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Nope. I pick out specific collections that I am looking forward to, and plan out roughly what I can afford to buy from each. Most of the other new products I just ignore unless I hear something great about them on a beauty blog.

Novelty itself can be overwhelming, but the desire to have something ‘new’ can overwhelm me, too. Right now, for example, I’m mooning over Quite Cute, though I don’t see anything that’s technically so unique I wouldn’t have it.

i feel like some new products are sort of like cute packaging- it looks cute and different so i feel i need to have it but more than likely, i didnt look into the actual product and i probably won’t ever use it!

It really can be a challenge when hearing of so many new lines that come out. It must be really difficult for those who love MAC and want to keep up with all the collections. 🙂

Mac collections stress me out! I’ve vowed only to buy from the permanant line because 1 I don’t want to fall in love with something I can’t repurchase and 2 because I have time to really think about my purchase and know I want it because I want it not because its LE

I get really excited about new beauty products and sometimes my brain hurts from thinking about it. Everytime I get an email from Bath & Body Works I panic and think, oh god what am I going to want now?

yes because every day theres something new launched, and mac does launch alot of make up each month which is good and bad ha ha. i personally just pick out products to buy that are unique and are like nothing i have because otherwise im going to have so much make up that is going to go off before i have chance to use it all.

Yes, if it’s something I really want, like the Surf Baby collection’s Strange Potion and Hibiscus. But most of the time, it’s irrelevant since I won’t purchase something unless I really want it or actually need it.

sometimes i get overwhelmed by the MAC collections!!
there is at least one new collection every month.. but i’m always waiting for your swatches.. this makes it easy to decide what i want from a collection and what i can skip.

Absolutely, I do. And it’s COSTLY! There’s a lot in the way this stuff is marketed to make you feel you NEED the item(s) when, in reality, many are probably not all that new or wonderful. Already, I’m itching to get my hands on the new UD launch (mostly because of the UDPP tubes but also b/c of the other stuff…dying to see the palette, for example)

I’m just starting to look at mac collections and think… Do I really want that or would I rather get something from the perm line…. The jeanius burnt me!!! Pretty please yuck!!!

All the time, especially during the fall when the richer colors come out. I somehow manage to stay focused on a few brands.

Only when I have to choose a new foundation, I’m afraid to pick the wrong shade for my skin tone. Which I usually do, I’m so bad about that!

definitely with some of the MAC collections, where I feel like if I don’t decide if I want something quickly enough it will be sold out. But I try to remember that Ive missed out on products before and it’s not the end of the world so I don’t stress myself out too much.

Yes! There’s always so much I want but I have to sort through all of it and only get one or two things that I really, really want.

Omg, all the time! I’m an obsessed beauty addict and I pride myself on knowing all the latest info on all the newest products. My girlfriends look to me for advice, lol! But being a pre-nursing student, it’s so hard and overwhelming to keep up sometimes! But your blog makes it so much easier! I love checking it everyday!

Naw, I’m poor and can’t fund a whole heck of a lot. Right now I am building up a good basic makeup and brush collection but after that my habits will likely taper a lot (until recently, I hadn’t worn makeup regularly for a couple of years). After I’m done, I’ll buy probably one or two things a month, and for me, shopping for these things is the fun part 🙂 Most of my purchases are at the drug store (I think there’s a real thrill to the hunt of drug store makeup buying- if you find a gem it’s so rewarding and was affordable!) and sometimes, the Body Shop. I went to MAC for the first time ever the other day but don’t expect to shop there regularly. I read all these beauty blogs to see what’s current and trendy, and look for lower-cost alternatives.

no, I don’t, ’cause I check your website often, so I have an idea what to get and when to get it and still in budget 🙂

Never! I’m a product junkie, I love to see all the collections companies come out with. However, just because loads of collections are released and I love checking them out, doesn’t mean I feel the urge to buy from all of them. I only buy things I really love no matter what.

Definitely. I’m pretty new to the makeup scene, and I’m trying to get into higher-end makeup, but it’s so pricey. And when the companies I enjoy come out with new stuff that I hear is really good, I want to get it, but it ends up being “Oh great, more stuff to add to the never-ending list.”

yesssssssssssssss…. so many!!! I don´t wear that much, so they would expire on me… and I´m not a millionaire LOL. The only thing I love buying are nail polishes!!!

All the time!! I usually don’t wind up buying anything when I go into a counter or store because I can’t focus. Too many new collections, too many products, too many sales people…AH!! I can’t handle it. I read reviews after reviews, go and try one product at a time and then decide. Rarely do I ever have a “haul”.

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