Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection for Winter 2016

Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection
Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection

TOM FORD introduces the Soleil Color Winter 2016 Collection, a curated resort collection of cosmetics and skincare inspired by remote private islands where summer lasts all year long. Shimmering metallic lip formulas, sensuous eye and cheek palettes, and a luxurious set of travel brushes impart radiance while a lightweight sunscreen and dry body oil provide protection and nourishment for endlessly luminous summer skin.

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The Details

Soleil Eye & Cheek Palette, $155.00 (Limited Edition)

Create an array of luxurious makeup looks with the ultimate Tom Ford Soleil accessory. Housed in a reflective ivory-and-gold-colored clutch, the eye and cheek palette features vibrant color combinations of illuminating shades, including four eye shadows, a highlighter, and a blush to create two sensuous results: sultry warm or icy cool.

  • Cool
  • Warm

Soleil Lip Foil, $53.00 (Limited Edition)

A reflective, mirror-foil finish lip color comprised of three-dimensional ultra-fine mica. Available in a range of six stunning, shimmering shades to flatter all skin tones from bronzy neutrals and peachy pinks to plum.

  • Private Life
  • Spanish Flame
  • Aperture
  • Creme Conque
  • Venus Rising
  • Seadragon

Soleil Blanc Dry Oil Spray, $70.00 (Limited Edition)

The first-ever Tom Ford dry oil spray veils the body in a nourishing mist with Sweet Almond Oil that quickly absorbs into the skin. Infused with the sensual Soleil Blanc fragrance, its solar floral amber scent exudes seductive refinement and refreshing decadence for a luxurious yet lightweight application that easily dispenses from any angle.

Face Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 50, $74.00 (Limited Edition)

The essential base for maintaining healthy-looking summer skin year-round, this broad spectrum SPF 50 skin protector is the first defense against harmful effects of the sun. Fortified with powerful antioxidants and soothing anti-irritants, the lightweight and fast-absorbing formula primes and calms the look of skin for effortless makeup application. Wear it alone or under foundation.

Soleil Brush Kit, $850.00 (Limited Edition)

Designed to ensure effortless makeup application while traveling, the Soleil Brush Kit includes the Cheek Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Eye Shadow Contour Brush, and Angled Brow Brush. Each one is equipped with natural hair to grip pigment with ease while the handles are constructed to provide comfort and balance with flawless results. The sleek white leather case includes a zipper closure to maintain organization of the four brushes.

Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection
Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection

Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection
Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection

Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection
Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection

Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection
Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection

Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection
Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection

Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection
Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection

Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection
Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection

Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection
Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection

Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection
Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection

Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection
Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection

Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection
Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection

Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection
Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection


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Cherie Avatar

$850 for a brush set? whaaaaa? $155 for the palettes? Wow.
I’ve got the mood light highlighter duo, 4 blushes and two lipsticks I’ve collected over the past couple of years…If I feel up for it I’ll pick up a quad I like and create my own “palette.” I do love TF products….though I still can’t get over the price of those brushes!!

kellilee Avatar

I looked at the brushes and scrolled back up to double check the price. I’m just thinking of all the really nice brushes out there I could own for that $850.

Nika99 Avatar

The foundation is out its supposed to be waterproof and a concealer/foundation.I saw it on Nordstrom and Bloomingdales websites but it is super tricky to pick the correct shade from pictures online.Im going to wait until I see it in a store.

Wednesday Avatar

Yes, with those heavy coverage numbers you really want to nail the undertone. I don’t really have a match with his existing shades, can just get away with Fawn (stick is better because it is lighter, but the undertone is not ideal). Will check to see if he has expanded his range. Thanks for the info~

thirteen Avatar

“inspired by remote private islands where summer lasts all year long.” lol okay, I can see that this isn’t aimed at me.

Christine, I wanted to tell you that you were totally in my dream last night! I dreamed you were having me test a lipstick, so I was constantly checking in the mirror to see how the lipstick was holding up. Ha!

thirteen Avatar

Incidentally, I am going to Europe next week (from the west coast of the US) and my airfare cost significantly less than those brushes. That is LUDICROUS.

