Sydney Grace x Temptalia Collection Coming Soon

Sydney Grace x Temptalia - Sneak Peek

I’m so excited to share that Temptalia is collaborating with Sydney Grace on a collection of eyeshadow palettes slated for release in Spring 2021!  The collection includes three eyeshadow palettes (and each has 12 shades): Quintessence, On the Horizon, and Radiant Reflection.

You might be thinking, “Wow, three!” and you’d be right, but frankly, I couldn’t pick just one color story.  I wanted to do something interesting but cohesive, and there were three concepts I had in mind, so when I pitched them… I pitched all three.

To my surprise and utter delight, Sydney Grace was all in!  We even went from 10 shades in each palette to 12 shades to further enhance each palette’s color story. It didn’t help that Sydney Grace sent over so many stunning shades in the first round of color samples that it made it so hard to narrow down selections, so it became a game of addition rather than subtraction!

Quintessence is an ode to space and the night sky.  On the Horizon is my take on neutrals–a little grungy and earthy with some desert inspiration found along the way.  Radiant Reflection is a celebration of color that takes its cues from jewels, rainbows (but intensify the depth and brilliance), and metals.

Here’s a lil’ peek at the first round of color samples Sydney Grace created, which start their lives as loose powders! These were some of the very first swatches I did in the process, and you’ll have to wait and see which ones were tweaked, eliminated, and finalized. 🙂

Sydney Grace x Temptalia - Sneak Peek

Sydney Grace x Temptalia - Sneak Peek

Sydney Grace x Temptalia - Sneak Peek

I thought it was the perfect time to share and announce the collaboration and that I’m working more closely with Sydney Grace through this collaboration, as we’ve reached the point in the process where about half of the colors are finalized–there are 36! shades in total–with most of the remaining shades quite close and only a few that are still in progress. Some of those fully-approved shades are moving into production very soon. The names and placements of the shades have also been finalized and are getting ready to be printed on packaging, so everything is moving full-steam ahead!

I’ll be sharing my dissertation on the whole process, along with more details than you’d ever want to know about each palette, its final color story, and the journey to get to the finish line as we get closer to the release date.

For now, though, here’s a look at one shade, which is finalized, and it is a callback to the first collaboration I ever did, which was with MAC.  I created an emerald green eyeshadow called “Jealousy Wakes” back in 2011, and this is its successor: Jealousy’s Descent.  It’s a rich, emerald green with an intense, metallic shine.  Fun fact: Sydney Grace nailed this shade the very first time.

Sydney Grace x Temptalia - Sneak Peek

Sydney Grace x Temptalia - Sneak Peek

Thank you so much for being part of this journey (and being a large part of why I’m even here!)! I hope that the palettes live up to high expectations I know are set for me 🙂 Stay tuned!

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IM SO EXCITED! I’ve been a long time blog reader (lurker) and I’m so so happy that you’re doing this! I truly believe that any company would be lucky to work with you and Sydney Grace seems more than deserving. I have the utmost faith that these palettes will be the definition of perfect. A+++!!!!

Oh, how incredibly exciting! Congratulations! You have been so helpful to this makeup lover over the years, and your work has brought me so much pleasure. I cannot wait to see the palettes and make some purchases. I rarely post but just wanted to let you know that I treasure you and this community.

OMGWTFOMGWTF? I thought I was done buying eyeshadow! This is Pluto orbit exciting, and I can’t wait! On a more serious note, I am not at all surprised. You have done a lot to popularize the brand. They not only have great quality and customer service, but their heart and (work and community) ethics are in the right place. And that, Christine, is why this is a perfect match. To think that you will review your own product! This is one collab we can all get behind…or first on the waiting list!

You know me, love the eyeshadow. I knew if I ever did a collab, it’d likely be eyeshadow (or at least, that’d be the focus), so it’d have to be a brand who was consistent at great eyeshadow!

Congrats on the collab!!! I always love the color stories you create, so I can’t wait for the reveal! I still have Jealousy Wakes btw, even though I got rid of most of my MAC eyeshadows I just couldn’t let that one go.

Ahhhhh!!! Congratulations!! This is very exciting and I hope “spring 2021” means January! Either way, this is great news and a perfect pairing. The new year is looking up!!

