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MAC Bloggers' Obsession: Creation of Jealousy Wakes Eyeshadow

Revision 3 of Version 1 (Close to final shade)

MAC Bloggers’ Obsession Collection: My Experience

Back in January, MAC reached out to several beauty bloggers about creating and developing their own eyeshadow or lipglass (and to be clear, I receive no compensation whatsoever if you buy the shade I created). We each submitted a shade, along with a name, color description, formula of choice, along with a blurb on the creative concept/inspiration. Here were my original submissions:

Jealousy Wakes Seething emerald green with teal and gold pearl (Veluxe Pearl) (Eyeshadow)
Inspiration: He sees two figures, standing in the dark, bodies touching and lips kissing. Though he sees them clearly, his lantern lighting the way, he goes unnoticed—unseen by two people utterly enthralled in themselves and their love. He sees the strength and beauty of love, and he feels a tightening in his chest. It’s a harsh pull–a devastating tug at his heartstrings–for it is a love he has never known.  “Jealousy Wakes” is inspired by the anguish of jealousy—a spark of envy ignited and fueled by fear—translated into a velvety smooth blend of rich emerald kissed by the sparkle of teal finished with a flash of gold.

Meet at Midnight Opulent ruby red with gold and copper pearl (Lipglass)
Inspiration: As the darkness settles in, she meets her secret lover for a midnight rendezvous beneath the luminous moonlight and star-filled sky. Heart pounding, cheeks flushed, they kiss with passion and desire as their forbidden love breathes life into the night.  “Meet at Midnight” is inspired by a forbidden love that is full of curves and secrets. It’s a deep, decadent ruby that’s shimmered with gold and copper that almost finishes with a metallic sheen.

Ultimately, when it came to thinking up an eyeshadow, it was more about what hasn’t MAC done that I’d like to see done. They have such an extensive permanent range and even wider range of past products. The one color that stuck out to me was emerald green. MAC has done blue, teal, and green, but I could not think of a really great emerald green. The closest being Emerald Green pigment (which, compared to my vision, leaned a little yellow).

For the lipglass, I wanted a really rich, jewel-toned ruby red—something sexy and dark and dramatic but still bright. I was inspired by past great shades of red like Check, Please, Queen’s Sin, and Red Romp. I didn’t want to play it safe with either shade, because I did not want to let my readers down.

(Long-time readers may recognize both shade names, as I took them from a “MAC for Temptalia” collection I made up in honor of April Fool’s Day.)

MAC’s executive team chose Jealousy Wakes as one of the four eyeshadows to be produced from the blogger outreach—I got the “Congratulations!” call in April, and shortly after, traveled to Toronto, Canada with fellow bloggers Aileen, Amber, Karen, Lesley Ellen, Lianne, Lily, Patrice, and Wendy. We toured production facilities and had lunch with the chemists at the Innovation Centre before meeting with our assigned chemist to actually start the development process.

Using my color description of Jealousy Wakes, MAC developed two prototypes: Version 1 was a darker green with flecks of gold and teal, while Version 2 was a yellowed chartreuse with a gold sheen. As pretty as Version 2 was, it was nothing like what I envisioned—though I swear I had a tough time rejecting it outright and told all who would listen that it’s gorgeous and to keep that recipe on file for later!

From me to you: it is really hard to create an ugly green eyeshadow. No, seriously, I think during the hours I spent with the chemists trying to get that exact shade of emerald green I envisioned, we created over twenty variations on that theme. (Quite honestly, I lost track and count of how many pans of possibilities we had on the counter!) It is, however, much more difficult to develop a true emerald green eyeshadow than I ever anticipated.

I wanted the eyeshadow to have a veluxe pearl finish, because I know it is easier to use, more blendable, and often more pigmented than other finishes. I specifically did not want to go with a matte finish, because I didn’t want anyone who purchased it to find it difficult to use (as I know that mattes sometimes have a reputation for being finicky).

