pop the plastic insert out, then finagle the pan out of that–you’re carrying around that plastic insert. They could have just made the pan magnetic, so it could be removed by grabbing the edge or pushing through a small hole underneath with a push pin. You can still have the whole palette-and-pot concept with a slimmer palette option.

It closes really well, which is a good thing when you’re traveling with a palette! It’s also much shorter compared to their Naked 1 and 2 palettes. If you have the Naked 2 palette, the packaging is very similar. While the pots show fingerprints like crazy, the palette component doesn’t. Β I think the pots look really sleek otherwise.

I also confessed to Urban Decay that I’d really like to see a palette without all the extras, like the brush and the Walk of Shame eyeshadow–if you buy more than one palette, you’ll end up with multiples of Walk of Shame, and I just don’t think that’s necessary. I know that when I opt for a palette from a brand, it tends to be in hopes of some kind of discount, so I did make sure to mention that while I was down there. It was worth a shot! Β Can I also say that I’m bummed about so many awesome shades being discontinued?

Urban Decay’s new eyeshadow formula is only semi-new, actually! If you’ve picked up any of Urban Decay’s recent palettes–beginning with the 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette–you already have the new formula. We just didn’t know it! I asked Wende Zomnir, co-founder of Urban Decay, if all of the shades are the same, despite the formula change, and she said everything is, with the exception of Midnight Cowgirl, which is slightly different because they wanted to improve. She described the new formula (overall) as “more suede-like, more cashmere-like” with a “new carrier agent for better blending and color payoff.”

When I was selecting six shades to put into a palette, I wanted to create a combination of colors that could be used together but less typically. I also wanted it to look good as a set of six. Sometimes you see lovely shades, but when you put them next to each other, they’re not as pleasing to the eye. But first and foremost, I wanted six shades with excellent color payoff and buttery textures (the two things I could easily test right then and there). Β  It ended up being kind of a sultry, sexy, smoky, smoldering color combination. Β Very fall–oops! Β I chose:

  • Mushroom — smoky taupe brown
  • Shattered — greenish-teal with a duochrome (who doesn’t love a duochrome?)
  • Loaded — deep, dark blackened teal-green
  • Rockstar — smoky medium-dark purple
  • Chase — metallic medium bronze with insane color payoff and a texture that’s to-die-for
  • Last Call — plum burgundy

You can purchase the palette with the shades I picked out, but honestly, it is the exact same price whether you bought your own empty palette and filled it with six shades YOU loved as well. Β This is really to say that you don’t have to buy it as a set, maybe you’d like to swap out one shade for something else πŸ™‚ Β Or you could fill it as you go or just buy singles as $126 is quite a bit to lay down all it at once ($18 for palette + $18×6 eyeshadows).

See more photos!


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Oh, not I’m not so excited anymore… thought there might be some special pricing if you buy the palette with all 6 eyeshadows at the same time. If that’s the case, I may as well just save the money for new palettes. Either way, the idea was good.

I agree with you on the extras as well as the whole pricing thing. I really like the new look of the individual pots so much better than the old ones, and I also really like the palette. My initial thought at the previous post was how I wanted to create my own neutral palette, which I probably still will, but kind of irks me they increased the pot eyeshadows…

Sephora online is still selling them for $17. I guess the $18 for the palette is only temporary pricing according to UD’s site. I would prefer them not include an eye shadow and brush because it’s just a way to charge more for something, lol.

Thanks for trying to communicate that. I think it was either an oversight on their part or a sales gimmick. I think it’s really hard for them to try to justify the pricing on this because you can pick up mac pro pans for about $11, and their palettes cost $15 and fit 15 shadows. This shows that they have been listening and watching to how people use their urban decay shadows online, however, I think they’re still missing the mark by a long shot. It’ll be interesting to see if this sells or not. If I had to choose between UD and MAC, I think I’d still go with MAC.

I think I’d just buy singles and leave them as singles or else depot entirely and put them into a MAC palette or some other unbranded palette. You could just as easily take a metal tin and put six pots in it.

I suppose I just wish it was more similar to MAC’s pricing system for palettes. Any idea if they will be discontinuing the Naked Palettes? I mean, if most of those shades are available as singles and can be put into a palette…I would think they’d phase out the Naked Palettes to make more money…

As far as I know, those are here to stay. I just know that all of the existing individual eyeshadows are being phased out since they’ve reformulated and repackaged. I suspect a fair amount of people will not realize that it’s so pricey!

