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Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection for Black Friday 2014

UPDATED AVAILABILITY! 50 miniature-sized, limited edition lipsticks will be released November 28th at 12:01am on, and they will be available for four days (or while stock lasts). They will launch online only on December 1st for one day only at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman MarcusSaks, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s.

They will return on December 26th online and in department stores and will be on-counter for eight weeks (or until stock lasts). Each lipstick retails for $32.00.

Nudes to Browns ($32.00 Each) (Limited Edition)

  • Holden
  • Beau
  • Henry
  • Gustavo
  • Pavlos

Silvers to Blacks ($32.00 Each) (Limited Edition)

  • Casey
  • Orlando
  • Peter
  • Stavros
  • Alsdhair

Metallics ($32.00 Each) (Limited Edition)

  • Kyril
  • William
  • Sebastian
  • Omar
  • Blake

See more shades & photos!

Light Pinks to Mauves ($32.00 Each) (Limited Edition)

  • Ian
  • Flynn
  • Addison
  • James
  • Richard

Pop Pinks to Roses ($32.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Alexander
  • Patrick
  • Michael
  • John
  • Giacomo

Fuchsia to Magentas ($32.00 Each) (Limited Edition)

  • Preston
  • Justin
  • Cooper
  • Jack
  • Francesco

Corals to Oranges ($32.00 Each) (Limited Edition)

  • Luca
  • Matthew
  • Adriano
  • Tomas
  • Rafael

Reds ($32.00 Each) (Limited Edition)

  • Rory
  • Diego
  • Alejandro
  • Luciano
  • Leonardo

Violets to Orchid ($32.00 Each) (Limited Edition)

  • Olivier
  • Julian
  • Pablo
  • Xavier
  • Liam

Plums ($32.00 Each) (Limited Edition)

  • Collin
  • Cary
  • Didier
  • Guillermo
  • Wes

Availability: November 28th, 2014 at; Selfridges also has a sign-up for notification

Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection
Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection

Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection
Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection

Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection
Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection

Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection
Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection

Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection
Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection

Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection
Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection

Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection
Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection

Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection
Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection

Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection
Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection

Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection
Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys Collection


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Eileen Avatar

TF’s classic formula full size lipstick is 3 grams and sells for $50 ($16.67 per gram). His “clutch size”–which is how TF describes this collection–is 2 grams for $32 ($16 per gram). TF “minis” are typically 1 gram and are for promotion; not sale.

So, at $32 for a “clutch size”, the lipstick is still expensive, but for those of us who routinely shell out $50 for a full size, the smaller size is a nice option. I predict these are going to be flying off the shelves. TF loyalists will be scooping them up and people who have been interested in trying TF but who are deterred by the $50 price tag, might be tempted to splurge on this more economical alternative.

$32 still puts these “clutch sizes” at the high end of the pack, but TF has always marketed to the person who is willing and able to purchase a luxury brand.

Shelley Avatar

After reading the release dates and locations in which to buy I was turned off. I stopped chasing down limited edition drugstore makeup and with all these lines doing massive amounts of LE releases with limited stock and lack of clear communication for the consumer I’m passing up anything that requires using the skills of a private investigator.

Ky Avatar

No. Freaking. Way. I wasn’t going to do any Black Friday shopping this year but this may have just changed my mind. I just hope they aren’t too small.

Pami Avatar

I enjoyed reading the interview from the WWD link you supplied. Thought people would find this of interest “Thirty-six offerings are new shades; 10 are from Velvet Suede, Ford’s current seasonal color story, and four are from previous seasons.”

Lotus Avatar

Rachel, … What if they don’t get along? Some girls and boys just don’t see eye to eye.. I think Tom F would have named them all Tom 1-50 so you can wear only him, as he likes controlling things so well.. This shenanigan should be adapted into 50 Shades of Grey.

Al least Christian & Anna will get along! πŸ˜‰

Lotus Avatar

Hahahaha!!! πŸ˜€ Humor, sarcasm and expletives are my forte! πŸ˜‰ Anna even comes with the ideal minimalist yet sufficient packaging while Christian wears his wealth in gold trimming.. He must be fuming about the color, though he’s fictitious, but we have a happy pair! Perhaps cuffs will come out with an Anna attached to one side and Christian to the other? Or just more pictures of Tom loving himself.. Sigh.. 50 shades of atom just HAD to dominate..speaks for itself.. πŸ˜‰ Love you, Rachel! πŸ˜€

Valerie Avatar

Darn, I was hoping he will release this after Xmas so I can recover from the Sephora VIB sale. Will you swatch/review these when you have your hand on them? πŸ™‚

Ginny Avatar

The color range looks nice. This might be snobby but I’m not sure I like the concept of using all male inspiration to design a women’s product. Also, 50 colors on sale for one day only? Seems like a waste of production effort.

