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I agree. My own personal stash I keep to myself because I have really sensitive skin. A friend once used my blush and when I used it after her, I broke out. :/

Borrow in the sense of we’re getting ready to go out and my mom friends or sister will be like “can I use this blush real quick” and I’ll be like “sure” or when I’m doing they’re makeup but I don’t let them take it home for a week and return it later or anything like that.

If it wasn’t my deep dark secret I didn’t let any of my close friends know about, I wouldn’t mind at all. My sister knows I have makeup, but we don’t live near each other, otherwise I would probably let her use it, too. I know there are potential ‘hygiene issues’, but I feel like the people I’d be comfortable lending something out to are people I an confident are respectful- and clean.

Way too long of an answer for this question, sorry!

same for me.. i’ve done makeup for people (i’m obsessive about cleanliness) but i’d never let anyone take it with them.. lol.

I always let my mom and my cousin borrow my makeup and vice versa. They’re family, I don’t see the problem. I’ve also done my friend’s makeup for prom.

I let family use anything, friends can only use things that are sanitizable πŸ™‚ (IE: powder products, lipstick)

I do but only because it’s hard to say no since my make up bag is right there. But I only lend things that weren’t that expensive or per say eye shadow which is easier to maintain hygiene.

i do peoples makeup and i only let them borrow it when im there and they will give it right back. i never let people borrow makeup for an extended amount of time.

I’ve never let anyone other than my mom borrow any make up from me. I don’t kno how hygienic ppl r in their private life. At least I know my mom is a germ freak like me πŸ™‚

Definitely no lending out to my friends!!! They’re not makeup snobs like me, so when they asked to borrow my NARS lipglosses for a night out, I ask them, if you lose it, are you willing to reimburse me $25? That shuts them up lol

I give stuff away that I know I won’t be using anymore, but that’s it. I don’t let people borrow my makeup though. There’s just something unhygienic about it that makes me uncomfortable. lol!

Only from my personal make-up, not my kit. Plus I sanitize my stuff before giving it to them to borrow and before I use it again. I also tell them if they lose it or use it up they’re gonna replace it, end of story.

it depends on the person and the makeup.

i’ll lend things i can sanitize to responsible people, but i make no exceptions for things like mascara and lip gloss with wands (even if i send them off with disposible applicators, because people forget all the time)

my sister use a certain product sometimes..
but i would never let someone else borrow my make up.. that’s just not hygenic!!

I would not let them borrow it for like a day or something,
but they can use some of my makeup when we’re doing touch-ups and so ,
But only my really close friends and my sisters

I’ve put powder products on my sister but I feel weird about lending out liquid or cream products (seems so unhygienic).

My mother I let her borrow my foundation and lipsticks and my sister my blush powder, lipsticks and sometimes my powder foundation. But only once in a while coz they have their own make up stash as well : )

No way for the lipsticks/lipglosses, eye pencils and mascara.
It’s ok with powder products or cream/liquid products that come out of tube.

Only I do their makeup but their own brushes & I don’t share lipsticks…or I just give them,no need to borrow πŸ™‚

I don’t mind my sister and mom borrowing my make-up !
I think not sharing would be a waste, I have too much for me alone anyway so rather than let really good products spoilt I’d rather they use it. Unfortunately they do not borrow it as often as I’d like. As we have similar skin types it’s ok. πŸ˜‰

I never lend my makeup, and even when I do my friends or my mom’s makeup I NEVER use my lipsticks or lipgloss on them coz it is extremely unhygienic to me.

I let my sister use my makeup, because we already share a bathroom and are constantly in each other’s space, and I figure if she gets sick I’ll get whatever it is anyway.

Noone has ever asked me if they could borrow my make-up (YAY!). I do have some nice stash and i would be upset if they went missing (eg. limited edition items). I think my mom does “borrow” my make-up but what can you do if you live in the same house LOL. Luckily it’s just mostly nail polish…

I don’t see any problem with some products. I let friend use my eyeshadow, blush etc and i use their aswell but i will never let them use my khol on their waterline or mascara

Nope, im very possesive of my makeup…. i’ll let certain people (like 2) use it at my house but they have to put it back where they found it and others like my sister isn’t allowed to go near my stuff becuase she isn’t careful and she’s already broken some of my things.

I lent my friend who was getting married my coastal scents 88 warm palette and ended up just telling her to keep it since i did not like the shadows anyway.

I’ll let family use anything.
Friends can use anything but mascara.

However, neither grouping are allowed to take any product(s) away with them.