To get the vibrancy I wanted out of the emerald green color, you have to increase the amount of flat pigments, but then it would lose the veluxe pearl finish and become more like a satin or matte finished eyeshadow. The other issue was trying to achieve depth without making the color look dirty. Typically, depth is achieved by adding darker colors, like black, but then vibrancy would diminish and the color would look blackened or dirty. Sometimes the green would lean too blue, giving it more of a teal-like appearance, and then other times, it would lean too yellow.

Towards the end of the mixing session (I don’t think anyone anticipated difficulty in creating my vision!), my arms and lab coat were covered in green! I had two chemists who had been working side-by-side for hours along with Nicole Masson (Vice President of Product Development) and Sarah Major (Manager, Product Development) helping me articulate the changes I wanted to see in more standardized language (each term, e.g. payoff, has a standardized meaning to the chemists at MAC—wish we could get that dictionary!). At one point, they even pulled a Pantone book out! I also had them dig out the formula for Emerald Green pigment, which they promptly recreated in eyeshadow form, to compare.

Time was up, and I was a little deflated but still gave the heads up on one of the last versions we came up with. Imagine my surprise when both Nicole and MAC’s PR team pulled me aside to tell me that if I wasn’t happy with the shade that they would keep working on it and would work with me remotely to get it there. I let everything soak in for the next couple of days, and then I did take MAC up on their offer to keep working with it.

I received (the official) Revision 2 of Version 1, and the color was getting there, but I wasn’t happy with the texture—it was almost chunky with silver shimmer. It just didn’t have the smooth, buttery texture (I had briefly told the chemists I wanted it like Freshwater, and they actually remembered and said they’d keep working to get it more like that). Not quite getting the color of my dreams I can live with, but it was (and always will be) very important that anything I attach my name to represents quality. I did not want anyone to buy Jealousy Wakes to support me and find it was lacking in quality. I did not want anyone to be disappointed in me in any aspect—from the color itself to the quality of the formula.

Next, I received Revision 3 of Version 1 and Revision 4 of Version 1. I quickly ruled out Revision 4, because as pretty as it was, it definitely leaned blue and looked more teal than green. The texture was much, much improved from Revision 2, though, and as I said, at some point, my focus moved to ensuring the texture and pay off were there. I finally accepted Revision 3 as the final. I haven’t seen the official final version (from the actual production batch) and won’t until mid-June, but I’m happy with the progression of the shade from inception to finalization.  The color shouldn’t change from what I have, though!

It was really quite the journey—I didn’t expect my submission to be selected for production, so it was incredible to actually see it come to fruition. I was impressed by MAC’s commitment to working with me up to the final deadline (and probably even past it) so that I would be excited and happy with the final shade. I am honored and humbled by the experience, and I know so much of it is a result of the loyalty of Temptalia readers and their unending support over the past four and a half years that have made this kind of opportunity a possibility — so thank YOU!

For clarification and in the interest of disclosure, I received NO monetary compensation to create, develop, or promote Jealousy Wakes. I receive NO compensation at all if you purchase Jealousy Wakes when it debuts. MAC paid for travel and hotel expenses for the trip to Toronto, and I received samples of my shade to photograph.

Note: Once I receive the final product, I will be posting it against other green eyeshadows for comparison along with both a bolder and subtler look on how to wear it 🙂 Timing is likely to be mid-June!

See lots and lots of photos!

A few things that inspired the shade…

Just SOME of the many variations we created on the journey!

It’s really hard to make an ugly green…

Version 1!

Version 2!

Version 2 / Version 1 swatched

My chemist at work, writing out formulas

In-lab press

Drop test — to ensure it was pressed properly

I think this was early on in the journey – I don’t yet look weary, LOL!

A few variations

Ahh, the Pantone book is out!

