Sneak Peek: Kat Von D MetalMatte Palette Photos & Swatches

Kat Von D MetalMatte Palette
Kat Von D MetalMatte Palette

Kat Von D MetalMatte PaletteKat Von D MetalMatte Palette ($60.00 for 1.32 oz.) includes 22 eyeshadows–each one a whopping 0.06 oz.!–that are split into two finishes: Metal Crush(top row) and matte (bottom row). The palette is massive; it is easily the widest palette I’ve seen, though it is fairly slim. I’m pretty sure that for every palette I review, I swatch two more… so what’s another set of swatches while I keep trying to work through that pile o’ palettes? πŸ™‚

P.S. — Synergy is available permanently, which is why the photo is pulling an individual compact, but it is also included in the palette.

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Well, these swatches look much better than the Serpentina swatches did! Let’s hope the reviews are good as well! Either way, I’m not getting it. I don’t need it, plus I’m waiting on the Lorac mega pro 3 to arrive, and I snatched 6 Buxom eyeshadows last night because it rang up to only $13 for all 6 of them LOL. They’re all sold out now but damn, what a deal.

Yesterday on Sephora’s website! If you added the empty palette and 6 eyeshadows to your cart, it came up to a mere $13 instead of the $40 it was supposed to be! Once news got out though, everything sold out within about half an hour, which is why you’ll see there’s no Buxom singles on the website anymore lol.

Just curious through what channels somebody might hear about this kinda thing? The only beauty place I really hang out is /r/mua, but I’m not always on there. I’m wondering if there’s like… other internet places beauty people congregate? Apps? Following gurus on snapchat? I don’t have snapchat yet.

Too bad I didn’t know about this, because i would’ve put another 6-pan together. But I was far too sleep deprived and in a frazzled OCD state of being from staying up all the night before to nab a slew of Selena goodies yesterday morning!

Man I have so many of their singles on my wish list….. πŸ™

I’m goint to IMATS on Saturday so we will see what I can get Credit Card only at 30% off (better than sephora sale comming up). πŸ˜‰

I got this palette yesterday, and so far I absolutely love it. I love the Metal Crush formula so much, I honestly probably would have paid $60 just for a palette of those! Lol. So far they’ve all been a dream to work with, and seem to stand up to the formula sold in individual compacts, but I’ve only really experimented with about three or four of the matte shades. So far so good, though!

In. Going to say the same thing that I did about the Lorac mega. Seen her do better mattes (ladybird comes to mind,) but nothing that cannot be remedied with primer. This is colorful, but mildly subdued and restrained, say, compared to UD this season. Would love to wait for the sale, but not sure that is a good idea. Speaking of the S sale, what do you bet they drop Viseart bijoux the day after the sale? Any takers?

WOW! My initial criticisms are for four shades: Tinsel looks chunky, Fringe and Feather could be chalky, and Velvet is visibly patchy. However, this palette still looks amazing overall! Especially considering some more recent KVD releases, like the Serpentine palette, this is incredible. So excited for reviews on this palette, Christine!

The swatches look pretty good! I always wear primer, so it doesn’t bother me that some of the mattes may need a hand. I’m looking forward to mine showing up.

I think this is a really nice palette with a good mix of mattes and shimmers for the holidays. That said, I’m glad that I picked up the Serpentina palette instead. The only two truly unique shades for me would be Silk and Feather give or take one or two more. I’m glad that others will be able to enjoy this, but my wallet is happy!

Alright, that’s it, I’ll be hitting that “CHECKOUT” button on my Sephora cart today! lol This palette has been sitting in my cart for quite a few days now. I cannot wait to read your thoughts on this one!

Ahaha! I’ve had it in my cart since Monday morning. I’m waiting for the review, though. It definitely looks nicer than the Serpentina palette.

I got this KVD palette in the mail yesterday. I’ve only swatched on my arms, but it’s stunning! Sephora says this is “ultra limited” so I’ll put in my 2 cents for those interested, in case it does go fast…There’s 22 shadows in all, at .06 oz each, so a great value. The palette is very wide (about 11.25 inches), it’s slim but very heavy and sturdy cardboard, I think too big and heavy for purse. It’s about 3.5 inches long. There are 13 mattes, the 5 Lightest Mattes didn’t swatch that well for me, appear sheer and dry, most seem fixable with primer, but they swatched better for Christine. But I use those light colors mainly for brow bone/blending, so not a big deal for me. But all of the 8 Medium/Dark Mattes swatched decent to excellent for me. I swatch on my normal/dry arms, with no primer. The Matte Black/Blue/Gray/Green/Rose/Warm Brown/Plum Brown are all great, some of the best mattes I’ve swatched in those colors. Ribbon (matte purple) is the weakest, mine is smooth but dry, the pigment is ok for a matte purple, appears buildable with primer. My Velvet (matte plum brown) swatches very well, smooth and pigmented, much better than Christine’s, but mine is less red, more plummy. There are 9 shimmer shades in the Metal Crush formula (.06 oz ea vs. .10 oz full size). I don’t think all of them are the same quality as the singles, but they are still good to excellent, except not sure about Tinsel, which might need primer/glitter glue to prevent fallout. Synergy is definitely the star, feels like and is actually a single. This palette has a combo of colorful mattes/shimmers to do complete eye looks. The matte white can be used to mix or lighten colors, and the Colorful Mattes can be paired with all the shimmers from UD Spectrum or Viseart Bijoux Royal. I’ll be wearing these shadows on my eyes soon, but so far, I’m super thrilled. I think this palette looks very promising, so glad I grabbed it!