My plan is to buy the naked palette and re-press the shadows I like into round pans and stick them in a mac palette… I wrote UD an email urging them to sell JUST PANS but never heard back. Oh well.

What an interesting concept! The new packaging looks so sleek and mature. I like the new direction they are taking to reach a wider age range. The graphic design on the tin is gorgeous! I’m just not sure how I feel about the black plastic insert or what the shadows all look like in the tin…it still looks a little bulky to me! I’d be willing to give it a shot, though.

Yes and no! They’re 0.05 oz. each, which is the same their regular eyeshadows, but the Deluxe eyeshadows did have more product in them than they do now (since they’re incorporated into one umbrella).

Soo… those of us who already own every UD eyeshadow and have been depotting them are pretty much SOL, huh? (In the sense that, we’ve already removed it from the plastic insert that would’ve held the pans in the palette, so we can’t use the pans we already own in the new little pan thing.)


Yeah, I’ll be sticking with my Z-Palette, thanks!

Your palette choices look beautiful… I’ve never really given Loaded a try. Since I have all of them, I’ll go re-create your palette right now! πŸ™‚

You know, I have extremely similar colouring to you (as an Asian/Caucasian mix!) and I would have chosen the EXACT same shades, apart from the bronze?! I LOVE teal, burgundy, plum and taupe. Instead of the bronze, I’d have a highlight, a charcoal, or a pewter.

Definitely like the idea but wish it was more streamlined like mac without the plastic coming out with it..:/ I’ll still probably end up with one though!!

Rockstar is one of my favourite eyeshadows of all time! I’m so glad Urban Decay picked you and Leesha/xSparkage since you’re both phenomenal beauty bloggers, hopefully they take your suggestions into consideration πŸ™‚

Hmm how thick are the palettes? I would have thought their little palettes like the vegan and all those fun/girly ones would have been ideal. Also are these available internationally next month? Trying to talk myself out of it but I can’t seem to… I wish they had something like this when I first got into the brand! All looks like such fun, I think I would have passed out!

(I must apologise – my iPod had a bit of a fit and posted this 3 times half way through the first sentence – hopefully I stopped it in time…)

It’s about 3/4″ tall – probably about 1.5x the thickness of the Vegan palettes.

A couple of readers said they’ll be getting them in the UK, but I didn’t get any info on international release!

You mentioned that there are some shades that are going to be discontinued — do you have that list so I know what to stock up on? πŸ™‚

Yes, I tested it with one – but it’s a tighter fit, so you do have to force it in a little bit. You can still get it in and out, but you may stretch the palette a tiny bit.

I like the pan but I don’t like the way the eye shadows look in the palette. I guess I don’t like the palette I also don’t like getting that same eye shadow every time I purchase a palette. Too expensive for six eye shadows the savings is why we buy palettes in the first place.
Thanks Christine

Sounds like a great experience! And I wish they’d listened to you to regarding the included shadow In fact, that kind of kills for me in terms of buying a palette at that price.

If I wanted that shade, I’d pick it up. Now essentially you get to buy a five pan palette. I get that it’s still a good value (you’re basically buying the shadow and getting the palette free) but I’m willing to bet a lot of your readers (including myself) already have a bunch of nudes which renders the shade kind of pointless and would rather have the space for a sixth shade.

Oh well. I am still curious about the reformulation. I can’t wait to go play with them πŸ™‚

It’s not a good value at all! You get 12 eyeshadows in the NAKED palettes for $50 plus a brush and mini lip gloss and these you only get 5/6 for $126. It’s absolutely ridiculous to have to pay that much money when their pre-made palettes ARE good values.

I <3 Mushroom! There is something about it that just so flattering on me and even though it's just another smoky taupe brown, but for me it's the only smoky taupe brown I aim for when looking for a similar shade.

Leesha is like 'Wait am I suppose to smile' moment. ^_^

All I have to say it I want the jewelers case (not to be confused with a jewelry case) full of their shadow without the extra packaging.

I own a jewelers 5 draw case that I store most of my pigments in, but not the full size Inglot or Suparpill jars as they don't fit. The new mac packaging fits on the side but I only own Silver (Platinum was sold out for months before and after Halloween this year sadly…I still prefer Platinum, silver just cool tone while Platinum is just bright aluminum.)

Yes, I tested it with one – but it’s a tighter fit, so you do have to force it in a little bit. You can still get it in and out, but you may stretch the palette a tiny bit.

