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MAC Hautecore Lipstick for Black Friday 2013 Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Hautecore Lipstick
MAC Hautecore Lipstick

MAC Hautecore Lipstick ($15.00 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “true matte black [with a Matte finish].” It’s a deep, dark black with cool undertones and a mostly matte finish. The consistency was creamier than the usual MAC Matte finish, so it didn’t tug or drag on the lips, though the color didn’t deposit evenly. It does take some finesse and maneuvering to get the color to be as crisp as one might desire.  I haven’t tried too many full-on black lipsticks, and the only one I could think that would compare was Make Up For Ever #50 (P, $19.00), which is less matte. See comparison swatches. A few readers in the comments (here and on social media) have suggested Illamasqua Pristine as a potential less-fussy black lipstick to work with.

It looks drier in the photos than it actually felt from my initial swatch.  The color payoff is semi-opaque–though I really, really tried to get it as opaque as possible, it wasn’t happening.  You would need to apply a dark lip liner (or maybe black eyeliner) to get something cleaner and more opaque.    It lasted for five hours, and it was neither hydrating nor drying.  The big takeaways that it’s a fussy color, will need some patience and help to maximize its color, and it’s not as matte as you’d expect.

I tried layering this with a few other products, and the one thing I did notice is that because it’s not as dry or as matte as some of MAC’s other shades, it has a tendency to move around when it comes in contact with gloss, which can create a somewhat uneven appearance and encourages the black color from the lipstick to settle into lip lines or gather along the edges of the lips.  I would recommend applying a sheerer layer of the lipstick on first, then adding an additional lip color (gloss or lipstick) on top.  If using gloss on top, use very little and see how it goes.  I thought layering a red gloss on top would be cool, and so I picked a more pigmented shade (MAC Russian Red), but the lipstick seemed to just eat up the color yet applying more improved the reddish-tint I was going for, it also made it more uneven.

This shade will be available online only at on Black Friday (November 29th), beginning at midnight. Worth noting, it will also be promoted in the Punk Couture collection, which releases December 26th (but I don’t have much more official information than that). Last year, MAC released Grey Friday, which looked more like a purply-taupe on the lips.

P.S. — If black lipstick isn’t your thing, that’s totally fine, but please refrain from making comments about it being only appropriate for Halloween, stereotyping or insulting the people who might wear it, etc. This is a community where people should feel free to enjoy the products they don’t without judgment from others. Thank you for respecting readers who may have tastes that differ from yours.

MAC Hautecore Lipstick
MAC Hautecore Lipstick

MAC Hautecore Lipstick
MAC Hautecore Lipstick

MAC Hautecore Lipstick
MAC Hautecore Lipstick

MAC Hautecore Lipstick
MAC Hautecore Lipstick

MAC Hautecore Lipstick
MAC Hautecore Lipstick

MAC Hautecore Lipstick
MAC Hautecore Lipstick

MAC Hautecore with Illamasqua Wanderlust on top
MAC Hautecore with Illamasqua Wanderlust on top

MAC Hautecore with Illamasqua Wanderlust on top
MAC Hautecore with Illamasqua Wanderlust on top

MAC Hautecore with MAC Russian Red Lipglass & Love Alert Dazzleglass on top
MAC Hautecore with MAC Russian Red Lipglass & Love Alert Dazzleglass on top

MAC Hautecore with MAC Russian Red Lipglass & Love Alert Dazzleglass on top
MAC Hautecore with MAC Russian Red Lipglass & Love Alert Dazzleglass on top


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layla Avatar

i just got my Punk Couture lipsticks in the mail from nordstroms presale…and the lipsticks i got are : Studded kiss, Instigator, Punk couture….please review soon! 🙂 ..Studded kiss= a lil brighter mac diva punk couture =dark grape matte instigator= a deep matte boysenberry blackened shade..(my favorite of all)…

Lauren Avatar

I have the WnW Pagan Angel, so this (MAC Hautecore) will not be added to my collection.