Revision 2 of Version 1 (Not the final shade)

Revision 2 of Version 1 (Not the final shade)

Revision 2 of Version 1 (Not the final shade)

Revision 2 of Version 1 (Not the final shade)

Revision 3 of Version 1 (Close to final shade) / Revision 4 of Version 1

Revision 3 of Version 1 (Close to final shade)

Revision 3 of Version 1 (Close to final shade)

Revision 3 of Version 1 (Close to final shade)

Revision 2, Revision 3 of Version 1 (Close to final shade), Revision 4 (rejected)

Revision 3 of Version 1 (Close to final shade)


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Jamie Avatar

I’m so happy for you! This is awesome, I’ve been wanting a true emerald green color for a while, something with dimension at that and this is perfect, I will for sure be buying it! It’s a beautiful color 🙂

Carrie Avatar

What an amazing (and fascinating) sounding day! I’m totally jealous of you, yet totally thrilled for you because you completely and utterly -earned- this spot for all the work you’ve done, and your color is gorgeous!!

Carla Avatar

You lived every MAC lover’s dream!
The green is a beautiful color, but, alas, I have bright green eyes, and just can’t do green eyeshadow.
The lip gloss has my name on it, though!

kinella Avatar

just online….it means most of the european market (i’m in italy) wont have the chance to get it 🙁

anyway, congrats and thanks for sharing this ‘adventure’ with us 🙂

Maycon Arêas Avatar

Well i work at MAC in Brazil só i’ll BEG to a friend that lives in Boston to buy 4 me and ship it to tropical lands! LOL I have to have it!

Ani_BEE Avatar

I guess I’ll have to pick up more mac to get the free shipping.

I don’t have a shade of emerald like that and I’m looking forward to seeing the lipglass/glosses since they look more pigmented than most.

eRiN Avatar

I don’t often get excited about MAC shadows, the colors are not often as unique as loose shadows from indie brands BUT this color is incredibly beautiful!!

Leticia Avatar

I cannot buy your eyeshadow either because I live in Mexico :(! I agree with other readers that you so deserved this opportunity and made such a great effort to get the exact shade you wanted. CONGRATULATIONS!! The shade is absolutley GORGEOUS!!

Jessica Avatar

Christine! Oh my gosh. First off I am so proud of you! As a longtime reader I know how much you must have loved this experience. Second, that color is GORGEOUS. I will be buying it as soon as it releases, and I’ll definitely buy backups! You seem to be quite the pro-colorist MAC should have hired you when they had the chance!

Ariana Avatar

What an incredible experience Christine! I don’t think there is anyone out there more qualified than you to be coming up with new textures and shades. CONGRATS GIRL!!!

Kenneth Alan Avatar

Wow when I first heard about the colour you came up with I wasn’t excited, but after seeing the last two swatches I am so excited. Those are such gorgeous colours!

Meghan Avatar

the color looks so pretty. i find it hard to find the perfect green shade when i’m out shopping for eyeshadow. i cant wait to pick up this color june 21!

alisson Avatar

congratulations christine!! what an amazing experience, and to keep that eyeshadow forever will just be so special! i will definitely be buying this, not only to show my support for you and the blog, but because knowing that someone who’s opinion and knowledge i value VERY much created this just makes it practically perfect in my eyes. it is absolutely beautiful and mac has your brain to thank for that 🙂

Rebecca Avatar

Aaahhhh!!! I can’t wait! It is going to be gorgeous! Such an awesome, awesome thing for you to be able to do and the color is amazing. I can’t wait for this line to be available! Congratulations!

Rave Avatar

Awesome Christine! Congrats on everything (school, blog, etc.)! I am so proud of you! The color is crazy beautiful, can’t wait to see the rest! Now… gotta get a brush like the 226! GREAT JOB!

Amanda Dubs Avatar

wow I love emerald greens and I will definitely be getting Jealously Wakes, not only for the shake, but also to support the hard work that you do for us each and every day.

Bekka Avatar

Oooh, I hope they do keep Version 2 on the backburner… that is pretty, even if it wasn’t what we were gunning for XD

I do love Revision 3… so deep, crisp and rich. I gotta say, I’m looking forward to seeing this in person!

Yvee G Avatar

wow if it looks like the last picture you have on here i’m getting it!! it looks like angelina jolies golden globe dress color 🙂 great job!!
are you going to do the lipglass? if so cant wait to see that either!