Shana Avatar

I’m only interested about the brushes. The bag isn’t any special at all ! That price is really insane.

Brands should not expect people to pay more for the packaging than the actual product inside.
At this price point it’s ridiculous.

I would never spend that much on only 4 little travel size goat brushes. And even if I want, I’ll buy Japan blue squirrel or more rare hair brushes with better quality and more artistic elements for that kind of price. That should be a real piece of art at this point.

Emily Avatar

I was wondering about the $850 price tag of the brushes and I actually think the bag that’s included might be partly responsible for the cost. I was browsing the selfridges website the other day and noticed that they were selling very similar Tom Ford cosmetics pouches for $700+. So…yeah. Tbh the bag doesn’t look like anything special to me either so it would suck if that was the reason for the insane price.

thirteen Avatar

I think I’ve read that TF brushes are made by Japanese brush makers anyway. I just ordered a couple Hakuhodo brushes (they haven’t arrived yet, I’m excited) and you can definitely get what looks like a really nice selection of brushes for a heck of a lot less money than that.

Cat Avatar

Nope, they are just smoking some real good stuff over at TF lol. In all seriousness though, it seems the price tag is 90% the leather pouch. Apparently that’s what their leather cosmetic pouches normally go for, the brushes are just an extra (absurd).

Fran Avatar

The ‘cool’ palette looks pretty and interesting (if maybe not really all that cool), but these prices are really crazy. The collection looks like you’re supposed to pack it in your alligator luggage for travelling by private jet to some super-expensive, luxurious resort. Well, I guess those kinds of products have a right to exist! But paying that much for packaging is not my thing, personally, even if it is quite pretty.

Eileen Avatar

Based on the promo picture (which we know can be “off”), the two bottom shades look similar to Cognac Sable but the two top shades look entirely different. The lightest shade in CS is a mid-toned amber color and the “celestial” shade is a rich, sparkling copper. The new Warm palette appears to have a pale gold highlight shade and the “celestial” shade appears to be a golden bronze. I guess we’ll know for sure once swatches start to emerge 🙂 So far, I’ve only seen swatches of the Cool palette.

Marina Avatar

where did you see the cool palette swatches??? a tom ford MUA at bergdorf told me yesterday that the warm quad shades are cognac sable… he had no evidence to back it up (i didn’t see the pictures till today) so i was skeptical… but it does look like at least a close variation on (my beloved and long lost) cognac sable quad (hopes up!!!)

Mo Merrell Avatar

I’ve constantly mentioned how I can’t do those high prices even for a brand name so I won’t complain again LOL (wait I just did tho..smh) but this lipstick set is gorgeous.

AB Avatar

I enjoy the one item TF I have, and one of these lipsticks interests me. But it’s so expensive, and at that price I have try something in person. Not sure when I’ll be near a TF counter next. So — probably a pass for me.

Emily Avatar

Oh Lord. I’ve just been on an extended Tom Ford spree – 8 lipsticks and one bronzer in the past week – and this is the last thing my wallet needs at this point. The brushes are probably the most tempting to me – I wonder how the quality will hold up to his normal range? (Edit: just scrolled up to look at the price and yep, at $850 I’d sure hope they’d be every bit as good as the permanent range…def can’t afford them!). The lipsticks sound very frosty which is probably a good thing for me because I’m not a fan of frost formulas and, of course, anything to save $$$$. Still looking forward to the swatches and reviews!

Nika99 Avatar

That brush set price is sheer insanity even for Tom Ford!?!?!The palettes are not very impressive in the pictures for 155.The only thing I want are the lipsticks.

LindaP Avatar

And to think I had trouble with the prices at EL x VB! Whoa, no on this. Pretty, but no.

We can talk about “values” all day long, but at the end of that day, sometimes it boils down to money out of the bank account. With millions of other options out there, TF is not getting mine. That’s some rarefied air at prices up there!

