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Temptalia's Holiday Gift Guide 2007 -- Darling Sister

Sisters are absolutely precious, and it helps even more that they’re of our like gender–it makes them easier to shop for… at least beauty wise! As much as we’d love to get our boys addicted to skilled skin regimens, we often fail, but we can convince our marvelous younger sister to invest in an acne treatment or introduce our older sister to the bliss of anti-aging products.

No matter what your sister is like, we have some amazing products in store for her this season!

Sisters Over 30

  • Bliss’ Thinny Thin Chin ($48.00) is designed to improve and fight the signs of aging underneath the chin, around the neck, and decollatage area. Yes, we’re still recommending this product to you and every woman you know–you don’t want your best friend to get a turkey neck, do you? Be kind, she’s your favorite pal!
  • Bliss’ The Youth (As We Know It) moisturizer ($79.00) includes ten of the most effective anti-aging ingredients; “this facial moisturizer is a one-stop shop for wrinkle renovation, exfoliation, oxygenation, binding hydration, surface line relaxation, cellular respiration and collagen and elastin regeneration.”
  • Smashbox’s Photo Op Under-Eye Brightener ($18.00) preps your skin for smooth foundation application with this lightweight cream that contains soft-focus technology to minimize the appearance of dark circles and other imperfections; vitamin C and red wine extracts to provide antioxidant resilience and protection; and marine collagen to fill in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Clinique Turnaround 15-Minute Facial ($34.50) gives you a great, quick facial that enhances radiance and smoothness. Your sister is no doubt busy whether it’s keeping her children out of trouble or climbing the corporate ladder–she’ll love you for these 15-minutes of heaven.
  • Clinique Moisture On-Line ($36.00) helps to firm very dry skin as it immediately and intensively rehydrates for in-depth comfort, greater elasticity. This is great for women who have little time to prep and prime skin, but still would like to pamper themselves a bit.
  • Bliss’ Serious Seaweed Cellulite Soap ($14.00) is a targeted seaweed and sweet-almond oil-based exfoliating soap, with a bumpy face to help flush out the fluids that lead to cellulite. Who doesn’t hate cellulite? We can’t eliminate it, but there’s no harm in fighting to minimize or improve it!

Sisters 22-30

  • Dior’s DiorShow Mascara ($23.00) is one of those mascaras we all want to dry some day, so for your sister who may have a limited income, give her the chance! Has she already tried DiorShow? How about Fiberwig?
  • Philosophy’s Microdelivery Mini Peel Pads ($35.00) help exfoliate and replenish the skin while prepping it for additional treatment product on a daily basis.
  • Smashbox’s Fusion Soft Lights ($30.00) is a set of soft, shimmery shades that seamlessly bring together blush and bronzer! Each shade is complementary to one another and comes in one convenient pan! We love both Dusk and Intermix!
  • MAC’s Heirlooms Brush Sets ($48.00) will show her how much you love her, because what is better than getting a brush set of short-handled MAC brushes? We love the face or basic brush set (face is our favorite, if we had to choose, though).
  • Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple ($20.00) is a “liquid crystal cleansing emulsion that removes makeup, dirt, oil and debris in one step.”  What’s the best part? Because your mom wants something quick and easy, this is a great cleanser because it does not need to be used with a makeup remover or a toner.

  • NARS’ Night Series Mini Palette ($55.00) is a gorgeous palette containing Night Star, Night Snow, Night Fever. Bottom: Night Clubbing, Night Rider, Night Fairy. Now your sister can have the perfect smoky eye!

Sisters 14-22

  • Lancome’s Juicy Tubes Holiday Gift Set ($37.50) is a great gift of gloss with a set of eight, because who doesn’t love Juicy Tubes? Fun colors from clear to raspberry plum.
  • Dior’s DiorShow Mascara ($23.00) is one of those mascaras we all want to dry some day, so for your sister who may have a limited income, give her the chance! Has she already tried DiorShow? How about Fiberwig?
  • MAC’s Select Cover Up ($14.50) will help your sister entering the infamous acne-years by covering up slight skin flaws as she gets them with a light weight formula, and a great alternative to full coverage foundation.
  • MAC’s Glitter Eyeliner ($16.50) is a fun liner with lots of sparkles and glitter. It makes a great way to just play up eyes.
  • Origins’ Spot Remover Acne Blemish Treatment Gel ($11.00) is a spot treatment with salicylic acidthat helps to speed healing and reduce redness, while oregano and clove buds help clear things up.
  • Philosophy’s On a Clear Day Protection Cream ($15.00) was created to seal the skin and help to keep the good treatments in and the bad elements out. It contains a natural enzyme to help reduce surface breakout as well as silicone to help condition and protect the skin.

Sisters Under 14

  • Philosophy’s Raspberry Sorbet Shower Gel ($16.00) is such a fun scented product that reminds me of the decadence that is sorbet (less calories than ice cream, right?). I’m not a fruity-smell person generally, but I really do adore this one.
  • Philosophy’s Candy Cane Lip Shine ($10.00) gives your lil’ sis ultra shiny lips with a great peppermint scent without deep color.
  • MAC’s Tendertone Lip Balm SPF 12 ($14.50) combines the shine of a gloss with the soft emollient feel and nurturing capacity of a balm-style conditioner. Soft, comfortable, nonsticky in wear, provides a distinctively softer, satiny shine finish. Formulated with petroleum and SPF 12 for everyday sun protection.
  • Bliss’ Superbalm Lip Conditioner with SPF 15 ($10.00) is clear flake-fighting formula will help you mind the ‘chap’ and safeguard your smooch from sun damage.
  • Bliss’ Lemon + Sage Body Butter ($35.00) is citrus-scented, dry-body-drenching moisture butter is so incredibly effective that a single squeeze can make rough and scaly skin ‘history.’
  • Philosophy’ Homesick Duo ($20.00) is the flavors of cookies and milk in bottles of their famous 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath formulas to bring you comfort if you are feeling home sick this holiday season.

Fabulous Gift Sets

  • LORAC’s Fairytale Palette ($52.00) is a real steal, and it is definitely one of the beauty realm’s favorite holiday palettes this year. It contains $145 worth of products ranging from eyeshadows, lipglosses, blushes, and even a mini-mascara.
  • Shu Uemura’s Holiday Eye Set ($59.00) includes their famous eye lash curler, Precise Volume Mascara in black, and Drawing Pencil M in black. Give your mom the gift of lovely lashes!
  • Bliss’ Snow Suit Set ($26.00) includes a tube of their Body Butter and Bath & Shower Gel in Snow Wonder, a lovely scent for this holiday season.
  • Philosophy’s Amazing Grace Deluxe Set ($85.00) has a shampoo, bath & shower gel (8 oz.), conditioner (8 oz.), firming body emulsion (8 oz.), hand cream (4 oz.) and fragrance (2 oz.) in favorite “Amazing Grace” scent. $85.00
  • Dior’s Double the Diorshow Beauty Pouch Set ($46.00) allows you to flash your lashes and be ultra-glamorous with full-sizes of Unlimited (0.25 oz.) and Diorshow (0.38 oz.) Mascaras.
  • Tweezerman Pedicure Solution Kit ($50.00) includes a Red Roll Up Case with Callus Stone with Handle, Power Toenail Clipper, Stainless Steel Pusher/Cleaner, Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper, one Wooden Pedicure Stick and two Pedicure Files.

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