It might be better to just depot into the MAC palettes? I used to own a lot of MAC when I had a Pro Card. Urban Decay e/s fit perfectly into their 4-pan or 15-pan palettes and were travel friendly.

Thank goodness these will still fit in my MAC palette when depotted! I have no interest in this new, bulky palette that Urban Decay is releasing. And how dumb of them to put the same shadow and brush in each one, as well as giving no deal when buying pan shadows vs. full packaging. I also hope this new formula is just as good or better than the old one. End rant, haha. I am, however, looking forward to the new shades!

For me, on of the things would be how transportable it is and Urban Decay, as always, seem to insist on making a lot of hefty palettes! Who in their right mind would ever take one of their anniversary palettes away with them!? Naked yes, anything else, no way! This does not look bag/holiday friendly at all. Sighs…

Haha, I actually have taken the 15th Anniversary Palette with me on multiple occasions ;P This is pretty large/hefty for six, though.

Hmmm…the palette only holds 6 shadows. They could have made the e/s smaller so we could put in 10 for perhaps travel. I don’t think I’ll be getting this as I love my regular UD palettes and BOS.

I love the outside of the palette but the plasticky interior just looks cheap. :/ Also I really don’t understand why they include an eyeshadow in the palette already, it doesn’t make any sense. I definitely like the look of the potted eyeshadow better but I do think the depotted pan/plastic design could be improved on.

This is a failure IMO because palettes are supposed to take up LESS space. From the looks of that giant metal tin, carrying around 6 plastic eyeshadows would fit better in a makeup pouch.

On the website, they still carry the old eyeshadows and deluxe eyeshadows. Will they continue to carry them, or just until they sell all their remaining stock?

I imagine they’re just selling through remaining stock – with luck, we’ll see them on HauteLook or something, as we have with the matte eyeshadows!

im really sad that they decided to discontinue so many shades, esp ones like uzi and flipside. those were some of the best. πŸ™
and i also think that this is way too much to pay. they should definitely have discounts for the palettes. also i agree that they shouldve just made the packaging magnetic and be able to pop the shadows out instead of popping out the shadow and the plastic surrounding it. they should make the packaging like the tarte amazonian clay blushes! those are great for popping out of the pan and placing them into a container of your choice.

I absolutely love this! I really wanna create my own bright palette, but the price is so steep!!
I wish they would put a deal for people who want to fill an entire palette at once.

One thing I’ve disliked about UD shadows is the glitter fallout. Does anyone know if the new shades have the same problem?

I don’t have much interest in the palette (pretty pricey and somewhat impractical), but I would like to try a few of the shades.

Hm, I agree with a lot of your comments, Christine. I would have been better to offer an empty palette without that one eyeshadow and brush. Also, it’s a bit weird to me that the eyeshadow doesn’t completely depot (it still has that plastic thing surrounding it). The palette looks a bit clunky.

Btw, I checked Sephora this morning after your post and the e/s are still at $17. They haven’t changed the online prices yet! Perhaps they will sell the old style at $17 then put the new ones up at $18? I may buy some of the newish shades during the upcoming VIB sale.

So, was Naked 2 in the new formula? I don’t know if that one came after the 15th Anniversary, but I thought it did. If it IS in the new formula, color me unimpressed. The glitter fallout is still a big problem for my normal/dry lids (with sticky primer, tapping most of the glitter off the brush(!), patting on, and sealing with another layer of primer only *minimizes* the fallout).

And lately, I’ve found that TooFaced does glitter much better – much finer particles that stay put with just a decent primer – even UDPP which does nothing to keep UD glitter on your lids, argh.

Sorry, I’ll stop ranting now. πŸ™‚ I just want to love UD so much, but this glitter keeps coming between us.

According to UD, it would be. It would be Naked 2, Midnight Emergency Kit, Mariposa, Book of Shadows Vol. 4, and 15th Anniversary!

my thoughts exactly. I was unimpressed with the quality of some of the naked 2 shades and if that’s their new formula i don’t think it’s an improvement.

so let me get this straight christine.
you would be paying $126 for your choice of only FIVE colours…
and the naked palette is 12 full size colours for $50.

urban decay must be joking. mac palettes forever.

Huh. I’m a little happy for new colors, a little upset that I’ll be scrambling for a couple of shades I haven’t gotten yet, but I have to say, I’m pretty disinterested in this new palette system.

