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I like trying new things but I do try to wait until the hype dies down. Too many “gurus” like everything and I don’t get that. If a product is liked by many and the raves persist beyond the initial reaction, I’m much more likely to give it a try. I think I was one of the last to give ABH Modern Renaissance a try. I swatched and waited but I finally did give in and the hype was well deserved. I’m just never sure. I like buying makeup and I definitely get the itch but I don’t want an out of control collection either. I don’t want a whole bunch of “what I was thinking” makeup that sits there and is never used as well! Balance I guess!!

I was really interested to see the 2016 yearly favorites because new launches come and go and in general, I feel like so many brands do very good “YouTube marketing” so their products get raved about during the first month or so but don’t get mentioned anymore. Modern Renaissance is indeed one of the best eyeshadow palettes of recent years. I don’t even see anyone else mentioning all the other 500 pink / red / cranberry / burgundy themed palettes in their yearly favorites, just the MR is enough imo. Another palette I’m finally deciding to pick up is the Tartelette in Bloom one after seeing many youtubers picking it as their favorite of the year.

Yes I waited on getting the tartlette in bloom too ans plan to pick it up now after the 2016 beauty favorite videos. Unfortunately I dont trust the big Youtubers when they first rave about products even my favorites because of the heavy influence of money and PR might be overselling me the products…

It’s not surprising that you “itch”, Christine, given your “job” as the preeminent beauty blogger in the world! I go back and forth between “itching” (still looking for things like the ultimate concealer, which explains why I have about 7 on the go, all of which I really like, though there’s always “room for a newer, better one”; the same holds true for foundation) but I also have holy grail items too that I would miss if they were no longer available (MAC Craving, Brick-o-la and New York Apple lipsticks, Tarte Natural Beauty Blush, etc.)

For basic everyday stuff, ie; foundation, mascara, tightline pencil, etc., I love having my HG products for as long as they remain my HG.
But, for most color products, that’s another story! I am always itching to try out new formulas or shades. Because hey, life without color is boring!

I like keeping those work horse products small. I’m fine using one or two concealers. One mascara. Only a handful of eyeliners etc. I’ll just stick to my favorites. But I cannot keep my blush, lipstick and eyeshadow stash small. So many new releases and new things I want to try!

I’d like to think I find HG’s and then I’m done buying (collecting) but that’s not the case. I only have a few brands that I buy from but I buy quite a bit (even though I already have HGs) from those brands. I’m a sucker for anything MAC, luxe packaging, and I like collecting from certain brands so I definitely have the itch.

I have my set holy trails that I always have on hand, but I definitely get the itch to try new products all the time, so i pepper them in with old favorites.

Oh Christine, after dating various different products over the past few years since I started using makeup, I have discovered my “type” and have some HGs. I absolutely swear by Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders; there’s nothing else like it in the market in my opinion. I always want more. I love ABH for my eyebrows; I love the brow powder to fill in my brows, and I use a cheaper L’Oreal eyebrow pencil to lengthen my brows and do additional filling. I’ll be repurchasing those again. I don’t wear foundation much, but after applying my skincare and SPF I like to put on IT Cosmetics translucent powder to keep the oil at bay. I purchased 2 backups because I use it every day. For eyeliner, I LOVE the Urban Decay 24 Hour liquid eyeliners that have now been taken off the shelves and have been replaced by the Razoredge (?) line. But a couple years ago they were doing a clearance sale online and I nabbed about 5 of the dark brown liners, a few wacky colors, and about 4 black liners. My cousin gave me a Pixi eyeliner in OysterGlow and I use that every day too on my lower lash line for that brightening magic.

But honestly? I’m open to trying out other brands as well. I have trust issues though, so when I find something that works on my face and makes me look as good as I feel, I stick to those. Anyone have actual dupe recommendations for any of the aforementioned products???

One product that I lust after but can’t justify is the Tom Ford liquid eyeliner. I’m just a broke med student so I can’t be buying that like I have any income.

I just caved and bought the ambient lighting powder in ethereal light. And the Mood Exposure blush. I was hesitant bc whenever I tested at Sephora I felt they were so dry and rough. I think maybe their sanitizer changes the formula. Anyhoo I’m in love with these products and glad I broke down and bought them. I use the ABH Dipbrow bc I feel her stuff is the only stuff that is a color match. Anywhere else, they offer dark and darker for brunettes. I don’t want scary dark brows and if I use the stuff for blond it is too brassy. Even taupe is too dark and just not right. ABH is the only brow brand for me so far.

I’ve only had ABH brow stuff since I paid attention to my brows a couple of years ago and they’re all doing their job! I use the powder, the brow wiz and definer, the pomade as well as their double ended brush. For me personally, the one good thing coming out of the instagram brow trend was that it introduced me to the ABH pomade; the color is great, very easy to blend / brush, it sets my brow hairs too and last all day, and I need the tiniest amount every single time. I feel like the pot is gonna last forever.

girl, hourglass powders blend so beautifully. They’re almost foolproof. When I’m in a morning rush, I just swirl/smash a mix of the ambient lighting powder (i have the triplet palette) on my cheeks and I’m out the door. I am obsessed! they’re more my style; I like the subtle makeup look and I pretty much never use foundation. I remember a time I hated the ambient powders bc I just didn’t think they did anything, but I soon realized the difference they make. I had people complimenting my skin, and I looks so much better than other people in pictures! These powders give the most wonderful glow and warmth to your face!!!!