Aditi Avatar

I’m always pleased when the color range encompasses a wide spectrum…those plummy ones look quite pretty. And I do wish there were more brands bringing out minis for a better price, because I never really finish makeup anyways. Of course one of these minis cost twice as much as a mac but if there was ever a way I was going to try a Tom Ford lipstick, this would be it.

Kimmy Avatar

Agreed. I mean mini can mean so many things. At $32 (while less than $49) – I wouldn’t be happy with something too small. If the full size is about .10 oz, right, I’d expect this to be .5 oz minimum. The minis that he’s done before as GWP which are .3 oz – wouldn’t be worth it to me for that size.

Eileen Avatar

Please see my reply to Deborah at the beginning of the comments for sizes and cost per gram. TF refers to this collection as “clutch size”; not mini. His inspiration for the size was the slim clutch bags and small purses that are in fashion. The “clutch size” in this collection is 2 grams whereas his regular full size is 3 grams. His promotional minis are 1 gram. All this info is readily available online.

Rachael Avatar

A mini is still $32. Blech. Sorry TF you still don’t impress me. The concept is interesting but I find it hard to believe he’s met that many men with such unique names that all actually inspired him. I bet there’s like 6 Johns and 8 Chris’s that got left off.

Nurse Ratchet Avatar

It is things like this that have me climbing back out the rabbit hole that is cosmetics. 32$ for a MINIATURE LIPSTICK. I’m no makeup-shamer, but sometimes when I calculate cost/ounce ratios on cosmetics I imagine companies rubbing their hands together and saying “They fell for it!”

Jane Avatar

I’m coming around to this view, too. And the prices getting jacked up as they have for products is just as bad (lookin’ at you, Bobbi Brown. How much is that Pot Rouge up to nowadays?).

Nikki Avatar

I agree. HE lipstick FULL SIZED prices for MINIS, seriously?! I would probably pay half that much for a reasonably sized Tom Ford mini, but I am not going to do twice my usual mid-range cost for probably half as much product. I really find it difficult to imagine a luxury lipstick truly feeling worth four times as much as a solid mid-range one.

LibraTine Avatar

I agree with all of the comments on this thread, especially when I hardly ever wear the same lip color twice in a week. If it was a less-perishable product, maybe. A poster above commented that TF was trying to break the internet, and she was over it; you and me both. I’m just over it.

Cristy Avatar

I wonder how mini is mini. Are they the size of the mini’s you get with free with TF purchase. I have 3 Casablanca’s that way, and those go for ebay for anything from $12-$18 or so ….

I might pass, I already purchased 7 out of the 8 matte lipsticks and around 14 TF lipsticks alltogether … I don’t think I will be running out of lipsticks soon, lol

But if i do cave it, it will be for Luciano and Wes … LOL

I love reds and purples … <3

Christine Avatar

Let’s hope they’re not that small, because then it would be maddening. They’re $50/0.10 oz. or $500/oz. The minis I saw on eBay were 0.03 oz., so if these are $32 for 0.03 oz., that would be $1,067/oz. (rounded), which is double the price per ounce.

I would expect minis to be more expensive per ounce, though not significantly more.

But after I did some digging, I was able to find the product page for these:

And it is showing under “details” that these are 0.07 oz., which would make them $457/oz. – cheaper than full-size. Of course, I don’t HAVE a box in hand to confirm.

Cristy Avatar

In comparison, the Charlotte Tilbury mini lipstick charms come 3 in a box for $35 … I think that is what you posted a few weeks back. I own quite a bit of TF, but I will say, as cute as toting around a mini lipstick is … if I do splurge on these, it might only be for 2 max … And I am pretty sure, that come midnight on Black Friday, his website will most likely be down ala the Sephora VIB sale … but let’s hope not … I think a good question would be, if you will spend $32 for a mini, what color ranges would you choose. I love the reds and plums.

Christine Avatar

I don’t know how much each of those are, but Charlotte’s full-sized lipsticks are what, $32? Tom Ford’s full-sized ones are $50, so I wouldn’t compare the pricing on them (personally) in terms of who is priced right (or wrong) since they are on different pricing tiers.

That said, if you’re just looking for bang for your buck, I can’t imagine TF is ever going to put out a value set, you know? Bite, NARS, and UD all have more value-packed sets this year.

