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Sneak Peek: Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Palette Photos & Swatches

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Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette
Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Eyeshadow Palette

Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Kyshadow Palette ($45.00 for 0.60 oz.) is the newest palette from the brand, and it will launch on January 12th! Here are swatches:


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Lisa Avatar

agree – maybe it could work with Queen Bee, but doesn’t seem to go with the overall color scheme of the palette. But then, there’s also no dark shades or light shades, so I guess they didn’t intend this to be a palette that you can create a complete look with.

Mariella Avatar

I wasn’t 100% sure (I don’t think this is available in Canada in any case so I wouldn’t have seen any promotional stuff) but I did a quick google search and, indeed, as expected – the Kardashian konnection!

maria Avatar

Agreed can not stand the Kardashian’s! I don’t know how anyone could watch their show or any of them in any show! Now Chloe is coming out with a new show that I will make sure I don’t watch I won’t support any of them by giving them rating’s or purchasing anything they sell.

MacKenzie Avatar

Sooo glad you got sent this one, can’t wait to see how it is! And out of curiosity, would you consider reviewing other Kylie products in the future?

Alecto Avatar

We got a lot of peach going on right now, don’t we? This must be making the people who like cooler kits crazy.

I don’t need this, and am not getting it, but if I were in the market for a palette of peaches, I think I actually like this better than the Too Faced one. I appreciate that this has been edited down, so the colors are less likely to run together. Mojito is a really nice touch/accent. Also, the blue is more interesting to me than Sweet Peach’s “purple” (though both look like they have issues). I’d say, altogether, a nice contribution.

Agona Avatar

As someone who mainly wears cool tones, I LOL’d at your comment. These last couple of seasons’ of warm russet cranberries and etc toned/themed palettes have been driving me nutty! 🙂

Asche Avatar

Totally agree, it looks obviously bad beside everything else.
I’m not interested in this anyway though. I won’t touch anything associated with the Kardashians.

AB Avatar

This looks nice — most swatch well., and I can imagine using almost every shade, a good basic grouping. I’ve never heard of this brand, but am intrigued.

Fran Avatar

I really like some of the colors (especially Mojito!, Royal looks too patchy), and the fact that there is relief from the overall darkness of several palettes I’ve seen recently, but there’s overall too much orange and red in the palette for me, and it seems like it could use one or two darker shades.

Dominique Avatar

I like the colors of this palette but I agree the blue is kind of strange.I’ve always loved peach tones since I started using makeup when I was a little kid.I was extremely against Kylie cosmetics in the beginning when she launched.Because I was interested in the colors and to see how her formula was I tried to purchase the very first lip kits she released and they literally sold out in 30 seconds this was the first launch before most people even had heard of her making a lip kit.After that release it got increasingly worse and I read into it and they were actually hoarding stock to make the products sell out instantly and then releasing a tiny bit more several days later and so on.Their marketing strategy was implemented to create ravenous demand.Other companies do this but their way of doing it was blatant and they did it every single launch for a very long time.It really made me upset.I waited until recently to purchase a Dirty Peach lip kit and the Burgundy KyShadow palette.I read many reviews and watched many Utube videos to make sure the things I ordered were good products.Then her Holiday collection came out I was going to order some things and the shady marketing started to come into play again there was a small holiday Matte Lip set for a little over 30 dollars and the first launch and every restock until after Christmas this little lip set sold out instantly I would be on the page right at release time and by the time you tried to press the place order button it would be gone.Also she supposedly stole her packaging designs for her lip kits from @vladmua on instagram and stole other imagery from @vladmua’s fashion shoots copied the image then put up on Kylie cosmetics instagram with no photo credit for Vlad.Vlad collaborates with Pat McGrath sometimes and other beauty and fashion companies and magazines.Vlad called her out the most recent time for this Holliday image and she erased it.So there is just so much shadiness that goes on with her brand at this point even if it’s a good product like her metallic cream shadows it hard to get behind a brand like hers.

kjh Avatar

This should do well with the pro-K crowd; it’ll sell out instantly. It’s still on the trend that MR deserves the Nobel prize for eyeshadow for, is ‘spotter on’ than the tf for peach, and I assume has no scent or saccharine. I would have put a forest green in lieu of the poor blue…it would pick up the mojito, and greens/peaches have a super contrast. Pretty nice, overall. Didn’t a reader say that Kylie kits are mfgd by the same people that do CP? If so, no wonder it’s good!