Stef Avatar

That sux!! Was really looking fwd to the lipglass…well for the 30 secs it took to read the article 😛

Looks like u had a lot of fun, Christine 😀

Fieran Avatar

I think that’s sad as a beauty blog is international and limiting the collection to US/Canada means that none of your international readers will actually be able to purchase any of these items.

bananabelle Avatar

Daaaaamn Christine that. is. awesome! I wish there were more words to describe how happy I am for you and how excited I am to pick up this eyeshadow! 😀

Roxanne Avatar

This colour is actually really gorgeous, so I can’t wait to check it out in person when these come out!

Also, the idea of making eyeshadows excites me as both an artist and a scientist. If I didn’t hate my chemistry department so much, I would change my major to chemistry and get into cosmetics, LOL!

Steph Avatar

Such an awesome collection and I love your colour as well as most of the “rejects”! I love green eyeshadows, but get frustrated that a lot of darker emerald/forest greens to tend to be less vibrant especially once you start to blend them a bit… I really hope this collection is available on the Australian website! 😀

Rae Avatar

Alright, so I’m going to be totally upfront about this: I was pretty skeptical when I heard whispers about the bloggers collection. Thrilled for you guys, of course, but skeptical! I figured it wouldn’t be anything more than good PR, because honestly, when MAC’s already done so many fabulous colours… how could it even be possible to create something entirely new and fresh?

Reading this post, though; hearing about the journey you took with this shade and looking at the swatch photos – I’m blown out of the water. I can honestly say that the shadow you’ve created looks entirely unique, and I can’t wait to see the finalized version!

However proud you are about this shade, I assure you… you’re not nearly proud enough 😛 It’s absolutely breathtaking, Christine!

Christine Avatar

I’d be skeptical, too, but I really do have to give props to MAC, because they even offered to PULL THE SHADE ENTIRELY if I wasn’t happy with it. I’m sure they were banking on me NOT saying to do that, but it really just gave me a lot of faith in the process on my end!

But I agree… so hard to come up with something new and different, even marginally so. I couldn’t think of anything except emerald green kind of shades… and I knew I had to go bold, y’know – if I did a taupe or something, I’d be a laughingstock!

Chantal Avatar

Thank you for writing this post about your process in creating this color. Not only is the end result beautiful, but I think your passion and work ethic really come through. There are so many beauty bloggers out there, with so many reviews and swatches, but for me that is what sets YOURS apart. I’ve always appreciated how comprehensive and methodical you strive to be, and that your blog never stops evolving and improving. I’m glad MAC not only gave you the opportunity to create your own shade (which could have been just some fluffy PR), but supported your commitment to quality, and to your original vision.

Also, it was so interesting to hear about your struggle to make this shade happen. I know we are all hard on MAC sometimes about their new products (with complaints about lack of creativity, problems with pigment, formulas, etc.); this helps to explain how when launching a new collection with strict deadlines and tons of promo pictures released beforehand, some duds are bound to slip through. If they had to struggle like you did with EVERY product in a new collection, they’d hardly ever release any! (Well, maybe it’d be easier if they put out fewer L.E. collections, but I digress…)

Thanks again for all this, Christine. For as long as you keep doing what you are doing with Temptalia, I’ll happily keep reading! 🙂

Christine Avatar

Thanks, Chantal! 🙂

I’m definitely not someone who could just slap my name on something–I feel like my reputation is on the line, so it was just SO important to me to make it a quality product. Even when I left the lab, I told them that no matter whether we could get the exact color I wanted, it HAD to be excellent quality. I imagine it’s a lot harder trying to work with someone who has a very specific idea of a shade! I was just so relieved and happy with each revision, because I was like, YES! WE ARE GETTING THERE!

Ana Avatar

🙁 seriously! just online! buu! I live in México 🙁 won’t be able to buy…

confratulation tho, the shadow is amazing! wjat an opportunity! you totally deserve it Christine(:

ALK Avatar

This is a stunning colour, and I am glad you got the opportunity to experience the creation of your ‘own’ shade! You deserve it, keep up the great work!!

