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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tubes Review, Photos, Swatches

Urban Decay Primer Potion Tubes
Urban Decay Primer Potion Tubes

Urban Decay Primer Potion Tubes

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tubes ($19.00 for 0.37 oz.) just launched at Sephora and will be exclusive to Sephora at this time. They’re available in all four varieties–Eden, Greed, Original, and Sin–and they’re actually a smidgen bigger than the bottles (0.37 oz. vs. 0.34 oz.) and cost a dollar more. I noticed that Sephora didn’t mark these as limited editoin and only stated that they would be exclusive to Sephora for a limited time–I presume they’ll roll out to the usual retailers later on.  Once I have more details, I’ll be sure to post.

Urban Decay Primer Potion Tubes
Urban Decay Primer Potion Tubes

Urban Decay Primer Potion Tubes
Urban Decay Primer Potion Tubes

Urban Decay Primer Potion Tubes
Original, Eden, Greed, Sin

Urban Decay Primer Potion Tubes
Original, Eden

Urban Decay Primer Potion Tubes
Greed, Sin


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Carrie Avatar

I was thrilled to hear about these! I was already planning on buying a tube when I used up my current bottle, but I’m happy I don’t need to buy the professional size one, especially given how long the potion bottle has lasted me!

Lizzi Avatar

Great! I had got the professional size squeeze tube back in September because this is a MUCH better idea than the genie bottles and doe foot applicator. UD’s website still has some of the professional ones in stock, I ordered another the other day, but this is great! I can get others like it but with different finishes. UD finally got the idea that the last bottle was a pain and wasteful!

Emma Avatar

Oh my god, it’s like they answered my prayers…this is perfect for me! I travel with ALL of my makeup, and the primer potion bottles just aren’t convenient, they often crack. The second I see these at Sephora I’m going to snatch one up, thank you for showing this Christine!

Jill Avatar

LOVE Sin! I definitely want to get this one. I have the eyeshadow pencil in Sin, but this looks like it comes out a little darker than the pencil. Do you know if that’s true?

If they’re pretty close in color, I definitely have to get this–I love the color of the pencil but the texture is too soft and my point broke right out of the package, so I would so much prefer this medium.

Bonnie Avatar

I switched to Too Faced primer (which is quite good but not as good, in my opinion) because they have a squeeze tube. So much got wasted in UD’s old container, and I feel like it dried out sooner than it should have, since there was no way to squeeze out excess air like you can in a tube.
I resisted buying the newer shades for that reason- I wouldn’t use them as much as regular primer and with the funky packaging I assumed they’d dry out faster than I could use them.
I am very, very happy they listened to customer feedback here. 😀 😀 😀

Ani_BEE Avatar

This makes me extremely happy to see. I actually prefer the Primer potion over the Too Faced Shadow insurance but hated the genie bottle. >__<

Mariella Avatar

It’s about time but I’m glad UD finally did something about that wasteful and frustrating packaging. Weird that it would be a buck more – you’d think this would cheaper packaging to make than the one with the doe foot applicator. Still, I’m delighted that they’ve moved to a squeeze tube, like Too Faced.

gabrieli Avatar

I`m from Brazil, since I`ve discovered this product, it has changed my life because now I can use eyeshadow and it last the whole day.

Trey Avatar

wow, this makes me think my primer potion that I scratched out of the cut open bottle is dried up… I could never get it to spread in thin lines like in your pic

Kat Avatar

Well this makes it official – I am so getting Eden! I have a lot of pinky-blue-purple on my lid so I think the yellow-tones in Eden will be perfect. I have Soft Ochre paint pot, but it doesn’t hold my eyeshadows for nearly as long as the original UDPP.

Rosie Avatar

I am not big on ordering online so Im waiting for these to hit stores but I’m super excited as I have plenty of the original in backups still but my Sin has been in need of depotting for months and I have been too lazy/not in the mood to perform the surgery. Plus I really want to try Greed.

Brian Avatar

FINALLY! I’ve been begging them to do this for ages. Got incredibly sick of the bottle and having to butcher the packaging just to get the full amount of product.

egon Avatar

There is NO UD in my country T_T I can only get it online for like more than three times the original price which is why I didnt get any its just not worth it to buy something that U only saw online for that big amount of money AND you cant return it =(

Lizz M. Avatar

It would be great if they made these permanent! I really like that they found a middle-ground between satisfying customers with more functional packaging, but still not sacrificing that “potion” feel to the aesthetic, you know. I mean, the combo of the product name and the packaging was pretty clever and kitschy for UD, I suspect that’s why they’re so stubborn about changing it, ha, because then thier primer is just another tube in a million.

vee Avatar

sin and greed look so beautiful.. i would want to buy them.. except i have 3 originals, from all those UD palettes ive bought.. it be awhile before i even finish 1

Esther Avatar

Can’t wait!!!! I’m going to the US in about 3 weeks ! I’m going to stalk up!! These just look better then the other ones!!! 😀 😀 😀

bxboricua Avatar

Yay! I hope these aren’t limited edition cause I love that they’re in squeeze tubes! Just ordered the Original UDPP and Sin 🙂

Miss Silver Avatar

OMG SUPER WANT! I wish they shipped internationally; I’d get two of Greed and Eden! MUST HAVE! UD, PLZ TO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY PLZ KTHXBAI!