I’m always trying to find the holy grails and sticking to them for basics (for me that includes: foundation, powder, concealer, Mascara, eyeliner, brow stuff, and even bronzer and highlighter at this stage). I still bought so many of those because I haven’t found the one(s)? Speaking of, yesterday I picked up the tom ford eyeliner thinking it could be it, what I spend only for eyeliner this few months… but honestly I couldn’t see anything special or better than Japanese drugstore brands. Did people just not use any liquid eyeliners before or what? Sorry for the rant.
For color makeup though, I’m definitely itching to try new products. Or maybe it’s not really about the newness, I am just interested to try all the formulas and collect every color family. Eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, brushes…. you name it!

oh, good to see your opinion of the TF eyeliner. It just looks so luxurious, but I’m sure there are smaller and cheaper brands that work as well.

OCPD dictates that I stick to my holy grails, but anxieties dictate I try to find alternatives in case I can’t access them anymore.

I 100% understand! I have BPD, and STPD, and I HATE change. I always use the same stuff and stick to it! But I’m always scared I’m going to run out/never be able to use it again. So Ill stash backups of mascara and Crap. Ugh!

I also have BPD so I relate so so much. I think I’ve seen pan on an eyeshadow ONCE in my life, and afterwards I just kind of… Never touched that shade again.

Brain, get it together please. ;A;

I’d say like this…. I itch to try new products hoping that some will be so good that I would not want to look for anything else. Well, finding my holy grail product usually takes sooo long (mostly because of my limited finances)that once smth comes undeniable close to perfection, there is already smth new and promising on the makeup horizon. So, I guess as long as I have the means, there will be that itch 🙂

I like new and different but don’t ‘itch’ for something new. I have so much ‘new’ that I need to make a dent in, am looking forward to using what’s in my current stash.

I do want to try new products, but I am patient enough to read/ watch some reviews before I jump on the bandwagon. However, my skincare is in a good place, and there I am reluctant to jump onto a new product.

In some categories I itch, in others I just want to find the right product and stick with that for the rest of my life. You can draw a firm line between base products and color products for those two categories (foundation falls into base products, of course, as does all skincare).

Both! I like to have beautifully-performing HGs for staple products like primer, foundation, brow gel, mascara, sunscreen. And the search for an HG can certainly result in trying a lot of products! I’m constantly itching to try new colors and finishes in color cosmetics, and am happy when there’s a whole new good formula’s worth of colors to explore.

Who am I trying to kid?! I want to say HG user, but I itch all the time. In fact, I’m surreptitiously trying to convince my DH to go into the city today because want to check out a thing or three. 🙂

I do stick with foundations, primers, concealers, etc. It’s usually taken me so long to get that right, I recoil from going down those roads again. I don’t find that much fun. I pretty much stay content with those basics often for extended periods of time.

But shadow, blush and lipstick — forget it. How many configurations of itch can I describe to cover those? As much as I adore the powder shadows I have dialed in, I have convinced myself I need a quicker swipe-and-done option for some mornings. Cream shadows are proving to be the ticket. See desire for trip into city above. Read that as itch to hit the TF and MJ counters today. 🙂

If someone is reading a beauty blog with any regularity, I’d assume that person was interested in–if not itching to try–new products. I’m fairly conservative and consistent when it comes to my skin care and basic cosmetics (foundation, mascara, etc.), but things like lipstick, eyeshadow, and blusher are a whole other matter. I love trying new things. It’s a way of keeping my look fresh and modern.

That’s a tough one. I itch a lot, but fall apart if it doesn’t work out. The itch is wanting to see if it works out for me. I want to say it’s a 50/50 toss up (but I itch a lot!)

For color products such as eyeshadow, lip colors, blush, highlighter, eyeliner, etc: I’m all about trying new things and having variety. Fragrance probably fall into this category as well, though I own far less than I do makeup. I do try to research everything, though, and not buy blindly.

However, for my everyday, basic products such as foundation, setting powder, contour powder, mascara, primers, hair and skin care, personal hygiene, etc: I prefer to have just a few products that really work well for me.

Both! I enjoy finding and repurchasing things that work for me, but I also enjoy discovering new things so need a balance between the 2.

HGs with expansion on skincare and base products. Color: it kind of becomes a thema con variazione. I guess you call that a focused itch. Where IS my corticosteroid cream?

I prefer finding and using holy Grails but this is bc my skin seems to be allergic to 90% of what is sold out there that I can no longer play to my heart’s content. I am always looking at new products and providing I can see an ingredients list, I still love to try new things but not as much as I like to hunt down the perfect blush for example.

I dont know? Hmm.