Hopefully, once we square away some more colors and production ramps up, we’ll have a better idea of timing! Didn’t want to over-promise but we feel good about “spring” 🙂

OMG!!!!!!!! Congrats, Christine! I’m so excited to see what you create. If anyone deserves this, it’s you. Thank you so much for giving us a little sneak peek. And oooo, that green! And all the jewel tones. Ahhhh!

Congratulations! I am so excited for you and for me!! I am going to use this as my sign that I do not need any more eyeshadow until these 3 palettes come out! I’d order them sight unseen knowing it’s a Temptalia – Sydney Grace collaboration.

Congratulations! I cannot think of a more perfect collaboration. It was through Temptalia that I discovered Sydney Grace. I can safely say that I will be purchasing all three palettes.

That’s so exciting, I can’t wait to get the details! Sydney Grace is a perfect partner for you, her quality and price points are amazing. You always come up with great ideas for palettes, I’m so happy you are now going to create some. 🙂 I cannot believe that it’s been almost 11.5 years since you created Jealousy Wakes with Mac! 🙂

I’m not too fussed with collaborations in general, but this? THIIIS?

I’m screaming and planning on buying all three.

(Congratulations! I’m sure I speak for many when I say that your theoretical palettes are always stunning, so I’m deeply excited to see the final products! And thank you so much for all your hard work!)

Thank you so much, DG! 🙂 Hopefully, you love the color stories when I can share them (still a bit up in the air but we’re getting close!).

WOW!!! Congratulations, this is so exciting. Those sneak peaks and the first shade are absolutely lovely. Thank you for giving us all time to save up because I’m sure all three will be stunning. I think Sydney Grace is the perfect choice for Temptalia to pair up with considering how well all of their shadows review, plus how much positivity I see about the brand and their quality elsewhere. I can’t wait to read more about the process you went through to create your palettes.

I love eyeshadow so much, and I knew if I ever did a collaboration again, I’d have to feel confident about the quality of that brand’s eyeshadows, so when I reached out to SG, it was because I had full faith in their consistency to put out quality eyeshadows!

Congratulations!! As one of your earliest followers from way back in the day, this is so exciting to hear. As soon as I saw the emerald colour, I immediately thought of Jealousy Wakes before even reading your description. I think this one is even more beautiful! 🙂 I can’t wait to see the rest of the collection.

Amazing! I’ve always had some regrets about not picking up Jealousy Wakes, so I’m so excited that I can get its reincarnation. I’m sure your palettes will be stunning and amazing quality so I can’t wait 💕

I am so so so excited. I have always loved the color stories you create AND I love SG’s formula!! I’m gonna start saving all my money now until spring 😉

CHRISTINE!!!! This is the most exciting!! I just received my first Sydney Grace order (I know, I know…super late to hop on the wagon), and I am soooo in love! I think you two will make the perfect collab! I cannot wait to see the color stories and the various looks you will create. I think I am the most excited to check out “On The Horizon” from your description above, but, so excited to see all three palettes in 2021! 🙌❤️🙌

Congratulations on your collaboration! I can’t wait to buy the neutral and jewel tone palette and try them for myself ☺️ I’ve always loved your color story posts

I’m beyond excited for this!!! Can’t wait for more details. Jealousy Wakes was stunning and Jealousy’s Descent is also a showstopper! Jealousy Wakes is my favorite green eyeshadow.

SO COOL! Congratulations! I love your sense of color so I am sure that all three will be beautiful and I plan to buy at least one of them. I’m especially curious about your grungy neutrals, and I’ll wants Jealousy’s Descent for sure. Can’t wait to see and learn more 🙂

Oh. My. Gosh! This is EVERYTHING I have ever hoped for you to get the chance to do! I am sooo very happy for you! And ABSOLUTELY looking forward to owning Jealousy’s Descent as I love my pan of Jealousy Wakes so much in most of my green or jewel toned looks! SQUEEEEE!!!