Jamie Avatar

I’ve been using the professional size tube for months and I have to say it has been HORRIBLE. At first it worked fine and was a great way to get around the hassle of the regular bottle, but after some use (I guess when air got into the tube) it began to push the product out any way possible. All of the rungs around the tip cracked and the entire bottom of the tube split. It is essentially pointless to use it now since one squeeze wastes product in every direction. I hope these little tubes don’t have the same issue as I’ve had with the larger one!

Jai Avatar

Love it! But I still have a lot of UDPP to finish. I also have the professional size. But I am glad they already come up with this packaging…

natalie Avatar

can sin be compared to mac vintage selection paint pot or benefit rsvp creaseless cream shadow?
btw, thank you for the lovely swatches & love your blog!

Heather C. Avatar

I’m not sure if I am the only one, but I love Eden. I am so excited about these. I have the tube of the original, which I snagged as soon as it came out, and I am still so happy that they put it in a tube. I am so excited about these!!

Kayla Avatar

I hope that these tubes are better quality than the l/e pro sized ones available around Christmas last year… I bought it and less than a week later the bum-end busted open! I didn’t even squeeze it hard/in the middle, drop it, step on it, etc. etc. I was a little pissed. But Sephora did give me a new regular primer potion, and then the rest of the money on a Sephora gift card. I was very impressed with their customer service.

Yazmin Avatar

Finally! Ive been waiting for them to change the packaging for ages!!

I hope they come to the uk soon and i hope they are permanent changes, otherwise i might have to stock up on these for the next couple of years!

Lexi Avatar

I was excited to see these! So happy! Way easier for application and more sanitary when using on other people. Very excited about the product.

Keren Avatar

Oh how I hope these will be permanent and available for international sale!
Sephora doesn’t ship to my country, and we don’t get Urban Decay here 🙁
My only hope is sites that do intl. delivery…

Crystal Avatar

If these are permanent, will they replace the stand up bottles? I really prefer the aesthetic of the original container. Maybe I just like seeing it standing up on my counter. Plus, there is something so satisfying about thinking the container is empty and slicing it open. Of course, there is the issue of finding an airtight container so it doesn’t dry out before it’s all used, but since people seem to be having trouble with the new tube drying out or splitting, I hope UD can find a fix for that. I’ll have to try one out in store, for some reason I feel like I would always squeeze too much out and waste a lot.

BlushResponse Avatar

I love UDPP, but have long since hated the packaging. As everyone knows, it’s impossible to get all the product out (even with the introduction of the angled applicator), plus I’ve found the plastic cracks easily if you drop it, and to add insult to injury even though I use mine daily and always tighten the lid as much as possible, I find mine frequently begins to get dry at about the 50% mark. I am thrilled with this new packaging!

Sarah Avatar

The tube design is so much better than the bottle. I never use the wand on the bottle because I find I get too much product so it’ll be easy to squeeze out just enough product with the tube.

Serene Avatar

does anyone know when will this be launch in canada? cause i was at sephora today and they didn’t have them yet, i asked, and it didn’t seem like they know what i was talking about .. =/

christine n Avatar

I had such a bad experience with the professional size of this stuff. I bought 3 and all 3 went wrong. I guess the way they made the tube was faulty. Whenever you squeezed the tube the pinched end would pop open and product would squeeze out of both ends. Such a disappointment. I went to return it and got the excuse that I bought them out of a bad batch they recieved. I went to the Sephora website to write a review and found that other buyers experienced the same thing. I love the tube vs the genie one but they need to make it better. I’ll give this a try and if it happens again, I’m done!

Rosie Avatar

Just FYI the South Coast one in Costa Mesa already has the regular and Greed in stock (back of the store when I went Friday) but they pulled them out for me when I asked cause I had called V.I.B. and the shipment showed they had it. They were really nice about it. I am outta Sin though and want them to get in store!

Cecilia Avatar

Hello!! i have a huge problem i really wanted just one and they are kind of costly. If i were to get just one which one would you suggest. (I am more of a basic girl i don’t do to crazy outrageous colors but i do dabble a bit)

Rachale Avatar

I’m having quite a bit of trouble getting the primer out of the tube, the professional size, ever since a got it. I even cut more of the tip off. Any suggestions or could the product be damaged?

FaerieEvenstar Avatar

Hey there, I know this is an old post, but I’ve been searching around trying to see if there is a list anywhere of comparisons of UDPP against other eye shadow bases. I swear by my UDPP and I think it’s the most important item in my make-up collection, but as they’re running out now, I was looking to see if anything else is actually better, rather than just assuming it’s the best. Is there a post on Temptalia somewhere I can’t find? Thanks x

FaerieEvenstar Avatar

 @Christine (Temptalia) Thanks Christine. I found a comparison on Phyrra which was quite helpful. I think I need to look into the NARS one. I’m also considering the NYX eyeshadow base as it’s so cheap as well. But thanks to the Phyrra review I might get the Concrete Minerals or Detrivore one.
I’ve never found that UDPP creases on me and I thought I had quite oily lids, but I only have the Original and Sin ones. 

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