Maybe I’m just cheap as hell, but in general, what UD asks for a single eyeshadow is a little bit out of my makeup budget. So while it’s nice they give you one eyeshadow and a brush with the palette, if it’s always the same one, that stinks. And doesn’t make the palette a deal. If they could change that at least for online sales, that could sell me on the system. Do that, do some sort of “buy 5 singles for 60-75” bulk discount (even if it’s just online), and I’m sold.

Since you say that the old shadows fit, I’ve got two of them, and I might buy a couple D/Ced colors, I might buy one palette for convenience of keeping those together, but that would be it as it stands now.

I think for travel, you could get behind it, to some degree, but the problem is that a lot of people buy palettes because it’s cheaper, whether it’s building your own (e.g. MAC, Inglot, MUFE) or buying a pre-made one (e.g. Urban Decay). It’s probably even harder to swallow with UD when they do really affordable pre-made palettes, so it’s like, wait, what? You’re better off buying a pre-made palette that has a few of your favorites in it than singles, you know?

The only shade could think of wanting a pot for on occasion is my eyebrow shade, which I buy in pot form from MAC instead of pans – but everything else, I don’t feel major urges to re-organize or rearrange. You could always buy an extra empty palette and use it as your travel palette and pick out shades from other palettes and put it into that one.

I’m probably going to go the Z-palette/free palette route for my eyeshadows, anyway. I got BOS IV with the last price slash, but it’s just way too big. And I’ve got a couple random other things here and there that I’d actually use if I depotted them.

I’m a big fan of UD shadows, and I feel that some of this relaunch might be a way for them to move their singles moreso than their pre-made palettes. I think they failed to incentivise this–glad they made an improved formula, but the pricing and logistics of this build a palette just isn’t working.

Mushroom! I kind of blanked out after I read that. I’ve been wanting that in a single form since it first came out in one of those palettes. Yay! I’ll definitely be getting that.

Urban Decay launched them today with free shipping on the new single shadows until 7pm. On their site. I ordered 2 palettes. I know I will fill them but I’m waiting for Sephora to get them in where I can choose colors on sight.

Christine, are the pans themselves the same size as the old pans so we could still fit them into our MAC palettes?

As soon as I saw that they had changed the formula for these new shadows I was pretty sure I had already been using the new formula in 2 or 3 of my newer UD palettes–the untouched shadows just looked more…expensive. Or something–so thank you for confirming that. Now I know that I’ll still like this new formula.

Also, many people seem to dislike the fact that it costs so much to fill the palette. I kind of like the idea of a palette that you can change on a whim. But instead of buying all the shadows at one time I think I’ll just get the empty palette and keep it until I eventually buy several of the individual shadows (presumably after running out of my favorites in my other palettes). Then I can use it when I travel to have all my single shadows handy.

Since the Naked palette came out before the palettes mentioned in the post, are they going to reformulate the shadows in that palette, or have they done that already?

While it is nice to see some of the Naked shades being released as singles I wish the price was not so steep to customize. Even if I wanted to buy them as singles without the custom palette they are still $18 a piece, which isn’t outrageous for a high end eyeshadow, but for the price of 3 singles I can just buy another Naked palette at $50. All I want is Virgin, Naked and Buck but I can get similar shades from MAC. Maybe they are not quite as smooth, but I would take that trade off because the pricepoint for MAC pans is so much cheaper, and I already have palettes I can pop those into.

I don’t get this! Like how will UD market this against so many of their great (Albeit pre picked) eyeshadow palettes which are less than 50 dollars! I presume these will be still available?

I think their concept is great. The price though, is unfortunate. If I can get 12 eyeshadows for $50 what makes them think i’ll spend $126 for only 6 eyeshadows. That’s a joke right?? I love Urban Decay but I feel as if this will be over-hyped for no reason. This is crazy.

I love this!! I’m totally going to make a palette some day. I can understand why you would find it a little strange and bulky with the eyeshadows still sitting in the plastic inserts while in the palette, but I think it’s a very nice concept in the sense that you’re able to just take one of the eyeshadows with you for travel for example πŸ™‚ I really really like their new design – packaging is a big deal to me!

I like most comments was initially excited, until I saw how expensive it was to fill an entire palette. No thanks–I’ll stick to Mac or Inglot single custom eyeshadow palettes, and I’ll just continue to buy Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes. Idea was good, however to not reduce the price and include a pan form will do more harm to the business than good. Naked palette 12 colors of $50 and a 6 color custom palette for $126 no thanks.