Cheska Avatar

That shade of green seems common enough, meaning I think I see it often in the real world – so I’m a bit surprised that MAC doesn’t have that shade yet. But of course, I’m no expert on their products! It’s really lovely though, would love to get that when it comes out! 🙂

Christine Avatar

It is such a hard green to get JUST right, I think. Like the color of the earrings (which are odd, too – they photograph so much bluer than they are in real life) is PERFECT, but it has a ton of depth and clarity – not so easy to translate into pressed powder!

Addison Avatar

Fore sure going to buy! I also love the lipglass that Karen from makeupandbeautyblog created. This may very well be the most exciting collection that mac has come out with in a while, lots of great colors!
This is so exciting, I can’t wait to get my hands on this stuff (hopefully it doesn’t sell out too quickly!)

Christine Avatar

I wish I knew what kind of quantity/scale of production they did (I asked but MAC said they didn’t know, but TBH, I don’t think they’ll be revealing quantities to us, lol), so I have no idea whether things will sell out or not. I’m alternately terrified they didn’t make enough and that nobody will buy, LOL!

Bente Fie Avatar

Love the color! But if it’s only going to be available online then I can’t get it 🙁 I think you should do a giveaway of just a few so the international mac lovers have a shot at getting a hold of it 🙂

Michelle Avatar

omg…i just died and gone to heaven!!! lol. emerald green is truly a hard color to come by but i love the samples that i am seeing so cannot wait to see the final end version!!!

btw, congratulations on being chosen!!!

barclee Avatar

cnongratulations christine! how exciting…i will look for your colour as i too, love green. I have humid but i like your version better!

Sarah Avatar

LOVE this color. I honestly haven’t been very interested in anything produced by MAC in a few years but I will definitely be getting this. Congrats and thanks for your hard work to create something I know will be of high quality.

Kayla M Avatar

Wow how exciting that you got to create your own color. This is the exact color I’ve been looking for from Mac. Can’t wait until it comes out.

Emily O. Avatar

Christine-what an achievement. I have been so angry and dissappointed with MAC the last few years and swore off them recently. Your detailed and well though out explanation of the process and your personal experience has me doing a 180. So interesting, and yet so exhaustive, this has really increased my respect for MAC and reawakened my excitement for their products. I sent in my “strongly worded letter” and made a lot of badgering phone calls, but this seals te deal for me.
I’m so thrilled they rewarded your loyalty, integrity, and thoroughness as a beauty
blogger. Good on ya, and sorry if
upsets some people but you reinforce my belief that the folks with big dogs have a certain awesome ‘Je ne sais quoi’ I know
I ought not to make snap judgements based on pet ownership, but I’m a girl of rather passionate convictions 😉

Christine Avatar

LOL! I find it half-awesome and half-extra awesome that you take pet ownership into consideration!!

I was truly and honestly impressed by their dedication. I didn’t expect them to go as far as they did, and when they said I could always pull the shade entirely, I was just like, “WOW!”

Thank you, Emily!! 🙂

Kate M. Avatar

This is SO SO SO amazing!! It sounds like an amazing experience and I can’t imagine anyone else who deserves it more than you!

Emily Avatar

All I can say is wow! What an awesome experience! This sounds very like the color I would have made too; I’ve even suggested a low-shimmer emerald green for a couple of makeup contests. (If you could create any eyeshadow color, what would it be?) Great minds think alike! ;D
I totally nodded my head when I read the part about trying to get the color right without adding too much dark.. I don’t really like blackened colors because they subdue the vibrancy too much. So many greens I try are blackened or otherwise darkened so that they’re no longer a bright color. Which is fine if you prefer more muted colors, but I’m still hunting for that perfect breathtaking green!

Thanks so much for sharing, can’t wait to see how your color turns out!!

katrina Avatar

This is amazing!!! you have answered my prayers for the perfect green eyeshadow for really pale skin!!!! will this be a permanent shade???