Yes and no. I work at TV so I have a stash of makeup in my cubicle drawer that anyone can have access to. I don’t usually wear those makeup, only in emergency. I carry my personal favorites with me, or store it at home. But I never share lipsticks/glosses and mascaras, period πŸ™‚

I used to until I felt like some friends abused it. Ie, dunking a newly deep-cleaned lancome blending brush into a pot of black MAC pigment or messing up my mascara brushes (ughhhh I hate it when they fish the brush around in the tube! who does that?!). But I won’t think twice about giving it to my mom, only because she’s unrealistically clean, I put it on her, and she pays for a lot of it! If I do a friend’s makeup I usually work with their items.

Not really. My mom doesn’t wear more than mascara and foundation (and she has her own, especially since she is much more tan than me) Once in a blue moon I’ll do her make up for fun and I might use something of mine on her. The only other person who will borrow on occasion is my bff and that’s only if we’re both out and she uses something out of my travel bag very quickly (usually an eyeshadow) No one else goes near my stuff.

Only if they’re at my house– meaning I don’t let them take it somewhere else. And no sharing lip gloss or mascara. And I only share with family members or a couple of close friends

I have 2 friends that allow to borrow makeup and they also allow me to borrow theirs but we all take a very “hygienic” approach when using them, we sanitize items like they do at the MAC counter before and after use and return items the very same day or very soon after. We even have spare wands that we use when borrowing lipglasses. Aside from them everyone else who asks to borrow i either say No sorry can’t it’s unhygienic or if it’s a good friend or a family member I will offer to do their makeup instead. I think my little cousin has caught onto that one!

The situation has never come up, but I don’t think I would let anyone walk off with mine. Same as Temptalia, if they asked me to do their, I’d happily oblige. πŸ˜€

Great question!

Im not all OCD about the germs because I would share a drink or a smoke or food with most of my friends so that doesn’t freak me out.. I don’t lend out my high end stuff though.. because I don’t have money to replace it if something happens to it and nothing ruins a friendship faster than someone messing up your stuff..

once in a blue moon i’ll do someone’s eye makeup for them (but i don’t use my eyeliners or mascaras on them and i wash my brushes before and after) but otherwise, i don’t let anyone borrow my makeup.

I don’t often lend stuff out…but I’ll let my sister use anything but mascara and eyeliner really…If I give my friend anything it’s stuff I have extra of or don’t use so I just give it to her to keep.

I have a problem with my sis who likes to have but not buy …if you catch my drift…she drives me nuts , I don’t let anyone take my makeup!

If friends are over, I will let them use my makeup (except mascara) while we are getting ready to go out or something. I’m not too finicky. I don’t buy a ton of expensive makeup, and a have a lot of stuff, so usually if a friend LOVES something a whole lot I will just let them have it. πŸ™‚

I don’t normally let people use my makeup. If a friend needs blush, shadow, or lip balm I can squeeze through a tube then sure. Never mascara or liners.

Yes and no. My mom & sister can borrow it, even take a lipstick out for a night, and I’m okay. Most stuff they use disposable wands/brushes for anyway since that’s just how they do their thing! But I don’t really mind if they use/borrow, especially because they really respect my stuff & always ask me first.

Friends, however…not really. Unless you’re in a pinch, like your crush is a block away and you need a lipstick NOW! haha then no. But like Christine I’ve often done their makeup, so they do get to wear what I own, they just can’t borrow it/apply it themselves unless it doesn’t directly contact their face/lips/etc. Only my best friend in the whole world has been allowed to take my Hue out on a date (I have like 6 tubes so if I didn’t get it back it wasn’t a huge loss – but I did!).

sure why not, as long as they use it hygenic I don’t see why I shouldn’t do it. I’m mean in the sense we’re gettinf ready to go out or something not like they are taking it home with them

If my friends and I are about to go out and I’m doing their make up of course I will use something on them. I let my roommate borrow makeup sometimes. But as far as take it and bring it back? Never. My father always told me don’t let anyone borrow something unless you can afford to replace it. It will never come back the same. So if I think I can let the borrow it I just give it away and let them have it.

I have to tell you this story: The other day my sis went to the club and as she was re-applying her lipgloss in the restroom…a stranger asked her if she could use it too. LOL. (Well, I couldn’t stop laughing @ the thought of my sis hesitantly handing it over & the thought of someone wanting to borrow a stranger’s gloss!) My sis did not have the heart to refuse on the spot so she lent it. Her almost-brand-new lipgloss went straight to the trash!

Never, unless I was doing their make up- I am a make up artist and a life science grad germaphobe (lol, not really but I am pretty clean and don’t want people’s saliva); I also have my own set of make up now that I don’t use on clients. Once, this fellow MA on my team came and drink MY DRINK, god knows why she thought I wouldn’t mind wtf, and then started to swatch my eyeshadows with her bare fingers. GOD. That’s why I don’t lend my things out, people can’t learn to respect other people’s stuff. I’ve also had lots of models just help themselves with my kit when they think I’m not looking and I’ve had to toss out whole tubes of mascara as a result.