Side note: I bought Grey Friday last year and wound up sending it back because it looked horrible on my lips. However I am interested to see what colors are in the Punk Couture collection.

Quinn Avatar

This would look AMAZING over nightmoth tbh. However, portland black lipstick co.’s black is still my go-to for a nice, opaque black that is moisturizing and has a really nice finish.

Chesung Avatar

Too gothic for my taste. Looks weird though. By the way I buy all my products reading your reviews and I have never been unsatisfied. Always loved your reviews. Thank you gor guiding 🙂
Anyways on a totally different topic would you recommend Meteorites Crazy Pearls Illuminating Powder or guerlain meterite pearls the original in teint rose maybe for full face application. I have dry medium fairish olive skin. Sorry it is kind of an emergency since the country I an going to doesn’t have guerlain

edith Avatar

Hi Christine

Just thought I would add a great dupe for this, Pristine by Illamsqua. My go to for a vampy look and its has very opaque coverage. Kinda sad MAC is still so inconsistent w coverage.

faerieevenstar Avatar

I love it with Wanderlust over the top! Nice! Thanks for showing it mixed with stuff that makes it make more sense (iyswim?!) Not sure I need this as I have OCC’s Tarred Lip Tar and I love the formula of a Lip Tar.

Erica Avatar

I fell for the hype last December 26th and bought Mac’s Firm Form which looks similar. I had high hopes the color would deposit evenly. Not even close. You could exfoliate and moisturize for days on end and Mac’s versions of this color do not deposit evenly. As much as I love ’em (Mac and black/purple lippies) I’ll pass.

Hanna Avatar

Do you have another matte black in your stash? If so what is it? I love black lips but the shiny ones feel a little too “crappy black halloween lipstick” to me….

Oliver Avatar

I had a look, and Morgana Cryptoria has a few, including Black Velvet (I think that’s from her mattes line) and Licorice, that aren’t too shiny. Her online shop’s closed until her black Friday sale. You may also like Silk Natural’s Bam, though I haven’t tried that one yet.

Cindy Avatar

I have Midnight Media from the Style Black collection, which I thought I’d have the nerve to use but never did, LOL! It seems that this one is a little darker than Midnight Media. I love the Wanderlust layered on top though, that looks gorgeous!

Steph Avatar

Oh wow that’s amazing with Wanderlust on top! <3 btw I love that you included that last little paragraph- we all know that black or green lipsticks aren't what most would consider every day wearable, but it can be annoying to people who have to deal with "it's not halloween" type comments all the time to see the same sentiments on even their hobby/escape websites.

Christine Avatar

No problem! 🙂 It’s funny, because it just reminds me of red lipstick – there are definitely people who don’t like it, who see it with negative connotations, and then you have people who wear red every day! Whatever makes you happy, you know? It’s makeup – it’s supposed to make you feel good and bring out your creativity/artistic side!

Melissa Avatar

Yikes! I think I get better quality from the cheap Fantasy Makers black I got at the drug store for 99 cents. It’s been said before, but if MAC is going to have high end pricing, they need to have high end performance and this doesn’t live up to that, IMO. I get that black lipstick is far more fussy than a lot of others, but there’s no way I’d ever pay $15 for a lipstick that performs like that. That said, it does look great under Wanderlust, which hides a lot of the streaking in the color itself.

june Avatar

illamasqua’s pristine is also a matte black but it’s totally opaque, goes on really nicely (though it’s on the drier side) and looks amazingly with violate layered over the top. and if you time it right, you’re more than likely able to get it from illamasqua during a sale for about 5 pounds.

impekkable Avatar

Interesting gloss combinations.