Cat Avatar

You can get the brushes from the regular line for much muuuuch less, apparently the price of that silly set is mostly just the bag (TF cosmetic pouches are priced in line with their handbags, so yeah, just insane). If you like the travel size and the white handles however, may I suggest you check out the white travel set from Hakuhodo? Their US website sell it. They are actually softer than TF and the handles are a very pretty sparkly white. I have all the brushes in that set (albeit with normal black handles, not as pretty!) and they are all solid staples in my collection, I just love them. X

Tracey E. Avatar

I expect to buy one of the palettes and will be looking for discounts (Sephora Nov sale, eBates, store gift card promo, etc.). I’m interested to see if the eyeshadows are full size.

Really Ree has swatches of the cool palette and lip foils. Mixed Gems has swatches of the lipstick foils. Look forward to your reviews, Christine!

kjh Avatar

Haven’t ever visited Tom, out of fear. Fear of attraction. I saw the initial photo of the palette, then read the description copy. So I thought the first one was the warm one. My bad. Well, I don’t call those cheek colors in the least cool. Think I’ll keep lemming on, not visiting the blush. Savage. Ravish. Don’t let me near his lip products. Seriously. The brush set looks like a travel classic, with resort white, good leather, and an understated monogram. But you could probably get a small zipper bag custom made in Florence with your own monogram and shoes to match, for that price. This designer/celebrity obsession can push prices into the stratosphere. And also seem silly/overinflated, rather than simply out of reach.

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

Hahahahahahahaha – no. If I was spending that much on a leather bag, it sure as blazes wouldn’t be a TF one. I’d rather take the $850 and plunk it down on an investment piece like a Chanel and buy other good quality brushes. I believe one of your other readers pointed out that you can get a pair of Louboutins for that – I’d take the shoes over the meh bag and brushes any day of the week. With respect to the color launches, i feel that it’s more of a Resort Collection than a Winter one. Not the shades I’m looking for this time of year. I’ll save my money and buy the Spring/Summer shades when those launch in a few months.

Lea Avatar

I like the look of the cool palette and could get away with warm as well I think. We’ll have to see about the lipsticks and what the shimmer factor is, but Venus Rising and Seadragon look pretty. The brush set is an easy pass for me; I like the brown handles of the regular line better – but the Soleil Blanc dry oil has my attention. I love the scent and I love dry oils in particular.

Maria Avatar

I love the cool palette and two of the lip foils but his prices are beyond crazy like his prices for his clothing line. I don’t even like his handbags or shoes even if I could afford them the over all look is very hooker cheap in style. But I do like his makeup I own the Tom-Ford Soleil Summer 2015 Eye-Cheek-Palette which If I could remember I think it was 100 dollars and now one of his palettes has gone up 55 dollars.

Blue Avatar

I feel like Tom Ford has been itching to bust out the super high frost lip colors since at least 2014. I remember being really struck by how much shimmer was in Theo (which is the only TF makeup I own) and all the other shades I tried from the Lips & Boys launch. It was surprising because matte was so hot just then, and still very much on the upswing. I’m curious to see what his Lip Foils look like, even if odds of me dropping $60 PER frosty lipstick approach zero, especially considering the colors it comes in. Obviously I’m not his target demographic of people who go or aspire to go to resorts, but it’s always interesting to see what his brand does next. Tom Ford is fascinating.

Katherine T. Avatar

Way too pricey for me. The only thing that might tempt me is a lipstick, but at that price, it has to be a really unique color that performs well.

Julia Avatar

The face palettes are so pretty, but I’m with the majority here – too rich for my blood 🙁 I hope you do a price breakdown for these, it’s always so helpful. Actually on second thought, I take that back. I don’t need any reason to try to justify it!

Erica Avatar

The problem w Tom Ford…his products don’t justify the price. There is nothing there that is extraordinary, unique or a must have. I get he’s luxury but produce something that truly is. I can all of this quality wise from other brands for a fraction of the price!

Ruby Avatar

Exactly my sentiments. The margins on these items must be huge. I doubt it costs more than a handful of dollars to manufacture those brushes (in the end, there is only so good a makeup brush can be, the rest is just packaging and this is not really high design) and though the leather on the bag may be of quality, it’s a tiny amount.