Katherine T. Avatar

Well, whatever her shortcomings might be, I think Kylie looks quite stunning, and ColourPop makes her products, so I’m keeping an open mind on her line. I got one of her Glosses (Posie K + lipliner) and liked the color and formula. And I also got the Burgundy Shadow palette, haven’t tested on my eyes yet due to a cold, but the arm swatches look very promising, but if you have ABH MR already, the color scheme is kind of similar. As for this Royal Peach palette I think the blue is an odd choice –the quality doesn’t look good, and it doesn’t look like it will go well with those colors. I like KJH’s suggestion of a green instead, as that will go with the peach theme and peach colors. But overall, the quality looks much better than Too Faced’s version, and there are some true peach colors in here. But between ABH MR and the Burgundy palette, I have enough dupes so will skip this palette, but will be checking out dupes for North Star, such a pretty lavender pink.

Ameerah Avatar

I am unsure that after Too faced sweet peach palette, I want to buy another one like it. I feel the only shades I am interested in are North star, Mojito and Duke. I am hoping there are some good dupes for them when Christine reviews this palette. I am not a Kardashian fan. Unsure, I want to give them my money.

Brittany schill Avatar

These colors are fabulous! That blue works so well as an eyeliner to all the other colors! Really happy with these colors. I adore them!

Brenda Peterson Avatar

I’m obsessed with peach shadows but… I have TF Sweet Peach, several ABH & colourpop peachy single shadows. Plus, I’m pretty sure I have dupes for most of these shades.

I’m intrigued with blue and will try that at home. It makes sense since orange & blue are opposites on the color wheel and compliment each other. Maybe blue on the lower lash line and water line. Rock the new Hollywood trend.

Lastly, I will not purchase because I cannot support the Kardashians. I think they represent the worst of American culture.

Jade Avatar

I disagree with the “buying anything associated with the Kardashians”. her lip kits are absolutely amazing. They do not come off at all! I bought the large holiday kit that was 290, but I don’t get all the hate just because she is related to a Kardashian. I honestly think they are one of the better matte liquid lipsticks out there, and trust me I own plenty of Kat Von D, Retro Mattes, and some Tartes. Frankly, I believe she’s being treated unfairly with her line just because she is a “Kardsashian.”

Bonnie Avatar

I know this is splitting hairs but she’s a Jenner not a Kardashian, yes? Idk. I’m not a fan and don’t own any of her KyMetics. OMG! I trademark that! I am officially trademarking KyMetics right here, right now. I just made it up from my own brain. Ok, just in Kase I wanted to cover that base ?Anyway, I don’t think it’s fair to lump her and Kendall in with the rest of them. They both seem ambitious and starting a cosmetics empire as a teen is pretty dang impressive. Granted she had a lot of backing but you can say the same for a boatload of rich offspring who just spend their lives being wealthy. At any rate not buying because you question the company’s ethics or don’t like the products is one thing. Even boycotting a brand for the owners actions I believe to be fair but boycotting someone because of who they are related to doesn’t seem fair. Especially since she’s so young. Ugh! This isn’t coming out the way I wanted it too. I’m not judging anyone!! I hate that no matter how I word it I sound judgey. I guess I’m trying to say everyone gets an opinion but everyone should be judged on their own merits. She’s not an innocent little angel by any means but she’s not afraid to work and she’s going after her goals, gotta hand her that.
Btw, I might love mojito enough to trade KyMetics for a bunch of palettes lol call me Kris maybe we can work a deal ?

Zoe Avatar

I actually really like the unconventional color scheme here!
This totally reads like a spring/summer palette to me. The January release date feels too early.
While I love the blue, a darker green would have probably worked better here.

Kim Avatar

I really really love this palette now! I wasn’t sure at first but now seeing it here, I’m sold!! I think all the colors work together fabulously and that royal blue is divine!! Because it’s a royal blue it veers to the purple side somewhat and goes perfectly with the peaches/pinks/coral shades and will lift the looks up for the summer! Which I want! Drab purples in the Sweet Peach palette is too dark for summer. This is perfection and it has a flavor of pastel goth because the darks are brighter as in that gorgeous Royal!! And those sumptious purple/lavender and yellow/green is to LIVE for!! Much better than the Sweet Peach version that were too dark and dreary! Nothing dark here! It actually reminds me of the best of Sweet Peach and Colored Raine’s Queen of Hearts gone on a summer vaca. Lol! Perfection for the spring and summer!! Kylie is going summa-cola!! YESSSSS, bring it on!!