I like that you made a note about personal tastes and preferences.
The very fact that such colours exist means there are some people who find them interesting, and who is anyone to say that their preferences and tastes are the only ones to have. I really find that incomprehensible, how people can expect that the their taste in clothes, makeup, and all kinds of stuff is the only one worth having or inculcating, a sort of totalitarianism in taste. In fact, I see this with many people in my family 🙂

Amara Avatar

it looks interesting! i haven’t worn black lipstick in years but i really love the effects you created by experimenting with glosses and stuff! don’t know if i’ll spring for it on black friday, but i may check it out later!!!

Ryou Avatar

I almost miss your ._. face that used to come up on less traditional lip product reviews, but your smiley face is pretty so I’m not complaining. 😉

On the lipstick itself, I’m quite indifferent. It’s not a bad black, though, and certainly has its place (love that paragraph you added, BTW). Although I must admit I’m a bit annoyed at how MAC is so discount-averse that this is what they come out with on Black Fridays.

Rashmi Avatar

I do want a black lip color in my stash 🙂 i am sure there will be hundred combinations to work around with this 😀
the gloss on top is WOWWWWW

one thing I want to appreciate here – I loveeeee how sporty you are , have seen you in teal , black , green and you are amazingggg always 😀
bloggers at times dont review press samples if the color is so unconventional but you my Christine always do justice 🙂

Sarah Avatar

It’s much more awesome with the Wanderlust and Russian Red lip glosses layered over it. What sort of eye makeup would you recommend with a dark / unusual lip color like this?

Gillian Avatar

If you pat some translucent powder on your eyelid and then apply this lipstick with a stiff brush, it would make for a really cool glossy smokey eye. Maybe some grey eyeshadow dusted overtop.

Christine Avatar

If a comment violates our comment policy, it’s not posted… That is part of why comments are approved before being posted. Second, those type of comments happen on nearly every single “abnormal” lip color post we’ve ever done. After receiving a few, I decided a warning was necessary. Just to clarify, it’s not about being negative, it’s about not being insulting to others!

Amanda Avatar

If you want true, opaque, black lips… Buy a NYX lipliner in Black Berry and Mac Lipmix in Black. Lipmix is a Pro product but it’s available on the website. It’s similar to OCC lip tars but without all the bleeding, and I didn’t find it too dry either. Just use a lip brush and it will do the job… I was Sharon Needles (RuPaul’s Drag Race fans will recall) for Halloween and this combo was great.

Ana O Avatar

The last time I wore black lipstick….. well, I guess it was 15 years ago, in my punk years – which was also when I discovered makeup! I had never given it a second thought until today. While I don’t think I can pull it off by itself, I LOVED both layerings! As usual, amazing job, Christine!

Nicole Isabella Avatar

I’m kind of glad I don’t live in America because I’d be so sucked into buying this even though there are definitely better black lipsticks about. I do love the vampy-purple tone it seems to pull on your lips, though. (And stop convincing me that I need Wanderlust in my life, gosh! I really want to layer it over black now, haha.)

PS, thank you for the PS. I actually just ranted about this last night. It’s not to your taste? Fine, no one is forcing you to buy or wear the product. If they are, then you can complain because that’s not cool. But other than that, you look like a prat screeching that something is ugly and shouldn’t have been made just because it’s a colour that’s not to your taste. Christ on a crosstrainer, we essentially paint our faces every (most, whatever) day – that is all we’re doing – why does it MATTER to anyone if a stranger wants to buy and use the red paint instead of the blue, or vice versa? As long as they feel happy and confident, who are any of us to say that they should be painting the sky blue instead of green in their colouring book? And the same goes to those people who screech “pointless” at subtle, no makeup-makeup. Who CARES that someone wants to colour inside the lines?

Seriously. No one is being harmed because a lipstick you don’t like exists. Get the hell over it. It’ll be washed off when they get in.

(Yes, I mad.)