Pretty lipsticks, though …

clidre Avatar

I hope this collection won’t sell at all, so they can realize their prices are inaccessible even for the fans and loyal customers. I have purchased a lot of TF makeup items but they’re exaggerating now. No TF for me anymore

Bonnie Avatar

I really like the looks of the cool cheek & eye palette but it will need to score an A review for me to consider paying $155. Creme Conque and Venus Rising lipsticks also look pretty. I have to laugh at the comments about the brush set – I did a double take too!

J Avatar

I sort of hope the colours in the two palettes are reprinted within the line so I don’t feel compelled to buy them, LOL. I also kind of shitter to think what the palettes will cost in Canada!

Helene Avatar

I’m thinking no to the entire collection. I’m not really a fan of having blushes in my eyeshadow palette or eyeshadows in my blush palette 🙂
These products do cost a lot and they need to be perfect for me to even think about getting any of them.
I don’t have much from the brand, and I’m not really impressed with the few things I do have. This is probably due to something with my skin and lips, as I know others who love the products I have.
What I wanted to say is I really have to love the product to buy at this price.
I do hope Tom will send you the whole range to test, Christine, as I’m still interested in reading an honest review, even though I don’t plan to buy anything.

Amanda Avatar

I really want to know if the eyeshadow, blush, and highlight shades in the palette are completely new shades. The eyeshadows in the cooler palette look like NUDE DIP to me. I absolutely love TF’s colors and formulas, but I want something new for that price point. I bought the AW16 eyeshadow duo and it is slightly different than two of the colors in the Nude Dip quad, but wouldn’t have ordered it if I had seen it in person before ordering.

J Avatar

I totally agree – some of the colours in both palettes look like repromotes from other palettes like Seductive Rose, Nude Dip etc. I did get to swatch A/W 16 beside Nude Dip and it made it an easy pass for me. Why would you pay $72 for two shadows when they are dupes in a quad that costs only $26 more for twice the shadows? (Canadian prices.)

Tracey E. Avatar

Mixed Gems said the eyeshadows and blushes are all new shades. I’m hearing on Sephora’s BT that the warm palette may be similar to Cognac Sable.

Amalia Avatar

… “a curated resort collection of cosmetics and skincare inspired by remote private islands”… so this collection is not for us the ordinary people…

Lizabeth Avatar

I’m sorry, but the brush/bag price is obnoxious and insulting, I don’t care how wealthy one is!!! Quality makeup should be accessible to all!!!! I mean, cosmetics are surely a luxury to begin with, but still, I can’t be bothered with horse**** like this! I’m sure there are some lovely items in the brand, but Yeeeeaaaaahhhh, NO. If I’m gonna drop a wad on cosmetics, I want it to go to some hardworking, handmade indie brand, not to people and places that are already swimming in money!!! All due respect to everyone…Just sayin’ …And having said that, I DO give PLENTY of my hard earned dough to companies of dubious origins and practices, I’m no saint, but like I said, that just feels like an insult…

Kim Avatar

The leather bag flashes me back to when I saw a woman buying the make up bag in Bergdorf. I was shocked at her buying a $450 makeup bag until I realized she was carrying a Birkin bag. The sales rep told me that another client from that counter had a snakeskin Birkin for over $50K. I guess we know who will buy the brushes then! 🙂

Tracey E. Avatar

I’m interested to know if the size/wt of the eyeshadows and blush/highlighter is the same as quads and blush in his regular line or blush/highlighter in the summer Soleil collection.

As for the prices, brush kit aside, I bought a TF quad and went to be color-matched to a blush in-store. The retail price for both pieces was $140, plus tax. Yes, it’s very expensive, it’s high quality, yet I rarely pay full price for cosmetics. I can easily walk away if the quality is poor or if it’s similar to what I already have. The 5-6 TF lipsticks that I own have all come from the CCO, and I love them.

Nika99 Avatar

I have a decent amount of Tom Ford’s products.The lipsticks have not disappointed me yet I am obsessed with his Eye Definer Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Deeper,and all the Cream Color for Eyes.That being said I feel that they keep upping the price of their lipsticks and I have to really feel like the product is special enough or has fabulous reviews in order for me to give them my hard earned money.The Summer Soleil collection Cream Cheek Color in Pieno Soleil is stunning I am already hitting pan.So I feel like when they create certain products they really blow me away.

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