Thanks, Christine! That migraine cocktail worked wonders. Wasn’t exactly thrilled to spend an entire 12 hours in the ER on the same day I lost Scunci, but this was my worst migraine ever. It had lasted 3 full days, but I was very reluctant to seek help for it because Scunci needed me here by his side. Emotionally, everything really hit very hard this morning when I woke up and was only feeding one kitty, Clarissa. That’s when I totally lost it and wept like a baby. He sure was special ❣️
And so is your wonderful collab with Sydney Grace! I’m just so excited for you!

OMG how exciting!! Can’t wait to see the 50 looks you create with your collab… j/k that’s a lot but I am excited to see all the beautiful eye looks you’ll create. Maybe one tutorial for YouTube? So thrilled for you and the brand! Congrats!

We will see! 🙂 I definitely hope to put together different combos in action, and of course, lots of possibilities. I feel pretty good about the shade placement right now (assuming I don’t make significant tweaks to shades) and have tried to ensure it makes sense in rows, columns, quads, and sextets!

Of COURSE you did! Because you have a great executive functions. Palettes lose people when they actually are random. Your palettes will be ‘intellectually’ pleasing as well as creatively pleasing. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

The hardest was making it make sense as one long row (all 12 in a row) since that’s not how the palette is composed (two rows of six), but I know that’s how it’ll get swatched, so it needs to make sense that way, too!

I am so happy for you Christine! I can’t wait. I know these will be absolutely lovely, and up to your standards. I will probably be buying all three. Your use of color and your combinations are so beautiful, and they inspire me to use more colors that I normally wouldn’t. I am so happy for you, and congratulations! The swatches above are lovely, so if they are any indication of what is going to be in the palettes, I won’t have to buy any eye shadows for some time to come, and it will be money well spent!

OMG, Christine! What wonderful news and you have been amazing at keeping this under wraps! I’m so glad that you are getting the very type of recognition you deserve! Why am I not surprised that those teal and green swatches are just outstanding. And that name – Jealousy’s Descent – what a great name! Amazing to think that it was back in 2011. I never lucked out getting JW but did get the grey shadow from that collection. Oh, I am just so excited for you!

I pitched them late last year, but we didn’t start figuring it out until this spring, and the first round of colors came through in late March (this year), so it hasn’t been too, too long. I wanted to have a chance to work with Heather/Sydney Grace, go through colors and feedback processes to make sure we would work well together and feel good about the direction we’d be going in but wanted to announce as soon as we started hitting that point of “Yeah, this is going forward!” which is now!

Christine I’m so incredibly happy for you!!! These swatches are beautiful and I know the palettes will be too! I’ve become a major Sydney Grace fan over the last year and I’ll definitely be supporting this collab!!

That’s amazing! I can’t wait to see the pallette. I am sure that if exists a colour story that I can pick up blindly (and I am very critique about colour stories in palette) is the one made by christine! And now three??? A dream! Please, SG start conisediring to sell onto international retailer, I can’t stand the idea to see these georgious palette open and shattered at the doguane for sanitary controls 🙁

Oh. My. God.
Congratulations! Your colour stories I could just buy blindly.
I need this in my life.
Has anyone ordered SG from Germany?

This is fantastic news!! Good for you Christine, SG is such a perfect match for you to have a collab with. Awaiting the launch with bated breath! ♡

I literally gasped when I saw this post! I am so excited about this collaboration and will probably purchase all 3 palettes. Congratulations Christine! I can’t wait to see what you created.

Congratulations! I’m glad such a great brand is collaborating with you. I remember back when you created that series aimed at ColourPop, and we were all really hoping they’d pick up on it. This is so much better. These are going to sell out for sure.

Readers have always been so sweet and supportive, and it was that support that made me think about what brand I’d want to create an eyeshadow palette with, and here we are! 🙂

Thank you, Karen!

I love Sydney Grace and I love you! I don’t even have to see them to know I’ll be buying all three. Congratulations Christine! I have no doubt they’re going to be beautiful.

This is such exciting news – congratulations, Christine!! I am a long-time reader, but an infrequent commenter because I’m shy, and I recently bought my first SG palette on your recommendation, and could not be more delighted by your pairing with them.