Cristy Avatar

That is true. I own so many lipsticks actually. I think the Guerlain Rouge G’s are my favorite formula. I love TF as well, I mostly stick to reds, plums, and mauvey tones. I just splurged on 7 of his matte formula. The only one I didn’t purchase was the pink tease, and that’s because I am not a fan of pinks, doesn’t go well with my skin tone.
But I love Bite and I own a few of the Nars and I think a couple of the UD lipsticks.


MichelleChefNYC Avatar

So wait, are these sets or is each individual mini lipstick going to cost $32? The way they have presented these it looks like sets, but the verbiage says each lipstick $32. I want to know what “mini” means before I consider spending $32, because that is a little ridiculous if they are that expensive for one tiny little lipstick. I think the Tom Ford lipstick formula is frankly overrated, but some of these colors are gorgeous. I am eyeing that dusky grayish purple in the second row.

Andie Avatar

Nordstrom is offering a free gift with purchase of a “deluxe mini lipstick” with any Tom Ford purchase. That lipstick is .03 oz. I hope that this $32 lipstick is more than a deluxe mini that is given for free on I will be very interested to find out the price per ounce of these.

Veronica Avatar

Yes, this is how you do miniature collections right. You release crazy colors that nobody will use an entire tube of and then lower the price. I am a-okay with this. Not interested in any of the shades, but it’s a good idea.

Katherine T. Avatar

OMG, love the shade ranges! Since I have so many lippies already, I’ve sworn off buying lipsticks for a while, but is too tempting….drool. If it’s $32 and decent size, I might pick one up.

Andrea Avatar

Ok, one day?!?! If I could I would give Tom Ford the one finger salute. No… I am not falling this time. Don’t accept this degree of drama and just BS marketing. No! No! No!

Angela Avatar

Is there any way of knowing exactly which one is “Giacomo”? I know it has been described at a deep rose but not sure from the photos which one it is….hmmm….

Jules Avatar

If these are the gwp mini size, the world has gone insane. No way those are worth $32! I’m hoping that Tom Ford has the integrity to be offering bigger lipsticks for $32.

Mel Avatar

I will probably get only one because I’m unfamiliar with TF lipsticks and I’m not going overboard on a formula I’m not familiar with. I’m thinking Luciano as it looks to be a classic red.

Beka Avatar

Do I see two dark purples???!!!! These look fabulous. I understand LE, but one day seems a little extreme. It seems like a shame to have the ability to make fabulous, beautiful lip colors and then not make them available. I guess this follows the world of haute-couture fashion though. I will get a few of these if 1) the website doesn’t crash and 2) the size of the mini is more than the gwp lipsticks TF offers. This is definitely a set I wish I could have all of, but$32×50 is too rich for my blood. I only got two of the mattes (pussycat and black dahlia), but I certainly want more-they are fantastic. I loved your comment below about being screwed if there is only one or two shades of a collection you don’t like

Tavao Avatar

OMG I’m obsessed regardless of the price and them being minis. I’m going to try to pick up Rafael, Rory, Holden, Addison, and Beau if they don’t sell out fast πŸ™‚

kisha Avatar

i think the hardest part n possibly the biggest disappointment will be to blindly choose one or more without swatches! the fact its only avail for such limited time period will be soooo touch. i honestly dnt think TF site will be glitchy like sephora’s was during the VIB sale becuz not everyone rushes to grab a $32 lipstick vs a $15 limited edition lippie **looks at mac riri coll** with that bein said my limit is 2 but do i wanna stick to safe colors i already have or go for those wild colors HOPING they’ll be opaque enuff in the metallic sets….so many choices n so little time!! **kim k ugly cry**

Christine Avatar doesn’t let your order go thru if you’re not in the US(even if you plan to ship within the US) so I probably won’t be able to get my hands on these. Last time, they cancelled my Black Dahlia order so I got it in Neimans instead.

Sylirael Avatar

There are some seriously neat looking colours here! *waves pompoms for purples* If the mini size is as you dug around and found out. this might be a nice way for someone to try a TF lipstick without going all the way to $50. That is, if they can manage to get a hold of one (I’m assuming this will cause madness when it goes live)!

Bonnie Avatar

Ooooohh yeah! I’ll be there at 12:01 cursing the website because it crashed. I can’t resist. I drank the kool-aid. Love TF lipsticks and I can get 2 colors for $64, or 4 for $128, um, maybe 6 for…
Excuse me, I must research my color choices. LOL
Thanks for the great tip Christine!