Denise S. Avatar

I like it. I didn’t get the TF Peach palette but I’ll probably buy this one because of the vivid peach colors. I could use the blue shadow as a lower eye liner over top of one of my bright blue pencil liners since it needs some help.

Dominique Avatar

What I wrote earlier is not hate towards Kylie for being related to the Kardashians.I have been following her line since the beginning because I am a huge fan of all types of makeup like everyone else is on here I am sure.My name on here used to come up as nika99 but I updated my profile and added a picture so I’m not a new member.I have read many articles and looked into her line.Her products are manufactured at the same wear house as Colourpop but she has her own marketing team,formula,ect. so it isn’t Colourpop with Kylie’s name smacked into it.When you sell out of something in 2 minutes and have a full restock a couple days later it’s seems suspicious to me.The fact that she has stole imagery from another Instagram account without crediting that person when @vladmua has been doing images with lips and drips of lipstick coming off of them since before Kylie cosmetics was a brand is what upsets me it has nothing to do with hating on Kylie she is a beautiful girl with a growing successful makeup line but when you repeatedly use shady marketing and steal others ideas and pass them off as your own then I have to question if I feel comfortable supporting your brand.

Bonnie Avatar

Hi Dominique, this is exactly what I was trying to get across. I think it’s totally valid and fair not to support a brand with shady ethics or whose business practices are suspect. I just felt like I kept reading over and over people were hating on the brand because they dislike the kardashians. I got a pretty bad concussion a couple months ago which is why I haven’t commented much like I usually do. It’s hard to get out what I’m trying to say in the way I want to say it , unfortunately it wasn’t my first concussion so the healing is slow going. I probably should have refrained from commenting when I was having such a tough time getting my point across. Truly I wasn’t pointing to you or anyone in particular. Hey maybe my K word invention will take off and I can shower us all with gift cards!! To Sephora lol

Squidgeaboo Avatar

I have a skull fracture I received in 1992, and when the weather changes, I get massive headaches and it’s tough to think. Sometimes it’s tough without the headache. I totally understand. Hugs!

Dominique Avatar

Hi Bonnie,I wasn’t responding to anyone specific and I understood what you were trying to say in your earlier post.I just didn’t want anyone on this thread thinking I was hating on her.On any social media like Instagram or Facebook there are always people hating on her for what ever reason and everyone is entitled to their own opinion but the experiences I’ve had when trying to purchase items from her brand and the stealing of images is the thing I don’t condone.I just wanted to clarify that.I hope you are feeling better and healing I know concussions are serious brain injuries and you can have symptoms for awhile.Your earlier post was not confusing and I knew you weren’t addressing me specifically.

Autumn Avatar

I think it is odd that Kylie and Colourpop(new pressed powders) are releasing new eye shadow shades a day apart and they look almost identical. The two brands are made in the same factory. Hmmmmmmm………wonder if anyone else noticed that.

Kyra T. Avatar

I’ve been really hard on Kylie and not purchasing just because she’s associated with the Kardashians. I haven’t bought anything yet from her, but I’m gonna try to get this one. I like all of the colors and I want to try something out. There’s going to always be something negative about different celebrities and whatnot, but if I really like something, I’m gonna try to buy.

Adel west Avatar

I had my alarm set and I was sitting there reloading the page over and over then it took a second because there was so much activity it told me not to refresh the page or I would lose my spot…I personally don’t like to support people like her but her products are really nice but yeah I’m super excited.

KA Avatar

My goodness so many people commenting on how they will not try or purchase a product simply based on someone’s name and family? Has this girl done something to any one of you personally? Not that she needs any one of yours support her products are actually very good and are flattering on older as well as younger eyes and lips…I know, iam 40 and I have purchased numerous items from her line including her bronze palette (which is my favourite eyeshadow palette in my extensive higher end collection) to her lip kits, metal mattes and lip glosses. The matte eyeshadows build and are flattering without looking dry, she has her shimmers that add some colour and glow without making the eyelids look crepe and old and the metallic shades like the one silver in the holiday palette and the burgundy palette are beautiful without looking cheap.

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