MUSHROOM!!!!!!!!! OMG I have been wanting this one FOREVER but never felt justified to buy a palette w/ it because I’ve only become make-up savvy so to speak in the last year-ish, and the only one i knew of was the Mariposa palette, and it wasnt even full sized! Happy to see Bust there too, almost bought the BOS4 just for that one. haha

I was really excited also and assumed these would be a good deal. By the time they get to Canada the price will prob be nearer $150. What a disappointment. I would have loved to buy the exact palette you made but was hoping it would be about half the price…

I was excited initially but I think the price is just too much! UD are known for making their palettes really good value, this one may be customisable but that doesn’t make it worth that much more.
P.s. is the eyeshadow called walk of fame or walk of shame? Haha walk of shame is an excellent name for an e/s and way more fitting to UD’s normal name choices!!

I really love urban decay, they made me fall in love with makeup. But I have to say I am disappointed in this because of the high price tag. πŸ™ I don’t want to spend a 126 for a palette with just 6 shades.

I couldn’t agree with you more! I think that the palette looks really nice on the outside, but the inside is disappointing. It would be 100 times better if the pans were magnetic. I think I’d just buy the eyeshadows on their own and forget about the palette!

Really appreciate the honesty! I’d really like to see a tiered discount (more you buy, more you save) type of deal with this.

Also hate to see so many deluxe eye shadows discontinued πŸ™

Honestly I love the way the pallet looks, it’s so pretty *-* But I wish it was more compatible with other depotted shadows, I’m not a brand stickler, I don’t mind putting Mac into a pallet along side Tarte and Too Faced. Buuut- I think I’ll stick with my Unii and Zpallets.

The new packaging is pretty, but it looks like I’ll either be keeping a lot of single shadows or I’ll be mutilating the packaging.

I think it would be awesome if Urban Decay also made smaller versions of their bronzers/blushes… that would make it even better for travelling. If I was only going away for a weekend I would grab four neutral-ish shadows that I could make a plethora of looks with as well as a blush and bronzer… maybe some gel eyeliners? they have a lot they can work with here!!

This is a total fail for me. Only a 6 pan palette with 1 shade repeatedly chosen for you and the same ding dong brush in every palette. Ridiculous! I depotted my multiple BOS’ into a Z palette, which I like, but don’t travel with it. All of the UD shadows I own and regularly use have been discontinued. Depotted them and put them in a MAC palette which is more affordable.

The idea is interesting, but they missed the mark with the pricing. My thoughts are that if they won’t discount the singles or do a buy 5/get 1 free, the palette should be given away free as an incentive… I mean honestly, what are you going to do with an empty palette? If I got a free palette, I’d sure want to start filling it up! And I thought it was bad when Stila used to sell the cardboard containers separate from the pans :/

At first I was excited… then… not so much. It seems to me that they opted for this new package for the sole purpose of jacking the price up a dollar a pot, rather than making it pan-only thereby decreasing the cost. In other words, if we want a deal, we still have to wait for palettes which are overloaded with shade repeats.

I love UD with a passion, but this seems like total, undiluted fail.

The pricing is ridiculous. What’s the point of buying the pots if you’re only going to use them as pans in the palette? That’s why MAC is awesome – their pans are cheaper than their pots. And that’s how you save. Over $100 for 6 shadows is ridiculous, regardless of how great the shadows are.

wow. i love UD and like that they are offering colors from previous palettes as singles now, but the price is ridiculous and the palette looks too big and bulky. i’d rather buy the singles and put them in the mac palette. long live the mac palette! LOL

I am SO disappointed. UD’s one of my favorite brands, but discontinuing so many shades?! And THIS ridiculous thing! UD, you make me sad.

Thank you for your review. I think you’ve hit all the pain points – the bulkiness of the palette, the inclusion of Walk of Shame, etc. For the sort of price to pay per shadow, I’d rather hop off to my local Inglot counter because if I’m not mistaken, the Inglot shadows have more product. It kinda sucks that so many nice colors are being discontinued too.

If UD releases your version of the palette though, I might consider purchasing it because of your color selection. I’m in a green phase right now and Shattered and Loaded look pretty awesome. Plus I don’t have any of those shadows yet πŸ˜‰

I am so glad they have new shades! I was very tempted to get the naked 2 because I love two or three shades, glad I waited! I am going to run and get pistol as soon as it is available at Sephora (I just got a VIB card in the mail!) Thanks for all the info Christine, love your blog.