Lately I’v been itching to try new single pan eye shadows, and I’v been pushing myself to experiment with new eye shadow formulas and colours.

I def have my staples, that I use often, and don’t want to change though on the other hand!!

I like to try new stuff! I do generally stick to the same primer, foundation, brow stuff, mascara, etc. (until something interesting comes along to replace what I was using previously or I decide I don’t like what I was using anymore), but when it comes to eyeshadows and lipsticks I feel like I want to sample every brand! 🙂

I have established skincare routines and even though I might try and change products, the general layout never changes. For some steps of my routines, I’ve found my holy grails and I tend to stick to them. But for other steps, I sometimes try out some new products. When a skincare brand I love launches a new product, I often itch to try it. The fact that my skin has specific problems and it is quite reactive and I have to be very careful about what I put onto it automatically reduces the possibilities and therefore temptation ^^

When it comes to the base (primer, foundaton, powder) and mascaras I tend to stick to my holy grails (it’s the same thing as skincare, my skin doesn’t quite tolerate silicone and most of the primers and foundations available contain silicone so once I’ve found something I and my skin like, I treasure it ^^). But when it comes to eyeshadows, bronzers, blushes, highlighters and everything lipstick, as I am a real collector, I often itch to try new products!!!

Yes, I feel like I haven’t found my holy grail yet because I keep buying and buying. It seem’s I find an eyeliner I like that stays pretty well but then I feel that their is something better so I buy a new one, some are awful and some are good. I wish I didn’t have the need to keep looking for something better, it would save me a lot of money!

I always want to try new foundations, especially from my HG brands for foundation, Ford and Armani. Each have a new product that I have heard tests well, so I do want them both. Mascara I love trying, always looking for maximum length and fullness.
I love my skincare regime with Lancer, but try different serums still. The May Lindstrom line I really enjoy for masks.
Colour products I generally stick to certain brands, I try the odd different product line to not look staid or see if there is a solid new product I’ve been ignoring. Kjaer Weis and Smith and Cult are two new favourites.

Both! I always itch to find a new lipstick, a better foundation or that perfect eye shadow palette. But at the same time I don’t want to waste my money on duds, so I wait – especially for the eye palettes till one comes along and stuns me – eg bareMinerals Soft and Smoky.

I itch to try many things doesn’t have to be exactly an expensive item but something I’m interested in or have in mind to try. The culprits are always eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara, blushes, brushes and lipsticks. I have included highliters and bronzers lately but can do without too. I try to stick to a well known foundation that I already have tried and liked but will try new ones also. All the oatmeal lotion, Benadryl, poison ivy ointment could not stop this girl from itching about makeup! Right now my shelves are full to the limit and I know I don’t need a single thing but don’t pass through make up isles and I’ll fall into temptation which I’m fighting hard. Should buy a thing for an entire year or so really.

I’m not sure I’ve found my HG anything, so I definitely itch and I definitely give in to said itch! I have way too many beauty products but honestly, it’s so much fun 🙂 *says the girl who literally skipped back to her car after purchasing the new Chanel Harmonies blush this weekend*….;)

Lol, I’m a beauty subscription whore because I itch so much. These monthly boxes and bags give me lots to try, and I try everything they send. But still, I see things online and/or in magazines and/or in store (because I look of course) and buy new stuff all the time.

With all this trying new stuff, I find holy grails. In basic stuff, like mascara, foundation, liner, brows, bronzer, and especially skin care, and I love these things until they inevitably get discontinued. Then I hunt them down on Ebay, but I still try new ones too in case something better comes along, or my taste changes.

I think I have one special place in my stash where I put stuff I try that I thought was really exceptional, so I can access it easily and rebuy if I want. There are a few items that I just love enough to repurchase again and again, mostly from lesser-known/underrated brands. I love the popular brands too – it’s just that they have so much new all the time to try that I don’t often rebuy.

My most beloveds are from Cargo, Lord & Berry, and So Susan. Although Too Faced Unicorn Tears – which almost every review I read said is beautiful but not for everyday – is fast becoming a staple for me. It just works.

A good amount of both, I think. I don’t like switching around certain things, like foundations and powders, and I don’t get swept up in a hype when it comes to skin products. Lipsticks and eyeshadows I switch around all the time, and even if there are some palettes I’m more familiar with and trust, I push myself to try something new all the time, be it a completely new product or something from my collections I’d forgotten about.

A mixture of both is accurate. When I find my holy grail, then I generally stick with it; so I rarely look at foundations, concealers or mascaras. I try them occasionally, but never buy. I’ll occasionally do I check out blushes and highlighters. Mostly I’m looking at new lip and shadow colors.

I itch to try different powder foundations and lip glosses as they are my favorite types of products. I have holy grails currently, but I’m always trying new options when I run out of my current faves to ensure there isn’t anything better that I’d prefer. So far, I always run back to my holy grails. When it comes to all other products, I only itch to try new products until I find my holy grail, then I’m satisfied. I guess I’m just a foundation and lip gloss junkie!

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