Christine Avatar

Preaching to the choir 🙂 I think someone might not realize that saying, “Wow, who would ever wear this?” is insulting vs. “just my opinion” (opinions can be insulting!), and I’m of the mind that if you see a product you know you won’t like or isn’t your cup of tea, just skip over and move to a product that is–or at least let those who do like, enjoy it without judgment. I have no problem if someone wants to criticize the color or the finish or even to say, “I couldn’t wear black lipstick” or “Black lipstick is ugly on me.”

Amy Avatar

If this was more opaque and less patchy, I might buy it, but as-is I’m thinking of a Portland Black Lipstick Co order instead. I would probably most often wear it layered, but I need a good black lipstick in my stash, most of mine are more burgundy, purple, or sheerer.

And thank you for asking people not to be insulting, and for not posting the comments that are. It always annoys me that people can’t just skip over things they don’t like, or at least say “it’s not me” without saying “it shouldn’t be anybody!” I think everyone has had that moment where they’ve done the rest of their makeup and are putting on the lipstick last and can’t stop smiling because they just seem to have fallen into themselves – they look great, just how they want, they feel fantastic! With me, and some others I’m sure, that happens with black or other very dark, vampy lipstick. I feel amazing wearing it.

Not truly relevant to this lipstick, but it ESPECIALLY annoys me when people post “who would ever wear that, ugh.” and “it’s not Halloween!” on stuff from Illamasqua in particular… Dave Vanian (from The Damned) is one of the founders. People should Google images of him and then maybe they’ll stop being surprised when they come out with “odd”, “gothy”, or “vampy” things!

Cait Avatar

I have Pristine by Illamaqua and it is lovely. The only complain I have about it is the shape of the lipstick so that I have to apply it with a brush… I was kinds hoping this would be similar enough so that I could buy it and have it in my purse for touch ups.

I never thought of layering red on top! So pretty!! Thanks for the review and the ideas!

Cross Avatar

thank you so much for that PS!! it gets so off-putting seeing people comment negatively on colors that i, and other people, think are beautiful. and for people who are looking for a more opaque black lipstick — portland black lipstick company has a totally opaque black lipstick for cheaper than this, or illamasqua’s pristine (which actually seems to me to be less opaque than the PBLC!)

Al Avatar

Phew! When I saw the press release for this lipstick, I was like “oh no! I just bought Illamasqua Pristine!” But now that I see how lacking this is in the evenness and opaque departments, I’m glad I splurged the extra money on Illamasqua. It applies so much more evenly, and it is definitely much more opaque.

Maria Avatar

I have the MUFE #50 and it is blackest black with opaque coverage. I have been wearing it for two years now and I still love it. Based on the pics for the new mac lipstick, the mac is a disappointment in terms of coverage. Sheer coverage defeats the purpose of wearing a daring lip color like black!

Dini Avatar

I have MAC’s Black Knight lipstick. I’ve been using the MAC Lipmix in black when I want a black lipgloss look. Any comparison between Hautecore and Black Knight?

gen Avatar

Hey….I think it looks great on you. It’s all about confidence & how you dress up. I bought the Make up forever #50 because the matte hautecore sold out before I could get my hands on it. I was contemplating buying the mac online on ebay or something so I appreciate your review. MUFE is very hydrating unfortunately not matte. It’s the only reason I wanted the mac hautecore.

joyce Avatar

How do you manage to look so good with anything? I can’t wait to get my hands on it, it will be a fun one to do layering with other colors! Looks amazing alone as well!

On a side note, despite your note on the bottom about mean comments, people are still making those kinds of comments…….that makes me sad 🙁

gms Avatar

I’d LOVE to see the far away shots of Christine with the different glosses on top. To me, pairing it with a gloss seems like it makes it INFINITELY more wearable… but I’d love to see it from a far before making that commitment. The up-close shots look lovely!!

helllllll yessssss Avatar

I just bought it online omg niccce I cant wait its soo awesome. I also want to purchase illamasqua pristine one day when i go overseas…. 😀 thanks for the great review!

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