I live like 5 minutes away from the UD headquarters, I can’t believe you were around here! I hope you enjoyed Newport/South Coast.

(I wanted to leave this comment on Youtube but it’s too long! Reckon it’s easier to just leave it here)

Hey Christine, I really adore this clip! I feel that I know everything there is to know about this system after watching it, so thanks a million for that!

I was (still am, kinda) very excited about the launch, but I fainted a little after seeing the price (that’s right. In my utter excitement I completely ignored how much it would cost! I think I was assuming it’d be cheaper just like all the other palette systems out there). You’re right. This price point is shocking, and I don’t like the idea that it comes with a little brush and Walk of Shame either (I have enough highlighting shades as it is, and I’m really not a big fan of synthetic brushes in general). So all in all I agree with you: this is not perfect!

One thing I do want to mention is that despite the fact that MAC palettes are compact and thin, my experience of traveling with it is a bit disastrous. I put it in my carry-on luggage, but at some point I was getting on a tiny flight so they took it away. Some of my eyeshadows in there chipped, while my Naked palette was completely intact. I’m just wondering whether the bulkiness of this palette also implies better protection.

Also, I wish Urban Decay were offering palettes in different sizes, like a 10-pan and a 12-pan on top of this one. There is no way I (or any UD eyeshadow fans) can put what I want (or already own) in a 6-pan one. I think I’ll wait around till UD either adjust their price point or come up with bigger palettes before I purchase the system. In the meantime, I do see shades that I would DIE to own!

Again, thanks for the in-depth review. It’s eye-opening! xx

UD will hold up better than a MAC palette in travel, but the Naked palette, being in cardboard, is far sturdier than either option. The cardboard really softens any impact, and there’s no hard plastic for it to come up against.

How do you pop them out of the new cases? I can’t get it out for the life of me, and I’ve put a big gouge in the shadow in the process! πŸ™

I think the color is called walk of Shame not Fame as you wrote above lol. I ordered the palette & 5 colors after learning about it from Kandee. I actually love that it comes with the free shadow, because ABC GUM is slways sold out. This looks similar, or at least will serve the same purpose.

yesterday i finally went to debenhams in Sheffield (as they are a larger debenhams store and have Urban decay there and i don’t get to go to Sheffield very often because it’s 1/2hr away via train)Β  and got the create your own palette kit after lusting for it after seeing your video Christine a couple of months a go at urban decay.com
i have a few observations to make…
a) why do i want a brush??? i mean i have small selection of brushes i use a lot so why do i need a little cheap one?
b) i wish it was an empty palette as while i like walk of shame…. i prefer to put my own colour selection if i buy another palette which i will eventually once i fill this one i will end up with a double of walk of shame which isn’t clever especially considering doesn’t come with its ownΒ  plastic pop out cover…
c) is it me or is the packaging slightly clumsy and bulky? i want to take it away with me whenΒ  i go to Australia for 3 months in august i am scared its going to get bent in my suitcase any ideas
c) in terms of color payoff.. its absolutely amazing.. but a word of warning for those people who have the black out eye shadow (i got that so i can get out of neutral browns and creams and do a smokey eye with silvers and blacks…
I discovered the hard way this morning while i was playing withΒ  little goes a LONG WAY with this colour (i ended up with panda eyes because i used a tad too much!) the texture of each shadow is amazing mildew which is the other shadow i got (its green /gold shimmer shadow, which is another departure for me) is beautiful… i can see myself really going to town with colours i wouldn’t normally use because i can swap and change to according to my mood… and the colour range is AMAZING…
oh and the the pans are slightly larger compared some of the other shadow palettes i have (my benefit big beautiful eyes springs to mind here) , i appreciate the factΒ  that you get more productΒ  so you get more shadow for your buck well that’s what i think anyway as this is my 1st eyeshadow product i’ve brought from urban decay ever, i am not sure if i am correct here

Please Help!

I have been looking for an answer all over the internet and cannot find one anywhere. I bought the UD build your own palette in the quad melt. I have neverrr seen such a pretty case to store my eyeshadows in. I thought I might be able to take out the tray so I can store more eyeshadows in there, but I don’t want to damage anything. Is there anywayyy possible to take out the tray and still use the palette.

Thanks, Charlotte.

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