Wow, I see someone is a fan of KVD shadows! I don’t own any of her shadows or palettes, have only swatched them in store. I swatched MetalMatte on my arms and compared them to online swatches of Metal Crush and Mi Vida Loca, and I see maybe 6 shades that are similar in color and finish. Synergy of course is the most obvious, since it’s exists as a Metal Crush single and in the palette. Other similar shades are Black/Jet (matte blacks), Dark Wave/Velour (bright matte blue -Velour swatches very well for me, much better than Dark Wave), Muse /Twinkle (light lavender shimmer), Strutter/Suede (light tan beige), Vox/Oak (dark matte brown). I actually see a lot of shades that will complement each other, so I think Metal Mattes is worth considering.

Want to give an update—I wore Ribbon/ Velvet/Twinkle/Suede today, using primer on my super oily lids. It’s been 8.5 hrs, and they are still going strong, no fading or creasing. Ribbon applied better on the lids, was easily buildable with primer, and blendable with Twinkle. I’m very impressed at the performance, given I that I worked up a light sweat, walking around town for 2 hrs, then fell asleep, with one side of my face smooshed against the pillow for about 30 min. Given that Ribbon and Suede were 2 of the weaker swatches for me, I think this bodes well for the rest of the palette.

This palette just doesn’t excite me for some reason. I love Kat, though, so I want to like it. LOL I feel like she hit it out of the park with the mattes in the Shade/Light, and then it kind of went down hill when they added color. Some of these don’t look much better than the mattes in the Serpentina, which were pretty terrible when I swatched in store. The metals look much better, quality wise, but the colors don’t excite me. Oh, well. Money saved.

I feel kind of the same. I want to love this palette, but I just don’t. I am never going to use those colours enough to justify owning this. I have the UD Urban Spectrum palette, and that’s pretty much all I’m ever going to need in terms of colourful eyeshadows. I love Kat, but I already know I’d rarely use any of these shades. Gonna have to pass on this unfortunately.

I like all of the shimmers, and a few of the mattes are ok though I expect I have dupes for many of them. So I’m on the fence. Will see how they review and also feel in-store.

Not sure why the palette needed TWO white shades, (white and off-white) but this looks better than Serpentina at least! I’m gonna venture to guess that these metal crush shadows don’t perform quite as well as the singles. Still, they’re pretty! And SILK!!!! Dang, now that’s a gorgeous matte shadow.

The first blue and teal shades look quite similar to the ones in the Serpentina palette. I love the color silk, and fringe. Ribbon looks a little patchy. I really want this palette, but might have to force myself to pass. Can’t wait for your full review.

Count me in! I really love these more soft jewel tones for autumn/winter! I do not see any terrible Serpentina type fails in here, either. This purple would be very workable and rich over primer, I would imagine.

Not sure about this. It looks really good, but there are a few other palettes on my mind. Really hard to decide. I’ll probably just walk in to Sephora one day and look at what they have, and if I miss it I miss it. This may easily change when I read the reviews. So many pretty palettes, just two eyes, and on a makeup budget!
This all said, I do like colour, and often think I have too few colourful mattes. My mind is a mess right now, and this is “just” a little decision about makeup πŸ™‚

Im getting worried you guys. Instead of thinking omg I need this I’m thinking when will I ever decide primary yellow matte is my eye shade of the day. I should be like YAY! I can’t wait to see how I can play with that bright green matte or the primary yellow. What’s happened to me? I haven’t even been commenting bc nobody wants to hear me say “I don’t want it” everyday. I WANT to want it. Guerlain didn’t even hook me. Maybe because it’s all being pushed as holiday but it’s still routinely over 100 degrees here? Have any of you had this happen? Did you get your passion back?

I’m with you on the holiday thing. Halloween is still a month away!! Good grief.

That being said, I do find this palette tempting but I’m ok waiting until objective reviews start popping up. (Especially Christine’s of course.) The size is a drawback for me, I do see some patchy shades, I have a lot of KVD’s Metal Crush singles (including Synergy)…but I don’t have many colorful palettes in my collection and it’d be nice to add one. From the pictures, I do like this better than the UD one.

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