Well my mom and sister, yes and I have so much that I don’t mind if they keep it but they know that they have to ask for my permission first. Everyone else, no.

My roommate and I “borrow” each other’s makeup. As long as we put it back when we’re done the rule is you can use whatever you want. We’re also like sisters and have lived together a long time so we don’t see any issue with it, the only thing we don’t share is mascara unless it’s a fairly new tube and the other wants to test it out.

No, but my best friend (if she sees a palette of mine laying around) she’ll take from it. But usually no way. It’s like almost sharing a toothbrush…if you’re not using disposable wands and the like.

kids, I’ve said borrow in hopes they’d take care of it better but it’s really giving it to them. πŸ™‚

otherwise, no, if I can part with something it’s just a gift

I never lend out my make up. My best friend is always at my house and always using it. My mom uses some of it too. I’m really finicky about who uses it or whoevers makeup I’m doing. If your skin is weird or gross you aint going near it. Same with my brushes. I have a lot of Urban Decay and MUFE and the stuff is way too expensive to just lend out

I’ll often lend my drugstore makeup to people who need it during a play or dance show – generally blushes and lipsticks (always with cotton buds or a washed lip brush, though!), though I have lent foundation and powder to my fellow pasty girls in need πŸ™‚
Never, ever shared eyeliner though! No eyeliner sharing allowed backstage, ever! In the pantomime every year, everyone is told they have to go out and buy their own eyeliner – it’s cute having little boys coming up to me asking for help putting on their eyeliner. Heck, it’s fun putting make up on all of the guys, no matter what their age!

I don’t mind letting them use my stuff, but I don’t let them take it with them anywhere. Also depends on how good of friends I am with someone. Basically, if I’m comfortable sharing a drink with them then I’m okay with them using my makeup.

I’m generally against it. I’ve loaned out nail polishes and blush before and it took like over an year to get my polishes back. I still haven’t seen my blush, but I got tired asking about it (and I feel annoying and tacky when I do -_-‘) so I’ve pretty much given up. But I have no problem letting people borrow gloss for a night for touch ups if I’m around to get it back at the end of the night anyway.

Borrow? As in let it out of my sight? Yikes! I won’t even put my makeup in checked luggage. Okay, maybe the occasional drugstore lipstick but that’s about it. But I also do lots of makeup for people so I’m not totally selfish with my goodies.

my mom and i will give stuff to each other. let’s say, if a lipstick shade isn’t working for me, I will see if my mom wants it.
I do makeup for my sisters or their friends sometimes but usually they tell me to use their makeup so they know how to use it after.

No. I do makeup for my mom, in-laws, and relatives from time to time. So they get to use some of my stuff. But I don’t lend anybody my makeup.

Anything that I can keep sanitary I will let my mom borrow… but we tend to have different tastes in make up and if we like something particular that the other has, we usually just buy our own because I spend most of the year away at school. (She made me spend a week over the summer stalking Sephora’s website to get her a Naked palette after she saw mine)

My friends don’t get to touch the stuff, generally. I will sometimes help do a friend’s make up and then I’ll put it on them, but otherwise no. It’s usually just eyeshadows, although I do have one friend who isn’t big into make up and we roughly have the same skin tone so I did her face for an event once with my foundation.

I don’t like to. My friend keeps asking if she can borrow Viva Glam Gaga (MAC) but I don’t want to lend it to her cuz I find it gross when other people use my nakeup- ESPECIALLY lipstick, and I just don’t think other people realize how important it is too me (makeup in general) and I would be like devestated if they ruined it or lost it etc. Plus, I wouldn’t want to go without the product because I would worry, like “omg, what if I want to use this tomorrow?!?!”
Haha, it’s sort of ridiculous πŸ˜›

I periodically purge my makeup collection, and give away makeup that is in good shape but doen’t work for me or that I never reach for. My friends look forward to my makeup giveaways and the tips I give them and I get more room to try new things!

Sort of…I’ll let them, I just don’t like it XD like, all the people who are used to cruddy drugstore eyeshadow will DIG into my eyeshadows and I die a little inside

I might lend nail polishes, as long as they aren’t LE or HTF.
But the only person I would even consider sharing anything else with is my sister. And never lipgloss.

I always put makeup on my close friends. I dont usually mind, but sometimes when it’s like every week you want me to do your makeup with my makeup its kind of annoying. People think that just because I have makeup that I have alot of makeup that I would just share it with everyone. So no I never lend out makeup even though some of my friends have asked to borrow.

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