Jessica Avatar

From a NY mag article: “There are three chances to buy the lipsticks: The first is on November 28 at 12:01 a.m., when they will be available on Tom Ford’s website for four days. On December 1, they’ll go up on the websites of Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s, and then will be available in stores on December 26.”

julia Avatar

$32 for a mini lipstick certainly isn’t wallet friendly, but I actually prefer smaller makeup products. They take up less space and there is a better chance that I will properly finish the product before it expires.

Jill Avatar

Imma just rename my TF lipsticks boy names and figure out a way to mold my lipstick into a used TF tube and pretend it’s one of these. Same-same, right?

Dusty Avatar

These are cool and I have this love/hate thing going on with them right now that’s kind of hurting my brain… I wish they were full sized just because they are so limited, it would be nice to have full sizes. On the other hand I do quite like miniature lipsticks because they remind me of vintage makeup and all the lipsticks my grandmother had that were so tiny! On the other other hand some if the colors I am curious about have the same names as some exes of mine… argh! The agony of indecisiveness! Are you mostly excited or mostly apprehensive?

Dusty Avatar

No lie: Last night I had a dream that you were sent all of them cause I was reading about them here! My great grandmother was supposedly psychic… cross your fingers that its hereditary πŸ˜‰ xo

Eileen Avatar

WWD was really out of the loop on this one! Itis a good example where posting limited information can be more confusing than helpful. So many of the reader comments above are focused on the question of size. Several reputable online sources (particularly in Europe) described the new “clutch size” as 2 grams, the regular size (classic formula) as 3 grams, and the promotional mini size as 1 gram. They also gave a more information about release dates. I, too, wondered why WWD posted such a sketchy article with incomplete product information and set of release dates. WWD–epic fail!

Christine Avatar

I’m not surprised that the actual size was less than forthcoming, but the availability is something that shouldn’t have been so wrong – there were three major publications with different (or incomplete) info! This is really an advance/early access/flash sale of a regular launch than a single, one-time only “get it now or forever regret” launch!

Lotus Avatar

Hi! This is a beautiful spread! May I please ask for help? I’m having trouble identifying the lippi with the names! πŸ™ I can’t seems to make it work and would love to know what’s what! πŸ˜€ Thank you in advance! <3

Kat Avatar

I was excited about this but they’re miniature sized? I don’t know how big they are so I guess I’ll wait until they’re out in stores to swatch and maybe buy

Lotus Avatar

Dear Christine, do you know anything about the finishes to these lipsticks? I’ve been to the site, which was helpful for adding names to colors, but I would prefer the information of a sheer, matte, whatever.. As my lips are sensitive. I totally appreciate any information offered! Thank you! (First I thought I’d honor my past loves, but there were too many! Lol! :P) Now is strategy time! πŸ˜€

Nat Avatar

Do you know how much the set of all colors are? Will the set be available online or only in stores? I’m so excited for this to come out! Kinda scared to find out the price of the set though haha

Jennifer Avatar

After reading this post when it was fresh and new, I went to the TF website and signed up for an e-mail alert. The alert came at 5AM this morning after all but 4 colors were sold out. Wow, unhelpful.

Being the stealthy cosmetic consumer I am, I logged on in the morning (didn’t wait for the email reminder) and purchased 4 colors for my daughters with no website issues. I plan to buy 2 more (to gift myself) from Neiman Marcus after Christmas.

This really is a great way to experience a $50 lipstick. I find the smaller size with reduced price advantageous not only to women on a budget or those who refuse to pay $50 for one lipstick – It also makes tossing it when it expires less painful.
Many thanks aga

Dusty Avatar

Looks like a couple of the stores aren’t carrying the full range. Saks and I think Bergdorf only had some of the colors, the other shops sold out of what I was looking for! ARGH! I picked up Stavros but I still can’t get my mitts on Beau.

Faith Avatar

I ordered 2 on Thanksgiving (the TF site opened it up early) and I received them on Saturday. I got Thomas (Orange) and William (metallic). William is a Pink Dune. They are both beautiful! Absolutely stunning on! The size is actually quite large; it’s not the traditional mini size; it’s bigger. It’s a nice size for Tom Ford. I bought two more today; Jack, and Giacomo. We’ll see if I love them as much!

Celia Avatar

Being that I have at least one actual Tom Ford sampler mini that is definitely NOT worth $32 to me, I was at first very hesitant about these. But the actual size is nice. Heftier than the freebie minis for sure! I couldn’t resist on Stavros as I love a beautiful gray-black. I also got Alsdahair (black-purple), Olivier (lavender-pink), and Julian (sort of a nude mauve). Definitely excited for mine to arrive. Two will be gifted to friends who are avid collectors. Stavros was the true must-have to me.

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