This is so incredibly exciting! I was just looking at colors in preparation for their Black Friday sale but I am going to hold off and save my money for when these palettes launch. I have a feeling I will end up picking up all 3. The concepts sound very much like shades I wear frequently. I hope there will be some sort of option to purchase a bundle of all 3 of the palettes as a set! Looking forward to more details.

Dang! Congrats on a perfect collaboration! Your color stories are always masterful so it is great to see you pairing up with a brand that is owned by lovely people and produces consistently high quality and customer service. I look forward to grabbing these!

What a perfect collab!!! I want all three!!! I’m a big fan of SG AND YOU Of course my fav non biased reviewer!!

This is gonna be hard to wait for😍😍

WOW, what an honor, Christine. I am so happy for you and they made an excellent choice. Your knowledge of color mixing and their quality will make for exceptional palette choices. The sneak peak looks amazing. Congratulations and you so deserve it. I had better start saving now!!

So excited, for you and for this collab! Very curious what your take on grungy neutrals is. Sydney Grace’s Enduring Love Deep palette is my favorite eyeshadow palette of all time, can’t wait because I’m sure yours will be even better!

I’ll have to come out of palette retirement for this!! I just dropped $$ on Natasha Denona and Sydney Grace palettes and told myself I’m done for a year. :))

I remember when you did Jealousy Wakes and was so disappointed when I wasn’t able to get one, so this is fabulous news. I’ve been reading Temptalia for years (back when you were still a law student I think!) and your site has been one that I always check to see what the overall verdict on something might be if I’m in doubt. The colors look beautiful – can’t wait to see the complete collection!

Congratulations Christine,
Finally, someone recognizes your ability to put together cohesive color stories.
Sidney Grace creates quality eyeshadows, so this sounds like a winning combination.

Yes! It’s so nice not to worry about the quality – like I know their formula is high quality, and they are very consistent, so I can focus my energy on colors, textures, and the composition!

I feel like I have wished and wished for a Temptalia collection / collaboration for years and years and it’s really happening!!! I need to start saving money like now for it!!
This is so exciting and I know it will be excellent with you and Sydney Grace in charge Christine!! Congratulations!!!!

All of us here in the Temptalia community celebrates your entry into the world of makeup collaborations Christine, it is long overdue. Your creativity, commitment and knowledge of eyeshadows is supreme. I am so happy for you to work with such a fabulous brand as SG.
I cannot wait to see what you have come up with and I am sure it’s going to be a beautiful and stunning range of palettes. They already sound interesting, thoughtful and inclusive.

Love, love, and absolutely love the color palette ideas you have created so fingers crossed with this. Congratulations!!!!

I look forward to future posts regarding the process. I feel this is so long overdue, Christine as you have such an incredible talent for putting colour stories together. I’m thrilled you are working with Sydney Grace. You can feel confident the end result will be a quality product.

Lastly, I have to ask.. Quintessence will always make me think of the remake of the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Not only do I absolutely love the film, but I also still listen to the indie soundtrack. I even named my car Walter.

Well, now I need to watch that…

There’s a romance novel–Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas–and there’s this part that I’ve always liked: “Aristotle taught that stars are made of a different matter than the four earthly elements— a quintessence— that also happens to be what the human psyche is made of. Which is why man’s spirit corresponds to the stars. Perhaps that’s not a very scientific view, but I do like the idea that there’s a little starlight in each of us.”

And then the dictionary definition meaning was a perfect fit!

It’s really nice not to have any fear about the quality not coming out right, and it’s really Sydney Grace’s consistency paired with a great formula that made me reach out with the idea in the first place!

Brilliant stuff!! Congratulations Christine, really looking forward to seeing the final palettes next year and Sydney Grace is the perfect colab partner for you – great products and quality!

I lurk more than I post but OMG this has me sooooooo excited! I am a color lover, and can’t wait to see and buy your amazing palettes!!

Congrats from France Christine!😊 It’s sounds good for an eyeshadows lover like you…
So proud of you everyday, proud of your dayli work,but today proud and happy for you!😍
Enjoy 🤗

I am so excited for you and this! You were the reason I tried their shadows in the first place, so it seems fitting. I can’t wait for the final reveal!

Aww!! 🙂 So glad you gave them a try. I didn’t believe the hype, but after I purchased like half the range and tested them… I got the hype, haha!

