Too Faced’s Good Girl / Bad Girl Kit for the Holidays Review

Good Girl / Bad Girl Kit ($29.50)

From the glam labs of Too Faced comes this beauty kit that celebrates both extremes of your persona. Feeling a little naughty? Then transform yourself into a seductress with the ‘Bad Girl’ palette of sexy jewel-toned shades! Is your inner saint clamoring to get out? Then go naturally nude with the ‘Good Girl’ collection of toasty caramels and sugary beiges. Each palette features three shadows and three glosses. Finally, a makeup option to help your inner attitude bust out!

What makes it worth it: I was swatching this a few times at Sephora, and wow, you really do get amazing shadow pay off in this kit. I was pleasantly surprised at the smoothness of the shadows as well as how lovely the shades turned out on the skin. The glosses weren’t bad, but they didn’t wow me as much as the shadows do (I expect most glosses to be decent in a palette, even if annoying to apply). I think the packaging is adorable, and I love the good girl/bad girl aspect of the dual-sided palette. I like that they include brushes on the side for your application needs, too. I think this is an excellent kit for the price, and it would make a lovely stocking stuffer or gift for a gal pal.

Why you might pass on it: If you aren’t a palette fan, then this obviously isn’t for you. Otherwise, there’s no reason not to get it!

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