Ask Temptalia – Question & Answer Session #12

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Q: What kind of makeup should I do for my graduation photograph?
A: So this is kind of my general take on graduation photographs based on what I wore for my photograph. The best thing you can do is take your time to make your skin look as flawless as possible. I would use a light to medium coverage foundation, with a large powder or buffer brush (my favorite is the 182 brush), spritz with water (or Fix+), and then pick up foundation and apply over. If you’d like, set with a powder. Lightly contour the hollows of your cheeks, add a touch of blusher – either glowy for a bronzed look or peachy-pink if you’re warm toned (NC) or cool-pink if you’re cool toned (NW) for a slightly blushed look. I would go softer rather than dramatic on the eyes. Play up lashes with a good black mascara, line eyes carefully with thin lines of black eyeliner. For shadow, try something neutral. I find golds to work lovely, with a warm or cool brown in the crease to define the eye better. Lips should be more dramatic than subtle, but I wouldn’t necessarily pick a red. I find dark peachy-pinks, plums, and raspberries to be great ideas to try, depending on your eye choice. If you go warm, I would look at a warm raspberry or peachy-pink lip. If you go cool, try a plum shade.  Oh, and skip adding additional SPF on this day — sometimes too much SPF can wash you out in photographing lights!

Q: What do you think is the best way to apply liquid foundation: sponge, fingertips or brush? Plus, do you know if there is some great foundation brush, except for MAC 190 and 187?
A: I personally find a brush to be the best way to apply foundation without wasting foundation or caking it on. I use the 182 brush spritzed with water along with a liquid foundation (Studio Fix Fluid). The 182 is a buffer brush, so any buffer brush will do. I don’t particularly like the 190 as a foundation brush myself!

Q: I was just wondering if you had a good nude lipstick/gloss recommendation for someone with dark Asian skin, like Vanessa Minillo’s or Mally Roncal’s coloring. I tried Brew, Cherish and Freckletone, but they all seemed too pale- should I layer a lipglass or luster over it?
A: A lot of nude lipsticks will be pale on most skintones, but you might want to try Fabby, Hug Me, or Myth, which are all more pink-based than peach-based like the ones you’ve already tried in the past! If you want to get more color in it, a lipglass on top will definitely do the trick!

Q: how would you apply eyeshadow to people with monolids?
A: For those who do not know, monolids are eyelids that do not have a crease (often found in Asian women). One of the best tips I’ve found for this type of lid is to use a gradient of color, starting with the darkest by the upper lash line and the lightest closest to the browbone. It is important not to heavily line eyes with ultra black liner, and the upper and lower lash liner should never connect (it will make your eye appear smaller). You can always “create a crease” by adding a darker color where you would expect a crease to be, as well.