I just bought my first Sydney Grace palette. I was so excited when I received it today! I can’t wait to dip into it. I hear NOTHING but incredible things about them and their formula. So I am SO excited about your collection. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS 🍾🎉 love! I know you are going to kill this collection. You so know what your doing. I can not wait to to see more!!!

Wow! WOW!!!
I’m not big on wearing bright colors on my eyes but have been into taupes a lot lately and I saw a couple that looked really great in the pictures. I’m totally going to have to buy at least one of those palettes when they come out! Thanks for the heads-up and WOW how awesome!!

Congratulations Christine!! Sydney Grace shadows are my very favorite and I discovered them by reading your newsletter. You are a perfect ambassador for their brand. Can’t wait to purchase the finished products!

OMG! Finally we get Christine palettes! Not one, not two, but three! It will be my first foray into SG I’m very excited Christine! I’m dancing around my living room by the way!

I am so excited for you, this is amazing news!

I look forward to seeing the final palettes! Laura Fox is such a sweetheart, I’ve ordered maybe half a dozen times and sent a couple of emails saying how thrilled I was with their products and she replied personally each time, I don’t know how involved she is with the actual makeup production but if the rest of the team is as lovely as her… 🙂

Congratulations Christine!

I’ve been working with Heather, who seems to be the one mixing and concocting all my shades, LOL! I know Laura seems to handle a lot of the customer service/shipping/filling of orders from what I have heard from Heather 🙂

I love hearing good customer service stories from readers!

Congrats! Sydney Grace was already a brand on my radar to try, and now this has pushed the brand to #1 on my priority list! Can’t wait to see the first palette!

My excitement is two-fold: so exited for you, Christine!!! What a wonderful thing for you! But also, I’m so excited for me that I get to buy and use these palettes!!! Can’t wait!

Congratulations! I seldom comment but read your post every day! You help me to figure out what is worth buying and what isn’t. I am excited to see these come spring!

Thank you, Tiffany! It would be incredible if that was the case, so long as everyone could still get them without having to wait TOO long!

I’m so excite for you, Christine. Plus, I’m excited to hear all about the details in what goes into this process. I know you’ll do a great job. I’ve been a loooooong time reader and I remember the times you’ve mentioned your conditions on collaborating with a brand. It’s awesome that you held to your standards and have found a brand that respects that. Enjoy it!

OMG!! I am so excited for you Christine! And I cannot wait! Thank you for the notice, I’ll start saving my coins! 🥰 Those colors are Life! And I know that with you at the helm and also Sydney Grace, those will be some collectible palettes! So happy for you. I love reading your reviews and you have never steered me wrong. Congratulations Christine! 🎉🎊

Oh my gosh, I can’t wait for these!! I am done buying palettes but I think I’ll buy all 3 of them!! I love Sydney Grace and you too!! You deserve this!!! Can I ask if there is going to be any mattes in the palettes?

Yes! Part of why they went from 10 shades (original concept) to 12 shades was to add more mattes (four in each palette, though one palette has three true mattes and two more satin-to-pearl in order to get the color desired without using non-FDA color additives!).

Congrats! I am all in and will be purchasing blind (no Temptalia review required). I comment rarely but read always and am thrilled with this collaboration. I really don’t have anything else to say and am among the last to comment. But – saw – noted – excited. And your consistent work ethic, quality reviews and likable personality are all testaments to my faith that this release will be among the best of the year it is released.

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the reason for my Sydney Grace addiction. Those colors that you have posted are stunning!!! I am sooo excited for you!!! I cannot wait to order. 😀

This is the most exciting makeup news of 2020!!! I can’t wait to see (and buy!) your palettes!! Congrats Christine, you deserve it!!!

Christine, I’m so happy for you! Sydney Grace is one of my favorite makeup companies. I have to have Laura vet every shade I’m interested in to confirm that an allergen isn’t in it and she always cheerfully does so in a timely manner. Their quality is outstanding and you’ve got such a great understanding of color theory and working knowledge that the collaboration is bound to be highly successful.

Oh, that’s fabulous to hear, Kitty! Makes me so happy to know that readers have received great customer service from Sydney Grace.

Thank you, Erica!