Urban Decay Dangerous, Feminine, & Fun Palettes: Sneak Peek

Dangerous Palette: Haight, Mildew, Virgin, Oil Slick, Rockstar, Gunmetal

Urban Decay Dangerous, Feminine, & Fun Palettes: Sneak Peek

Just launched, Urban Decay has three new palettes for spring. Β Each features six shades of eyeshadow and a medium-sized 24/7 Liner, plus a miniature-sized primer potion. Β I’ll have full reviews up tomorrow, but I wanted to at least get a quick palette photo and swatches. Β Each palette retails for $34.

See swatches & the other two palettes!

Dangerous Palette: Haight, Mildew, Virgin, Oil Slick, Rockstar, Gunmetal

Feminine Palette: Stray Dog, SWF, Midnight Cowboy, Aquarius, Darkhorse, Ecstasy

Feminine Palette: Stray Dog, SWF, Midnight Cowboy, Aquarius, Darkhorse, Ecstasy

Fun Palette: Woodstock, Baked, Uzi, Sin, Flipside, Psychedelic Sister

Fun Palette: Woodstock, Baked, Uzi, Sin, Flipside, Psychedelic Sister

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and according to their site’s RIP section, they are also discontinuing most of their other mattes! AUGHHH! i already ordered a back up of yeyo off sephora a few months ago. oh well, MAC will be getting my business once again since UD mattes are going bye-bye…

Yeah, I’m not sure who wants to wear chunky glitter like that. Maybe 15 year old girls? I feel like chunky glitter is so passe, but maybe that’s because I’m almost 30. Maybe chunky glitter is always in if you’re in high school?

Agreed! It really bugs me how I have a bunch of these shades already in other palettes and it’s not like I’m going to hit pan on a teal shadow anytime soon…. Out of the three Feminine is most up my alley but I really want to get my hands on Sin :/ The palettes look awesome though and I love the consistency of their shadows so I always end up buying their palettes despite the repeats.

Sin’s in the Naked Palette, if that’s a viable alternative to get the color. I also find that the Sin Primer Potion is pretty dead-on to the shadow itself, so that would work if you were wanting to use it for a whole lid wash. (It’s also my favorite UDPP, but I pretty much exclusively wear shimmer on my eyes, so YMMV.)

I was just about to comment how I’m amazed at how many palettes they come up with using their permanent shades/same shades. They’re sill pretty colors, but I’m not a fan of the glittery fallout of some colors.

I was going to say the same thing! On one hand, I get to save money, because I already own most of these shades. On the other, if you’re going to go to the trouble of creating a new palette, you should offer new shades.

le sigh. I love the looks of most of the colors in the fun palette, but I cannot stand uzi! It is nothing but a hot, glittery mess. And, I currently own about 4 pans of it, thanks to UDs seeming obsession with including this color in every.single.palette.

I am tempted to buy the Dangerous Palette just so that I’ll have backup of Virgin for when my Naked Palette runs out. I hate that it’s LE, because it is the best highlighter shade!!

I already have the Naked, BOS2 and the Fore-Shadow palette… and in EVERY one of the palettes you reviewed I have at least half of the shadows…. Guess I’ll have to skip on these. πŸ™

Really glad that I’m not a fan of these color combos πŸ™‚ still waiting to get the naked palette and I didn’t want to spend money on another one

dangerous & feminine look beautiful but I have enough from each palette not to be swayed from my determination to have shady lady 3 (esp after the review & look)!

aquarius & virgin are awfully tempting though…

LOVE LOVE LOVE the looks of fun and dangerous but i have every color from every palette, so not worth it for me. O well, really wanted one of these.

I really like the Feminine palette. I’ve been wanting Stray Dog for a while, I can’t believe I don’t already have SWF, and Aquarius is really pretty. Why does it have to come w/ Midnight Cowboy, though? I think I have at least 4 palettes w/ that shade. I also don’t get why they put Zero in there. Since it’s the feminine palette and the shades are pretty soft, you’d think they’d put a brown pencil in there. Zero is another UD product I have several of because of these palettes. They really should stop repeating themselves.

hear hear. I say we petition for a BAN on zero in palettes. perversion or almost anything else. binge would be my fav. or ransom. & I seriously do not need more chopper or oil slick or baked (twice or not) and shattered. and last call. really. got it already. if they must include something repeatedly at least make it sin or halfbaked or something else easy to use lots of. grifter, midnight cowboy, already booking into next millenium.

I had the same thought about Zero being the liner included in the Feminine palette. There are many other shades of 24/7 liners that would have gone with the ‘feminine’ theme so much better…

I don’t like any of the palettes because there are shades in all of them that I’d never wear. I could definitely take 6 shades from the 3 palettes and make me a perfect palette though πŸ™‚

So bummed…I did an inventory of all the UD palettes I own and had many doubles, even triples….there is literally only 3 colors total that I don’t already own between all the palettes

love UD e/s but agree with everyone that they recycle too many of the e/s. they need to come up with some new colors. it’s only good for those who have yet to get the newer e/s or passed up most of the previous palettes. there are a few e/s i don’t have but not enough to get these palettes. thanks for the swatches though!

Is there any other beauty brand that releases the same colors in different palettes, several times a year? I really don’t get Urban Decay. I’m not necessarily boycotting but, I think I’m done with them as a whole. It just seems like they have no originality with their product design and color choices.

The palettes are pretty but, if you own even one other palette, you’ll have too many duplicates.

Please wait for the review, as I’ll answer questions there, or visit UD’s site, which lists all of the products in detail (linked above).