NessaMBaby Avatar

Congrads Temp! This is amazing,the color Ive been longing for all my life,I have a. Reckon cream color like this,but always hoped MAC would make 1 one day,with gold sheen ,even better,would be great to have a jeweled blue color with gold or light silver sheen too. When will you start working on the gloss? Will they’ll be blushes /bronzers/lipsticks out too with this collection? Xoxo

Jules Avatar

MAC, if you are reading this, please make it available internationally. We all love Christine and we are so thankful for her blog – and the shade is gorgeous!

VJNS Avatar

Oh MY!! What a dream come true it must have been for you Christine. To be up to your sleeves in new MAC shades! LOL And I love the name you gave the new shade. Honestly, green is my best color, so you’re right, can’t make a bad shade of green.

Kate & Zena Avatar

I would have said, “Give me the opaque version of Version 1” because that’s emerald green to me.

Oh, for once you sound like me! Normally you sound so easy going. I was reading this and thinking, “Oh, this is so me. Going down to the nitty gritty picky details.” Except, if it were me, I would probably would have done Dr. Chemist at my house all ready at my house trying to get close to my color and brought that with me along with a ton of photos, color inspiration, fabrics….I’m a bit nuts that way. Once I have a color in my head, I try to look for it everywhere so I try to find the closest thing to the color in my head!

Christine Avatar

I feel like I have a lot riding on the outcome of the eyeshadow – I just really did not want to disappoint anyone! I’m also terrible at hiding things/lying, so it was pretty much written ALL over my face by the end of the trip that I was a bit bummed about the color and how it just wasn’t hitting the right notes for me.

Kate & Zena Avatar

I completely understand. I would be too! I’m a bit of a perfectionist (can you just see how my life is? The perfectionist Autistic. EVERYTHING has to be just right. My life is a bit maddening.) and like things to come out perfect on the second or third try, but that doesn’t happen all the time, especially when I’m creating and that makes me frustrated and get me in my stompy mood (okay, it’s called a temper tantrum. I call them stompy moods).

It must have been frustrating to see everyone else get their color and you not get yours! I think if you were to do something like this again, maybe try getting some fabrics in the shade you’re going for and in the texture you’re going for. I think they resonate closer to make-up as they can show off myriads of colors and they go off the Pantone book too. They do shimmers and glitters and creams and mattes, blah, blah, blah. The texture is mainly to show what you want it to feel like. You can ask the fabric store to cut a 5 inch x 5 inch square instead of a yard. Maybe that’ll help. As someone who sees in color and textures (and not words), that’s a lot easier than words and colors that are few (or many) shades off.

Kate & Zena Avatar

It’s like being the last person eating. Everyone says, “It’s fine. Take your time.” All you want to do is eat faster so you aren’t holding everyone else up and you really hate everyone else watching you eat (I am ALWAYS the last one finished. ALWAYS.) It’s really nerve wracking.

I think sometimes people think, “Oh, that might be enough.” I’ve learned from a long track of failures you really need a couple of swatches as close to the color as you want (if you can get a fabric swatch or the actual Pantone shade, that’s a great advantage. The Pantone charts used to be available online, but Pantone cracked down and only the ones for printing are available online which sucks. There are a lot more hues than the 21 pages that you can see online. There are about 6900 Pantone colors…I think). Trying to find a watercolor/pastel/marker/color pencil shade that’s in your head in an art store….that’s impossible. It’s like, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OMG! WHAT’S WITH ALL THE COLORS?!?!?!?!?” and you completely forget the color you wanted! It put me really off balance the first time I saw all of these professional watercolor tubes and I was thinking, “Woah, okay. Color overload! Color overload. Katie’s brain is overloaded! Katie needs bland! KATIE NEEDS BLAND!!! Can someone tell Katie where the basic watercolor palettes are? Y’know, the Crayola ones? I don’t want the professional ones. I paint like a two-year-old. I. Just. Want. A. Palette. And then I need to know where the scrapbooking paper is. I need another giant stack of those.” I think I needed a paper bag then!

Kate & Zena Avatar

At least now you can take a big breath (and maybe a bubble bath if you take baths) and relax. It’s done! Sure, it’s not the color, but it is close. You can try and franken the color in your head; it’s a good project if you’re really bored one day.