Maybe it’s just me but I swear most of these shadows are in the Alice in Wonderland UD set I got last year. Not a huge fan of UD shadows as most of them either have monster glitter or fade on my skin even with the UDPP.

I like the Dangerous and Feminine palettes. I agree with your review when you mentioned UD’s overuse of Zero in palettes, and the glitter? It doesn’t look so good under my eyes…

I only like the Dangerous pallet because I only have the Naked pallet and some other one… but It seems to me the UD is recycling some of their colors quite a bit.

The Fun palette must be mine! Woodstock is such a great bright pink! Plus it has my favourite all-over shade, Sin! Even Uzi I find myself using a lot on my inner corner, so the palette is def. worth the $$$.

Hello Christine, I wanted to ask you a question. I actually asked this in another post and I’m not trying to harass you or anything, but I just wanted to make sure you at least saw it. If you’re too busy to answer I do understand though!
I’m looking for a lipstick, regular or liquid that is a dupe for SWF. UD used to offer it in lipstick and lip gunk form but both have been discontinued for a few years at least. Can you recommend something similar? The color was the same and I remember the silver glitter particles being noticeable as in the shadow. TY in advance for reading this!!

you just gave me an idea. I wonder if I could use up some Uzi if I mixed it w gloss and used it on lips (like Temptalia’s gold-red MUFE contest look) to have glitter somewhere less annoying and less fallout (gloss would hold it on maybe)

I’m planning on getting Feminine, but also love the look of the Dangerous palette πŸ™‚
I can’t find information on whether it will be launched on Sephora or when and whether these palettes are limited edition or not. Just hoping you’ll have that info on the full review πŸ™‚ Thanks!

It really baffles me that they keep releasing palettes with repeat shades. You’d think they’d sell more if they had a bit more variation! None of these palettes speak to me because I have all but a handful of the colors.

I think I’m going to need Dangerous once Sephora gets it. I have all the colors but Mildew, but I really like all of them (especially Haight–my FAVORITE UD shadow. Mmmmm, teal), and the combination of colors actually seems to work really well together.

Aww, so much comment-hate for the shimmers. Even though I’m (apparently) 12 years over the glittery age-limit, I say hooray for ’em!

All of these look so rad. I’m totally feeling some Dangerous action.

I ordered Dangerous and Fun. I am pretty stoked. I love Urban Decay. We could all use a littlw less Midnight Cowboy and Zero in our lives though….

Okay I love the Book of Shadows and I love the Naked Palette and I love all my UD palettes but when are they gonna stop sticking the same shadows in palettes? I LOVE UD and they are my favorite makeup brand but seriously, 2 shadows is not enough to buy another palette and take up space.

I think the Feminine Palette is the prettiest of the bunch. I tend to prefer softer makeup though, so that doesn’t surprise me. πŸ™‚

I don’t plan on getting any of the palettes, but I may get Aquarius by itself! I’m not a fan of blue eyeshadows, but oh my goodness, Aquarius is so pretty!

Sigh. What’s the point? I have so many of the nice shades already, and the rest are full of chunky glitter. Urban Decay lures me in with all this amazing packaging, only to drive me away again with recycled or unusable shades. Damn you, UD!

Will these palletes be available in may? I am going to new york (I’m from The Netherlands) 1 May. Can I buy these when I’m there? (I hope my english is good)

I like the Feminine (great for spring) and Fun (great for summer) palette.
I’ve never made the leap to buy any Urban Decay products so I don’t have any of these shades LOL. Their brand image just doesn’t appeal to me. I love art but street or graffiti art, not so much. I much prefer avant garde MAC or exotic NARS.

I’ve gotta say, UD loves their frosty and glittery eyeshadows.

I’ll definitely have the Feminine Palette when it’s released in France ! *o*
Beautiful colours !
Even if the shades are classics, the palettes are really worth it just to have a more compact palette (try going to uni with BOS III ! xD)with the essential colours you need for one type of look.
Plus I think it is normal for UD to release that kind of palette. There exists in the world people which have never heard of UD (I was one of them 1 year ago) and just look for specific types of colours rather than brands. I’m sure UD will release some legendary palettes very soon.
I’m surprised that everyone is so surprised about these palettes not having new shades ! xD

UD makes good quality eyeshadows with nice colors but the shadows in these palettes look too small, the same way how the UD Naked palette had shadows in too thin strips. The Dangerous one looks the best.

As much as I love Urban Decay, I’m really tired of the glittery or overly shimmery/frosty shades. I like variety in my eyeshadows, and the fact that I have about ten copies of most of these shades in other palettes is a complete letdown. I’m gonna pass on these and maybe save up for some Hourglass eyeshadow duos instead.

I love all three even though I’ll have so many repeats ): but you helped me justify it since there’s atleast 2 from each I want! Feminine is my priority though. Looks gorgeous! Haight has been on my list forever, but MC(&MCRA, what’s the diff?), Oil Slick and UZI! need to go. No one likes them! Exited only one palette has a zero pencil! And no grifter or flash! The flipside in my sustainable palette swatches NOTHING like that so I’m really excited! Anyway, it is def that packaging that’s really winning me over, skulls and strawberries? WANT!

Love Urban Decay shadows and liners, but I’m getting pretty bored with all the glitter and sparkle. Also, why do they continually repeat/repromote colors. I have two palettes, from two separate promos that share TWO colors… AAARGH!

Most of these shades are shimmers. Not glitters. There are only 5 glitter shades. The most being in the feminine palette and dangerous palettes, which only have 2 glitter shades.

I don’t get what’s so bad about shimmer shades.

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